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    One Datsun always Datsun. 1969 SRL 311 Roadster fully restored. New owner 1973 240Z in restoration.

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  1. Z's represented at Auto Club Raceway this weekend. Couple of historical Z's race cars at the event.
  2. Hi All, Thanks for the info and pic on venting.
  3. Hi All, Hope all is well. Question on proper crankcase venting on a L28 NA . In the home stretch (positive thoughts) on the EFI /ITB conversion. Final issue to address is crankcase venting with the stock pcv valve removed from the manifold position. Is the stock config a open or close system? Would the stock hose and PCV valve to the manifold be considered a close system? as the PCV valve will open and close only under pressure changes. If pressure escapes to the valve cover and the vent hose is connected to the back of the air filter housing, wouldn't this be considered an open system? So is a duel catch can set-up required or will a single vented can work? Maybe over thinking this issue, this is a lower HP engine (NA) non boosted. Thanks for your help.
  4. Hi zKars, Yes, interested. Unfortunately for my wife MSA is 20 mins from my home and open on Saturday for pick up. Need a brake warning switch, 73 240Z Send cost method of payment to anwhiteford@att.net Thank you.
  5. Thanks Heyitsrama, Interesting you mentioned a 69 Roadster. restored and sold my 69 SRL in 2019, buyer in Belgium. So understand the difference between the parts. Here a pic of my cross treaded in-let. You can run the 10MM 1.0 top down to a point but the internal valve tip stops the tap from cleaning up two or three threads at bottom of the inlet. Here's a pic of the BWS on my fender, also a pic of the Roadster :) Thanks for the info.
  6. Hi All, Re: 1973 240Z I've spent a bunch of dollars on new brake lines and brake related parts. The brake distribution switch under the master cylinder, one of the existing brake line fitting was cross threaded (either on install or extraction) in the inlet and the new brake line fitting will not thread. Tried to the clean up the threads with a tap, no go, fitting will not seat on the flare. So the brake distribution switch is trash. Are there other options outside of searching for a used to brake distribution switch and refurb? Any aftermarket unit (proportion valve) that can replace the stock BDS? Understand the brake distribution switch is not a proportioning valve, and yes, the proportioning valve installed on the firewall (73). Need help with a plan B to the BDS. Thanks for the advise.
  7. Hi All, Searched brake lines fittings, could not find the answer. Brake line fitting tread size and pitch? Ton data on the hex size (11mm or 10mm) but not the actual thread size and pitch for the fitting. Need to build a single brake line. Thank you, 73 240Z
  8. See pic, steel line at bottom of the pic runs from the driver side to the rear vent tank (rear pillar) . two vacuum line connectors (top of pic) one for the crank vent tube the other to the air cleaner. Question: can the or has anyone used the crank PCV valve vent line running on the driver side to the vent tank (rear) as fuel line? 73 240z. Believe this hard line is 5/16? 73 240z.
  9. Hi All, Progression on the EFI install. New larger fuel line required (out). Running a return line set-up regulating the return side. Question: can the or has anyone used the crank PCV valve vent line running on the driver side to the vent tank (rear) as fuel line? 73 240z. Believe this hard line is 5/16? Planning on running a crank vent can so the vent line will be terminated and removed. Thank you.
  10. New question. seeing some chatter on-line about the 60 amp ALT putting strain on the on the headlight wiring harness and combo switch (steering wheel column) for running lights and headlights?
  11. Steve J, Yes will run a new fuel pump wire to the pump to the ECU wire . Goal is to disrupt the existing harness as little as possible. So would like to leave the fuel pump wire at the alt in place just disconnect. My kick panel does not have either relay. So if the relays do not exist does a FP wire to the VR exist?
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