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  1. I put a donut spare in my '75Z. I bought it on eBay last year for $49 + shipping. It appears to be unused. Its size is 125/70/16 and it's from a 2012 Nissan Sentra. I weighed it on my bathroom scale...26.2 lbs. I also checked the weight of my new Panasport Z-lite wheels (16x7) with Continental ExtremeContact Sport tires (205/55/16)...39.0 lbs.
  2. Jim, you should’ve warned us to put on sunglasses before looking at all those bright, shiny parts! 😎
  3. I just received my 280Z dash from Vintage Dashes. It looks great!
  4. My tie rod ends were massively over-torqued. Hopefully the same guy that worked on my alignment didn’t work on yours! Disconnect both ends of the shaft connecting the steering column to the rack, and set that shaft aside. I see that you already removed the brackets for the steering rack bushings. Once you’ve removed the shaft, just slide the steering rack out sideways towards the driver’s side. Good luck with your project!
  5. If I install a front air dam, is the rear spoiler needed for non-track use?
  6. That looks nice, thanks for posting it Persimmon240. I’m not sure about the need for brake cooling duct openings on the air dam. Do they add any value with the large grill opening? From what I can see, it’s already a straight shot from the grill opening to front brake calipers.
  7. I’m also thinking about the spook air dam for my 280Z.
  8. Great topic, Randalla. I have a close ratio 5-speed that I bought a while back for eventual use in my ‘75 280Z. It’s clean on the outside, but unknown to me on the inside. I look forward to the feedback you receive from the folks on this forum. 😀
  9. That, along with a ton of persuasion, worked! I can't believe how tight both of those nuts were. I'm not very big, so persuading is not something I excel at.
  10. I hope I'm doing this right. With me standing over the steering rack that's laying on the floor, oriented like it came out of the car, does that mean I put the wrench on the lock nuts from above, and pull towards the front of the car? Thanks!
  11. Whoa boy, that looks so nice! I’m dying to get mine.
  12. When I removed my dash, I pulled the steering column since I planned to remove some surface rust on the firewall and re-insulate it. It’s helpful, but not necessary if I recall correctly.
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