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  1. Plugs 4, 5 and 6 after 5 to 7 mins stop and go traffic today! What next? Ngk Bp5es spark plugs!!
  2. I talk to the owner of the business and he said that engine was built perfectly.
  3. Yes. Guy used to race a datsun 240z in the 80s in Panama. I have a pertronix ignitor with module.
  4. Maybe i should try a hotter plug bp5es in that cylinder instead of bp6es
  5. Hi Mark, I did noticed yesterday while cruising the car and then keeping the car in idle for 15 to 20 minutes that temperature raised to 3/4 of the temperature gauge. Mechanic argues that water should run through the rear of the carbs. This is non sense as i dont have the heater installed any longer and the manifold valve. This was shut down to reduce heat. Should in purchase and install a new damper and verify timing is at 12 btdc? I still wonder why plug is turning black at idle.
  6. Yes and Yes. Car does run better and no backfire in 2nd and 3rd gear when lifting the gas pedal. The owner of the shop who assisted knows a good deal of mechanics and used to race car a modified 240z in the 80s with triple solex carburetors. He recommends the following: 1. The damper must be changed to determine if the timing is correct. 12 BTDC was recommended. 2. There is something going on in the balance tube which causes the 4th cylinder to turn out black compared to the other ones. Still to be determine swapping the vacuum hose to other port in the balance tube, if possible.
  7. Same plug still black. So i lost time and money. Time to pull the cylinder head out?
  8. Just changed but seals. Lets see the outcome. I did not noticed the seals broken.
  9. Finally took the car to a friend's garage to change the valve seals on cylinder 4. He argues that its not oil but gasoline on the spark plug ring and that its due to the lack of vacuumn at such cylinder. This doesnt make much sense. Nevertheless, we will change the seal to see whats going on inside.
  10. Ok. Dday is tomorrow. Im removing the valve cam and connecting an air compressor to cylinder number 4 to keep the valve from falling. Any caution or consideration i should take in the process. I really need a guide in order to get this thing right change the seals and avoid opening any pandora box, sort of a step 1 , 2 and 3 guide.
  11. Ok. Question: why does it gets oily and dark when the car is idling for long periods while the other dont?
  12. So theres no other way out other than changing the seals?
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