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  1. Got all the glass in and rear bumper. Was able to drive it for the first time. Drove straight as an arrow. Now to have the front valance painted, install front bumper and reassemble the balance of the interior. I also have a bad spot in my fuse block and am go8ng to get the MSA fuse box.
  2. This is the Euro spoiler I’m things about getting.
  3. The car originally had a type 1 FRP airdam. I decided I wanted a stock valance and possibly add the Euro style front spoiler. It was a last minute decision so I purchased one off EBay. Had it straightened and painted only to find out that the center section was the wrong one. I believe this is the 73 and up with shorter brackets..I then purchased a brand new re-pop, which are really super nice quality BTW and mocked it up to make sure it’s going to properly fit.
  4. More progress, glass going in this weekend D799CCCD-E9A4-4DAC-B731-DF3C62B81410.MOV D799CCCD-E9A4-4DAC-B731-DF3C62B81410.MOV
  5. Slowly starting to put things together. Today I got the head lights and covers on along with the side markers. Still waiting on the headliner from MSA and the correct front valance that will need to go to the painter
  6. Back home in the crib. Now the fun stuff.
  7. Received my Zstory muffler, super nice part. Also put the little MSA supplied Datsun center cap badges on for a pop of color.
  8. Originally was going with the 15” Grey Rota wheels but the 205’s looked smallish. In the end I decided to go 16” with 215’s and changed to silver. I thought the darker wheels sort of got lost with this shade of blue. The 16 will fill the wheel wells a bit more as well.
  9. Here ya go. Color is very consistent.
  10. You have to be careful when doing it this way. If you notice in the other pics the fenders are on a cart as they would be on the car, the doors were also painted in a similar fashion . More important is the paint has to be mixed at the same rate, pressure, temps etc
  11. Bagged and sealer applied, color going on today.
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