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  1. I took some aditional pictures and found out there are some nuts under
  2. Which metal nut? All i see is a plastic washer and a plastic nut.
  3. I thought it only had a plastic circular washer and a plastic nut fastened to the bolt. Let me see if i can take a closer picture of what i have there.
  4. What about the size and type of screw that goes through the steering wheel shroud and into the turn signal switch
  5. im trying to tighten the rear left nut on the driver and the rear right nut on the Passenger seat on my 1972 240z but it seem useless, All the other 3 nuts of each seat are tight and have their plastic spacer also. Could the nut be damaged or am i missing something here? I have attached some pictures as reference. The 4 plastic nuts must be tight. However, this is not happening with these 2 nuts. Anyone?
  6. Does any one know which type and size is the screw that goes accross the steering cover shroud and fastens here in the turn signal switch? My car is a 72.
  7. I just sent him an e-mail. Hope he responds.
  8. Just took the measure with a caliper. Its 20mm! Who sells this size of rubber plug?
  9. Any idea of what is the correct rubber plug?
  10. Maybe i should measure the diameter with a caliper first.
  11. Does anyone knows what size and type of round rubber seals go in these holes on the floor behind the seats? Who sells them?
  12. Just installed the pair of Msa 3 point retractable seatbelts in my 1972 240z. There are okay and rub a little bit on the neck. I will keep the original ones as i would like to restore them. I did opened a hole in the carpet and jute as the gear look better over the carpet. Any recommendations?
  13. Question: Should i spray some WD-40 on the springs and mechanism inside of the door. I read some people even use this product: http://cyclo.com/cyclo_product/liqui-shield-2/
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