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  1. Thanks for the update, Dave! I sent an email to them yesterday, but hadn't heard back yet. I'm glad Ivan got back to you. Thanks again!
  2. Hey cats, my 1975 280Z brake light wiring is very straightforward according to the description in my Factory Service Manual. Power flows from the battery to the black fusible link, through the shunt, through connector C-6, through a 10A fuse (right row, center fuse), through connector C-2, through the stop lamp switch down on the pedal box, back through connector C-2, on to the Body Harness connector that’s outside/behind the passenger seat, and on to the connectors at each rear combination lamp assembly. Or more simply, from battery, through a fuse, through the stop lamp switch, and on to the brake lights. Nowhere should it tie into the parking lite circuit, turn signal circuit, or hazard circuit. You may have some creative wiring in your car to uncover and sort out. I still have to double check my actual wiring harness to verify everything I just told you is correct. good hunting!
  3. Yep, the likelihood of that 280Z having only covered 18k miles is pretty small. Unless there’s documentation, assume at least 118k miles. As siteunseen mentioned, look at the wear on the rubber covers for the pedals. At 18k miles, they should look close to brand new. Of course, new rubber covers can be purchased. Another clue on mileage...look at the driver’s side of the transmission tunnel, where the driver’s foot would rub up against it. Does the carpet there look newish, or worn? Of the choices presented, I would lean towards the 280Z, and perhaps you can talk the seller down some. No harm in trying. Also, unless you feel confident in your ability to inspect the car thoroughly, I’d recommend you make the purchase contingent upon a successful pre-purchase inspection at an independent shop familiar with Z cars. Do you have one in the area where the car is located? Plan on spending a little of your budget to get the inspection. The goal is to buy your dream car, not one that ends up being a nightmare!
  4. Thanks Jim! I’m proud to be a member of the Jim club! My neighbor had some 1/8” rubber sheet, so we cut a bunch of pieces to size, punched holes in the pieces, and stacked 4 pieces to make up each side. I think this can only be a temporary solution, as the original material was layers of rubber with woven strands in it. I’ll take a look at exhaust hanger parts and see if I can find something better than what we cobbled together yesterday. Thanks again, Jim!
  5. Both of my parking brake cable hangers are broken, allowing the cables to lay on the u-joints of the stub axles. Do any of you know a source for replacement parts or have a nice solution to replacing these? Thanks!
  6. Fingers crossed.
  7. Ivan @ VD said that they received the first batch of 280Z dashes from the manufacturer a few days ago and he's going through this batch to make sure that they all look OK. Seems prudent! He said that early next week he'll call back with status for getting them out to the first group of customers that placed orders. I'm excited to hear that! I'm also expecting to receive my reupholstered seats & door cards back from the shop next week. Hopefully lots of things to put back together soon!
  8. I have a handful of major cracks in my dash. Hopefully, they’ll come through. I called (left message) & emailed them today. I hope I have an update I can share with all of you.
  9. I have’t heard anything yet. My dash is dying to be reinstalled. 😁
  10. Thanks ryanotown22 for the radio wiring info. I just added a wire from my cigarette lighter power to where the radio wiring is located, so I’m set for putting in a stereo after my dash goes back into the Z. I have a new console, and currently no radio. I’m trying to decide whether to buy a RetroSound unit or cut up my new console to permit me to install a single-DIN unit. I want the modern features, but I do like the stereo to look like it belongs in the Z. Things like illumination color matching the instrument lighting. And understated styling. Sorry about meandering off topic!
  11. That picture was out of my Factory Service Manual. Items #4 and #10 are where I used the 1.5” hose.
  12. One Way, I'm not sure if it's the same for the '78Z, but my '75Z has two sizes of hoses, 2" and 1.5" (approx.). For the 2" hoses, I used the Dorman 96002 Blower Fan Hose. For the 1.5" hose, which goes to the footwell vents, I used the Dayco 80165 Autoflex Defroster Duct Hose. I hope this helps!
  13. I used to experience those torrential Central FL rains a few decades ago. They’re brutal. Hopefully, your taillights are pretty bright. Thankfully, it sounds like your Z is doing great, Dave!
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