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  1. $140,000 hammer, congrats! Hope we see the buyer here too.
  2. Already at $90,000 with 7 days to go...everyone's favorite 355 mile 280Z: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1976-datsun-280z-39/
  3. Thanks to @SteveJ and @zKars all items are inbound, thanks very much, guys!
  4. If you're anything like I am with access to mostly generic exhaust clamps, you may have struggled sealing up slip fit pipes. Ive tried lots, most recently walker slip fit stainless and was not satisfied with the result. The pipes I am dealing with are 2" and a flare on one side. I was in at bmw and got to chatting with the guys, they gave me one of their bmw clamps to try and it holds very well. As a result, now my 38 year old car has bmw waranty:
  5. That stock pipe is tapered and is effectively a press fit. The search goes on...thanks a ton, guys.
  6. Thanks...i'm after the crankcase breather metal tube and the 90 degree tube that screws into the valve cover.
  7. On my path of recovery from my ill fitting RHD header, I need to find a new L24 block crankcase breather tune as I had to cut mine down. I'm also after a series 1 heat shield and if possible a valve cover vent tube. Apologies in advance for not posting this in the parts wanted section but those areas dont appear to see much traffic. Thanks in advance, cheers.
  8. The only way I can see it happening is to cut the primary or do a better job than I did of collapsing the primary and then cleaning it up. In the end I'm pleased with the result, and the ceramic coating is awesome for containing the heat.
  9. Ya, that "clearance" of the primary is not one of my finer moments in messing with cars. Anyway I now have that SG header and what I suspect was one of the last headers Stahl built that I gotta get out of my garage. Any interest, let me know...otherwise one header for each kid at Christmas sounds pretty sweet to me lol
  10. I haven't installed the stock air box yet but I believe it will fit too, along with the pcv system as no way either would clear that monster of a SG header.
  11. The Fujitsubo header has been ceramic coated and installed this weekend. I can confirm the Spirit Garage exhaust bolts right up no problems, just need to get it on the hoist for final adjustments but it sounds great. You can see the side by side pics of the Spirit Garage header and the Fujitsubo. You can also get an idea of how I had to clearance the primary for the steering shaft for the Spirit Garage header so unless they change the design I can confirm any LHD car would have the same issues as mine. I used my origami series 2 heat shield and its clear I need to track down a nice series 1 as the side nearest to the firewall is really not suited to that last primary. If anyone has a series 1 heatshield let me know!! I set up the float level finally with that glass sight kit and what a difference, synced the carbs and its all ready to hide out til spring. Cheers
  12. You can add a velcro seam as well, that's what we do with our boats here in Vancouver, crack it every so often to keep the air moving. Great idea to wrap the car!
  13. Ordered oct 5, on my front door in Vancouver Oct 8th, unreal service thanks rhdjapan. Dropping this off at the coaters this morning and at first cut, it looks favorable that the SG center section will bolt right into the flange. Literally a bag of snakes:
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