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  1. I guess these lamps are the same sold by AMAZON at a cheaper Price? https://www.amazon.com/Nissan-Datsun-120Y-B210-240Z/dp/B01MQ16VI8/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1542732583&sr=8-8&keywords=datsun+240z+lamps Anyone? I was looking for NOS or made in Japan.
  2. Ok. All replicas ive seen are different than the nos and do not have the bullet plugs.
  3. Another one on the rear really rusted. Ive seen the replicas but i dont rely on thailand quality. Any other options or restoring these ones?
  4. Running light or amber front and red rear marker lights? I want to avoid opening the steering column cover to unplug the parking light harness and plug the combo switch directly.
  5. The dashboard lighting lasted just some minutes. I guess one or both of the rear red markers must also be rusted and shorting the circuit
  6. Rust in the socket was the cause. Now back in commission. Should i purchase a pair of these lamps from amazon and replace them?
  7. Last night the dashboard instrument lights, parking lights and tail lights on my 72 240z shut down when i turned the combo switch on. I noticed that the 15 amp fuse inside the fuse holder provided by Dave Irwin Parking light harness kit went south. Replaced it with another 15 amp and even a 20 amp fuse dashboard lights, tail lights and parking lights came in for 2 seconds and the fuse went out again. I believe the problem resides in the harness upgrade. Last time this happened i removed it from the circuit and connected the stock female and male 6 wire connectors together and all the lights came back. Could there be an issue with the relays provided in the kit? Should i just check the parking light bulbs first and clean for any corrosión before removing the steering colummn cover and making the straight stock connection again?
  8. Im having this same problem. My car has dave irwin parking light upgrade harness which keeps blowing the 15 amp fuse foun inside the fuse holder of the circuit. Should i take the harness out from the equation to eliminate the combo switch could be faulty or should i check all the parking bulbs first?
  9. jalexquijano

    Misfiring while cruising

    What about long idling bumper to bumper? Shouldnt these car stand these situations?
  10. jalexquijano

    Misfiring while cruising

    Heavy stop and go traffic 5 minutes per stop light
  11. jalexquijano

    Misfiring while cruising

    Havent tested at idle yet.
  12. jalexquijano

    Misfiring while cruising

    Result of plugs in order 1 2 3 4 5 6 stepping on the gas at 100 mph after changing brand new ngk blue spark plug wires and bosch rotor and cap.
  13. jalexquijano

    Misfiring while cruising

    I changed rotor, cap and now spark plug wires (NGK Blue). Will test the car tomorrow morning.
  14. jalexquijano

    240Z Brake System: Why...?

    I need to get one of this. FIrst picture. Are they still NLA?
  15. jalexquijano

    Misfiring while cruising

    Will install new wires today

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