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  1. 311s.org Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
  2. I would message Ted Heaton at 311s as he knows just about every roadster in that part of the country.
  3. Pmg

    Roadster Got Away

    Looked nice, was the undercarriage just as clean? SoI take it that this post serves to torment you for your lack of action?
  4. Found the source of that sweet smell in the cabin. Looks like these two hoses are the culprit. I'm having a hard time finding the part numbers on zcarsource and on the cooling system section on the fsm. Can anyone point me to the right direction. I don't need to have the braided hoses, rubber is just fine. Is this one of the hoses? https://zcarsource.com/heater-hose-transfer-on-heater-inlet-260z-280z-74-78-new Also, after finding that leak, I decided to wipe the car down. Found out that something fell on the hood while in the garage and just wrecked the paint. It was not a good day.
  5. Looks great! I love the paint. Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
  6. If you tape and have to remove the spoiler in the future the paint will likely come off no?
  7. I'd get the lowering springs for the 280 and use 240 rear strut insulators. If the drop isn't enough you could also slice of 0.25" off the insulator.
  8. Drove mine from Tennessee to Chicago in the middle of the night. Go for it, but check for fuel/fluid leaks before you go, watch the charge and temps. Great way to know the new Z. Maybe get haggerty insurance beforehand so you can get it towed to the house if it doesn't make it all the way.
  9. Pmg

    78 280Z

    Yes, just post in the group. Be sure to have a photo to get attention as most skip posts without pics.
  10. Pmg

    78 280Z

    There's a group on facebook called dpan (datsun parts and needs). Post up your pic and specific request and someone will reply. Best of luck!
  11. Nice pick up, congratulations. I'm in the market for the right one myself.
  12. I like where you keep the ARs ?
  13. I bought some Vitaloni mirrors thinking it was going to be a 30 min swap.. dang it.
  14. By the looks of it, he's allergic to roses and started having a seizure while driving his Z.
  15. Looks nice. Reminiscent of Rota and Panasport wheels. How are these manufactured and how much do they weigh?
  16. Pmg

    Internal rivets

    Nude, always nude.
  17. I just bought it.... I can't resist anything that's >50% off.
  18. Freaking ridiculous deal! Congratulations, well bought.
  19. I doubt he'll sell for $15k, if so I'll be a buyer ?. He's got a nice example.
  20. Hey, I just saw this.. thank you.. Let me go over it and get back with you.. I was looking for a reply on the thread or PM.. I clicked your name to see when you were on last and this pops up lol.

    1. Zedyone_kenobi


      yeah for some reason the format has changed on here from what I am used to. No worries.

  21. Can you please PM details on the roadster. What type of resto did it have, rust, engine condition, etc.. The good bad and ugly. Thanks!
  22. Hulk smash the dust cap.. just a little bit.
  23. Probably had to rotate the engine to loosen the starter bolts ?
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