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  1. I read stories on advancing the timing. Im already at 14 degrees
  2. Im using atf at the moment. I need faster pickup at fist gear from launch after releasing the clutch!
  3. Well i tested the car yesterday but due to some traffic restrictions i just drove around some blocks between 1st and 2nd Gear. No misfire whatsoeve only some deceleration backfire. I do notice that the car is taking 5 to 8 minutes to warm up and launching from 1st speed still sluggish. Anyway of getting a faster acceleration response when lifting the clutch?
  4. I purchased it modified and swapped the cam wity a schneider 274f camshaft.
  5. I.have a new set of bp5es. What will i achieve with that? Wouldnt using such plug value damage the engine?
  6. I have new wires, new rotor, new cap. I just replaced all those plugs with new ones and do experience change in idle in plug 4. I had this problem previously and with some hard acceleration i could clean that plug to make it go away.
  7. Site, I tested the car today and drives better. But experienced some misfire after 4500 rpms. I had to increase the fuel mixture turns from 3 to 3.5 to get more power as the car lacks response when accelerating from red light. I took pics of the plugs and will test again with new plugs on saturday. Plug 4 is the darkest one.
  8. These are the pictures of my 1972 240z distributor i would like to clean.
  9. I have a spare single point distributor and would like to clean it inside. Any recommendations or tutorial to get this done?
  10. How do you check this relay to verify its still good?
  11. Here is the rear carb. I.dont think this one needs further bending. I even measured it with a 14mm bolt.
  12. I bent the tab a little futher on the front float and i think i got it. I even used a 14mm bolt and a school ruler to verify. Tomorrow ill try on the rear carb.