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  1. Headliner installed, managed to find the proper perforated material.
  2. It’s not a complete exhaust, just the muffler. I had a new MSA exhaust already so I had it cut down to fit the longer ZStory mufffler and added a small resonator in to hopefully control some of the drone I was expecting. It’s pretty loud under acceleration but mellows out once your cruising.
  3. Did you apply polyurethane afterwards? Red Mahogany is the color I recently purchased but was afraid it would be too dark.
  4. Time for some ZStory sound to be installed.
  5. I used a stain on mine and it’s much to dark. I sprayed it with a couple coats of polyurethane. Would like to sand it bac down to a lighter tone
  6. I love my 4 post lift. Best thing I ever purchased for the garage. I’m lucky I have tall ceilings.
  7. I tried them on my Rota RKR’s, the Rota wheel hole is larger than the 73mm so they won’t really work. I think this company no longer has any more of the center caps anyway
  8. There was a inline fuse going to the blower motor. Mine was in really sad shape so I replaced it with a spade clip style inline.
  9. So I figured this one out. I solved two issues at once actually. My original Hitachi Radio went dead about the same time as the blower. I didn’t think they were related but they were. The ground wire that goes to the radio chassis ground also supplies ground to the blower switch, that ground was compromised. Reconnected and problem solved. I still never determined if the 72 has a relay for the blower. My guess based on rolling around under this dash for a few hours is no.
  10. A few more pics. I know my wife is glad we don’t have more garage space. Huge contrast driving the 280 vs the 240. 280 is a much more refined car.
  11. I ran an independent ground to the motor leaving the factory power wire in place and the motor runs, the switch however will not control anything. I ran a power wire directly to the motor leaving the factory ground in place and the motor doesn't run.
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