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  1. Got some images from this guy. The ad says " other wise a good power wash it shines nice....." Those dots at the end are definitely sarcasm. This thing is pretty crusty. Neither of the two bumpers are anywhere near horizontal and it looks like its been in the field it's sitting in for the last 20 years. No images of the interior yet. Guess we'll see if any of the guys going to see it tonight make the purchase like he says. Thanks for the heads up!
  2. I've seen 4 Z's this weekend and one keeps parking in the parking garage at my work. Really making me miss my car. I'll be keeping my eyes out for sure for the right one to come along. Thanks for the update.
  3. If you find yourself not interested I'm looking for a new project in the Seattle area. let me know if you find out any details!
  4. Actually it was at least 5 hours later when I checked. Wish I could have taken a peak. Would have been right in my neighborhood.
  5. I'm a Prototype Engineer and have access to some 3d printers and machining tools. Would be a pretty easy part to make with the 3d lettering on the shift map.
  6. Does anyone have the diameter of the shift map insert? This is something I may be able to reproduce
  7. so a 2+2 hatch wouldn't fit my coupe? i'm asking because the hatch to my 75 280z coupe is ruined and i know someone who wants to sell me the hatch to their 2+2. they said it was the same but now i dont know if i trust them on that.
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