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  1. This is a replacement box sold by MSA, but the connections are the same as stock.
  2. I'm guessing this one: https://www.amazon.com/12X12-inch-25-Inch-Thick/dp/B07GL9MHW7
  3. I believe they should have connectors like the 1P (1 position) connectors on this page: https://easternbeaver.com/Main/Elec__Products/Connectors/312_Connectors/312_connectors.html
  4. It also lights up the hazard switch
  5. Take a photo of where the switch is mounted on your 5 speed. I have a truck 5 speed in my 240Z that never had a working reverse switch until last year. However, at first I didn't have it in the right location. Fortunately @Zed Head posted a great picture showing the correct location for the switch. I didn't realize there was the "top gear" switch, and that was where I was trying to connect the reverse switch.
  6. I'm not sure why so many people are obsessed with that. In about 40 years of driving, I can't ever recall seeing a need to use the dimmer.
  7. Thank you for confirming. While I try to find good products to substitute in for old school parts, there's a lot of opportunities for others to contribute.
  8. I know William posted on Facebook not that long ago.
  9. @kully 560, were these the bulbs you used? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B9MGSX7K
  10. I had the dual Webers on my 240Z when I first bought it. Andy Craig suggested I convert to SUs when I went to him to rebuild the engine 27 years ago. I agreed and never looked back. I think I sold the Webers about 18 years ago. When you consider a member over at Zcar.com got a Z into the 12 second range on SUs (https://www.zcar.com/members/norm-the-12-sec-dual-su-dude.1912/), I don't think the SUs are holding you back too much if they are in good shape and balanced properly.
  11. I think I'm making headway. Here's a breakout of the 73 wiper wiring from the FSM. The problem is that it shows 9 wires whereas reality has 7 wires. This comes from the wiring diagram showing redundant connections for power and ground. Now that leaves other issues that I need to resolve: Is the YG wire I identified in my first post the power wire? If so, why is it coming from the engine harness? Is it connected to the wiper motor fuse? Would the wiper motor work on the washer push button without the blue wire connected? In the 73 relay, it's a power source. It appears as though it may not be needed for the Sentra relay. I guess it's about time to break out my meter.
  12. For some reason in the past, I came across this part number for a Sentra Intermittent Wiper Relay part number: 28510-1M200 It appears as though it might still be available. This is the wiring diagram from the EL section of the Sentra FSM: Note that it is 7 wires. Edit: Oops, I finally noticed that there is no pin #4. That fits an observation that I made after I posted this. I'll have to see if this is a fatal flaw in my effort. Here is pin out on the 73 Intermittent Relay: It seems pretty close to the same. I just have to trace out the wires better for the 73.
  13. Post a link to the bulbs you bought.
  14. It's a good starting point since that's what most people here are running, but it would be interesting to learn more about ignition for the coil on plug systems. Just from talking with @Captain Obvious on the phone and looking at some videos he suggested, I was able to detect a potential issue with my 240Z by using my oscilloscope. The scope indicated there could be some extra arcing (having to jump more than the gap between the rotor & cap and spark gap) at the firing line of the spark at different cylinders. When I looked at the cap, wires, and coil, I found significant corrosion at the coil. Before changing the coil and wires (yellow wire is the voltage at the negative post of the coil): After the coil and wires were replaced (again, yellow trace): Next up is for me to get a current probe for my scope so I can chart the current limiting effects of some of the ignition systems.
  15. I'm glad you could find green ones. I was just doing a quick search. I hope you ordered the 23mm long ones. Those will fit inside the lenses.
  16. This might work for you. If you try it, let us know. https://www.amazon.com/Ruiandsion-Interior-License-Reading-Non-polarity/dp/B07JMY7Q8J
  17. I have actually seen this in the wild. The Auxito H4 headlamp bulbs don't care about polarity. I installed them in a 280ZX without relays, and so did another person I know. Like the S30s, the 280ZX has one positive and two negative wires, switching the ground for high and low beam, and the those bulbs would switch between high and low beam. I even bench tested them with a 12VDC power supply and got the same results. Now could that happen with a BA9 bulb? I'm not sure.
  18. I was looking through my past orders. Duabhoi bulbs were 1156. The dash bulbs I used in the 240Z were Yongming. I don't recall if I tested them for polarity sensitivity. I do recall having the issues with the bulbs back 8 years or so ago for the gauge lights in the 260Z hence my unorthodox solution. I also recall a friend having issues with converting a 280Z over to LED bulbs for the gauges a couple of years ago. I can't recall if he found a solution.
  19. If the second bulb was in the speedometer, that was the problem. Incandescent bulbs don't care about polarity. When I was going to LEDs in my gauges, I ended up replacing the sockets to wedge sockets. That allowed me to flip the bulbs around if the polarity wasn't right. I didn't try to prove it out, but I think one of the bulbs in the speedometer is wired backwards. That is what provides the challenge of swapping to LEDs. Once the one diode blocks the current flow, none of the bulbs will light up.
  20. It's false Fall in Georgia. That means for a while we will have cooler temperatures for a short while, followed up with a last blast of heat before true Fall. Anyway, the conditions were great for going to a Saturday morning car meet. As a matter of fact, the weather was so nice, several others decided to bring their Z cars out, too. The two yellow 240Zs were purchased through BaT. One of the owners has been to a Georgia Z Club meeting, though I don't know if he joined, yet. I ended up diagnosing "lack of cabin heat" issues on both. The brown 280ZX and black gold AE are both owned by fellow GZC members. All I can say is that the 260Z felt great on the roads with the new inner LCA bushings. I need to consider doing more suspension work on the 240Z to keep pace.
  21. Did you test them with the bulb socket re-installed? The ground for the 240Z gauges is the gauge body. Another problem could be some LED bulbs are positive ground. I found that issue early on when I started experimenting with LED bulbs. Just make sure the dimmer is turned all of the way up. However, LED bulbs tend to be less voltage sensitive than incandescent bulbs.
  22. I thought this link was interesting: http://commons.princeton.edu/58-tiger-cub/wp-content/uploads/sites/75/2018/08/ignition_waveforms.pdf It talks about how to use the analyzer to diagnose the engine. If you watched the video I made, you will see the voltage at the firing line vary. I have another video where I used the inductive probe on cylinder #1. From that, I can see which cylinders have the most of the anomalies happen and possibly optimize the spark performance.
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