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  1. SoCalJim

    Do not read

    Ohh, nooo!
  2. SoCalJim

    I’d like to do new Panasport wheels

    Mike, they set me back $1,258, including lug nuts w/ 1 lock/wheel and CA tax. No shipping charge since I drove to his shop and picked them up. I still have to decide on which summer tires to buy.
  3. SoCalJim

    I’d like to do new Panasport wheels

    I just drove over to Classic Datsun Motorsports in Vista, CA to pick up a set of Panasport Z-Light 16x7's. Les Cannaday ( les@classicdatsun.com ) is great to work with. Wheels are still wearing the blue shrink wrap. Les' Panasport distributor said they weigh 17.4 lbs each.
  4. Anyone know what font size/style is needed to stamp the car & engine numbers onto the blank plates?
  5. SoCalJim

    Next Gen Z? I'd buy this....!

    That's hot! A street version of that car would be amazing.
  6. SoCalJim

    I’d like to do new Panasport wheels

    You guys have spurred me into action! This morning I showed my wife nice pictures of two Datsun Zs. One had 16x7 Panasport wheels, the other, 16x7 Koenig Rewind wheels. I didn't mention which was which, or costs. Right away, she selected the Panasports. I told her the relative pricing and she just shrugged her shoulders. Now I need to try to find who currently has the Panasports with the best pricing.
  7. SoCalJim

    WTB: Door Guide

    Jamal, I haven’t yet determined if the ‘73 240z part is the same as the 280z part; however, I have someone sending me the 280z door guide. Thanks for your offer to help!
  8. SoCalJim

    Spare tire option

    Hi Jeff. I’m using a 2007-2012 Nissan Sentra spare tire that’s 125/70/16. It bolts right up and is lighter than the original full size spare tire. Look for them on eBay...they are readily available and not pricey.
  9. SoCalJim

    WTB: Door Guide

    I’ll have to look into that Jamal. Thanks.
  10. SoCalJim

    WTB: Door Guide

    I’m looking for part #36 from the figure, below. Mine has one of the threaded studs snapped off. If you have one for sale, please either send me a forum message or send me an email at jimr20165 at yahoo dot com Thanks!!
  11. Here's mine. It looks like I'm, from the future. 😁
  12. She probably had a “gravitar” (globally recognized avatar) linked to her profile here. She could update it, and it would ripple through all the various forums she’s a member of, all without actually signing into each of the forums. Either that, or she’s a super spy.
  13. SoCalJim

    WTB - Driver Side Window Roller

    I just received a good used one yesterday. Now, Z Car Depot has reproduction rollers in stock. Great timing...haha! A big shout out goes to @Mark Maras for pointing that to me today! 👍

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