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  1. I have a NOS diff mount with the early part number quoted but it does not look like the one identified in the visuals shown above. Did you happen to label visuals 2 and 3 of 4 incorrectly? This is what i have (see below)
  2. “No meaningful updates on the inspection lights topic, the bodies went off to plating a couple of weeks ago and I don't know if the business has been shut down by the virus situation. New lenses are on order from Steve Nix, all the switches have b..” jfa-series1 - I didn’t know someone was reproducing the lenses. Would you mind PM’ing me Steve’s contact info.
  3. Thanks. I think Princess Auto may be similar to Harbor Freight. I will give them a try.
  4. Holy crap that is a lot of inspection lights. I just finished restoring 2 of them. They turned out fairly decent. Does anyone know if there is a source for the rubber grommet on the bottom where the wires exit. I’m sure I saw them advertised somewhere before.
  5. I know I looked at Whitehead when I was considering stainless bumpers. I ended up buying the bumpers from Vietnam (see thread on this site). What I paid with shipping and duties was probably $600 less than what Whitehead wanted. I’m not sure what the quality differences were but I have been quite happy with the bumpers from Vietnam. I am local with cash so I will look at them again in the future.
  6. I feel your pain wheee (re: exchange, taxes and shipping). This is the first winter in over 10 years that I have not ordered something from MSA or other US suppliers. The extra costs are just too painful. I have also all but given up on eBay given the above, their ridiculous international shipping charges and the overinflated prices.
  7. Chris, Any chance you could shoot me a PM with the name of the plater you used. I am having little success with my guy. Thanks
  8. Granny, Excellent buy. I saw that one on Kijiji and it looked really good. I was tempted as a Datsun 510 was my first car at 16. However, I barely get time to work on my Z so I’m glad you got it. It will be a nice quick, clean project for you.
  9. I just had a similar issue. I had replaced the mechanical fuel pump a few weeks ago. This past weekend the car died while idling in the driveway. I had just been out for a drive and had let the tank get fairly low. I did put in about 20L 5 minutes before pulling in. I checked fuel at the carb and there was nothing. I immediately assumed the new pump had crapped out so I re-installed the old one. The old one was working fine but I had been chasing a ticking noise at the time and had replaced it to no avail (another story that I think is a small exhaust leak). After waiting a day for the gasket to seal up I still had no start and no fuel at the carbs. I noticed I was getting no fuel in the filter. I remembered a problem I had experienced with one of my other zcars where crud from the tank got caught in the fuel lines when when the fuel got low. I blew some compressed air back through the tank and could hear the air bubbling in the tank. Tried to start again but nothing. I came inside and did a search here. After reading this thread I tried priming the carbs, pump and filter. Started right up and ran beautifully. Thanks!
  10. I love that colour combo. Beautiful car. Congrats !
  11. I hope to do the same today. It’s been a long winter up here in the great white north!
  12. Thanks for the offer Patcon. If you have a set of new screws (the ones with the notch cut in the ends) i would be happy to pay for the screws and postage to Ontario Canada. I will PM you and we can discuss.