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  1. Please be advised that the new Float-Syncs have glass, not plastic site glasses. Be careful etching a groove as they may be prone to break along that line. I actually like the "O"ring idea. If they're thin and tight they should stay put.
  2. I will likely have new Float-Syncs back in stock and ready to ship by next Wednesday. One of my suppliers says my parts are in the mail and I will receive them on Monday. I think you will find these much more precise, and you can see the fuel level in both carbs with the car running. Maybe some of my former customers can vouch for Float-Sync.
  3. This looks to me like fuel has been leaking from somewhere for a long time, given the color of the stain. Here are a few things to check. First, make sure your float level is not set too high. If it's too high, gas may be coming out the vent tube on the fuel bowl lid, or more likely, given what I see in your pictures, your float bowl lids need new gaskets. Still it's unusual for this to happen unless very aggressively driving and sloshing fuel. I would also check to see that your fuel is not leaking due to a pin hole leak or poor sealing of the hose clips. Obviously this is an issue you should address ASAP. One of two conditions would cause that fuel stain
  4. Yes, late summer is for 240Z bars only. I'm hoping to get a tooling estimate in the next 60 days for 260/280Z taillight bezels to see how feasible it may be to produce them.
  5. I communicated with my supplier this past week about the taillamp bars. Production is currently down, but it looks like there may be enough interest to warrant reproducing some additional sets. I'll post up when they are back on stock, but that may not be until the end of summer.
  6. Thanks guys for the kind words. Steve J, I'd love to be able to offer chrome surrounds for 260 and 280Zs but I believe the tooling would be cost prohibitive. I will however, check with my supplier. A friend from Vegas and I worked together re-chroming good 260/280 cores a couple years ago, but it soon became impossible to find cores good enough to strip and re-plate. These actually turned out to be higher quality and a bit heavier than OEM, as they were electrochrome plated rather than the less expensive process.
  7. I previously produced and sold about 120 sets out, over a five year period. I'm giving serious consideration to producing another batch, but wanted to gauge interest first, as my cost is rather steep and I don't want to get stuck with a mess of them. These are OEM quality or better, with the mold marks for left and right sides and come with install instructions and fasteners. I expect the price to be in the area of $130 a pair. Those of you who have purchased some of the first batch will hopefully vouch for the quality. Any interest?
  8. Makes perfect sense. I think it was about the same time that NHTSA was founded and began instituting new rules. Thanks Carl.
  9. Carl, once again you impress by your depth of knowledge. Both my Series 1 cars are late, 13,000+ and 19,000+. Based on your last post I obviously wouldn't have had a 2400cc valve cover from the factory on either one, which I don't. Any idea about the date or VIN# when the "holed" steering wheels replaced the "plugged" wheels? My 19,000 VIN car has the plugged wheel. I'm guessing that may have been carried through all the Series 1 cars, But am not sure.
  10. Carl, you truly are a wealth of information! Based on what you posted I can only conclude that the hatch and glass on my car must have been replaced fairly early in the car's life. For what reason is any ones guess. Appreciate the informative post ups.
  11. Sorry, should have left my direct email address. For anyone interested or having questions, you can email me at datsun.floatsync@gmail.com. I received and approved production samples of the aluminum blocks earlier today. Float Syncs will be back in inventory soon.
  12. Thanks for posting the picture above ConVerTT. I had the same thought as you regarding the likelihood of the hatch vs. the glass being replaced. The mystery deepens...
  13. Just a quick update on my Float-Sync production. I will be receiving production samples of one of the primary components later today. Should have some new units to sell before the end of April. PM me if you're interested and I'll get back to you with pricing as soon as my price quotes come back.
  14. 240260280, very nice transformation after clean up. 7tooZ, I think given your VIN#, you may have a very early Series II car. I believe the series one cars ended somewhere around 21,000. The way it's equipped would seem to suggest that.
  15. Now that's helpful and interesting, thanks Hoover. Our cars are 500 units apart with the same later air cleaners and valve covers, at least. I'm interested to know if anyone has seen a vertical glass hatch that's not vented, that history supports was factory installed. Seems odd that it would be mismatched unless the hatch was replaced at some point for some reason.