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  1. Pmg

    Collapsing Shocks To Push Bumpers Closer To Body

    There are holes where the finisher was and slight surface rust 😕 PMG
  2. Pmg

    Collapsing Shocks To Push Bumpers Closer To Body

    Actually looks good! Wish I thought of this before I hacked up the finisher. PMG
  3. Pmg

    My 78' 280z project

    Cool. I'm in the Schaumburg Inverness area. How's the sound? PMG
  4. Pmg

    My 78' 280z project

    What model muffler is it and do you like the sound. If you're in the northern burbs I'd love to hear it in person 👍 PMG
  5. Hi Ian,

    We started making the jigs and cutting the plates this Saturday. Should be finished next Saturday. Ill take photo's of the brackets off and on the car to give people an idea of how they fit.

    If you just want the standard bumper bracket set-up It will be aroung €110 - €120 including shipping. That is with the cheapest shipping I can find. Shipping is €25 to €35 depending on weight.


  6. Interested as well if pricing and quality is right 👍 PMG
  7. Pmg

    240Z Resto - 01/1970 Car

    Got mine from the dealer. PMG
  8. Pmg

    New owner of '77 280z from Upstate SC

    Hey, another '77 owner! Welcome and nice Z. Search out Blue's tech tips on the Atlantic Z site. He's got a 77 as well and has a lot of great info and how to's on his site. Congrats! PMG
  9. Welcome fellow '77 owner. Good luck with her. Maybe a car cover for the elements is in order? PMG
  10. Pmg

    Somebody else's work

    If it was Christine's 280z then yes it was from Chicago. Undergoing a motor overhaul at one of the local speed shops at the moment. PMG
  11. Pmg

    Rear spoiler for a 1971 240Z

    I bought the MSA spoiler with the flat portion and the quality is OK. Some of the gel coat needs to be sanded down and blended.. Not bad overall especially when you compare it to their plastic bumpers; horrible. When I was dry fitting it however I noticed that the center notch, where the hatch lock button goes, is off centered. If I do center it, the entire spoiler will be off center by a few mm. Is this "normal" and did yours come out the same? PMG
  12. Pmg

    Who's 280Z is this on Griot's Garage?

    Great car and what a wonderful story. It is priceless. PMG
  13. Pmg

    Finally got some shots of my Z

    Very nice feature! Congratulations! PMG
  14. Pmg

    Bringing back the RedZ

    Anyone ever try spraying their faded carpet black with upholstery/carpet paint? PMG
  15. Pmg

    30+ Years owning HLS30-10558

    I wonder what's inside the boxes in the hatch. PMG

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