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  1. I followed every component check in the efi manual and used their charts to determine if the component was functional or not. Heres a screenshot of the test i used to check idle functionality of the TVS i have no backfiring, misfire, or hesitation that is common with late timing. but I will grab a light and check it.
  2. The injectors? When pulled they have no buildup. They have a green ring around the outside. Not sure that you are looking for there. What is TVS? I have checked the TPS. I checked every component check in the EFI bible related to running rich. They all appear fine. I get 11-15 MPG and am running NGK r plugs
  3. Previous owner did new fuel lines and new injectors, and I don’t have any reason to believe there are any leaks. But I do always keep a fire extinguisher in the back haha. The black spots are just behind the exhaust pipe tips. I am using ngk r plugs. Also on WOT sometimes black smoke comes out the exhaust. I appreciate your help, I’m just a bit confused on what steps to take next.
  4. It had always smelled like gas, got bad mileage, and leaves black spots on my driveway. I did put fresh plugs in then go drive and they were black. Im just simply more motivated to fix this issue now that the nice weather is out and my garage isn’t freezing😁 This is not a sudden problem, I’m sorry I described it to be that way. Zedhead, I’m getting around 11-15 MPG
  5. It runs well now, just smells like gas and gets horrible mileage but I will try unplugging the sensor and seeing what happens. Should I set my AFM back to stock? Yes the filter is in good shape. Pretty sure is Nissan factory. Could be from a different car though. I have no idea. Any way to check?
  6. yes i compared them to the chart and they are all within spec, the CSV does not leak. i pulled it out and started the car and let it run, no gas came out. I have a working afm with the factory setting mark and when I set it to that it just runs even more rich. What steps should i take to check to determine why my plugs are getting carbon fouled if it may not be the mix? I should add that I leaned out the AFM a lot. It does not idle correctly now so I set it back. And this was not an all of a sudden issue, it’s always run pretty rich.
  7. Yes, I just did and there is no fuel coming out of that line. When I take off the oil cap, there is no change in how the engine runs.
  8. I tested the water temp sensor via the ecu and it checks out so I think I am good there. It’s just odd my AFM idle screw seems to not do anything Also at idle I have 28 psi of fuel pressure with 19 psi of vacuum which I read somewhere else of the forum that those are good numbers. Should I do further fuel pressure testing?
  9. Hey, My z has lately been running rich. It smells okay but when I pull the plugs they have a decent amount of carbon buildup. I have gone through every component check in the EFI manual and can assure that all EFI components are working as they should. So I leaned out the car by tensioning the spring in the AFM, a lot. And it did get leaner but the plugs are still sooty. So I leaned it out more, and the car wants to die at idle. I then turned the AFM idle control screw clockwise to richen up the idle and it does nothing. It seems that the fix of my problems would be to just richen the idle but I can't seem to control that via the idle screw on the AFM. Any ideas what I could check?
  10. Oh cool! Your z looks phenomenal! So just eibach lowering springs and 240 isolators in the rear. That’s interesting that the front doesn’t need any change. Would you say your stance is pretty level? If I needed to make any adjustments would it be better to cut the isolator or cut the spring?
  11. Wait so let me confirm, use the 240z isolators in the front and rear? How do I lower the front then? Because the the front isolator looks to be the same for the two. Will you post a picture of your stance?
  12. Would in use the isolators from the rear of the 240z in the front and back of my 280? Also how much drop would this give me? Edit: can someone tell me where to buy those? Can’t find them online.
  13. Hey, I took the big bumpers off of my 78 280z recently and replaced them with the 240z bumpers on the front and back, but now my ride height is super high, probably around 3 inches of wheel gap. Would it be possible to buy those MSA lowering springs for the 240z and put them on? The 280z ones advertise a drop of 1 inch but I am looking for more like 2 inches. However I dont want to buy coil overs for they are very expensive and I dont want to cut springs if I don’t have to. Since the 240 is so much lighter I think that the 280z which is still a bit heavier with the bumpers off, so it will weight those down a bit more. Any consequences of doing this? https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic20c01/23-4041
  14. Something similar here happened to my Z, I reccomend that you do the honda wiper motor conversion, it pretty much bolts right up and requires very little modification. Just go to your nearest pick a part and I think its the wiper motor out of like a 2002 civic or accord. Just google search 240z honda wiper motor and there are a few great write ups. While you’re at it, disassemble your wiper linkage a grease up the whole thing and replace the c clip holding on the main linkage thing.
  15. Thanks for writing all of this up. I appreciate the guidance and I’ll try to nail down this problem. Writing it all out as I go. On paper that is hahah. Thanks!
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