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  1. I'm not a big fan of the wheel gap on either of those!!! Regards, Astrohog
  2. Yup! And I think all his cars run on tiger's blood for the prices he asks! Jeff
  3. Check it out. Says he will only sell locally. Is this Ollie? http://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/cto/2658997467.html Regards, Astrohog
  4. Yeah, but you don't want a NICE one, do you? Don't you want one that you can completely disassemble, repair rust, replace/reskin the roof, etc., etc.? HAHA! Regards, Astrohog
  5. who cares if it is accurate.......it is a GREAT way for us all to justify another Z to the wife!!!
  6. probably not anyones taste in music, but there are a couple of nice 240s(?) shown numerous times in this video: http://new.music.yahoo.com/Far-East-Movement/videos/view/Like-a-G6--218679858
  7. In your constant quest to discredit Carl, did you ever stop to consider that since NY is in close proximity to our Canadian neighbors, perhaps the "international" COULD be referring to Them? After all, it didn't pronounce to be a "Worldwide Preview". Regards, Astrohog
  8. I was kinda waiting for an answer on that as well. I speculated a page or so ago that it may be an "hour code"? When I was in the food processing business, we would print the "daycode" (month day and year) as well as an "hour code" (which WAS designated by a letter), so we could determine EXACTLY WHEN (within a two-hour period) our product was produced if we had to trace backward for whatever reason. anyone? Regards, astrohog
  9. I haven't read all the posts on this thread, and I think I actually remember seeing it posted SOMEWHERE (might have its own thread, or even in the barn finds thread, not sure). I was watching a "Chasing Classic Cars" episode, where wayne is invited to check out an old vintage motorcycle collection. After checking out the motorcycles, Wayne was on his way up to another room in the shop to check out a vintage Ferrari race car, when the camera glimpsed what looked to be an early 240Z. This guy DEFINATELY had good taste!!! FYI, I forget what model and year the Ferrari was, but i think I remember the guys widow saying that he had purchased it in the '70's for something like $15,000.00 and it is now estimated to be worth millions!!!! Regards, Astrohog
  10. that last number or letter code could be the time frame that the block was cast on the given date. Alot of our food products are stamped at packaging with a date code that can include a letter code (usually corrsponding to the HOUR, or shift? it was packaged), allowing one to really narrow down the window where that particular item was manufactured. just a thought... Regards, Jeff
  11. I am thinking about "super silver" from the 2010 GTR. Although I am not as close to paint as I would like to think! Jeff
  12. NICE Arne! If only we could have 12 months of spring/summer weather year round here in the Northwest!!! SHHH....don't tell anyone! Astro
  13. Thanks for the compliments!... Mine does LOOK okay...from 10 feet or more! It is fine to drive around for now, but I try to keep her dry as there is some beginnings of rust, and that is why I am looking forward to the bodywork and paint! Don't want to see her disenegrate to nothing!!!! HAHA, I did my brakes and the water pump last August!!! I did mine out of complete necessity though, not a planned preventative maintenance thing! Regards, Jeff
  14. Yup! Big ole' Grin on my face today!! My next two weekends are booked with travel for my other hobby and then I have a few projects lined up for the Z Gonna drop the tank, boil it, POR it and replace all associated fuel lines and filters! Then I'm gonna replace all the bushings. While I'm done there, I am gonna have all the control arms and stuff bead-blasted and powder-coated! After all that I am finally gonna take my L28 turbo motor that is sitting on a pallet to the engine shop for tear-down, hot tank, paint and re-build! Still gotta find a 5 speed to mate to the turbo motor!! My interior is largely finished, so after going through the bushings and tank and getting the turbo swap ready, I am finally getting closer to the bodywork and paint!!!!! Astrohog
  15. Woohoo, the weather is finally shaping up here in NW Washington State! Got to get my '71 out of storage and stretch her legs a little today! Here's a couple of pics (mine is in the foreground) Regards, Astrohog
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