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  1. maybe I should clarify; I'm stripping the car to bare metal and re-painting.
  2. Getting ready to paint my 1971 240z and am dreading pulling the headliner and diamond vinyl as they are original and in fantastic condition. Is there any chance they will be able to be re-used or should I plan on purchasing new ones? If I have to buy new ones, can someone kindly point me to the most authentic pieces that are currently available? Thanks in advance!
  3. Check out the poster on the wall in the background. Someone needs to do one of these with a series 1 car!
  4. I appreciate your comments and input. I did go look at BAT and I have to admit I am a bit surprised. I guess it is hard to "re-train" my brain to the changing times. I've had this car for so long, and their value has remained fairly constant (until very recently, apparently!). I may have to re-think my plan.
  5. I have to admit that I haven't been paying much attention to the Zcar market recently, but 10 years ago it was perfectly acceptable to add the necessary holes for spoilers and such, even up to the required trans tunnel trimming necessary for a 5 speed install. Has the market really gotten that "picky" now? My car would need to undergo a complete restoration anyway to bring it back to any kind of concours condition, I would think that filling a couple of holes during that process wouldn't (shouldn't?) be a reason for any appreciable de-valuation? Let me know if I am off base here.
  6. What mods did I post that you would consider "significant"? As far as I can tell, none of the mods I have planned would be considered irreversible (unless I'm missing something?}.
  7. Casey, any chance you could post the actual paint and paint code your guy used? The color on yours is fantastic!
  8. Your silver on silver is definitely making my decision harder! I am leaning towards doing the charcoal accents, but.....damn..... I was originally kind of bummed with my car because I always knew I would return it to original color, and at the time (15 years ago) I wasn't really feeling the silver, but now that I am older and more mature (cough, cough) I am really happy that mine rolled out of the factory clothed in silver!
  9. Okay fellow enthusiasts, I need your opinions. I've had my 1971 240Z for over 15 years with the hope of someday getting to restore/refresh it. Well, the kids are finally out of the house and I've managed to save a few $$ and, most importantly, received approval from my wife to start the process! As you can imagine, I've dreamed of numerous directions to take this project since I've owned her for so long! Car is a 12/70 build series 1 car (HLS30-16896) matching engine, with 102,000 miles. It was originally 901 silver but had a horrible '80's MAACO red re-spray. I have a 1981 L28ET turbo motor I plan to install and will mate to a 5 speed. I will pull the original numbers-matching L24 and rebuild and crate in case I (or future owner) wants to put it back to original. Here's my dilemma; I'm going to paint it as close to 901 silver as I can get with modern 2-stage paint. I'll be adding the Xenon (or something very similar) front splitter, the BRE rear spoiler and the SS Euro style bumpers and 16" Watanabe (or similar Panasports, Konigs, etc) wheels. What I'm struggling with is the accent colors of those accessories. Should I go ALL silver/ss (body color splitter and spoiler, all silver wheels, NO rubber trim on bumpers) OR silver/charcoal (matching the factory taillight surround color) which would mean charcoal splitter and spoiler, charcoal on the spokes of the wheels w/polished/machined lip on the wheels and rubber on the bumpers? I know your opinions will probably only make my decision harder, but let's hear em anyway!!!
  10. I'm not a big fan of the wheel gap on either of those!!! Regards, Astrohog
  11. Yup! And I think all his cars run on tiger's blood for the prices he asks! Jeff
  12. Check it out. Says he will only sell locally. Is this Ollie? http://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/cto/2658997467.html Regards, Astrohog
  13. Yeah, but you don't want a NICE one, do you? Don't you want one that you can completely disassemble, repair rust, replace/reskin the roof, etc., etc.? HAHA! Regards, Astrohog
  14. who cares if it is accurate.......it is a GREAT way for us all to justify another Z to the wife!!!
  15. probably not anyones taste in music, but there are a couple of nice 240s(?) shown numerous times in this video: http://new.music.yahoo.com/Far-East-Movement/videos/view/Like-a-G6--218679858
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