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  1. SoCalJim

    Engine Dolly

    Necessity is the mother of invention. Great work, Sled!
  2. Welcome, stick figure! What’re you going to do to your ZX? Stock resto, restomod, renovation with some mods, etc.?
  3. I hope this gives your customers some motivation to hang in there!
  4. Matthew, I hate to say this on a Z car forum, but your budget would, for example, land you a pretty nice Miata vs. a clapped out Z car. Food for thought, and best wishes on your search!
  5. I concur with Mike. You’ll have at least $20k-$25k sunk into that Z to renovate it. Maybe $10k-$15k sunk into it (including purchase price) just to make it a halfway reliable driver. I bought a ‘75 Z about 1 1/2 years ago in NorCal for $6700. No rust, except a little surface rust on the interior at the firewall and a bit on the underneath side of the car. It had been sitting for 16 or so years. Just to make it a reliable driver, it would’ve needed fuel lines replaced, gas tank cleaned, and new tires installed. Of course, I jumped right away into a major renovation of the car instead of just making it reliably roadworthy. 😁 Let’s just say it hasn’t been cheap. 😱
  6. I replaced my pump motor last year. If I remember correctly, I removed the rubber holder and pump motor together as a unit, and then separated them afterwards.
  7. I had problems with a dual mass flywheel on a 1995 Porsche 911. The rubber that should've kept the two metal sections apart had failed to do it's job, and the flywheel would make clunking (metal on metal) sounds as load on the flywheel changed while driving. In my opinion, the single mass flywheel is simpler and the extra drivetrain noise, when the drivetrain is in good working order, isn't a big deal.
  8. Probably the same as what you currently have. That’s what I’m going to buy.
  9. The stock clutch kit through Amazon looks like a good deal!
  10. Thanks Leon! I’m going to stop thinking!
  11. Thanks guys. I’m probably overthinking this. We have San Francisco-type hills around here and I guess I can adjust my use of the pedals to avoid stalling with a bit lighter flywheel.
  12. I was thinking more about this, which I guess is a dangerous thing. Anyway, I live in a pretty hilly area and I wonder if I’m asking for trouble by having my flywheel machined down to 18-20 lbs. At the time I would have this done, I’d install the close-ratio 5-speed & 3.90 diff that are sitting in my garage. Do any of you have any thoughts about, or experience with how drivable a Z would be in a hilly environment with a moderately lightened flywheel?