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1971 HLS30-14938 "Lily" build


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I have been remotivated by Wheee! and siteunseen and others build threads. So I have decided to get serious about getting this car running and finished. So to keep up with the Jones or the Jones'n in Cliffs case I decided to start a build thread to sort of bring everyone up to speed on where I'm at... 

Bought the car from a guy in Charlotte that had it shipped from out West. He is registered here but really spends more time at Hybrid Z

That was late 2008 or early 2009...

Stripping the car down Sept 2009090529c.JPG



Chipping sound mat out January 2011

Don't you wish you could be that happy about chipping out sound mat LOL



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2013 the booth is up .4 mil poly and a few 2x4's



all media blasted. You can see the internal frame coating that dripped out before I primed the car...



Built a box in the corner to hold a filter so the fan exhaust was screened...



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Lights hung around the outside of the booth. Six vertical lights around



Patched the floor rust with a piece from one of Charlie's excellent floor boards


there was a big crease through the drivers side wheel well. I couldn't remove it so I made some patches from a Tabco panel...


this was June of 2013..

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Even on this car Arizona or Nevada there was rust in the wheel wells. These patches came from Tabco panels too



this car has had affront end collision. I should have replace the nose but I didn't have the skills at the time




the radiator support has been replaced to a later style radiator support


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This should be an entertaining thread. 

I envy your two-car garage and workspace.  Nevertheless, isn't it amazing how shelf space fills up so quickly?  I've adopted the strategy of hanging larger parts from the overhead beams in my workshop.  Even with that, shelf space always seems to be at a premium.

Is the blue Z in the driveway a runner or is it a parts donor?

BTW, nice job on the paint-spray enclosure.

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2 hours ago, Namerow said:

I've adopted the strategy of hanging larger parts from the overhead beams in my workshop. 

I was talking with Joseph at the Z Store not too long ago and he said something I've never thought about after seeing a picture I sent him.

" Love the Z Garage. We can’t do the ladder-over-the-car thing here in CA for earthquake reasons, lol."



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