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    restoring a jan 74 260z
  1. any suggestions for a radio/speakers for my 260z? don't need an original type radio. would like am/fm, cd & maybe satellite capability thanks much, gary
  2. installed 2nd "new" fuel pump and it appears to hold its prime! thanks much for the tip! gary
  3. elect fuel pump has bee deleted on my 74 260z. fuel path is, tank directly to mechanical pump then on to 2 Hitachi 3 screw carbs. the metal fuel rail (which includes the "return" to tank line) has been deleted in favor of a rubber fuel line to carbs. Can't seem to keep new mechanical pump primed with fuel, so it does not pump fuel to the carbs. do not see any air/fuel leaks in the line from the tank to the mechanical pump. 1. assume the fuel rail can be deleted with no return to the tank path. 2. any ideas what is causing mechanical pump to loose its prime? thanks gary
  4. here are pics- front wheel cap cannot be inserted, rear wheel cap snaps right in
  5. 16x8 rota wheels on my 260z. rear cap snaps on fine. front caps wont snap on - clearance problem! now what?
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