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  1. I had no idea what that symbol is for.
  2. In my opinion, you should fly to MD and either a) drive it home yourself if it seems like the 280Z be roadworthy enough, or b) when you get to MD, rent a Uhaul truck and car trailer and tow it home yourself. In either case, take a route home through the southern states to reduce your exposure to winter weather as you head towards home. I'm sorry to hear your good friend isn’t well, and I hope he recovers. But it’s great that at some point, you’ll be the next person to care for that 280Z. Welcome to club!
  3. That hole is critical to establishing the perfect front/rear weight ratio of the Z. 😉
  4. My May ‘75 Z (CA model) does not have one.
  5. I really like how this concept looks.
  6. Congrats and welcome, Will. Oh yeah...PICS! 😁
  7. Hi Dave, here's what wiring my May '75 build Z has:
  8. Mine looks just like Ron’s. Well, except for the Green Metallic paint instead of red. 😉
  9. Dave, my ‘75Z (California Model) has a single ground wire with an eye connector.
  10. I put small rubber pieces on the sides, too! 😀
  11. What’s the glass like? Flat or convex? I like to have a wider field of view than what my inexpensive “sport” mirrors purchased on eBay provide. Thanks!
  12. Thanks Zed Head! Tomorrow I’ll see if I can successfully order them from Courtesy.
  13. No, unfortunately it wasn’t there. I’m looking online for them but so far, no luck. and thanks regarding the oil gutter, Dave!