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  1. Pochie45566

    Wont run right after headers

    Thanks for writing all of this up. I appreciate the guidance and I’ll try to nail down this problem. Writing it all out as I go. On paper that is hahah. Thanks!
  2. Pochie45566

    Wont run right after headers

    If I raise the idle speed at the TB it gets too high once the engine is up to temp. I think my issue is outside of the AAR but I honestly don’t know where to go from here. No air is leaking past the AAR once it’s closed and the plug does have power.
  3. Pochie45566

    Wont run right after headers

    The issue that happened after the headers has been solved. That issue was that the engine was missing and wouldn't rev up at all. I think that Zed Head is referring to an earlier post of mine where I am diagnosing a low idle upon cold start issue. I do not have fast idle on startup and I can't find the issue for the life of me. I also can't seem to adjust my AAR which you would suspect was the cause of this issue. I have tried two AAR valves and the problem is consistent with both of them.
  4. Pochie45566

    Wont run right after headers

    I just blew through the whole AAR system and air flows through pretty well. Only bottleneck is the AAR. If I knew how to effectively adjust the damn thing this problem would be through. I can’t figure out how to adjust it, the set screw doesn’t seem to do anything
  5. Pochie45566

    Wont run right after headers

    Just thought I’d give an update. I let it sit overnight and went out in the morning with my multimeter, took out the ecu, realized my meter was dead. So I put it back together and started it and it ran fine. No idea how it got fixed but nothing less. Sounds awesome now.
  6. Pochie45566

    Wont run right after headers

    Considering I haven't ran it enough to foul them I think they're ok but yes, sooty.
  7. Pochie45566

    Wont run right after headers

    The 32 PSI was with the engine off. I did have to mess with the FPR a bit to get it to clear the throttle linkage maybe I messed it up. . I will go in there and do the component checks stated in the EFI bible.
  8. Pochie45566

    Wont run right after headers

    I just swapped the two, and no change. Still does not want to start and runs horribly. It is a 78' 280, Stock EFI system, new injectors, water temp sensor, maf, AAR. It ran fine before the headers and had no issues. It just now idles low, doesn't want to rev, runs rich. I got new studs when I did the system so none of them broke off and all are torqued down pretty well. I checked for any spots air could be getting into the fuel lines because I did have to take off the rail. Nothing came up.
  9. Pochie45566

    Wont run right after headers

    my thought exactly. My foot needs to be on the gas for it to run at all. It runs so rich theres a cloud behind the car.
  10. Pochie45566

    Wont run right after headers

    Hey, I just put some 3-2 headers on my 78 EFI z and once I cranked it over and got it warmed up, it doesn't run right. I have 32 psi fuel pressure, labeled all connectors and lines when I took them off. I can't see where I went wrong. It is running extremely rich, will not rev, needs gas pedal to start. It sound like I am missing spark but I'm not sure how this would have happened? I didn't touch the distributor at all. Thoughts? I can post some pictures of the engine if that would be helpful.
  11. Pochie45566

    Honda wiper motor shaft cut

    Hey guys, i started the Honda motor conversion and when I was cutting the shaft of the new motor, I didn’t cut the shaft at the exact same angle. So instead of being cut like this / it’s more like \ so the wipers don’t park right. Any way for me to set the park correct or just cut losses and get a new motor. And cut don’t cut the threads, File out the z linkage!
  12. Pochie45566

    Honda wiper motor swap / linkage problem

    Well guys, I am in pretty deep and kind of lost. Maybe you all can help me here. 1. My 78’ 280z wiper motor wiring is completely different from the FSM! The FSM shows yellow/black, blue/red, blue yellow, black. I have yellow, blue/red, blue/white, black, then two more black! The wiper motor in there was not stock and those two extra wires were going directly into the side of the motor. I followed the wiring diagram, just supplementing blue/yellow for blue white and the wipers work. But only at one speed. Any ideas? I followed the wiring diagram. Bet it has something to do with those two black wires. Edit: If I could find a chart showing voltage of each wire that would be very helpful 2. When cutting the wiper motor shaft down to size to fit the Z linkage, I didn’t pay attention to the angle at which I cut them. So I looked at the Z motor, which is cut at an angle like this /. And mine is cut more like this \. I believe this is not allowing my wipers to park correctly because as much as I try to adjust them to park at the bottom, they end up right about in the middle. My procedure for setting the park was disconnecting linkage, letting motor get to park position, setting wipers on desired park position. But still, they park in the middle. Really In need of some help here, sorry for the lengthy post. Thanks guys.
  13. Pochie45566

    Honda wiper motor swap / linkage problem

    Does anyone have one of these center linkage pieces they could sell me? Also I read somewhere that there’s an E clip that holds it together and I could just find a new one and put it on. Anyone know what size? And how to install.
  14. Pochie45566

    Honda wiper motor swap / linkage problem

    Someone has been in here before me, the linkage moves very smoothly without any problems. I don’t even think my wiper motor died. I just think the linkage broke in the center there
  15. Hey guys, my wiper motor gave out while driving my Z home in the middle of a huge rain storm. Was a terrible time getting her home safe and never want to do that again. So I started the Honda motor swap, but once my center wiper linkage came off, I can’t figure out how it went on in the first place. I feel like I am missing some parts. Anyone know how this thing goes back together? Is there a section of the FSM I am missing?

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