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  1. Ill have to remove the wheel again and get under the car to take more pictures. My dad advised me never to get under a car alone. If the car jack and support fails im dead and nobody will be there to help me out.
  2. Just did the plumbing 2 days ago replacing the in and out 5/16 hoses and clamps with Gates branded fuel hoses. I have attached pics for reference. While i was there i was thinking if it was also worth replacing the complete electric pump harness that comes from under the fuse box. Is it really worth the effort?
  3. Is this the best and most resistent fuel hose Brand? Any other options?
  4. I need the full list of hoses. I could only manage to take pictures of some of them.
  5. I refer specifically to this one that is breaking and is installed to the input of the airtex 8012s elecric fuel pump before the filter as shown. Asides from this i will need a list of each and every fuel hose for the complete 1972 240z. I am travelling to miami and would like to source locally.
  6. Can you confirm the precise diameter for this hose is 5/16"?
  7. this is not a fuel hose! I should replace all of these hoses in my car. Anyone has a list of the hoses, diameter and sizes for 1972 240z
  8. Looking for 5/16 or .31 inch fuel tank to electric pump. Will this work?
  9. Would you use other type of clamps instead of these ones to avoid any hose cracking?
  10. I have a spare hose and two clamps. Will this suffice?
  11. I recently noticed the gas hose that goes from the tank to the fuel pump rated 0.31 inch is beginning to crack. Should i consider replacing the hose and using other type of clamps to avoid this happening again?
  12. I refer to removing the hose, cutting and reattaching it without spilling all the fuel on my hands. My tank is half full.
  13. Last time i removed that hose it was a complete disaster and spill of gas all over. Do i really need to cut it and tighten again?