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  1. Will do, Ron! I’m hoping to get my Z on the road by July. Excluding the road test, I’ve put a whopping 2 miles on my car since I bought it just over a year ago.
  2. That’s something I’m interested in, too! Thanks for bringing this topic up, Ron.
  3. Yes, that it, Mike. I had their ExtremeContact DW tires before, on a 911, and they gripped well, wore well, and were quiet. Pleasure drives, mostly on twisty roads. When I get tires for my Z, in the size shown in your link, I’ll report back. Unfortunately, that’s probably not until at least mid-summer.
  4. Mike, I looked at tires for a while and decided I'm getting Continental ExtremeContact Sports for my 280Z, as soon as I finish putting the Z back together. Probably through Tire Rack. I had Conti's on my old 911 and loved them. I got them from Tire Rack. Of course, your mileage may vary. 😁
  5. It wouldn’t be emissions exempt in CA. Only 1975 and older. But other states might exempt it,
  6. Thanks for the heads up on the motor direction, 2377kN!
  7. My dash skeleton is sitting in my garage awaiting the new dash cover from VD. Oh well, I have plenty of other projects on my Z to pass the time.
  8. I did this mod to my ‘75 280Z. I hope to test this out once I get the new dash cover and reassemble/reinstall my dash!
  9. Thanks for the update Dave.
  10. Thanks for the update!
  11. Thanks Dave! I hope they’re ready to deliver soon. My dash sketeton has been ready for the new dash for months.
  12. I bought my ‘75 280Z in NorCal (Petaluma) and rented a truck & trailer to bring it home to SoCal. The car was driveable, but I didn’t want to take a chance, hoping it would make it home without drama. Towing it home worked out perfectly. Good luck and congrats on your new Z!
  13. That reminds me, I need to buy a 5-speed knob for the 5-speed trans I have waiting to go into my Z. Thanks for posting your comments, Steve!
  14. The 280Z VIN tag is riveted to a bracket that's on the metal dash skeleton. The new dash by Vintage Dashes is just the pad that screws onto the existing dash skeleton. No need to mess with the VIN tag.
  15. I removed the frame, as well.
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