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  1. My Series 2 (07/71) car has the middle chain, although it's quite oxidized compared to yours.
  2. I know I'm late on this topic, just wanted to reaffirm the need to prime the new fuel pump before installation. Had quite a mess in the garage chasing phantom hose connection leaks and the possibility that the new pump being installed was faulty. Removed the pump, manually primed it with a water bottle filled with gas, and voila, works like a charm. Should have remembered this 40-year-old lesson from my Dad, but hey, getting a little older.
  3. I agree. The original paint should have been single-stage, which can be buffed out to provide its original luster. The sheen provided by the single-stage paint, however, can't match that of modern paints with a clear coat. I prefer the original sheen but these days the preference seems to be the shinier the better!
  4. Dang, that is one clean body!
  5. Enjoy your new project! I bought my '71 Z from an in-law a few years ago. The price was and still is between me and her. Not anyone else's business, unless you want to make it so.
  6. What is that container just forward of the radiator? Overflow tank?
  7. A new paint job and some TLC and the blue one's a keeper.
  8. You have to wonder how many of these sorry looking cars are Katrina cars. Victims from one of the past hurricanes that may have sat for days or weeks in water before being salvaged.
  9. What exactly is a re-VIN? Does that occur when the original VIN plate (this one looks pretty legit to me) is suspected of being tampered with?
  10. Beautiful car, but shouldn't the radio be AM only?
  11. Check out this beauty. Talk about data-plate mischief. It even comes standard with a passenger 260z door. https://www.ebay.com/itm/144147657944?hash=item218fdeb4d8:g:uXcAAOSwzR9hEY4e
  12. I have not delved into the world of plating (yet), but have had excellent luck using naval jelly to remove rust from hardware. It works best if the hardware is degreased first. I have soaked hardware in naval jelly for 48 hours and after rinsing was rust free. Low effort with high yield.
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