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  1. What happened to the Pictures/Images that were Posted here? thanks, Carl
  2. It its 33xxx it is a 06/71 build date - if it is 38xx it is a 07/71 build date. #42464 seems to start 09/71 build dates..
  3. What is the VIN on your Z? Both the 1971 and 1972 Model Year Datsun 240'z were built in 09/71. It don't think it really matters as both had the fuel vapor line... Part Number is the same up to 06/72, then it was superseded by the next part number up to 07/73.
  4. Thanks for the plug - we need to sell a lot more copies - - anyone can order the English language edition hard copy or now download the digital copy at: https://www.lulu.com/search?adult_audience_rating=00&page=1&pageSize=10&q=Datsun+240Z As usual Alan give me far to much credit. I had nothing to do with the translation - Mr. Motomura, one of the Suspension Engineers that worked with Mr. Uemura supplied the English language text files and image files in several different file formats. Having never seen a copy of the original book, I worked with a professional book layout expert to reassemble all the individual files into the single format needed for hard copy publication and distribution, as well as with Art Singer for the Cover Art. The Title page that Mr. Uemura & Mr. Motomura sent was “ The Development of Datsu Z Car" By Hitoshi Uemura, formerly Principal Design Engineer at Nissan Motor Co., The above is cut/pasted from the original text file sent. Yes, the title of the book was changed for the English Language edition to: “DATSUN 240Z ENGINEERING DEVELOPMENT”. “Engineering” as added to differentiate it from all the previous books devoted mostly to the origins in the “Styling Studio" . Datsun 240Z was selected - to increase meta data for search engines (recommended by the Publisher’s suggestions) as that is what the vast majority of English speaking customers initially search for. It was the goal of Mr. Uemura and Mr. Motomura to get Mr. Uemura's story to the American enthusiasts that embraced the Datsun 240Z's in such massive numbers and who had kept/maintained so many of them for 40+ years. “Kwaishinsha” is exactly what was sent - I suppose Mr. Motomura or perhaps Mr. Uemura had photo’s of the original company signs or literature. Being a proper noun - the name of the company isn’t subject to having its name respelled. (no matter that later someone thinks it was spelled wrong to begin with)- it is the name. The owners/ creators had the right to spell it any way they wanted..
  5. Interesting isn’t it? That the sedan was introduced ahead of the Z. It seems that Nissan’s top management felt that the S20 should be introduced in the Z, so that the Skyline could be advertised/sold as having the most powerful sports car engine - rather than putting a sedan engine in a sports car. That was why the S20 was put in the Z by management direction. (as I currently understand the story). It was a clever trick by the head of the Development Department to get Mr. Matsuo’s Plan A selected for production - as the long nose on plan C based on the previous roadster chassis was ugly)...
  6. As Mr. Iida described it - "The improvement of L20 continued afterwards. It is because four cylinder series such as L13 and L16 are completed. To share these four cylinder series and the parts, L20 was again designed. L type series of four cylinders was developed over time, and had been rationalized to detailed parts. It was too good to miss these parts. Reduction in costs can be attempted by sharing parts. The engine that shared parts was called a module engine." "The engine that shared parts was called a module engine." These engines did not share parts with the original L20. Mr. Iida also tells us that the original L20 came about based on the engine block of a previous 4 cylinder block. http://zhome.com/DatsunLSeries/L20NH2004AprilTrans.htm I think the statement "would prove to be a bulletproof workhorse" is accurate.
  7. There are a couple elements that need to be distinctly identified. a) the compressed fiber door panel and b) the vinyl covering. I take it that you are talking about the holes in vinyl covering - Y/N? The difference between the later left side door panel - on the Left Hand or Right Hand Drive models - was the pre-cut holes in the vinyl. (see picture below). As far as I can remember - the original early fiber door panels for the Left Hand Drive Z’s did not have the holes in the fiber door panel backing necessary to mount the Passenger Assist Straps on the Drivers Door. That was changed some time later. Will see if I can find or get some pictures. My guess related to why the Passenger Assist Strap is on the subject $77K example - The Seller said it was a 10 year project - he most likely ordered the correct part number for the Left Hand Drive model, but received a replacement meant for use on a Right Hand Drive model. On these the black vinyl had holes pre-cut for the Pass.Asst.Strap - and the only way to cover it was to install the Strap. This happened to several of us back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. When i received the wrong panels - I notified Courtesy Nissan and they replaced them for me with the correct parts.
  8. I believe you are correct..Ground the positive wire at the gas tank - the gauge should swing to FULL.. If it doesn’t its the gauge - if it does its the sending unit, or a broken wire. Your Agreed Value is WAY to low today. It should be closer to $40K. Even then it would take a long time to find a replacement at that price.
  9. @madcow See: http://zhome.com/Racing/FuelTankVaporLineMod/FuelTankVaporMod.htm
  10. Thanks forechecking in - we want to send them some of the failed pumps, so they can determine for themselves what the problem is. (it's a corporate thing...LOL). I have 3 new one's myself I bought as future "donors".
  11. Hi Guys - looks like "The Z Car Home Page" at ZHome.com is back on-line now.. thanks, Carl
  12. Hi Guys: Thanks for the replies. I was aware of @zKars Posts and several other discussions here on the subject. When I initially contacted GMB about the issue, I gave them a brief summary from the Customers perspective along with hyper-links to several on-line discussions, 3 from the Classic Z Car Club’s forum. I also included links to the reviews from Amazon.com It seems from the Amazon Reviews - that they have been selling this pump since 2015. The Reviews on Amazon seem to be 5 Star in the 2015 to 2018 period, but then from 2018 to today they were getting 1 Star reviews. No one I could find had contacted them about their faulty product - so I thought it might be good to contact them and see what if anything they would do about it. I think all of us were happy GMB was providing a mechanical pump that “looked right”, and perhaps we all expected it to perform at least close to the OEM units in terms of reliability. I was hoping that once directly notified, GMB would address / correct the issue, and provide us with a pump that could be used for more than just donor parts.
  13. GMB 550-8040 Fuel Pump Failures: I have contacted and am now working with GMB of North America; in an attempt to identify the issue of infant mortality aka premature failure on their mechanical fuel pumps for our Z's. The issue has been widely discussed over the past couple years on different Z Car Forums and Face Book Pages. GMB Product Management has ask me if we could return 3 or 4 of these failed fuel pumps directly to them, so they can attempt to identify the problem. If you have kept one of these pumps that failed, would you be willing to package it up and return it directly to either me, or them? If so please contact me directly and we will work out the details - In addition to a response here - an Email would be best as it is most direct and easy to file/track. Email: beck@becksystems.com Please Put "GMB Fuel Pump" in the Subject Line
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