Discussions about the first generation Z, the 240z 260z and 280z S30


Open Discussions

109,671 posts

Open discussions about the early S30 series issues and topics.

Help Me !!

56,708 posts

This is the emergency HELP ME forum for those of you that are having troubles with your Z-Car and need immediate help.

Carburetor Central

17,541 posts

If you have questions about the SU Carburetors, this is where you can find the answers.


Fuel Injection

9,679 posts

Posts about fuel injection systems and related topics.


5,068 posts

Discussions about the Zcar exhaust system.


21,145 posts

Discussions about the interior components of your early Zcar.

Body & Paint

32,445 posts

Discussions about bodywork and painting a Zcar.

Suspension & Steering

19,294 posts

Post your questions and answers about these major components of the Zcar and anything related.

Wheels & Brakes

18,418 posts

Discussions about different wheel & tire combinations and the affects on a Zcar.


28,547 posts

Anything about the electrical system on a Zcar.

Engine & Drivetrain

51,603 posts

Post messages here about engine mechanics, exhaust, intake, etc. Anything to do with the engine system as a whole.

Parts Swapping

4,179 posts

Thinking about swapping parts from another model Zcar?

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