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  1. I’ve decided to keep the car and do what I can myself. I’m driving it now, and I plan on driving it often. I drove it the other day for about 120 miles. What I haven’t done is checked out the suspension. at this point I want to replace anything necessary to ensure everything in the suspension is safe. I would imagine there are some good ideas here on how to go through my suspension, bearings etc. anything that requires grease ?? Any ideas ?
  2. Will this work for my 1970 Series 1? Also, keeping the car original, should I try to use the original seat cover? Is there such thing as an original new cover?
  3. Thanks for the encouragement
  4. My seats 70 series one seem to be in good shape, but some what compressed. Is there a product out there that would make it possible for me to rebuild my seats, or should I leave this to a professional? Also, are there original carpet kits available ? This may be what I'm looking for:
  5. That site has what looks like a lot of good stuff. Why no returns? I had to return stuff prior to knowing I had a series one. It was my fault for ordering products that don't fit my car, but that's how we learn.
  6. It's pretty easy to admit when you make mistakes, fix what can be fixed and move on.
  7. That seems to be the consensus! That’s too bad people let things get that bad Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I’ve discovered they are the same
  9. What about these guys? http://www.superstreetonline.com/
  10. Looking for shops to do a restore. I'm considering a complete restore of my 1970 240z series one. I'm in the Sacramento area. If I was to say in California, that would be 500 miles south and 300 miles north, so I'll consider CA or any place within 500 miles.
  11. I see great restore projects being performed at home. I like the idea of doing this, but I also like the idea of having it done. Who would you trust to do a full restore?