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  1. '71 240, '73 240T, '78 T-Top Coupe, '87 ZXT

  2. I am stripping the car for paint, I have access to both sides
  3. can someone talk me through the right way to remove the hatch vent assembly without breaking off the grill pins? the passenger side plastic vent and tube was loose and came right out, so I was able to flex the clip enough to get the hatch vent out. The driver side vent assembly is not budging, I can't see any of the clip hardware or grill pins to get to them - the vent is possibly held in with some weatherstripping snot - don't want to break the grill on that side, but I haven't been able to wiggle it loose.
  4. you might could market the SU horns through to/through ZTherapy. the AM radio faceplate would be another good repro piece
  5. Rreford

    glove box

    anyone ever try upgrading from paper to plastic? I'd love to have a glovebox with a bit more stamina/rigidity
  6. woww - following an old thread here, but do you happen to know the year/model Maxima?
  7. just an FYI - my HLS30-07992 came with the early style ball joints
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