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  1. We are fans of the Datsun/Nissan line of Sports GT Cars, known around the world as the "Z" cars. We are an International group, that meet along the Information Superhighway, and stop along the virtual roadside for friendly discussions, and common encouragement in the enjoyment of our favorite automobile.
  2. Hi Carl

    I did read a post about diffrent springs for the 240z!

    mine are markt with one pink dot and two red dots on all four of them.

    how should i now wich one is for the rear??

    and what does the marks say?


    240z 1973

  3. Carl, Not sure why I had not seen the other posts after I asked about the BRE headlight covers, but ran across it tonight and noticed this: "BTW Bill - I did find the rear shade kit!! I'll try to throw it in a box for shipping when I get chance.."

    I really would appreciate that. Just let me know the cost and shipping.

    Was good to read the story about the boxes of parts, just wish they could have been gotten to.

    Thank you very much. I am getting closer - at least parts wise. :-) -Bill-

  4. Hi Carl. Well, that real close to going tothe body/paint hasn't gotten much closer. Hopefully in the next month or so. I am curious, what are your thoughts on getting the replacement dash that MSA has versus a full dash cover for my silver Z - looking ahead to potential value difference? I plan on placing an order tomorrw with MSA - all interior parts and am thinking of including the dash. Appreciate any thoughts you have regarding overall refresh - even though we have discussed various parts in the past. Thanks Carl.


  5. Hello Carl

    I am in Tampa at the moment and I am unable to find an address for Z MECCA. I am hoping that maybe you have the adduced and perhaps a phone# for them. I am in need of a fuel door and partial quarter panel and hope that they have a donor sitting around. Any help you can lend would be much appreciated. An internet search only reveals who they are but no contact information. I live in Melbourne so maybe we will run into each sometime. You can PM me or email me at edtwomuchz@gmail.com



  6. Hi Bill:

    No luck - turned out to be a false lead.

  7. Hi Carl! I am real close to getting the Z off to the body/paint shop. I'll be pulling the engine and transmission hopefully this week. Then I can take her in. Been too cold this winter to do anything. Have you had any luck on the BRE headlight covers? When I take her in the the shop I plan on having the tabs left on the buckets in hopes of getting a set of the covers. Hope all is going well with you. -Bill-

  8. What is the VIN on your Z?

    The lowest VIN I have listed with an A/T is HLS30 08944 - it has a buid date of 08/70.

  9. I'm curious since the automatic trans manual came out in 7.70 if this is the earliest known automatic Z (dubious distinction that it may be)

  10. The last known registration is from 87

  11. hello - I am in the process of getting an 8/70 automatic S1 Z roadworthy again...

  12. Carl - do you have an undercarriage pictures of 240/280 BSR-Newman race car?

  13. Hey Mr. Beck,

    Good Morning. Can you recommend any Z Shops in Kentucky?


  14. Hi Alexander:

    I Posted a reply to the origina discussion thread..



  15. Hi Carl.

    Thank you very much for your support.

    Fist step that I’ve done was to try to order the parts via Local Nissan Dealer. No chance!

    I have forgotten to note that my 280ZX is a turbo. The RH valance is different from non turbo. Which of them do you think is the right one (for RH turbo)?

    It were absolutely great if you would check the availability of the parts for me (at least for LH)

    Best regards


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