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  1. Good to know, yea would definitely need a shut off for safety purposes
  2. No, it’s a OEM fuel rail, a very short piece of fuel tubing between the mechanical pump and the rail.
  3. I just replaced my cheap knock off OEM fuel pump with another cheap knock off...LOL. I might just put an electric pump in place. Any concerns with leaving the mechanical in place along with the electric?
  4. Chasing some fuel gremlins in my stock 72. Would like to put a fuel pressure gauge on the car. Looking for ideas from folks with cars that have one installed and are running mechanical fuel pump only. Thanks! Jay
  5. Headliner installed, managed to find the proper perforated material.
  6. It’s not a complete exhaust, just the muffler. I had a new MSA exhaust already so I had it cut down to fit the longer ZStory mufffler and added a small resonator in to hopefully control some of the drone I was expecting. It’s pretty loud under acceleration but mellows out once your cruising.
  7. Did you apply polyurethane afterwards? Red Mahogany is the color I recently purchased but was afraid it would be too dark.
  8. Time for some ZStory sound to be installed.
  9. I used a stain on mine and it’s much to dark. I sprayed it with a couple coats of polyurethane. Would like to sand it bac down to a lighter tone
  10. I love my 4 post lift. Best thing I ever purchased for the garage. I’m lucky I have tall ceilings.
  11. I tried them on my Rota RKR’s, the Rota wheel hole is larger than the 73mm so they won’t really work. I think this company no longer has any more of the center caps anyway
  12. There was a inline fuse going to the blower motor. Mine was in really sad shape so I replaced it with a spade clip style inline.