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  1. 240dkw

    SU carbs will not sustain Heavy load

    I was just reading a TSB for the 1973 carb mods and the fuel free flow test with both the elec and mech pumps is 3 pints/min or 22.5 us gal/hr at 1000 rpm's so I do not think your pump is weak. If you do not find a "smoking gun" with a fuel problem, you should try changing out the capacitor on the dizzy. As they get old they can start to fail at higher voltage and create a problem where the rpm's go flat at WOT looking like a fuel starvation issue.
  2. 240dkw

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    I had to look it up, but yes the updated function is called the ATC or automatic temperature control. Page TE-28 in the service manual. They moved the flap from the snorkel to controlling the hot air from the heat riser on the bottom of the air cleaner.
  3. 240dkw

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Kats. We have provinces in Canada, not states. And there is no flapper on the larger 73 air box.
  4. 240dkw

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    I do not think the summer/winter flapper is a cold area option. Every car in North America has one of these after 1971. And I would guess most had it on the 71 model as well.
  5. 240dkw

    Need pics of INNER dog leg

    This one is off a 73 and no hole. It is looking at the outside of the right side(on the left) and inside of the left side( on the right).If that makes any sense.
  6. 240dkw

    s30 NOS quarter panels

    Not sure about the first two photos, but the last one is part of the sale of HLS300059 back in 2007. I tried to buy just the NOS panels, but the seller would not split it up. Here is the car.
  7. 240dkw


    My Dad
  8. 240dkw

    Found old Z pictures. I’ll start!

    Not a Z, but maybe one of the boats they came over on. First one is the MS Bluebird and second one is the MS Asahigawa Maru. Photographs by Walter E. Frost, These are in the Port of Vancouver May of 1969
  9. 240dkw

    country of origin of HLS30-00957

    M333hp: Good luck with finding information as to where the car first landed. I would think that if you got the original engine with the car there are enough parts on it to say whether or no it is a HLS30UV or an HLS30UN. To me that would be enough of a answer as to looking south of the border or here for paper work. As well as which way to restore it.
  10. 240dkw

    country of origin of HLS30-00957

    I really do not think he is trying to mess with any VIN, just try to find out if there is a way to find out if it was imported into Canada or the US in 1970. Nissan used extra letters in the VIN to track where they were shipped to, but did not put these letters to any of the VIN numbers on the car. Kind of think you are off base with the whole title thing.
  11. 240dkw

    country of origin of HLS30-00957

    This post might help, as it is a lower vin than mine and on the west coast I think it would have none of the emission equipment on it if it is a Canadian UN car. That includes no air pump, no vapor tank, only three holes in the tubing isolators (brake,fuel and fuel return), double grove hormonic balancer, smooth balance tube, no flow guide, no small port on the block vent tube to name a few things. That said if it was brought into Canada via Ont. than it would have all of that and look just like a US car.
  12. Looks like a later dash.
  13. So we now know where your getting your stroker from.
  14. installed a set of amber fog lights, they are a NIB set made in Japan for Kmart. I used a spare Hazard switch i had.

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