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  1. Looking forward to seeing more on this project. Thanks Mark. - from another Metallic Green Z owner!
  2. SoCalJim

    Re keying door locks

    Absolutely. I took all of my lock cylinders to an automotive locksmith and he keyed them all the same.
  3. It looks like Toyota took their busiest design elements and grafted them onto a BMZ Z4 M coupe. Oh well.
  4. SoCalJim


    I just bought a clock from him a month ago. Smooth transaction with quick shipping.
  5. SoCalJim

    Meet Zella. My 1975 Datsun 280z

    Oh, that’s a beautiful looking ‘75 Z! Congrats!
  6. SoCalJim

    Eating crow today

    Mmmm, crow and dumplings.
  7. SoCalJim

    Holy moly @ the emoticons

    Where’s the Z-car emoji?
  8. SoCalJim

    vintage dashes 280z

    That new dash looks sweet! My dash is out of the car with the old, cracked pad removed. I cleaned up some surface rust on the metal skeleton. I still need to implement the wiring changes to go from an ammeter/fuel gauge to the later voltmeter/fuel gauge.
  9. SoCalJim

    vintage dashes 280z

    I’m really looking forward to receiving the new dash in the coming week(s).
  10. SoCalJim

    I'm one of those people now

    Me too! This thing is great and it even matches my Z’s interior.
  11. SoCalJim

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!
  12. SoCalJim

    Interesting read

    Great article. It got me daydreaming about what my ‘75 280Z could become. Well, if I had umpteen cubic dollars to spend on it. 😁
  13. SoCalJim

    Steering Effort Differences Between Years

    1975 - 3.1 turns L-to-L, as recorded by my calibrated eyeballs.
  14. SoCalJim

    Steering Effort Differences Between Years

    Is that hat available in period-correct colors?
  15. SoCalJim

    Steering Effort Differences Between Years

    1975 specs are the same as for 1976.

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