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  1. Anyone looking for either? I’m located near Houston, tx
  2. Can anyone tell me what a fuel sending unit and a tank out of a 78 280z would be worth? I know at the end of the day it’s worth what’s someone is willing to pay but and I put is appreciated.
  3. startt21

    78 280Z

    Man I am sorry I totally misread your post. But yea just on the timeline and photos do help a lot
  4. startt21

    78 280Z

    I actually posted it on houston Datsun.
  5. startt21

    78 280Z

    I’m actually a member on there already. I found one locally though.
  6. startt21

    78 280Z

    Well I was fortunate to locate a parts car locally and am getting a pretty good deal on the panel.
  7. startt21

    78 280Z

    Yea meh I don’t know what I’m going to do yet. The rest of the shell I feel is to good to make that be the reason it goes to waste.
  8. startt21

    78 280Z

    For 50k sounds like you have a amazing car. Haha.
  9. startt21

    78 280Z

    I get that. That’s why I said it seemed steep and didn’t just say it was a rip off.
  10. startt21

    78 280Z

    I have been. I reached out to them specifically today and just am trying to see now if I can get a better price. Theirs seemed a little steep.
  11. startt21

    78 280Z

    Well hopefully someone who has this part sees this. I didn't know I could remove it as a whole... well whats left and replace it. That makes it a lot easier to complete once I find the piece.
  12. startt21

    78 280Z

    Is that a panel I can buy new?
  13. startt21

    78 280Z

    I have that panel new cause that was my plan then the rust kept going and this is what I am left with.
  14. startt21

    78 280Z

    Would anyone near the Houston, Tx area happen to have a parts car that they wouldn't mind cutting removing the back panel from about the mid taillight up?
  15. startt21

    Texas Z-Cars

    Are the Texas people on here still active?
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