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  2. drive up to nor-cal and we can caravan out 🙂
  3. Our mission is simply to discuss anything Z-car related, in a supportive environment. I apologize if any of our members have come across egocentric and it's my intent to stop this from happening. I want all members to feel welcome and confident their posts will not be trolled. As far as your images are concerned, you may want to send me a private message as there should be no reason for this to stop working.
  4. Thanks Patcon. . . I was able to find the pinion bearing and seal today and I'll have it soon. If new bearing doesn't at least improve the catch I'll be shopping around. Somebodies rebuilding and selling them so there might be a pinion gear out there somewhere. Maybe not.
  5. The parts should have visible wear near center. If the rack or pinion are worn, I would think you're out of luck. Although I have never searched for those part numbers
  6. I dont have pictures but the balancer that was on it was already damaged (the pulleyswere chipped). We welded a 6' pipe to it as a cheater. The hub of the balancer popped open. It actually broke pretty easy. Now it's possible it was already cracked from the PO beating on it but it made a disappointing tool!
  7. Maybe not, but you're certainly losing. But hey, who's keeping score? You?
  8. My mistake. I got drawn in. Well done.
  9. Mr.Head: My, aren't you the helpful fellow. I can tell you I appreciate the effort, no matter how aspirational it may be. A clumsy attempt at cutesy sarcasm to be sure, but you have unknowingly added the icing on this half-baked cake of boorish behavior. "why are you here?" Exactly. While the first post of this thread was quite specific about its purpose (help solve an electrical problem), by the fourth post, that train of thought had been switched to the siding of personality issues, so it's no wonder that you (and the others) have forgotten the point. I reckon it's that attention-span thing. I know I'm tired of this lame excuse for repartee that has nothing to do with the electrical systems of a Z, a subject that can inspire more widespread interest than a dust-up by the kids on the playground. Believe it or else, there are a respectable number of sincere enthusiasts that would like to know about wiring diagram issues beyond the kerfuffle over a mistake I acknowledged immediately. Still waiting in the wings are diagram issues that could effect the pursuit of problem solutions for 280Z owners. After all, isn't that kind of information sharing the whole idea of this joint; or have hissy fits, cat fights, and ego-strutting become the forum's reason for existence. Which do you think it should be, Mr.Mike? And while I have your attention Sir, got any ideas about how I lost the ability to post an image in just 30-some days (with no changes in equipment or programs, and over three different platforms)? Inquiring minds want to know...
  10. If it howls, it howls. It's installed. I'm gonna howl with joy from driving it again.
  11. Oh, OK.... Suuuuuuurrrrre it is.
  12. Haha! I'm just looking at those three pieces of input there and I have no idea what's going on. The first two are completely contradictory, and the third is orthogonal.
  13. Charles, Cool. If it doesn't fit and you can't fix it with a file, let me know. If it's not hardened, I can modify it to fit. Wayne, I was thinking the same thing! So where does the rubber junction come in on the damper? Is the center portion isolated from everything else. or is there something you could machine into a "wrench attachment point"?
  14. Don't look at me. I just post here...
  15. SteveJ

    Z432R #00218

    So @kats, does the car look legitimate? I know better than to guess anything about a 432 or 432R.
  16. xs10shl

    Z432R #00218

    To be auctioned soon, apparently.
  17. Whether it's at the track, prepping for the next race or at the end of the year, there's always at least one nut or bolt that was loose that would have made for a very bad day. The number of wire-tied, double nutted and new nuts and bolts increases every year. Every bolt/nut has a paint mark to verify it was torqued and a similar reference mark to show if it moved. The plug wires are individually zip tied to the distributor cap and the dipstick has a spring to keep it in place. Everyone of these things came loose at one point. Peace of mind.....
  18. Thanks to anyone in advance, This afternoon finally greased and reassembled steering rack on series 1 car. I am discovering that the pinion gear catches (like a clunk) right in the centered position where the steering would be centered. It does it again when the gear turns a full revolution in either direction. I was able to source the pinion seal but had hoped the rest of it was in decent shape. How wrong I was. I have been reading older posts that give parts sources but most were 3 or 4 years ago. Can anyone direct me to a source that would have the pinion gear and bearing? I'm hoping to not have to replace the entire unit but I suppose the rack could be bad too. Thanks again .
  19. Simple choice for normal people. Not too clear for sadistic minds.
  20. Mike, I'm just having fun with Google AdSense. Because it makes no sense. Their algorithm is messed up, probably wasting Googlebits of bandwidth on useless promotion. That's why it's funny and fun to play with. I'm not logged in to Hybridz and it just toggles between Cuup and springs and Windex. Hilarious!!!! I know how to get rid of the ads and report the ads a "Inappropriate", etc. That's why I'm "chit-chatting".
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  22. Did you try clicking the "X" in the upper right of the ad? That should remove it.
  23. Very deep... Maybe DF and DB. Drive Forward, Drive Backward. Or Devoe mode - GF, MA. F is too easy.
  24. Reading the best of the script is almost better than watching the movie.
  25. R=reverse. D=forward.
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