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  1. Only hope is to have the Track model come at 3000 lbs or under, that would be ideal with the 400 hp. One of the most fun modern cars, which is my daily, is my Mazdaspeed Miata, factory turbo with minor upgrades at 200 hp, but still at 2400 lbs, it's a street legal gokart, simple fun!!
  2. Great, I'll check them out. Really don't mind some distance to get to a good reputable classic Z tech. Got another lead for Z Expert in Venice. Thanks!
  3. I'm hoping the Sunset Orange is again avail, as was on the 350Z. Daytona Blue is of course second choice ?
  4. Other features I'm hoping for - useful susp adjustments (camber/caster), LSD, hydraulic steering, traction control off switch, rev match bypass - leave these for driver options, less electronic intrusions.
  5. And hopefully seats are thin enough with useful height adjustments, ala for a helmeted driver.
  6. Brother's 70 has been sitting, need at least fuel system clean and flush, radiator, hoses, etc etc. Anybody has local suggestions? Mike's Z has not been responsive Thanks a bunch!!
  7. Need a reputable shop in this area. Mike Z is hard to reach nowadays. Others to recommend? Thanks!!
  8. Yep, fender bulges but nothing else, no fake scoops, no weird character lines, is what I'm hoping for. Make it 'look' light at the very least. My JDM flares give that aggressive wide stance, although yes helps widen the track a bit. And please please keep the 6 spd manual as an option, or no buy here. The current 350/370 clutch take-up, though, is too high and vague, same as was in my G35. That needs improvement.
  9. Back....yeah I want the Z Bash to happen again, get the excitement going, the new 2021 is around the corner!!
  10. Roof line, hood profile, headlight 'bucket', soooo similar to my S30, very nice! I sure hope weight is kept in check and pricing reasonable. Supra sized would be awesome but platform probable won't allow for that.
  11. I'm in, all set for the early am Sat cruise also, rumble in the canyon.
  12. Very true John. Frustrating when you can't get good exit speeds out of 9 and 16. Normally if I can reach 120 at the Start-Finish in either the E46 M3 or this Z, it's a good run. How about coming out on Oct 3rd, next event? I also instruct with Speed Ventures when needed. For the most part this first outing was a non-issue event, my EMI (Erik Messley) old-school coilovers held up fine and the corner weight at West End was spot-on, see my Hankook's tire wear below. The front right corner is always hotter because of the banking.
  13. Thanks! Current numbers (Hp, torque, AFR, boost) using the baseline Central SPL ecu. Reliable so far.... Dyno Dynamax roller SAE adjusted
  14. This was my baseline event. Auto Club Speedway is a horsepower course but handling also helps on the infield. I'm powered by an RB26DETT putting out 256whp (8.5 lbs boost) for now, keeping it in the Nissan family Also helps that I have coilovers (EMI Racing) and Wilwood brakes. Very happy that I met my target of low 2 mins in this car, next goal is 1:55 with more tuning. Full results are here (8-8-2015 event). The two top Scions are supercharged, hp numbers are whatever you put down. http://speedventures.com/results/Default.aspx
  15. Nice times at ACS, so far lapping at 2:00 min flat, better than I expected. Pics and other Datsun contingents. Next event Oct 3, 4.
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