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  1. thanks, I can order 1 Right cut key and see if that works. yeah, thanks zKars, some more context is I'm trying to find which of those repro key blanks I should buy. The symmetric cut keys I got with my car are thin because they are cut symmetrically and I have an odd fear its going to snap some day in one of the lock cylinders. Wanted the repro-keys for a better look and better piece.
  2. Hey All, I own a '71 s30, this sounds very silly but is there a way to tell if it takes a R or L hand cut key without looking at the key? Reason is I got 2 keys from the previous owner and he had both sides cut with the same pattern so can't tell if its R or L cut by looking at the grooves.
  3. Thanks so much for all the replies, no rush while I wait for the right one, i've wanted this car for years and finally saved enough. As soon as I get "project Z" i'm sure i'm going to be super active on here ?
  4. Hey cool, thanks for all the replies to a Noob! To be clear on the paint job, I would have wanted it done completely so engine bay, door jambs, trunk, etc....I think that 15-20K quote included pulling the interior and engine out of the car and the windows, whatever body work is needed, and putting it all back together. Thanks I'll keep searching, hope some more pop up in spring
  5. Hi! Been after a 240Z for 6 months now and no luck on ebay, BAT, autotempest, CL, hemmings, autotrader, cargurus, etc.... I'm probably having bad luck because everyone is going for the same thing: -silver original color, were these made in super low volume? my shop said a proper repaint would be 15-20K so trying to get one that is already silver ? -black interior -no rust, good body -as stock as possible -drives, no major problems Thought I would give the biggest forums a shot, let me know if you can help! I'm in CA but willing to fly anywhere in the US to check out any potentials.
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