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  1. jalexquijano

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

  2. jalexquijano

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Mechanic says the carbs could suck fresh air at idle instead of the hot air trapped under the hood during idle and it could help avoiding the plugs getting sooty
  3. jalexquijano

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Should the compression test be done after running the car or with the engine cold?
  4. jalexquijano

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Well i made my order on ebay of both parts. Hope it solves the 4h cylinder issue of getting the ngk BP6ES spark plug black during idle at stop lights and traffic jams. Anyway i did a compression test yesterday with the engine cold and all cylinders measured 100 psi. So there should be no problems. Mechanic says in shoulf get an air conditioner or washing machine hose and tie wrap it to the mouth of the orange airbox and the other end through one of the holes near the air dam so it can suck fresh air at idle and avoid this situation. What do you think
  5. jalexquijano

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Ok. Ill make my purchase on ebay right away. Shipping does affect the overall price sometimes.
  6. jalexquijano

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Should i purchase these ones? They dont have brass terminals.
  7. jalexquijano

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    I have the original old hitachi dizzy
  8. jalexquijano

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Which one should i buy? Bosch brand only?
  9. jalexquijano

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Okay. As a recent update, after 2 weeks of not driving my 240z due to business trip to Athens, i decided to crank the engine yesterday, with the choke pulled to 3/4 for 45 secs and once the engine warmed i took to 100 mph at the highway. No backfire at the intake or at the exhaust even when releasing the gas pedal at 2nd gear going down hill. Nice aceleration. I took some pictures of plugs 4 and 2 for your ready reference. Do you think they look good? Or should i open the floats again in order to attempt to get the 1/16th below the nozzle at 2.5 turns clockwise? The actual measurements are the following: 3.75 turns clockwise for the front carb and 3.65 turns clockwise for the rear carb.
  10. jalexquijano

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    I can try this test. Distributor cap and rotor are not ngk believe me. Its some aftermarker brand cap and rotor i bought 2 years ago.
  11. jalexquijano

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Ok. The only spark plug that turns sooty black is number 4. I would not like to invest money and labour on rectifying and changing all the valve stems and valves if it is not needed and it wont solve my problem.
  12. jalexquijano

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Ngk blue wires are new. Rotor and cap are also new. I even have a pertronix ignitor installed there. Guessing will not solve the equation.
  13. jalexquijano

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    3.75 front and 3.65 rear carb. I guess that in order to set it both carbs to 2.5 turns i will need to close the gap between the float and the float lid more. Just if one is obessed with the 2.5 turns clockwise i guess. Car is running fine. Now i neee to deal with plug number 4 which has always been the problem and trying the car at long idle time during traffic
  14. jalexquijano

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Ill do as Paul Mcartney wrote in one of abbey road's songs "step on the gas and wipe that tear away......."
  15. jalexquijano

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    I use atf but my can try 3 in one motor oil to see if it gets better at low speed.

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