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  1. So you all recommend not taking out the cylinder head refurbished by California Datsun maybe 10 years ago? Mechanics here in Panama charge anywhere from usd 200 to 250 only to take out the head and put it back in. This is exclusive of the cost the machine shop will charge to verify the head cylinder and change all the stem seals.
  2. Can someone elaborate in the correct and safe procedure to remove the cylinder head and replace the broken or torn valve seals on cylinder 4? I watch a video on youtube of a guy inserting a rope inside cylinder 4 and a special tool to decompress the retainer spring. I guess its.better to remove the complete head. Also which gaskets will i need to replace?
  3. Jajajja. Not the same thing. Asides i believe mine has shrunk as there is a gap letting light out. If you give me the precise size and type of screws maybe i can paint them.
  4. Still sesrching those 3 black screws. I used some stainless steel screws and washers and now i would really like to get the correct screws. Anyone has a clue of the precise size, type snd where to get them?
  5. I am talking the cylinder head out to verify everything is fine and replace all seals. Im done with testing. 6 years testing and same issue.
  6. Valve seals being shipped. Already did a test with ngk bp5es and cylinder 4 still fouls. Not so bad as ngk bp6es spark plug but still fouls.
  7. Took a picture of plug 4 after idling for 5 to 6 mins. This time is a hotter plug. Question can i get thosr valve seals from any supplier or should i stick to the parts that california datsun used to rebuilt my engine?
  8. My question is crystal clear. Anyway of determining which is the part that is damaged without removing the head?
  9. ok here is the diagram or picture of the engine. After removing the valve cover how can you determine if its the valve seals, seats, guides or valves that are torn? Visually how? I wouldnt like to spend 500 usd in parts which are not damaged.
  10. Done. I guess we are now ready to open and inspect the valve seals. Any video or instruction on how to accomplish this?
  11. Plug closing has not recur. However i recently installed a set of NGK BP5ES and after 5 minutes of warming, plug 4 came out fouled in dry black oil. I will do a test drive tonight. Saturday i am opening the valve cover. I will not spend US$500 in a set of new valve, guides, seals and seats just for the sake of eliminating all posibilities.
  12. ok. Just soaked it with carb cleaner. Makes ticking noise if shaken and you can blow in one direction.
  13. Just got an email from California Datsun. Company argues that such head is perfect and it should not have any problems at all. My problem is either electrical o fuel delivery? I already did the electrical test as you advised and i see small blue spark, whats left then before i open the valve cam cover?
  14. Spark plug in cylinder 4 is fouling. Could it be attributable to bad PCV Valve? How do i check and clean PCV Valve? Can you run car with rubber plug replacing PCV Valve to determine fouling cause?
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