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  1. Still undecided on the path to choose. MSA ceramic header or dual electric fans. Any benefits from dual electric fans?
  2. Yes i will find out about this. My engine block is E88. I also took some pictures where you can have a glimpse of the heat shield, phenolic spacers and heat shield extension for your reference. No bubbles at the fuel filter.
  3. How do you clean those passages? Do you need to remove the engine from the car?
  4. Ok as i said before my car has a champion 3 row radiator with 16lbs rad cap and original 1972 datsun plastic fan cluch with msa shroud. It also has the phenolic spacers between the SU rounded 3 screws and additional heat shield. How come some users here have tackled this heat problem without spending more than 500usd in electric fans, shroud , thermoswitch and alternator?
  5. So at the end what is the remedy? Just spend 400 usd in MSA fans and shroud and a new alternator?
  6. Focus on a way to remove that heat from the carburetors.
  7. Not at all site. I thought one of the valve seals was broken and changed both of them. Problem had nothing to do with the engine. Problem arises when car starts misfiring after long stop and go traffic. Too much heat in the manifold.
  8. Shrouded fans?? I read in other forums about Spal fans? Can you point out which model and setup
  9. Car has a 160 degree thermostat, original plastic blade fan clutch and champion 3 row radiator. Still struggling with percolation during stop and go traffic in Panama. I have been advised to install electric fans with thermoswitch to tackle this. Will this be the final and concrete solution to my problem?
  10. Still dont see any comments regarding my pictures?
  11. Can you point out what is your suggestion? My thermostat is rated 160 degrees so it should keep the car cool during stop and go traffic situations. I took this recent pictures for your reference.
  12. Can you point out which line and how should i plug it?
  13. Yes the heater core was removed. Too hot in Panama. Asides the Gen 2 Mini ac system neede space inside the dashboard. What do you recommend?
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