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  1. So i will need to buy a torque wrench and follow your measurements?
  2. I have already done the compression test and there is now issue whatsoever. When i bought this car the engine was assembled by california datsun.
  3. Just pulled out all 6 plugs havent got into any heavy traffic. Plugs 4 and 3 came out a little bit more black. I will clean them up with brass wire brush and try again. The order of the pics is 6 5 4 3 2 1 left to right.
  4. Question: once i remove, clean and polish the valve cover on my 240z will i need a new valve cover gasket and how tight should i fasten the bolts to avoid the heat drawn by the engine destroying the border of the cork gasket. I dont see this describe in the haynes manual. Should i also cover the engine camshaft and valves with plastic wrapping paper to avoid any insects or dirt getting inside while i am polishing?
  5. I just ordered a set of brass plugs to replace the aluminum ones from zed saver. I would also like to take the balance tube out on my 72 240z for inpection , cleaning and gasket replacement? Should i leave it as it is and just remove the SS plugs, wrap teflón on the new brass ones and replug?
  6. They won't be too cold. So not that then!
  7. I already have two heat shields installed. The stock one at the rear of the carbs and another aluminium one under the carbs. Thanks for keeping me away from buying an unnecesary electric fan.
  8. Just received an e-mail. No more Float Syncs. Ill have to keep up with the plastic tube sold by Ztherapy. I wanted something more accurate.
  9. Ive sent him emails and have gotten no response yet. Im really interested. Its a shame.
  10. Yes..but where? I tried on ebay and nothing
  11. Still waiting for a pair of these
  12. Yo cannot make the order. I tried to but cant.
  13. I have a question which has not been answered. Can one or two spark plugs that have been fouled due to traffic jam meaning some minutes of idle cause some random misfire? The reason i ask this is because the other day i experience some random misfire at 2nd and 3rd gear while cruising for a while after the engine experienced some idle during short stops and suddenly as i accelerated the misfire went away. Where should i look into? Im still considering it its worth replacing the fan clutch with twin electric fan to solve this issue or should i simply forget about this.
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