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  1. Sorry you missed, out on that Z, siteunseen. I, myself, am rarely in the right place at the right time. 😕
  2. This is the configuration that I’m planning on for my ‘75 280Z. Well, once I free up some time to put my close ratio ZX 5-speed back together. I’m still trying to decide if I want to spring for a LSD upgrade to my stock diff.
  3. I kept the 280Z lower valence when I switched to early bumpers. I built a new lower grill out of a couple of spare grills. I drilled out the old rivets, stacked the extra bars, and pop riveted it all back together. Here's how it looks.
  4. SoCalJim

    Duals do-over

    Yes, that’s right (slaps own head)! ☹️
  5. SoCalJim

    Duals do-over

    "performance cat" sure got my attention, madcaw! What brand/part # are you using? Thanks!
  6. SoCal is huge. I know I guy in southern Orange County (Mission Viejo). Is that too far, JggyZ?
  7. adivin, I think your tires have a smaller diameter than stock, which probably accounts for the larger fender gap you see as compared to the blue Z in the pictures. I have 205/55s also, but they’re on 16” wheels. I think the overall diameter of my current tires is close to the original tires that came on my Z.
  8. Hi John. I run 205/55/16 Conti Extreme Contacts on 16x7 Panasports on my 280Z. I like them a lot.
  9. I installed Miata seats (in think maybe 1995) in my ‘75 Z. They have speakers in the headrests so I don’t have to hack any panels for speakers.
  10. I’d love to see that with a body-color roof.
  11. SoCalJim

    Server Move

    No more free ride for me. ?
  12. Great PSA, Dave. After sitting for a bit, my Z developed a fuel injection line leak. Everything was previously tight, so, I’m a bit mystified by why one of the claps loosened. Perhaps it’s the lines themselves, as I haven’t used any additives.
  13. I’m in the same boat. I’d like to lower my ‘75Z a little now that it has 240Z bumpers, and I’m leaning towards keeping the stock springs. This topic is of great interest to me. ?
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