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  1. Wow great work, duff! I have a new to me 5 speed close ratio 5 speed rebuilt by Whitehead which is great with the 3.70 clsd but I have felt in occasion steeper gears would be work. Yours is going to be super fun. Enjoy!
  2. We're in the same boat...mine definitely sweeps OK, it just sweeps the span from full to empty out of scale, if that makes any sense. Plus the car has been running rich so it chugs the fuel like no tomorrow. That was dealt with this weekend. Anyway I am going to pull it out perhaps this weekend and run the car out of gas at the house. Then pull the sender and see what's up. It is all in the "as full restored" state and was a brand new sender when the tank was boiled, etc, during the restoration. Unfortunately I simply threw the original sending unit away long ago...cheers.
  3. I am in the exact same boat, sort of anyway...I find that mine will show almost full right upon filling the tank but has about 1/4 tank upon empty which doesn't make a ton of sense, to me anyway. Suggestions?
  4. I spent a gross amount of money on all braided hoses on my car. Porsche also used braided hose like this here: https://www.rmeuropean.com/Products/N0203711-MFG21.aspx Might be tricky to find one for coolant for obvious reasons...side note; I somehow managed to nick one of the float bowl soft rubber hoses on my front SU and drip, drip, drip gas right onto a hot header, oops. Anyway I now have pretty cool braided hose from a Porsche on both SU's as I had to wait a bit on the Datsun replacement hoses.
  5. Awesome thread! Your car will be terrific when it's back for sure. Just make sure to extend those damn cowl drains to the exit point on the front fender/ rocker.
  6. Maybe you can pick up something off this recent bat listing of a 73 that appears quite original. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-datsun-240z-84/ Nice hammer price too.
  7. I'm away until tomorrow night but I will look at mine when I get back to town.
  8. Thanks, KONI Lee, for adding some color to the discussion, I am definitely ordering a set for my 240Z.
  9. Here you go, Duff. Cheers
  10. Set to zero with the car off then adjust with the collar if necessary...the brass fitting screws into the same threads as the damper so it is sealed. I should load up a video but this shows the tool in action, albeit on a rolls:
  11. I would not be able to close the hood and the shaft needs to be straight in order to function correctly. You could perhaps cushion the hood for a quick and safe run on empty road to read the gauge from the car. I could clearly see the readings from the drivers seat but I wouldn't recommend it. I do have a unisync and could definitely try reading flow on that at 3000 rpms later today. I will report back.
  12. The kit from British Tool Works arrived today so I used that as motivation to leave the office early. The tools arrived very well packaged and are of a high quality as far as I can tell anyway. I warmed up the car and while I the salt on the roads will keep me from a road test I can say that I am super impressed with the results. Here are 2 pics, one before I fired the car up and one after balancing. The cool part is you can easily see what the carbs are doing not only at idle but under throttle too. Needless to say that when I first fired the car the readings were way out. One thing I figured out is my linkage was a bit wonky so one carb was always running faster so once that was sorted all went well. Anyway I am super pleased with this tool and if you need all the help you can get like I do with carbs, I whole recommend this kit. Kelly is the fellow who makes it at British Tool Works. Let me know if you have any questions. Please ignore my origami of a heat shield, it is temporary until I can fab one up as that Spirit Garage header is way more prominent than the Stahl one was which is now a tripping hazard in my garage which I really should do something about. Cheers everyone.
  13. I'm all over this, thanks for posting. Externally adjustable front and rear too, that's awesome. Subscribed.
  14. For sure, thanks for posting that wand...it looks very similar to the rolling dyno smog test they used to do here in town. I'm going to try that in pipe band one and will order an O2 wideband kit tonight. There's a set of triple mikuni 44's i can't get out of my head so as soon as I get the SU's dialed in I will go make the car run like crap all summer while I sort those out 🙂
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