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  1. - Isn't it the truth !! The US Federal Emissions standards gave all automobile manufacturers fits, ever changing through the 70's.. enough is never enough for a Federal Bureaucracy. Now I'm looking for another L6 - looks like it will be a Mercedes E450 or E53. (maybe Nissan can copy that one for the next Z).
  2. My experience was quite the opposite when it came to the Flat Tops While some like to debate the technical merits of the Flat Tops - one thing is not debatable. From the introduction of the 1973 240Z’s with the Flat Top Carb’s needed to met the EPA Exhaust Emissions Standards - Dealers were plagued with Customer Complaints accompanied by Datsun 240Z’s being returned to the Dealerships on a Tow Hook. Something never before experienced and most certainly never expected. The 240Z and indeed DATSUN had established a well deserved reputation for Reliability second to none.
  3. @Dadsun Here is one answer - http://www.zhome.com/ZCMnL/tech/AccelLinkage.htm What is the build date on your Z? FWIW, Carl B.
  4. Personally - I'd love to have that 510 (if I had room to keep it). I thought the bidding was about right, if a little low compared to others more highly modified. It isn't a Pure Stock / Original example, nor is it a really "mod'ed" cannon carver. The L18 was nice, but why not an L20B or a KA? So no big money buyers. I also think that the photoshop'ed feature pictures, making it look too bright a greed based yellow - - may have hurt it a bit - the color of the car shown in the video's was a bit more pleasing for a more stock looking example. Over-all a very nice 2dr 510 and perhaps the selle
  5. Hi Dave: Just saw this. I bought the EZ Car Lift - LOVE IT!. Looked at several alternative, but in the end the EZ Car gave me the best access under the car. I also appreciate how easy it is to set up and store. It did cost a little bit more, but the quality of the build and materials are top notch. http://becksystems.com/garage/EZCarLift/EZCarLift.htm hope that helps..
  6. Peter Brock's Limited Edition 370Z on BAT https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2020-nissan-bre-50th-anniversary-370z/
  7. I don't know for sure who else on this site - but so fare we have found 189 people that bought their 240Z new from the Dealers and kept them - or kept them in the same family. Wonder if there is a World Record there? http://www.zhome.com/IZCC/ZRegisters/original.htm FWIW, Carl B.
  8. Small world - when I was finishing my degree I received letters from two Presidents on the same day. The first was from President Elect. Nixon thanking me for working in his campaign. (Nixon Promised to End The Draft) The second was from President Johnson - GREETINGS. I was to report for induction two months before being graduated! It had taken me about 6 years to work my way though a 4 year degree - so the Draft Board wasn't willing to extend my Student Deferment... Lucky for me, my Journalism Professor Dr. Dean Jachius- happened to be a Colonel in the Marine Corp Reserves and an Administra
  9. When I bought my first Datsun 240Z, I had just been at the local Porsche Dealer trying to trade my 67 911s in on a new 911E. The Webers on the "S" were always loading up and fouling plugs in stop & go traffic. It was very hard starting in the Winter and the shift linkage was worse than the Corvairs I'd owned before. I couldn't get together with the Porsche Dealer - they wanted too much for their new car and offered way to little for mine. On the way back to the Base, I passed the Datsun Dealer and saw the 240Z. Stopped and long story made short - I bought the Z. Three months with the Z -
  10. Wow - still trying to understand the $31K difference between this 73 - and the Silver 72 - 4 First Place Street Mod Awards, 3 2nd Place Street Mod awards.sold last month. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1972-datsun-240z-152/ Carl B.
  11. The clear coats solved the problem with metal flakes - but created another problem - over a short period of time in hotter sun regions especially - the clear coats started to crack - at first it looked like fine scratches in the paint, then got worse over time as the clear coats increased “grazing” until they started to flake off. The problem as explained by the BMW Factory Tech's - was UV light passed though the clear coats and heated up the color coat under them. The difference in the coefficient of expansion of the two coatings caused the clear coats to crack as the color coat
  12. As far as I know - all metallic automotive paints in the late 60's and early 70's were clear coated.(I worked for Datsun/BMW and VW in the early 70's). My 1970 Silver 240Z was clear coated from the factory. The reason was that some of the metal flakes mixed with the paint being sprayed - did wind up at or near the surface skin coat of the paint. Any polishing/waxing or compounding at that point would have resulted in the metal flakes sticking above the surface. So metallic paints on the 240Z were clear coated. FWIW Carl
  13. 4 Bidders still in above $25K 3 Bidders still in above $30K 3 Bidders still in above $35K -knocking on the door at $40K 1 Bidders still in above $40K I thought that it would sell - given the last couple months of the market - at perhaps $25K to $27K. Yes, it had most of its original paint - but still - lots of non-original and quit frankly less than cosmetically pleasing stuff. Nonetheless, glad to see the market showing a lot of strength. It will be interesting to watch the Silver 71now.. Carl B.
  14. #00064 was dark green and they were asking $50K for it - it was in florida. That First Green Z - the pictures were for a car sold in Bring-A-Trailer...
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