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  1. chiefmd

    Door Window removal

    Thanks for the input. Did remove the frame and the 4 screws and just lifted the window out. Thanks again.
  2. chiefmd

    Door Window removal

    Getting ready to install new door cards and mirrors on my 77 280z. Looks like I have to remove the door glass to fit the mirrors. I would like to just remove the glass but the FSM isn't overly clear as how to go about this. From what I can see there are four screws that hold the window to the mechanism. I'm hoping that I can remove the screws and lift the window out of the tracks, am I correct. If not, any assistance on how to remove just the window would be appreciated.
  3. chiefmd

    Universal Spark plug wire kit

    I agree with not bundling wires together that why I would use wire separators
  4. chiefmd

    Universal Spark plug wire kit

    Charles - Thanks. I agree about Taylor. Not to concerned with stock look. By the way I received the bumpers from VN and they are just what I wanted and they look really good. They have never asked for the other bumpers so I believe I'll wait a few months and if they don't send me a return shipping label I'll offer them up to someone for a really good price.
  5. Looking to replace spark plugs wires. I want to reroute them around the front of the valve cover so as to clean up the top of the engine. Anyone recommend a universal wire kit? I looked at these on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001BDSVOM/?coliid=I1BQQ5EHLL1OOD&colid=1NGAP9N7LV0Z3&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it https://www.amazon.com/Taylor-Cable-73051-Spiro-Pro-Black/dp/B000CQ006Q/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&keywords=universal+spark+plug+wire+kit&link_code=qs&qid=1549672994&sourceid=Mozilla-search&sr=8-4&tag=mozilla-20
  6. chiefmd

    SS Bumpers from Vietnam

    Just to update you. The bumpers (without holes) were shipped thru Fedex and expected delivery is Jan 28th. I have been tracking them. They departed Viet Nam and went to Jakarta then to Singapore then onto to Japan. When I receive them I will give you an update as to fit and finish. Patcon looks like Bumperclassic is charging $120 more. I paid $666 ship to the east coast.
  7. chiefmd

    AFM switch

    I did some checking and the car that the 76 AFM came out of had a ECU labeled A11-600-000 which is the same as my current 77 280Z. So, I think there should be no compatibility issues. Maybe as RCB280z said " it will just be an adjustment on the "idle air screw"
  8. chiefmd

    AFM switch

    Really appreciate all the input. I think I'll just perform the basic pin/ohm checks and if all checks out install and see what happens. Again thanks
  9. chiefmd

    AFM switch

    Thanks Eurodat. I remember reading somewhere that 75 and 76 were interchangeable but they could be used on a 77 but would need to be recalibrated. If so are the any sites that might show you how to. Thanks
  10. chiefmd

    AFM switch

    I have a76 280Z refurbished AFM (from MSA) that has only been on the car for a couple of months. I'd like to put on my 77 280Z. It is a 7 pin 3 hole mount and looks exactly the same as my current AFM that's on the car. It has a tag with " FUEL INJECTION CORPORATION " and the #170348.
  11. chiefmd

    Oil Sump OEM Gasket

    Thanks for the part number. Didn't think of looking by L28 for other models. Thanks again.
  12. chiefmd

    Oil Sump OEM Gasket

    Does anyone have the part number for an OEM oil pan gasket? I have check the parts Illustration and it only shows the complete engine gasket set. Thanks. (1977 280Z)
  13. chiefmd

    Cam Identification

    Mark - I too Googled RC Automotive and went to Google maps https://www.google.com/search?safe=active&client=firefox-b-1&q=rc+automotive++ALEXANDRIA+VA&npsic=0&rflfq=1&rlha=0&rllag=38846955,-76900636,4853&tbm=lcl&ved=2ahUKEwi-6aH7yvPeAhWDylkKHbvBDUoQtgN6BAgAEAQ&tbs=lrf:!2m1!1e2!3sIAE,lf:1,lf_ui:2&rldoc=1#rlfi=hd:;si:;mv:!1m2!1d38.872400899999995!2d-76.8469954!2m2!1d38.821509299999995!2d-76.9542771;tbs:lrf:!2m1!1e2!3sIAE,lf:1,lf_ui:2 and it showed a RC Automotive machine shop located NE of RC Automotive, turned out to be the one. He can supply the data on the cam as long as I can give him number that they etch onto the end of the cam. The numbers that I was able to get off the rear are not what he was looking for. He stated that they sometimes etched the number on the front of the cam (it is a arse #). He believes that it is most likely a "Super BL1" which he said was a mild street cam and the one he most commonly ground. Again, thank for helping out.
  14. chiefmd

    Cam Identification

    I contacted RC Automotive machine shop (301-350-8408) this morning and spoke to Roy. He verified that the cam was one that he had ground. They are still in business but they do not do new cams, he will regrind existing cams, but stated that he cannot compete with new grinds do to the low cost of the imports. Mark , just want to say thanks for your help.
  15. chiefmd

    Cam Identification

    Mark - I did read Jeff's post and it was what made me decide to look into the cam in my car. I think I''ll contact RC and send them the pictures to see if it was a cam that they might have fabricated. Thank you for pointing me into a direction which will hopefully have a positive outcome.

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