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  1. Coolant runs through the intake manifold and not the balance tube. Did you send them your manifold or did they supply you with a reconditioned one? If you have your old one you should be good to go. If you sent them yours it’s odd they did not send the same one back.
  2. I have a NOS diff mount with the early part number quoted but it does not look like the one identified in the visuals shown above. Did you happen to label visuals 2 and 3 of 4 incorrectly? This is what i have (see below)
  3. “No meaningful updates on the inspection lights topic, the bodies went off to plating a couple of weeks ago and I don't know if the business has been shut down by the virus situation. New lenses are on order from Steve Nix, all the switches have b..” jfa-series1 - I didn’t know someone was reproducing the lenses. Would you mind PM’ing me Steve’s contact info.
  4. Thanks. I think Princess Auto may be similar to Harbor Freight. I will give them a try.
  5. Holy crap that is a lot of inspection lights. I just finished restoring 2 of them. They turned out fairly decent. Does anyone know if there is a source for the rubber grommet on the bottom where the wires exit. I’m sure I saw them advertised somewhere before.
  6. I know I looked at Whitehead when I was considering stainless bumpers. I ended up buying the bumpers from Vietnam (see thread on this site). What I paid with shipping and duties was probably $600 less than what Whitehead wanted. I’m not sure what the quality differences were but I have been quite happy with the bumpers from Vietnam. I am local with cash so I will look at them again in the future.
  7. I feel your pain wheee (re: exchange, taxes and shipping). This is the first winter in over 10 years that I have not ordered something from MSA or other US suppliers. The extra costs are just too painful. I have also all but given up on eBay given the above, their ridiculous international shipping charges and the overinflated prices.
  8. Chris, Any chance you could shoot me a PM with the name of the plater you used. I am having little success with my guy. Thanks
  9. Granny, Excellent buy. I saw that one on Kijiji and it looked really good. I was tempted as a Datsun 510 was my first car at 16. However, I barely get time to work on my Z so I’m glad you got it. It will be a nice quick, clean project for you.
  10. I just had a similar issue. I had replaced the mechanical fuel pump a few weeks ago. This past weekend the car died while idling in the driveway. I had just been out for a drive and had let the tank get fairly low. I did put in about 20L 5 minutes before pulling in. I checked fuel at the carb and there was nothing. I immediately assumed the new pump had crapped out so I re-installed the old one. The old one was working fine but I had been chasing a ticking noise at the time and had replaced it to no avail (another story that I think is a small exhaust leak). After waiting a day for the gasket to seal up I still had no start and no fuel at the carbs. I noticed I was getting no fuel in the filter. I remembered a problem I had experienced with one of my other zcars where crud from the tank got caught in the fuel lines when when the fuel got low. I blew some compressed air back through the tank and could hear the air bubbling in the tank. Tried to start again but nothing. I came inside and did a search here. After reading this thread I tried priming the carbs, pump and filter. Started right up and ran beautifully. Thanks!
  11. I love that colour combo. Beautiful car. Congrats !
  12. I hope to do the same today. It’s been a long winter up here in the great white north!
  13. Thanks for the offer Patcon. If you have a set of new screws (the ones with the notch cut in the ends) i would be happy to pay for the screws and postage to Ontario Canada. I will PM you and we can discuss.
  14. I should have gone with ztherapy. The outfit I went with really let me down. The car was not driveable due to a sticking throttle on the rear carb and the guy who rebuilt them would not even answer my emails/texts. I think I finally isolated the problem to the throttle plate itself but I will not know until I get them back on the car. Right now I am waiting for new throttle plate screws from the guy who rebuilt them but I have no idea when or if they they will arrive (communication is brutal). I did order a set of screws from SU in Britain but they were the wrong size (2-weeks wasted) I will probably do a write up once I get them back on the car and running. I don’t want to get into too much detail at this point as I would like to resolve it before posting anything negative.
  15. I took the plunge on both front and rear bumpers from these guys. Here is my experience. 1) order placed June 27 2) order shipped July 3 and tracking info received 3) order received in Ontario Canada July 6. I did have to pay $27 duties. The bumpers were packaged well with bubble wrap and some sort of cloth material. I was very happy with the product. Overall the buying experience was good. Responses to all emails were prompt and I was amazed at the turnaround and quick delivery. Installation: It took about 1 hour to remove and replace the front bumper and the fitment was excellent. However, the rear was another story. I had to chase the threads as mentioned by jfa.series1 which is not a big deal. The first attempt at installing did not go well. The bumper was flush to the body at the rear and the ends were flared out over an inch. After 5 or 6 hours of massaging the brackets and installing/removing etc. I finally got a decent gap all the way around. I determined that the initial install was putting too much pressure on the side brackets causing the flare out. Spacing the bumper at least 3/8” off the back using washers was required to get an acceptable fitment at the ends. Here are some pics
  16. Thanks for the info. Yes, I think Zfest will be a washout. It’s a shame as it is probably the most popular club event. I wasn’t going to make it this year regardless of the weather given the location (too far from whitby) and the timing (have to watch the British Open) but I am sure many people were planning on going. Can you post pictures of the parts you get yellow zinc’d. I am still not completely happy with the parts I had done.
  17. Hey Granny, Who are you using to do the yellow zinc? Thanks
  18. Not sure that Paltech is the problem, as my original, non-rebuilt carbs have the "foot-tap-to-get-normal-idle" issue also. Typically sits about 200 RPM fast until I tap the throttle, that drops it to the normal 6-700 RPM. Haven't found a fix yet. Yes, this is an old thread but I was quite surprised to find it after having spent the last two weeks with the same issue on a set of recently installed paltech carbs. My throttle return issue was on the rear carb and was quite severe, sometimes getting stuck so high I had to shut it down. The linkage moved freely when the car was not running but was stiff as hell when running making it difficult to accelerate smoothly. I dismantled the linkage right back to the peddle and lubed etc to no avail. I finally pulled the carbs and put my old ones back on (everything in the setup except the carbs and centre linkage is the same). The old ones run beautifully especially now my linkage is so smooth. Looking at the Paltech carbs off the car I found metal shavings on the front throttle shaft. I am going to dismantle and see what I find on the rear throttle shaft. I actually hope it is just metal shavings as that is an easy fix. I will report my findings. Jeff Payla at paltech has been MIA with no reply to any of my messages. Hopefully, everything is ok with him and he eventually gets back to me.
  19. Congrats. I will wait to see how yours fits before ordering. BTW- How did the $50 value go over at the border? Did you get hit with any import fees?
  20. I do pretty much the same. Now I just need to get around to installing it.
  21. I got a quote from these guys today. $645 USD for front and rear bumpers shipped to Toronto, Canada . Their quote mentioned that it covered import duties and other fees (not sure how they can determine that). Anyways, I am going to wait eagerly to find out how you make out before taking the plunge. Thanks for having the nerve to be the first to try them out.
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