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  1. I'm in, all set for the early am Sat cruise also, rumble in the canyon.
  2. Very true John. Frustrating when you can't get good exit speeds out of 9 and 16. Normally if I can reach 120 at the Start-Finish in either the E46 M3 or this Z, it's a good run. How about coming out on Oct 3rd, next event? I also instruct with Speed Ventures when needed. For the most part this first outing was a non-issue event, my EMI (Erik Messley) old-school coilovers held up fine and the corner weight at West End was spot-on, see my Hankook's tire wear below. The front right corner is always hotter because of the banking.
  3. Thanks! Current numbers (Hp, torque, AFR, boost) using the baseline Central SPL ecu. Reliable so far.... Dyno Dynamax roller SAE adjusted
  4. This was my baseline event. Auto Club Speedway is a horsepower course but handling also helps on the infield. I'm powered by an RB26DETT putting out 256whp (8.5 lbs boost) for now, keeping it in the Nissan family Also helps that I have coilovers (EMI Racing) and Wilwood brakes. Very happy that I met my target of low 2 mins in this car, next goal is 1:55 with more tuning. Full results are here (8-8-2015 event). The two top Scions are supercharged, hp numbers are whatever you put down.
  5. Nice times at ACS, so far lapping at 2:00 min flat, better than I expected. Pics and other Datsun contingents. Next event Oct 3, 4.
  6. Speed Ventures event Fontana CA My 73, a '71 and '78 are IN for the full 2.7 mi Roval!! Anyone else local want to stop by or also run the Roval or autox? Hope to see more out there.
  7. Thanks John, if you can also work on my RB26DETT-swapped S30 when the time comes for repairs, I'll look you up.
  8. Anyone know of one, or I'll just ask Motorsport Auto? This is for my brother (70 Series 1 240Z), looking for a somewhat local shop. Thanks guys/gals!!! I'm familiar with Mike's Z but that is too far for him.
  9. I sure want to get back into a Plymouth Cuda, 1970 or 71, that was my first car in high school, a bit of a beater but I fixed it up in auto shop and cruised Whittier Blvd with buddies, fun times! Probable chance of owning one is zero knowing what they're worth now. Second choices are the orig '90 or '91 NSX and the '03 or '04 SVT Cobra Terminators, always gets my heart pumped!!
  10. I'm hoping something materializes about this.....
  11. Any new stuff planned for the Apr 2015 event? Dyno, food vendors, etc?
  12. For those of us with conflicting schedules, it would be nice if it's possible to join for one or parts of the whole trip. I most likely can do the first day to Buttonwillow but that is the only leg that is open per my schedule. Possible, and cost? NASA membership still required?
  13. If you're asking me, the bumper (front) is fiberglass, tower brace is the Cusco OS (only one that fits over the RB26) and I bought it from RHDJapan, shipped to the US.
  14. Car: 1973 S30 240Z VIN: HLS30-157796 Build date: 4/73 Orig paint code: N/A Current exterior color: Nissan 350Z Daytona Blue Interior color: Black Only history I know car was prepped for track duty, which I'm continuing to build (RB26DETT). I would love to find the history of this car. I know Carfax may have it but I doubt it. Figured this would be the best place to try.
  15. Where are the updates?