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  1. Hi Guy: Reliable count? - no. In rounded numbers, there were 153,000 HLS30 Datsun 240Z’s were produced. That is just based on the highest HLS30 VIN found so far. HLS30 172767 minus 20,000 VIN numbers not used/assigned between the 1972 and 1973 Model Years. 98% of which were sold in North America. Over the past 30 years, I’ve recorded about 2600 HLS30 VIN’s 1969 though 1973 - gathered from any/all sources. Local Club’s, For Sale Ad.’s, eBay, ZCCA Conventions, on-line forums like this, FaceBook etc. etc. Most likely some of the VIN’s recorded 20 or 30 years ago - have also been lost to crashes or rust etc. If my statistical sample captured 1 out of 3 HLS30 240Z’s remaining - there very well might be 7800 of them still in existence. For vehicles 46 to 49 years old - 5% remaining would be an exceptional number. How Many are Restorable?… depends on now much the market values them now and in the future. At present rates of $30K to $50K could be 25% of the remaining cars are financially feasible for a full refresh or restoration. If market values increase significantly to say $80K to $100K maybe 35%+ are restorable. Carl
  2. Carl Beck

    Datsun Dealership Signs!

    Not an old Sign - but a new one in an old place. https://www.tireco.com/article/2018/03/28/history-post-ii-2-2-2-4-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2/
  3. Carl Beck

    Interesting read

    Hi gnosez - Very interesting, would love to see more. The Camel GT Pace Car is especially interesting as it was prepared to be an actual race car.
  4. Carl Beck

    Interesting read

    Hi Mike - Thanks, I'll have to go back though some of the old Datsun News again, always find something I wasn't looking for the last time. Wonder who the kids sitting on the fender are? Of course Rodney Allen Rippy is still a “Car Nut”. You should Post that picture on his Facebook Page. https://www.facebook.com/rodneyallenrippy427?lst=665002773%3A100026930003513%3A1544994936
  5. Carl Beck

    Interesting read

    Ah GREAT - thanks Mike. Funny thing, Gary Savage sent in a picture of the 1972 OMS Pace Car at OMS back in 1999. Finally got to meet Gary in person this year at Jim's ZMECCA Christmas Party. So when are we going to get you back down here to Florida?
  6. Carl Beck

    Interesting read

    That is the 1972 OMS Pace Car... http://zhome.com/Racing/PaceCars.htm They changed the tail lights to make it look like a more current model - to get additional Nissan rewards..
  7. Carl Beck

    1970 Series1 240z "barnfind"

    @jakay11 Current pictures of the undercarriage would help yield the best advice. There are several different approaches - and solutions depending on how much rust and were specifically it is. A 70 Datsun 240Z with documented 24K miles - might be a $65K+ example, if it isn’t improperly refreshed or screwed up. Might be something requiring a spot treatment of a rust converter like Ospho, or Rust Sgt. .. might be something that could be refinished with something like POR-15. ...
  8. Carl Beck

    Time to renew my insurance????

    Keep in mind that insurance is all about managing risk - so the difference between a Yearly Premium of $135.00 or $450.00 could be because of different age drivers, location of the car, and Liability Coverage - $50K/$100K will be quite a bit less than $300K/$1M. Then you have to add any "options" you select. Hagerty has road side assist that dispatches tow trucks equipped to handle Classic Cars etc, then there are insurance for things like spare parts and the cars contents etc. So basically the only way to compare rates for you - is get quotes for you, in your area etc. Otherwise the numbers can be very misleading. I've been with a couple different Classic Car insurance carriers - been with Hagerty since they agreed to insure our Original Owners 240z's with much higher Agreed Values than any other company would at the time.. plus they have an excellent reputation for Paying Claims.
  9. Carl Beck

    1970 Series1 240z "barnfind"

    Hi Jason: Great story - thanks for sharing and a really wonderful 240Z. A few comments… - I can’t see any reason that rear carb can’t be disassembled and restored. I would encourage you to do whatever is necessary to retain all original parts on the Z. Keep all the original take off parts from your Fathers garage with the car as well. For sure, keep the Bob Sharp license plate frame!! - Make sure you keep the original Date Stamped Spark Pug wires and every original hose clamp etc.(the difference on value for an all “original” Z, for all these very small details can be several thousand dollars). - I believe the aluminum wheels are Appliance - not American - With a 24K original miles and original paint on a one family owned 70 240Z - I would have an Agreed Value of at least $50K with Hagerty. The Z is impossible to replace in terms of its history with you and your family - Nonetheless given todays market you, would most likely spend a year or more looking for a replacement of equal condition, and a year from now that might cost you $65K or more to purchase. (go find another original with 24K miles).
  10. Carl Beck

    Ghosn Arrested in Japan and Fired by Nissan

    I get the impression that he wasn't trying to avoid paying taxes. More a case of trying to avoid letting the stockholders know just how much he was actually receiving in total compensation.
  11. Car & Driver reports https://www.caranddriver.com/news/nissan-renault-chairman-carlos-ghosn-arrested?utm_medium=social-media&src=socialflowFBCAD&utm_campaign=socialflowFBCD&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR1Mld1lrPlMoug1jvIoRuF_nNmBwZFPLTdmardbs4UZPyQ4OI7K_0e047w Ghosn removed as Chairman and Representative Director of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. Read Nissan’s statement http://www.zhome.com/IZCC/ZRegisters/classic.htm
  12. Carl Beck

    Found old Z pictures. I’ll start!

    Mr. Shigeru Nagata, was the interpreter assigned to assist Mr. Goertz when Mr. Goertz arrived at Nissan in Japan. Among many other noteworthy accomplishments, he was assigned to build a new Design Center in the USA. Nissan Design International was founded in 1979 and held its Ground Breaking ceremony in 1981. The project was finished in 1983. See: http://zhome.com/History/ShigeruNagata/SNagata.htm
  13. Carl Beck

    Found old Z pictures. I’ll start!

    Jaremko Motors 1973
  14. Carl Beck

    New (To Me lol) 240z and Advice Needed

    @Jem2749 If you live in Orlando - first thing to do is come over to Clearwater for a visit - we can spend some garage time together - and go over a lot of Z Car related subjects. drop me an Email - beck@becksysetms.com If the car is being shipped in an enclosed trailer - towed by a pick-up, by a private transporter for example. Then you can use wheel dollies on the rear wheels to load and unload the car. Just jack the car up and slip the wheel dollies under the rear wheels. Then remove them to tie the car down in the trailer. Reverse operation when it get here. DO NOT pull the EBrake lever. DO NOT PULL THE EBRAKE LEVER.!! DO NOT attempt to start the car prior to shipping. Don’t put a battery in it. Wait until you have car home.. Looks like Red to me - also since the rear tail light finisher is painted red - it may have been repainted at some Point. The A/T equipped 240Z’s start in production around 07 or 08 of 70. They seem to have been made in groups during 08, 10 and 11 of 70.
  15. Carl Beck

    country of origin of HLS30-00957

    @M3333hp - Hi Peter. Are you, or were you actually living in Nanoose Bay, on Vancouver Island, BC? If so you are the first person I had listed as owing #957. I doubt that you will be able to back-track the ownership of #957 clear to the original Sell Dealer for several reasons. As mentioned many States in the US did not have their Title and Registration systems fully on computers, and many that did, did not convert all that data to the latest software every time they changed Computer O/S and Application software - so as to maintain an ability to do a computer search back that far. Nonetheless - Many printed the information out - and converted that to Microfilm. Which many still have. Now however, due to the changes in US Privacy Laws - only Law Enforcement and/or Lawyers have access to the DMV records in most States. Still you wouldn’t have to go back to 1970. All you have to find, is any owner of that car that titled and registered it in the States. So lets say you owned the car for 3 years now - and the previous owner held it for 20 years after buying it from Oregon. 2018 minus 23 years is 1995. I’d bet that by 1980 Oregon DMV was completely automated and records back to that time should still be searchable… Might cost a few dollars for them to do the search.. So if you could get a Lawyer in Oregon - or a Private Investigator in Oregon to do a DMV VIN search - who knows HLS30 00957 might show up as having been registered there.

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