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  1. All PMs replied to and listing updated! Thank you!
  2. Oh and for anyone else watching. I am currently in Sumter, SC (29154). Heading near Destin, FL. Don't plan on taking any with me but if the destination is closer let me know and we can work something out to save on shipping. -Chris
  3. @Av8ferg @Captain Obvious Sent you guys both PMs! Updating the listing currently! Thanks again ? -Chris
  4. @Zed Head @Captain Obvious Ill get it measured today and I'll iron out which it is. Thanks for the feedback again! Appreciated. Sorry for the quick break in contact. -Chris
  5. @Pmg let me measure the openings and get that info out today so we can make sure it is applicable to your model. Apologies for the delayed response and thanks for the interest. -Chris
  6. I'll have to crawl under the 75 tonight and check. I'll update the second to reflect 77/78. Soon I'll be asking for your address to send a case of beer! -Chris
  7. @wheee! @wal280z Below are the pictures from measuring the door panels tonight. First is off my 75 280z, the second is of the door cards. @wal280z Thank you again for stepping in. It is clear that these are 77/78 door cards. I apologize for the mislabeling. I was under the impression that these were direct swaps for the 75. That is on me for not measuring the distance and being aware of that difference. I've updated the listing. Thank you again for the insight! -Chris
  8. @zclocks Ron, I found the pump tonight. Below is a picture of it. I never tested the pump so I cannot vouch for its functionality. But if you are willing to cover shipping I am more than happy to send it out to you if it will help your project. Let me know! -Chris
  9. Thanks for the interest. Listing updated and all PMs responded to!
  10. Awesome, thank you. I'll measure the cards tonight against those on the car and let you know. Thank you all for the valued feedback.
  11. Thank you for the feedback and apologies for the miscommunication. I will adjust the listing accordingly and confirm the date of the door cards following work tonight. Thanks again!
  12. List updated and all PMs responded to!
  13. I believe I still have the pump, but I cannot guarantee its condition (which is why it was not listed). Apologies. Thank you for the interest!
  14. Pictures 5/5...Finally! Thank you again. Standing by.
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