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  1. SoCalJim

    1973 front bumper wanted (or 70-72)

    Thanks. Did you use EuroDat’s brackets with them?
  2. SoCalJim

    1973 front bumper wanted (or 70-72)

    Is there any difference between the futofab 240Z bumpers and the ones from Z Car Depot? I sent an inquiry to futofab about their bumpers and am waiting to hear back on their availability. edit: Futofab says they’ll be available in 4-6 weeks.
  3. SoCalJim

    n42/n47 na build

    I really like this idea as a Stage 1 kind of effort. It might be satisfying enough, or it might be a gateway to pursue engine mods without wasting anything done in Stage 1.
  4. SoCalJim

    280Z Fuel Tank & Vapor Reservoir Hoses

    I ended up using three of the 3/4" PEX 90 degree elbows and one uni-coil for the 5/8" ID tank vent line going to the vapor reservoir. Two elbows for the 180 degree loop, and one elbow for where the hose turns from the back panel to the quarter panel towards the vapor reservoir. I used a uni-coil on that hose to prevent it from kinking where the hose first comes up into the cabin and then runs sideways along the back panel. I used two more uni-coils for the filler vent hose makes a 180 degree turn to connect the filler to the reservoir. I purchased the 3/4" PEX elbows from my local Lowes store, and I bought the uni-coils online from BelMetric.com (part # RHBEND23.6). Here are some pictures of my installation. 
  5. SoCalJim

    280Z Fuel Tank & Vapor Reservoir Hoses

    Thanks Cliff!
  6. SoCalJim

    280Z Fuel Tank & Vapor Reservoir Hoses

    I catch myself doing the same thing at times. Thanks!
  7. SoCalJim

    280Z Fuel Tank & Vapor Reservoir Hoses

    I’m going to use a combination of both of your suggestions. I’m using uni-coils for the short section of vent hose between the filler and the reservoir, and I’m planning on using the 3/4” PEX elbows for the tight 180 degree turn on the tank vent hose. I’ll use another uni-coil for the 90 degree turn that the tank vent hose takes right before it gets to the vapor reservoir. siteunseen, I tried looking for a picture of your solution, but I haven’t been able to find it. Would you mind posting it here or sending it to me if you have one? Thanks!
  8. SoCalJim

    280Z Fuel Tank & Vapor Reservoir Hoses

    I’ll see if that turns up anything. Thanks! siteunseen, thanks for the information about your solution to this problem!
  9. SoCalJim

    280Z Fuel Tank & Vapor Reservoir Hoses

    Charles, that seal is called a Plate Filler - Part Number 17311-E8700. It's discontinued and I haven't seen it on the various websites that specialize in Z car parts. Regarding the spring approach you suggested, I did find a spring for 7/8" OD pipe bending. https://www.amazon.com/Yellow-Jacket-60361-Bending-Spring/dp/B00QW25BG8/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1525212784&sr=8-3&keywords=7%2F8+tubing+bender I might have to give that a try. siteunseen, I look forward to seeing your solution!
  10. I recently pulled the fuel tank out of my 1975 280Z to have it cleaned and so I could work on reducing the smell of gas in the cabin. I'd love to replace the 17mm (5/8") vent hose that connects from the tank to the vapor reservoir and the 17mm hose that connects the filler to the vapor reservoir, but I can't seem to find these parts. I question whether or not the existing hoses are presenting much of a barrier to gas vapors. Anyway, I was thinking about replacing them with 5/8" fuel hose; however, the hose wants to kink when bent in a fashion similar to the old hoses. Is there still a source for replacement hoses, or a good solution to using the hoses that are readily available from the auto parts stores? I have another fuel system parts question. Has anyone seen a source for obtaining a new grommet in the plate that screws into the body? Once again, this is for a 1975 Z. Thanks!
  11. SoCalJim

    What! No!

    My eyes!
  12. SoCalJim

    FYI - 240Z Dashboards

  13. SoCalJim

    FYI - 240Z Dashboards

    When do you envision taking orders for 280Z dashes? Thanks!
  14. SoCalJim

    FYI - 240Z Dashboards

    I'm another 280Z owner who would love one of these dashboards. Any news on their availability?
  15. That’ll buff right out.

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