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  1. One of the 240Z's restored by Bill Reagan in Texas - he also did the Franklin Mint Z. 842 was last sold in April 2019 on BAT
  2. I wonder if that Auction Site knows they got played? A Reserve above $105K - lol
  3. $89K amazing and unbelievable - I looks beautiful - - HOWEVER, given the condition of the engine and engine compartment - there are enough Quality Points to deduct there alone - to knock it out of Category #1 or #2 Condition. This is most certainly NOT yet a Concours example. The Air Cleaner is correct for a Series II 1971. However none of the parts that should be bright shinny Yellow Chromated are “restored”. Brake lines, Fuel Lines, Carb. Linkages, Air Injection tubes, Fuel Rails, nuts/bolts etc. Many of the fuel/water rubber hoses are incorrect (old/worn). Non-stoc
  4. Since the mid 50's the "New" models for the Coming Calendar Year have been introduced a few months before 1 January of the coming year. In the mid to late 1950's "New Models" were put on display and open to the Public - at the local Authorized Dealership on Nov 1 of the current year. As competition got more serious, Manufacturers tried to bet the completion to the show room floor - so they started introducing new models Oct 1 - by the mid 60's new models were being introduced by Sept. 1. As I recall Ford introduced the New 1965 Mustang in April of 1964. Now the funny thing is NISSAN said t
  5. Yes, a little weird. Still it is a 5spd installed in a 70/71 240Z. So the shift lever has most likely been modified so as not to hit the front of the center console. Cut and re-welded perhaps to lay back that way.
  6. I guessed $24K-$28K - - SOLD For $21,211.00. Someone may have gotten a pretty good deal on that.
  7. I think this one at $41K is about right for both the seller and buyer. Given the extensive refresh of the undercarriage and upgrades. A 240Z ready to drive and enjoy in a very presentable condition.. the new owner is unlikely to lose any money on this one in the future if its cared for.
  8. My bad wording... should have said all the EPA, DOT and other Federal Regulations. Associating component parts of a motor vehicle with its VIN was, AIR a DOT regulation. It was intended to lower the number of stolen cars that were being taken for their parts to be resold. I'm sure it was pushed by the Insurance Companies and welcomed by the Police. At first GM stamped the actual chassis serial number of the vehicle on the engine blocks - that was were the term "matching numbers" originated back in the 60's. Car manufacturers started stamping the VIN on places on the frame and in some cases
  9. @psdenno Kroil by KanoLabs It actually is a class above everything else I’ve used in 60 years. For the average car guy one 10 oz spray can will last several years. Granted it is a little pricey - but well worth spending the extra few dollars. I always used to order it direct from Kano Lab’s - but now I see they are working though sales outlets and distributors (and it has gotten more expensive as well) https://www.kroil.com/where-to-buy/
  10. Given the stiff fines and prison time associated with Fraud and all the EPA Regulations in the automotive business even at the time - No Authorized New Car Dealer would ever mess with Federally Required numbers on a motor vehicle. I think the issue was addressed when the Seller Posted the block casting numbers. It would appear from the final sale price - matching vs non-matching numbers is about a $5K delta on a Driver quality 240Z today. It will be interesting to see what the Red 73 with L28 and other upgrades sells for tomorrow.
  11. Actual Mileage is very important - if it isn’t completely overshadowed by Condition. in this case 15K original miles is almost meaningless as it relates the market value of the car. The condition of the car says 115K and I think he has a $24K to $28K example at the best. It is certainly a driver or a restorable example. The only thing I see that is really exceptional is the condition of the floorboards/frame rails.
  12. Livermore, CA, Dealer asking $12k - 90K miles-no date recorded BringATrailer Arcadia, CA., 25Nov2019 No Sale Bid to $17K BringATrailer,Erie PA - George Lyons 14July 2021 FWIW Carl
  13. That is usually "age" and choke cables that need lubrication and/or adjustment at the carb's. - easy to put too much force pulling in the handle.
  14. That is as good as any it seem - There are Survivors at $50,000.00 to $310,000.00 then there are survivors at $20,000.00 today.
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