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  1. I'd likely replace the blanks with switches marked ejector seat, oil slick, warp drive, flux capacitor, etc.
  2. Unfortunately, no. It's a 1973 plate but my car is a 1974 (January I think) so the date is wrong. I purchased it anyways since I could possibly use it as a front plate. I'm a bit confused why someone in 1973 would of got a D 260 Z plate since the 260Z wasn't made until 1974.
  3. Would using the turbo Z pump be strong enough to pump oil through both the internal oiler and spray arms? Is there a way to check how well it's working?
  4. Well I'm back to where I was last year. I got this message from my mechanic when I brought the car back in to have the valves adjusted: Jeff, For some reason your cam/head has an oiling problem. The same cam lobes that were destroyed on the first cam are bad on the new cam. I have a new cam and rocker arm set coming next week. This cam uses a different oiling system than the original cam. Followed by: The new cam will be internally oiled. You can use both the spray bar and internal oiling, the oil pump does not have the volume to do both. I think we should also replace the oil pump with a turboZ oil pump. I have not got the complete cost of the replacement parts yet. I will keep you posted. Any opinions on this? The mechanic specializes in Japan and British car restoration and races a 510 so he seems to know what he is doing.
  5. Patcon I like that 26 ZR. Do you think anyone would notice if I added a "0" in there? Jeff
  6. I've been searching for an Ohio 1974 license plate to go with my '74 260Z. In Ohio, you can use a historic license plate or an old license plate that matches the year of your car on a historic vehicle. Right now there is one on e-bay "Z N" as in Z'n or Z'ing If anyone see something better let me know. I'm looking for something closer to 260Z. Jeff https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ohio-VANITY-License-Plate-Z-N/373003309954?hash=item56d8bad382:g:DygAAOSwnZRefhV9
  7. Just a thought, you might want to disconnect, clean, and reconnect each connection while you go through the wiring. Almost all my electrical issues on my car seemed to trace back to bad connections.
  8. After struggling with the double relay electric fuel safety wiring on my '74, I'm wiring power to my fuel pump around the relays and going with an inertia kill switch I purchased from RockAuto (https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=43206&cc=1209181&jsn=4). From the directions, it seems that the switch triggering mechanism is sensitive to where it's mounted. Put it in the wrong place and it will trigger if you slam the door or go over a rough road. If you've installed an inertia switch, where have you placed it?
  9. Sorry, but I had to look it up. I'm assuming you meant the first definition and not the last 😷: Sakura (桜 (kanji), 櫻 (old kanji), さくら (hiragana), サクラ (katakana)) is the Japanese term for ornamental cherry blossom trees and their blossoms. Sakura may also refer to: Sakura, raw horse meat, usually prepared as sashimi called basashi
  10. I was doing some electrical work on my '74 today and realized that the way I resolved my dash light was to install a second fuse panel and ran the dash lights off of it. I kind of recall that I had fuse blowing issues so I split up the components leading to the circuit using the second fuse panel with four separate circuits. I figured that the component causing the fuse to blow would be narrowed down but no fuse in the second panel popped. So I just kept the troublesome circuit split into multiple separate circuits. So, I guess I never figured out the reason why my lights were not working but found a workaround.
  11. Crshowes It's been a long time since I had that issue so I don't recall the details. The only problem with a new relay is that the plug will not match. It's just a "standard" relay. I don't think the relay replacement corrected the dash lights but I cannot recall the fix. Just wondering, did you install LED dash lights like I eventually did? You can't use a standard rheostat to control them.
  12. Regarding the odd fuel hose: I think I used some cloth-covered hose (common on some German cars) and something like this (not this one specifically) to get that U-bend: https://www.fastenal.com/products/details/0421896 Make sure all replaced hoses if not OEM are rated for fuel. I also looked at universal molded fuel line by RetroMotion Innovations but didn't go that route. https://www.retromotioninnovations.com/products/3-8universalmolded you just cut out whatever part you need and splice a standard fuel line to it.
  13. Are you going to try and match the diamond pattern on the vinyl? I'm in the process of gutting and redoing the interior of my 260 but I just went with basic black. (https://www.joann.com/artic-vinyl-54in-black/3526274.html) . The 2 yards covered the tunnel, the strips along the door openings, the rear panel, and the emergency brake lever. The back of the vinyl has a diamond pattern printed on it I guess to use as a sewing guide. What's holding me up now is a source for horsehair for the seat bottom. The original horsehair disintegrated. I think I finally found a source. The horsehair in the seat backs is in good condition.
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