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  1. Hi Steve ...     price to ship to your address is:  $19.39 via USPS Ground.   Plus the $5.00 for the price... you can send $24.39 via PayPal ...   my email is:  markmorizio@gmail.com  .....


  2. SteveE


    Just a very cool picture! Poster worthy
  3. Hi Richard Those are the female half of the snaps that snap the carpet to the firewall. Hopefully the male halfs are in place on the firewall. You need to fit the snaps to the carpet. Turn the carpet in your picture 90 degrees and put it on the drivers side.
  4. Spent the weekend at the Mitty. Great weather, Great cars, just an overall great time. I too was hoping to see the #3 car (Blue BRE 240Z). I was looking. Last saw this car at Elkhart Lake (Road America) about 10 years ago at the Brian Redman Vintage weekend. Was a beauty then (and FAST) hope it still is. I believe it was owned by Gerry Mason at that time. If anyone has information about that car it would be nice to know.
  5. How about not seeing two humps, but rather as one indent for the hand brake.
  6. Looks great! Thanks for sharing. Pretty cool that the buyer sent you the pictures. Reflects well on you.
  7. Would be interested in the Tail lights. Do they have the harness's Thanks
  8. SteveE


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