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  1. 3 click issue showed up again and now when the engine was fully warmed. Solenoid replacement? Any good brand?
  2. I guess this is better answer
  3. Both of the horns, low and high tone, in my 72 240z sound fine but provided the engine is running at idle. If the engine is shut the sound is very thin and barely noticeable. What could be the cause for this? Worn relay?
  4. It still overheats in heavy traffic conditions. I read that this L Series engine with carbs suffer from this and that at idle plugs get sooty. Apparently the only remedy is to install electric pusher fans. But which one would you recommend?
  5. thanks! Just some cleaning with brass brush and battery terminal wire and everything was solved.
  6. I also noticed that the tone of the horn is low when the car engine is shut
  7. Thanks Pat. How can i double check this to be sure its not another part.
  8. I am noticing that everytime i try to crank the engine on my 72 240z when is cold i hear 2 to 3 clicks. I do open the choke to 3/4 but somehow i can still listen to those clicks failing to crank the engine. Battery was bought 6 months ago but i normally crank the car once a week every sunday. Starter may be failing? Once the engine cranks and i shut it when i crank again there is no more clicks as it starts up right away. Where do i check? I didnt had these problem before.
  9. Ill have to remove the wheel again and get under the car to take more pictures. My dad advised me never to get under a car alone. If the car jack and support fails im dead and nobody will be there to help me out.
  10. Just did the plumbing 2 days ago replacing the in and out 5/16 hoses and clamps with Gates branded fuel hoses. I have attached pics for reference. While i was there i was thinking if it was also worth replacing the complete electric pump harness that comes from under the fuse box. Is it really worth the effort?
  11. Is this the best and most resistent fuel hose Brand? Any other options?
  12. I need the full list of hoses. I could only manage to take pictures of some of them.
  13. I refer specifically to this one that is breaking and is installed to the input of the airtex 8012s elecric fuel pump before the filter as shown. Asides from this i will need a list of each and every fuel hose for the complete 1972 240z. I am travelling to miami and would like to source locally.
  14. Can you confirm the precise diameter for this hose is 5/16"?