1977 280z heater hoses

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Found the source of that sweet smell in the cabin. Looks like these two hoses are the culprit. I'm having a hard time finding the part numbers on zcarsource and on the cooling system section on the fsm. Can anyone point me to the right direction. I don't need to have the braided hoses, rubber is just fine. Is this one of the hoses?


Also, after finding that leak, I decided to wipe the car down. Found out that something fell on the hood while in the garage and just wrecked the paint. It was not a good day.





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You might find something at zcardepot,

Or go to a parts supply and get them to let you look at their preformed heater hoses.  You might find the right size with a 180 bend in it and just cut out the 180?

Good luck, my heater core valve leaked and I smelt that sweet smell you describe.  That turned into a major project I never want to do again.

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