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  1. SoCalJim

    WTB - Driver Side Window Roller

    Great! I’ll send you a private message to follow up.
  2. SoCalJim

    pedal return springs

    Got it, Mark.
  3. SoCalJim

    new lock set

    Charles’ (Patcon’s) suggestion is a good one. I’m planning to follow that advice soon and rekey my 280Z’s locks.
  4. SoCalJim

    pedal return springs

    Mark, it doesn’t have the wide open ends like the original part (see Patcon’s Picture), however, it does go on with a little help from needle nose pliers. I have an extra spring if you’d like it.
  5. SoCalJim

    pedal return springs

    I ended up using this spring for my clutch pedal.
  6. SoCalJim

    WTB - Driver Side Window Roller

    Mine is broken, and I'd like to buy a good used one if available. Email: jimr20165 at yahoo dot com Thanks!
  7. SoCalJim

    Broken Window Roller - Repairable?

    Thanks Namerow. You’ve given me another approach to consider. Good question, zclocks. I looked at most of the Z parts websites prior to starting this topic, including Zcarsource. I didn’t see where they carry that part.
  8. SoCalJim

    Broken Window Roller - Repairable?

    Great point about used rollers, Namerow. I’ve got my work cut out for me!
  9. SoCalJim

    Broken Window Roller - Repairable?

    Thanks guys. I also saw that Z Car Depot didn’t have them in stock, but I’ll give them a call on Monday to see if they expect to get more of them. Otherwise, I’ll look for a used one.
  10. SoCalJim

    Broken Window Roller - Repairable?

    Thanks Charles. I don't have a welder, so I'll look for a replacement. Unless something like JB Weld would hold up. Does that idea have much of working out?
  11. SoCalJim

    Broken Window Roller - Repairable?

    I have a broken window roller on the driver's side door. Is this thing repairable (and how?) or should I look for a used replacement? Thanks!
  12. SoCalJim

    WTB - Konig, Rota, or Watanabe

    Motorsport Auto is in Orange and has Koenig, Rota, Enkei wheels shown on their website. http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/CTGY/classic05a02
  13. SoCalJim

    Aftermarket - Replacement Door Panels Like OEM

    Yep. I’d love to buy new door cards for my ‘75 280Z.
  14. SoCalJim

    Door panel restore

    I’ll be doing this in the next week or two, so Joe’s thread and Jim & Scott’s great advice is just in time! 👍
  15. SoCalJim

    Turquoise paint code?

    I think I might go with that Pontiac Blue now that I’ve seen it.

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