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Found 11 results

  1. Well after forty years of ownership I'm finally starting a second go around at restoring my 1970 240Z. I purchased the car well used in 1978 with 90,000 plus miles from the local Datsun Dealership in Chilliwack, BC Canada. Here is a picture from July '78: Here is what it looks like today. Looks reasonable but the paint is showing its age and there are some other issues lurking that need to be fixed properly. Full disclosure will come later. Restoration number one was done in 1982 and I only did what I could afford at the time. I actually think this first attempt of was really "Canadian maintenance", my poor Zed was at a do or die point. Here are a few pics from 1982: I went to the parts department at my local Datsun dealership and made, what I learned later was, the largest order of body parts that anyone had ever placed with them to that point. By the time my body man and painter were finished and with the cost of the car, I could have bought a brand new 1978 280Z instead, but hey I was 18 at the time and I have never regretted doing it. In future installments I will list my restoration goals add a time line of my 40 years of ownership, after I sort and scan more of my old pictures. Anyway I plan to document my adventure with my re-restoration here, and I'm sure I will be looking for advice, also comments and tips will be very welcomed. Cheers, Mike
  2. 923 downloads

    Collection of manuals for the 1970-71 models. Click download to see the individual files you can download.
  3. Where: Southern New Jersey. USA I have 3 pretty rotten but complete(mostly) 240Z cars. The two yellow ones are both early 1970 models. The silver is a 1972. I have both front fenders/wings and grill. All are manual trans and have complete stock drive trains. They have been sitting out in the New Jersey elements for over 25 years. I also have a couple of doors, hatches, a hood, and brand new front fender/wings that are in a dry storage container. I have a few spare blocks, heads, transmissions, rear diffs, etc. I would like to sell this as one complete deal. If I had time I'd just break apart the cars and sell the parts myself, but that is not a project I need right now. I think the lot is worth $5,000 but I'm open to options, ideas, trades. Only contact me if you are truly interested. Thanks, JD
  4. I need from 1 to a set of 4 original 240Z steel wheels from a 1970 car. Must be date-stamped 70 (for 1970). These wheels are 4.5 inches wide at the tire bead. Can also use 1 to a full set of 4 original 'D' hubcaps from a 1970 car. Call Pete at 250-821-1026, or email: [email protected] Thanks!
  5. Free 1970 240z located in Bowdoinham, Maine at Hoyt's Automotive on Rte 125 (right off I-95). This car was a well-maintained summer daily driver for years until the early 90s, then stored in a barn until 2014. Has been at Hoyt's Automotive since then. Jeff needs the space in his lot and plans to junk the car. The car's owner doesn't care, but ok'd my posting the car here as free-for-the-taking. I don't have any photos. I think the color was racing green. Please take it and restore it!! Ask for Jeff Hoyt (owner of Hoyt's Automotive). Was a great car! Thanks, --A friend of the owner
  6. Holly Pitters


    From the album: 240z Project Car

    November 2015 - just got the car - ready to start
  7. FSM's Factory Service Manuals Supplement Technical Service Bulletins Owners Manual Datsun 240Z L20 L24 Factory Service Manual.pdf Datsun 240Z factory service manual (Body + Chassis) Part 1.pdf Datsun 240Z factory service manual (Body + Chassis) Part 2.pdf 1971 FSM Supplement.pdf s30 chassis Supplement.pdf
  8. Funny enough, as I'm getting ready to write this up for you guys, I see some one has one on doing power windows in a (240K). I'm going to do a full spread (with pictures and step by step stuff) on power windows in a 240Z. "Why" you ask? 1) Cause when I'm buckled up (seatbelt) into my 70' 240Z, There is NOOO reaching the passenger side window without almost causing an accident. 2) When it's hot outside and you don't have the luxury of A.C, It'll be nice to hit the switch and roll down the window. 3) It'll get me browny points with the Wife, cause she too has trouble getting to the handle when she is buckled in. (if she's happy, I'm happy) 4) I CAN'T POSSIBLY BE THE ONLY ONE HERE (classiczcars.com) WHO WANTS POWER WINDOWS IN A 240Z. So over the next few days, I will post progress and Pictures of the install. It's pretty bad when it takes me longer to post and develope pics and tell all the "how-to's" then it does to put in the whole kit and wiring. AS soon as U.P.S. shows up with my wire harness supplies and power window kit, I'll start the project. More details to follow and also..... What do you guys think about power windows in (a) or (your) early model Z??? Dave.
  9. Hello! Back in the day, I had a 1970 Datsun Fairlady Z. Great car, now a memory, but I've got the original engine and I'm not sure what to do with it. I pulled it out to do modifications and put in an L28 and get smog'd and some speed. Now, I hate to waste the opportunity for someone that might want an original engine (in an original condition), for their show car. Any suggestions from the community? Thanks!
  10. Picked up a 1970 240Z that my aunt and uncle gave to me a few months ago and have been working on it quite hard ever since. It was my aunt's first car that she got in 1973 and she has had it since. 11 years ago a connecting rod put a baseball size hole out the side of the block and it has sat in their garage since then. I gladly took it off their hands and the project has begun! The plan is to do a engine, trans, and rear end swap in it. I already picked up a 1979 ZX that I took the complete drivetrain out. The body was junk but the drivetrain was good. Got a buddy going over the trans and rear end for me pops is doing a complete rebuild on the engine. Also ditching the fuel injection, going to dual Weber carbs, bigger cam, and headers. Body and paint are in surprisingly good condition, so that will be the last thing I tackle. Right now I'm focusing on drivetrain and getting her back on the road. This is the car the day I picked it up. Drove 15 hours each way to get her. Right away I snatched the engine and trans out. I'm thinking this is why the engine wasn't running right. All the wiring on the car is atrocious, it's poorly spliced and random butt connectors everywhere. The engine harness is going to need to be replaced and the dash gone over. So I pulled the dash. Hopefully I'll be able to get it back in one day. haha Engine bay had a few coats of grime and paint on it. It was looking pretty rough. Decided to start fresh, so I had the engine bay soda blasted. Unfortunately I'm working out of 2 apartment garages so I don't have anywhere to blast, but it was only $150 and it came back awesome. Couldn't be happier with the results. This is the engine bay just bare metal. Also picked up a cabinet blaster from Harbor Freight so I decided to test it out. Blasted, primed, and painted the brake booster and horns. Cabinet worked great and the parts came out great. Did this while I was waiting on the engine bay to get blasted.
  11. Hi all! Just thought I would let you know that even down in "darkest Africa" the Z is alive and well. Although not many are seen on the roads anymore, there are a handful of decent ones left. I'd like to think that mine is one of those. I've posted a couple of pix, but hopefully I'll get some decent ones done soon. If there are any other members from my neck of the woods (South Africa) please drop me a line.
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