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  1. Bought my BRE Car Cover for $39.95 (in 1972). Washed/dried countless times.. The caption says 37 years ago - but now it is 47 years old and a bit faded. Carl B.
  2. If you are searching for replacement parts - using the date of manufacture is a great starting point. Regular Model Change Over: (sold in the USA as Model Years) 1. 10 / 1969 to 02 / 1971 VIN’s Starting at HLS30 00013 (1969/1970/1971 Model Years) 16 months. 2. 02 /1971 into 09 /1971 VIN’s Starting at HLS30 21001(1971 Model Year) 8 months. 3. 09 /1971 into 08 / 1972 VIN’s Starting at HLS30 46001(1972 Model Year) 12 months 4 09 /1972 into 08 / 1973 VIN’s Starting at HLS30 120001 (1973 Model Year) 12 months. Production of the 1973 Datsun 240Z started in the 9th month of 1972. FWIW, Carl B.
  3. Correct - the "lip" on the radiator core support is one of the items first tried by the Nissan Field Service teams working with the Local Datsun Dealership mechanics. The idea block air flow over the top of the radiator and core support - to force more of it through the radiator. Yes they had a rubber seal that mated to the hood. The one’s installed at the Dealerships were bolted on or screwed on - on later 73’s they were spot welded on at the factory as standard equipment. As far as I can see the factory started adding them around 12/72 or 01/73. Carl B.
  4. V-3 Kit: 17020-N3325 Electric Fuel Pump (Jidoosha Kiki) 17020-N3326 Electric Fuel Pump (Mitsuba) FWIW, Carl B.
  5. Great Pictures, beautiful Z and some new Posters to hang on the garage wall. (make them give you some high resolution digits copies..).
  6. In addition to Bill's documentation of the rebuild. The good thing about BAT is that anyone/everyone has the opportunity to ask questions and/or ask for more specific pictures of the car. In this case the seller did Post several of the photographs taken during the metal and body work. I'm pretty sure that whoever purchased it was fully aware of the extent of the metal or panel work. That plus the fact that it was done 26+ years earlier and has held up so well most likely eased the buyers mind.
  7. Bill Reagan an E.E. by profession - restored the car in his spare time over about one year. As a member of the Texas Z Car Club, he wrote a series of articles covering the restoration process for the Club's News letter. He also published a booklet that combined all the articles, and sold the booklet to help others. He said he spent about $12K-$14K in 1990-92. Then sold it to Paul who then spent a ton of money on it between 92 and 95. Wonder if the Texas Z Car Club still has any of the Newsletters in digital form? At one point I seem to recall them being on their Club Web Page... In the Articles Bill tells how the Z was saved from a trip to the Salvage Yard - when a tree fill on it. The damage would have totaled it out in 1990, but But Bill purchased it for $100.00 and started the restoration. So a large part of the amazing story about its history is how it went from $100.00 Datsun 240Z - to a $124,240.00 Datsun 240Z. All of which makes it quite unique.. even in the Pure Stock world.
  8. Is it just the pictures - or does that diamond vinyl have some sort of padding applied to it? It looks like the diamonds are puffed up. FWIW, Carl B.
  9. If you plan to put it on BAT - be sure to get several clear, high resolution pictures of the undercarriage while it is at the shop. It won't sell on BAT without them.. Carl B.
  10. For the 1973 Model Year - - several different versions came from the factory. You will notice that the 73 240Z's - mostly have a inverted V shaped piece of metal on the radiator core support - which has a rubber seal attached to it. They were put on at the Dealerships as part of the trial and error solutions to help remediate the vapor locking and percolating fuel issues. The fist one's were bolted on at the Dealerships, then later they were put on at the factory - spot welded on the radiator core supports. Likewise many of the items created / tried at the Dealerships, while Nissan's Service and Engineering departments were working with the Dealerships to solve the operational problems, were added at the factory on later examples. IMHO the best thing the ZCCA could do in this case - is note in the Judging Rules, that items specified by Nissan Field Service for installation at the Dealerships are to be considered "factory". The earliest Core Support Lip that I've see was on HLS30 137967... 12/72... FWIW Carl B.
  11. Your original engine serial number should be something close to L24-016xxx - or it could be as early as L24-014xxx. L24-120799 would have been found in Z's built around 08/72. Casting numbers on the Aluminum Head from 08/72 would be E88 - where Casting numbers on the original engine would have been E31. The Casting numbers are near the front (radiator side) of the head.
  12. Post the engine number - we can tell you if it is within the range that would be expected in 10/70.
  13. What you have beed told is completely wrong - - All automobile manufacturers issue an MSO, it is the document which is used to transfer ownership from the Manufacturer to the Distributor or Dealer. The Dealers must have the MSO in order to get financing for the cost of their inventory, plus any property insurance. Then it is used as the necessary documentation for any/all States to issue a Ownership Title to the first Retail Customer. This process goes way back to the 50's.
  14. Just an interesting side story… if you are not concerned with Date Correct or cosmetics - and just need to replace the OEM pump on Daily Driver: Back in the 60’s that was a Carter Fuel Pump, then sold as a Purolator and today as a Facet. They originally had a set of points and today the newer Facets are solid state. (single wire) The OEM Part No. 477060E for the 2.75 to 4.0 psi/34 gah NAPA - $188.00 NISMO on eBay $131.99 +$14.95 shipping Amazon $122.88 Aircraftspruce.com $78.75 https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/eppages/facetgoldflo.php?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIw6239pu74gIVlInICh2f2w6hEAQYASABEgJbQ_D_BwE
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