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  1. We had all three middle studs in at one point and couldnt get the holes to line up still. I actually work in a metal fab shop, thats what adds to my concerns about heating it back up. I spoke with a few of the guys in the shop also and none of them knew of any tricks. I am hoping someone here does. My last resort thought was to grind the manifold down a little, grind down the thermostat housing to get some clearance and then drill out the bolt hole. But i would prefer not to do that.
  2. Has anyone ever had this happen and if so how did you fix it? I’m afraid heating it will cause it to crack once pressure is applied to straighten it out. It’s only off by about 1/8-1/4”. And it came off a running car.
  3. I have been unable to locate an accurate wiring diagram for wiring my msq with D585 coils to my L-series motor. I am looking for a complete msq wiring diagram and the coil wiring diagram for the d585 if anyone has them available. And help or guidance is appreciated. And any smart arse comments are rightfully deserved. Thanks Guys.
  4. zKars I sent you a message.
  5. That is a interesting looking setup on there. Right now I was leaning towards a trigger wheels from DIY and the same sensor, but this is definitely interesting.
  6. Oh no I am running megasquirt. But I can’t see any glimpse of the trigger wheels on these setups.
  7. All these setups are awesome looking, but where are you guys getting your signal from?
  8. @duffymahoney that is an amazing looking setup.
  9. I have searched on several forums and a lot of the information I could find seemed to be old. I will openly admit I am horrible at the search feature so that probably played a large part in it. Here’s my question can someone please point me in the direction of a good right up for a distributorless ignition setup. Preferably with LS coil packs? Thanks in advance.
  10. Has anyone on here wired up a msq system themselves? I’m considering staying fuel injected and running that
  11. No worries. If more pics would help I can grab some when I get home.
  12. Yea but I can’t locate a good one showing the linkage tying to the lower mounting point. The only one I see how’s mounts that my intake doesn’t have.
  13. Does anyone Pics of the throttle linkage for this carb setup?
  14. Haha Yeah top mounts was not what is was meaning to say. I meant top draft, which I still think is wrong. But I am in magnolia
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