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  1. OK i had to check this because I have a original fender on the drivers side and a new fender from Nissan that I bought around 2011on the passengers side. Drivers side (original) 11.8 at front, 11.0 at top and 13.8 at rear. Passengers side(2011) 9.3 at front, 9.4 at top and 12.4 at rear. So it looks like he is correct.
  2. My 07/70 has an early hood as well, No drain holes, no reinforced corners. And I am sure that it had a flat hood release, but I mixed up my parts when I was putting it back on which means zKars has it in his parts pile now.
  3. Ok after seeing these photos I take back my statement that the wires will be there. It looks like some major hacking has gone on with the harness. 240260280 is correct check the connector at the passenger foot panel, if it is there then you might find where the wire has been cut at the back end.
  4. standard tank or not the wires will be there
  5. While that is a very nice low vin, I have to say there is nothing different with the fuel sender wiring on a early car compare to any other 69-70 car. I am guessing based on the fact that you stated in a early post that there is a green wire going to the fuel pump that some PO has messed with the wiring as a 69-70 car would not have had a rear fuel pump and has it been added. So I would recheck the loom. It might be a white connector the the short piece for the fuel sender plugs into. Follow the green wire back into the main loom.
  6. So I was able to do a bit of trading with someone and ended up with a very nice canadian brochure, as well as a May 70 owners manual which will work well or my car. Included was a 510 canadian one as well.
  7. Is it the rubber mat material that was used on the early cars instead of carpet?
  8. I hear you, I spent a year working for Husky Oil in the Cold Lake area and during Maple Leaf days they would come over just above the tree top, one chasing another and just scare the *#$@ out of us.
  9. No it was removed to do the repair, photo is of it reinstalled on the new(original) rebuilt motor. And yes it was drilled out at both ends of the crack and ground out between the holes. I think it will last for quite a while, but will keep checking it every so often.
  10. So after a very skilled welder (not me) tried a few different options, what worked best was a brazed repair.
  11. It is also the stock one for the 69-70 HLS30-UN. Conedodger I sent you a pm
  12. KMS stocks some Eastwood products, maybe they can bring in what you want without any shipping costs.
  13. Does anyone have really good photo of this decal, I thought I could remove it to plate the cover, but I destroyed it in the process without taking a good photo first. I hope to get it reproduced.
  14. Siteuneen: FYI the second photo shows the parts, the mirror is not glued in, there is a rubber backing pad and they just float in the body held by the rolled edge. The metal is quite mailable just take your time.
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