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  1. Jaymanbikes

    Centerline Wheels (Fake) Westerns, 14" Very Nice

    Price dropped to $250 plus shipping, tires have been removed.
  2. I just don’t have luck cutting and buffing with anything other than a wool pad on conventional buffer with 3M compound. Maybe I’m just not using the right pads on my DA buffer-polisher. Interested to know what pads and compounds you all use.
  3. Jaymanbikes

    Restoration of my 72 240Z

    I have Vogtlands on the 240. I had heard that about KYB’s but I had KYB’s and Vogtlands on the 280 and never had issues. We shall see on the 240
  4. Jaymanbikes

    Restoration of my 72 240Z

    Pretty much stock with lowering springs and KYB’s. 15x8 zero offset wheels with 205-55-15 tires. Silver one is the same but with Tokicos struts and springs 15x7 zero offset wheels and 225-50-15 tires
  5. Jaymanbikes

    Restoration of my 72 240Z

    One more pic from a month or so ago, out getting some sun. 🙂
  6. I removed this system from my 72 240z. The compressor would start when turned on but it didn’t have any Freon. Didn’t care to have it in the car. My 280z is my summer car. Does anyone know what these parts might be worth? I’ve done some research but haven’t really found much.
  7. Jaymanbikes

    Restoration of my 72 240Z

    Work has slowed down and since I dont have the cash for a respray I’m doing some of the work myself. Will have it resprayed completely some day. The car was resprayed at some point and the color is not factory. I had a match done but it’s not going to be spot on. The under side of the hood was pretty ratty so I started there. I also water sanded the top side of the hood and it’s looking much better. Also got a few more parts to complete the engine compartment.
  8. Jaymanbikes

    1972 Datsun 240Z for sale (Port Orange Florida)

    You might want to go ahead and shoot pictures of the common rust areas. Under spare tire, hatch, battery tray, lift carpets to show the floor boards. If those are clean it will sell pretty quick.
  9. Jaymanbikes

    White 240Z Door Cards

    Oh I’ve been searching and mine are painted white. They are structurally just a bit ragged. I could probably paint some Black ones white but just looking to see what’s out there Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  10. Jaymanbikes

    White 240Z Door Cards

    Looking for a set of White Door Cards for my 72 240Z. Thanks Jay
  11. Jaymanbikes

    Restoration of my 72 240Z

    Got the engine fired this weekend, resolved brake issues and a few other misc items. Will readjust valves tomorrow and tackle a few electrical gremlins, I don’t plan to paint the car but am planning on shooting the underside of the hood and bottoms of the front fenders. After that I hope to get the car on the road and put some miles on her.
  12. Jaymanbikes

    Restoration of my 72 240Z

    That’s exactly what I have on my 280z and have been very happy with it. I also had to have a small resonator installed it was pretty obnoxious without it. On this 240 build I was looking to stay a bit more stockish.
  13. Jaymanbikes

    Restoration of my 72 240Z

    Yes it’s a stock E-30 and yes I used the MSA premium exhaust. It’s pretty straight forward, just get everything hung loose and then tighten it up. I plan on having the flanges welded up at an exhaust shop since they tend to leak. I have another car I used the system on and they leaked. I purchased the plated items from a number of sources. I have a bunch of things I need plated and am looking for a good source to do this in Florida
  14. Jaymanbikes

    Restoration of my 72 240Z

    Slowly reassembling the engine, just about all parts have made it to me.
  15. Jaymanbikes

    Restoration of my 72 240Z

    Thanks, I was a little concerned with the stretch but watched a video on how to address. The other side of the car in the exact same spot is damaged as well but not as bad. That’s why I think it was a parking block...

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