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    This is my first Zcar but I have owned other Datsuns in the past. She is in pretty good shape but needs a lot of cosmetic work.

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  1. colinc

    1974 260Z Survivor for Sale

    Prices are definitely going up. I just sold my early 260z for $22500 Canadian. I am already missing it
  2. The holes on the 260z choke lever bracket are in a slightly different position than the 240z. I tried to mount mine to one of the aftermarket transmission tunnel metal plates and it would not fit without modification. I ended up using a 240z choke lever bracket with the 260z cables. I think you would have the same issue trying to mount a 260z choke lever bracket to a 240z centre console.
  3. colinc

    Need Your Help!

    I'd buy one too. Here is another pic. 1974 260z
  4. Hey Mike, Any word on a return date for the items that were shipped to be chromed on December 4? Thanks
  5. colinc

    WTB early 1970 Canadian/Euro/JDM intake manifold

    Here's one that I did. Actually, I bought it from a member in our local club who had removed the attachments and welded the holes. It was uneven so I had additional aluminum welded in. I then spent hours grinding, sanding and polishing.
  6. I believe it is up to the seller if they want to use it or not. I have asked several sellers to repost items without global shipping and all have accommodated the request. The global shipping program is the biggest rip-off going. You pay double the shipping costs and some arbitrary import fee. As hr369 mentioned it is also extremely slow and there is no tracking number. Between this scam and the declining Canadian dollar it has become much too expensive for Canadians to buy anything on eBay.
  7. colinc

    What Is Going On At Whitehead?

    Good to hear. You guys were starting to get me worried.
  8. colinc

    Off to ontario!

    No problem Mark. Whitehead replaced my cam about 5000 miles ago along with reconditioned rocker arms. I am now getting a bit of valve train noise around cylinder #1. I hate to put it away for the winter like this so I am taking it in hopefully for a simple fix. Wish me luck.
  9. colinc

    Off to ontario!

    I am taking my car into Whitehead's on October 17. If your car is in the shop I will give you an update. FYI- Mike did mention he is off the week before thanksgiving. Hopefully, that will not result in further delays.
  10. colinc

    comin out of storage.

    I think we could be out as early as this Sunday. They are calling for some heavy rain over the next two days in the Toronto area. I started the Z last weekend and she is ready to go
  11. colinc

    Off to ontario!

    Me too!
  12. colinc

    Experience with car shipping?

    Awesome, I am sure you will be very happy with the restoration. The Ontariozcar club has a swap meet at Whiteheads in April hopefully it will still be there so I can take a peak.
  13. colinc

    Air Horn Filters

    Looks great Chris. I had similar filters on my car (installed by PO). I used an oil spray that I picked up from a motorcycle shop. I forget the name but I think it is pretty standard stuff available at all motorcycle dealerships etc.
  14. colinc

    Experience with car shipping?

    Wow, all the way from Edmonton to Toronto for an engine rebuild and paint. Don't get me wrong, whitehead Performance is a great shop ( my car has been there several times) but isn't there anyone closer who can do the work? You may want to post on OntarioZcar.com. Someone there may know of a good Canadian shipping company. If you want to fly me out I would be happy to drive it back for you (I am available November 23-30). The only problem may be that many of the roads have been salted already.
  15. I told you laverne (aka ont240) was the guy to call. He has an incredible amount of knowledge and just never gives up until the job is done. Can't wait to see a video of the car peeling out of your driveway.

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