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  1. 240dkw

    New project

    It is a 1975 Z1 900, 4 cylinder, 4 stroke,.
  2. Thought I would see if the original check valves could be reused, so the first one is an old used valve, middle four are all the bits when taken apart and the last one is one cleaned up, disc flipped around for a new surface and seat buffed up.
  3. 240dkw

    New project

    Always loved the RD400, that and the SR500 thumper would always have a space in my garage
  4. Well, I have been looking for a new project and everything is beyond my price, so I picked up this to work on for the winter. Not a S30, but it is a 70’s Japanese Machine with a Z in the model name.
  5. I think the gauge has a bimetallic strip in the circuit that heats up with current flow and opens than closes as it cools, if you put it straight to ground with no sensor it with heat up quickly. Take Zed Head’s advice and check it with a mechanical gauge.
  6. I never implied that he needs a shell, just a possible source for a rail.
  7. Years ago I got my rear quarters from a 73 at Hidden Valley Auto parts in Maricopa. I wonder if they still have the rest of the shell there. It would be worth a phone call.
  8. Yes, they all seemed to work at first, I do not recall how long the first two lasted, a couple of weeks maybe? they would start causing the car to run very rough and backfire, the timing gets messed up. The last one went for about 150 km and then started doing the following, it would be running well and just shut off like the key was turn off, it restarted every time for a while and I thought I had a loose wire, and then completely died. Swapping out it with an old one worked. If you do not have the old one try using the one that is on the coil as I am sure it is just for noise suppression for the radio.
  9. I would try replacing the condenser with one of you old ones if you still have it, I just went though three new ones that I bought from rockauto and all three failed. I am back to using one of my old ones with no problem.
  10. well, a bit more trading and got this mug, not 240z but still kind of cool.
  11. Went over to Vancouver Island on Sunday and spent the day on a cruise with a bunch of Datsun folks, it was a enjoyable drive. Everyone did the social distancing thing. @zKars I think you would know most if not all of these cars and their owners.
  12. I have been using the Kia weatherstripping on both doors and the hatch for 5 years now and have no issues with noise and/or fumes. The doors close with a nice quiet click.
  13. The only things that I can think of that could be different are when they changed the supports under the top of the fenders that the little foam pads sit on from one to two, and the metal tabs for the wire harness down the length of the passenger rail changed from one to a double tab. I am not sure when those changes occurred and neither will be a problem.
  14. Sorry no I tossed it when I replaced it with the exedy one. I had no problems installing it.
  15. Well that is good that you do not have a odd transmission, but still sucks as to what is the answer your problem.
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