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  1. ZG240Z


    '81-84 Datsun 810 (Maxima). See here: http://kmhafer.datsun510.com/wheelFAQ.htm#The%20Wheel%20Chart
  2. With a grin that big, why isn't he driving?
  3. As usual, Carl is correct. A rear anti-sway bar will stiffen up the suspension and it will even feel 'better' when you're on the throttle in some twisties. But you really have to be anticipating the rear wheels breaking loose at all times....I had a '68 510 (with a 2.2 liter engine) with a Quickor bar in the rear and cut-down Roadster springs (super stiff) and I had to swap to some softer springs because the rear end was constantly trying to come around me in turns. I have purchased a rear bar for my Z, but I have yet to install it. Still trying to decide if I really want to deal with the harshness that it's going to add to the suspension, not to mention the driveability issues.
  4. A sway bar kit at MSA runs $229 for both front and rear bars.
  5. I don't have a ton of experience with having exhausts done, so my experience may be anecdotal......but I had a custom exhaust put on my 510 (2 1/4" tubing, DynoMax Super Turbo muffler) a couple of years ago and it only cost me $175. I am about to take my Z down to the muffler shop, but I'd probably fall over from shock if they asked me for $420 just to replace the rear part of the exhaust system.
  6. Reminds me of the car from 'Corvette Summer'.....bah....
  7. I had some mud daubers build nests in the grooves in a set of swastika rims one time (they were on the car, too!). I took them for a high-speed spin and then stopped by the touchless car wash and sprayed them at high pressure until gone......
  8. No. Read....... http://zhome.com/History/FirstBoatload.html
  9. If I'm visualizing this correctly, it's as though the bushing is too wide to fit into the mount correctly. Is that right? Have you given any thought to trimming it in order to make it fit? I wouldn't be afraid to modify it, if you feel like that's what it's going to take to make it work.
  10. I replaced my bushings with the motor in the car. What kind of bushings are these? I used Energy Suspension bushings (from the Hyperflex kit) and had no problems at all.
  11. Most of the people who have seen the photos would love to have that car. Nice job indeed, and I'm glad to see that the auction is going well so far. Don't let this nimrod get under your skin. We've all seen examples of his assinine attitude - it must be exactly the way it rolled out of the showroom, etc etc etc - the guy should just get over it. It's a Japanese sports car! We love them, but give me a break. It's not a rare Hemi Cuda. Delete his emails unread, or forward them to eBay (since harrassment of one user by another is against eBay rules). Again, nice job on the Z.
  12. That's what I get for using a Chinese tape measure...ha. Anyway, thanks for the correction, Enigma. On closer inspection (and using a different tape measure), your measurements look to be dead on.
  13. David, let us know about that Maggie Valley car? I have a friend who really wants to get into Z cars (he's a 510 guy) and might be interested in a low-buck S30 project car.
  14. The "hole" measures 2 3/4 inches (obviously the cap is the same size). I've uploaded photos of the Konig center cap to my image gallery on this site. Let me know if you need any more info.
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