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  1. SoCal covers a lot of territory, aongch. I live in south OC, and I’ve been happy taking my car to Nick at Saddleback Cars in Mission Viejo. 949.855.6700
  2. Except for track day use. 😀 This rendering is definitely something I could get excited about. Thanks for posting it.
  3. It’s little too over the top to suit my tastes, but I’m just an old fart. 🙃
  4. Great! Thanks for the update. 😀
  5. I have a ‘75 280Z coupe. Will these mats fit?
  6. Thanks for the info! I’ll reach out to WIO Motorsport about my interest in 280Z mats.
  7. “The Guppies?” Isn’t that Vintage Dashes? I’d love to get a set of these mats for my 280Z.
  8. I’m not sure how mine compare as my springs are still in my car. I think I have the same number of turns, but since it’s loaded, I can’t tell about the spring length. I did just check my tire to wheel well gaps...~3” in the front and ~2.5” in the back. I’m a bit surprised they’re that much.
  9. It might be worthwhile for you to pull off your impact bumpers to see what your ride height would look like without them. The 240Z bumpers are pretty lightweight. My car seems to sit lower than yours, and It already has the 240Z bumpers installed. That surprises me.
  10. dmuzial, the wheel size shouldn’t matter for the fender-to-tire gap, assuming the the wheel/tire choices closely match the original tire circumference and maintain an accurate speedometer. I have been thinking about lowering my ‘75 280Z, but 2” is probably too aggressive for me. I’m pretty sure my Z will scrape going in/out of my driveway. I think 1” would be ideal for me, but I’m not sure what springs would do the job. Another consideration is the ride quality and handling. I’m currently clueless as to what to get. I hope you find the set-up that you’re looking for. 😀
  11. The mask goes nicely with the clothes, color-wise. The clothes’ patterns clash with each other, so, I suggest eliminating one or both of them.
  12. I imagine it’s easy breathing through an embroidered logo. 😁
  13. Good one, Mazda! Our healthcare workers are amazing, and helping them in any small way is pretty cool.
  14. Sounds like fun. I’m an absolute maybe. 😁
  15. I have little excuse to procrastinate on my wife’s honey-do list! 😧