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  1. Just saw this this morning.Kudos to my friend Jeff Koch at Hemmings for publishing the press release! Thanks for posting Carl.
  2. I previously posted information on my new book in a thread about this years ZCON in Branson, MO where the book debuted. I was told this might be a more appropriate place on our site for those interested in purchasing a book or knowing more about the history of Datsun Scarab and Scarab Engineering. “Resurrecting the Legend – The Real Datsun Scarab Story,” is a meticulously researched 104 page book documenting the history of the Scarab Engineering Company and its cars from 1975-81. Over the years there have been many myths perpetrated that are addressed and refuted in it. The book is based on personal interviews with the company’s founders and employees, all of whom had gone underground more than 35 years ago. The development of Brian Morrow’s very first Scarab is chronicled as well as the events at each of the three shop locations, leading up to the company finally being sold. With nearly 90 color photographs and illustrations, the book defines what a Scarab is and describes its roll in automotive history. By the mid-1970s, domestic muscle car performance had been emasculated, and by association so had the egos of many of their drivers. Scarab came on the scene at just the right time. The Scarab was so much more than a Datsun Z-car with a transplanted Chevrolet V8 engine: it was a completely reengineered automobile, with each system and component carefully considered, improved or replaced, to realize Morrow’s goal of creating a well-balanced machine capable of shaming all comers. Road Test magazine said it best when it wrote, “Subtle as a chain-link jock strap, the Scarab will not only blow 99 percent of the cars on the road in the weeds, it’ll do it in style.” For those interested in purchasing a copy you can email me at parallax.randy.lewis@gmail.com. (my PayPal is the same). Books, including shipping, are $35 each. Would make an inexpensive gift for Z enthusiasts. I'd be happy to answer questions about the company and its cars here as well.
  3. I should have also mentioned that a very limited number of hard cover editions of the book were also printed. The hardcover versions were intended for Scarab owners as a companion to their cars. Brian Morrow has about 20 copies left and would be happy to sign them for anyone interested. Unfortunately, because of the small print quantity, the printing cost was quite high. These are available at his cost of $100 each to anyone interested in a collectible for their Z library. Books come shrink wrapped (unless you'd like them signed) and have a full-wrap paper jacket over a black cloth cover with gold foil stamping on the cover and spine.
  4. Thanks for the kind words Zup. It was just a little crazy last week, so I'm sorry we weren't able to reconnect. Jim, your car was stunning! Congratulations on the 1st place award, well deserved. Re: the book, your wish is my command. Will be signed and dated and in the mail headed your way tomorrow. Really enjoyed meeting, albeit briefly. Wished I'd had more time to hear about your flat tops. I've refurbished, set up and shipped round tops all over the country for years, but now you've got me intrigued about the flats. Cheers, Randy
  5. Dropped the books in the mail this morning Carl, James, Brad, Shane. Thank you for you interest and prompt payment. Really would appreciate hearing your thoughts and addressing questions you might have after you've had a chance to read the book.
  6. Received my bubble envelopes today and verified $5 shipping to all states except Alaska and Hawaii. For those interested in a copy, please PayPal me $35 per book along with your address. I will get your books out within 24 hours. Thanks for your interest. My PayPal/email address is parallax.randy.lewis@gmail.com
  7. Here's a little teaser for the book (front and back covers). Looks now like I should be able to begin shipping this weekend for those who expressed interest.
  8. Absolutely Carl.
  9. Sure Hiyabrad, actually I'd prefer that. I'll post my PayPal address here as soon as I can confirm postage rates. I should be in a position to ship books the first of next week. Thanks for your interest.
  10. I was fortunate to be part of a Scarab caravan towing two friend's cars to Branson, one Scarab from San Diego and the other from Payson, Arizona. I also own a Scarab, currently undergoing restoration. Carl, not sure if your question was how many cars were at ZCON or how many cars were built by Morrow at Scarab Engineering. Records do not exist documenting how many cars were built, but averaging the accounts of those I interviewed it appears the number built was right around 30. Of course many more kits were sold to home mechanics, but those cars are distinguishable from the "shop-built cars" as the kits did not include some of the shop-built components. The book sold for $30 at ZCON. I'm hoping to be able to offer them for $35 including mailing. The book is 104 pages and contains over 90 full color photos and illustrations.
  11. Thought I'd post just a few photos, including the dozen Scarabs in attendance, the largest gathering in history. There were never more than six cars at Scarab Engineering when they were in business. This was special as we reunited Brian Morrow with the very first Scarab he ever produced in late 1973. Brian was unaware the car still existed and after 43 years he saw it for the first time. It's owner had it for 34 of those years and kept it in outstanding condition. Scarabs took four top awards at the 2019 ZCON. I debuted the Scarab book I have been working on for well over two years, after finding and interviewing all the original players. The book is titled, "Resurrecting The Legend - The real Datsun Scarab Story." For those interested in a copy, they will be available for sale on eBay early next week. I have a limited number of copies left. Enjoy!
  12. Well, I don't have anything that looks like that. Looks like I need to fabricate something. Thanks for posting this.
  13. I'm re-installing my re-furbished stock radio, but the way the factory mounted it has eluded me. I believe the radio goes in before the HVAC bezel, levers and cables, but I don't see how the radio is secured in place. There are threaded holes on each side of the radio but no bracket of any kind to support the radio. Am I missing something?
  14. I second Stanley's supposition that there's a possibility of at least one of the two things he suggested contributing to the issue. I struggled with a similar issue, only to discover that after replacing my nozzles with a set of brand new ones, the problem was gone. If you have wallowed out nozzles or they become oval from needles that are not perfectly true (not always easy to see) you will struggle with optimizing how your car runs. The $100 I spent simultaneously for new nozzles and needles was worth the headaches avoided.
  15. I intentionally didn't scribe marks on the site glass, but rather included instructions to set floats at the proper level, as Duffman suggests. Some owners prefer their floats set differently. One nice thing about these tools is that you can visually check the fuel level throughout the entire rpm range to to assure you never run the float bowls dry even under full acceleration for an extended period of time. Two tools are included in each set to simultaneously check each carburetor at the same time. It's critical to proper tuning that float levels are as close as possible. If they're not, the number of turns out on the mixture nuts will differ in order to compensate.
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