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    early 260 z , body stock,1983 L28 motor, 1983 auto tranny,1971 su carbs , jet hot header,e 46 intake manafold,1979 zx distributor 12/80 module, plus lots of ect stuff,exterior color deep jewel green,interior color butter scotch, mint condition

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  1. Stanley mine was the opposite ! I balanced the carbs on a cool day early summer and it idled great ran fine . then on a hot humid day it idled poorly but ran great, I have all ways balanced several time a year as weather changed .maybe it was just a little on the lean side the hole time for a smooth idle. for the mixture adjustment I used the color tune ,I also tried to used the lifting pins on the sides of the 4 bolt su carbs to raise the piston a little for the change in rpms but my engine never really reacted like the ones you see on u tube so that is why I all ways went with the color tune for the readings. I was originally around 2 1/4 turns down approx. now both are 2 5/8 turns down and much better all around.
  2. thank for the suggestion Jonathanrussell I will keep that in mind about the heat shield.I know the headers put out a lot of heat and that is also been on my mind. I went with the jet hot headers as it is supposed help with the heat but it still gets hot anyway . I do not drive the z when it is to hot out as I removed the a/c 20 years ago,and with only 2 open windows as you know these cars can get hot on the inside. now my 1971 air cleaner does not have the ducts for summer or winter modes and I all ways thought about bringing the air in from the front of the car so as to try to decrease the heat in the engine area. but I do not know if the su carbs have enough suction to pull the air from all the way from the front of the car back to them. so now when you drive the z will it be like ram air and run to lean and maybe run to rich at idle? right now as of today the z is running great if not perfect but the temps today were in the mid to upper 70s. the next hot day I will take it out and see it being a 1/4 turn lean was my problem.the plugs were a little more on the white side then the pictures I posted but the tips still had a tan color to them . it ran great off line ,mid range ,top end , I never thought about it being lean at idle! maybe one day I look into the header wrap also but the jet hot headers look so nice!
  3. hi Mark, I check the turns down on both carbs and the front was 2 3/4 turns down and the rear was 2 1/2 turns down . so I set both at 2 5/8 turns down and re balanced both carbs and it runs perfect now. I guess the previous setting was a 1/4 turn up lean and maybe that is why the weather was affecting the idle [some days richer when warmer and some days leaner when cooler] thanks again for the advise on checking with the choke as far as being to lean . also it looks like my floats are set perfect .kind regards
  4. Mark thank for the help !! I let you know tomorrow how far out the mixture screws are . I also remember spending some time setting up the floats I think they should be good.
  5. mark if I am not mistaken turning the screws out will run richer I turned them out a 1/4 turn more
  6. I use the 3-1 oil from any hardware store I believe mark it is a 10w oil
  7. I was about 2 1/2 down, but I would have to check again when I pull the air box off for easy access to them . but I think about 2 3/4 down now but I am guessing. great idea never thought about checking with the choke!! l will let you know tomorrow on the turns down kully
  8. well I tried marks suggestion checking the choke and when I pulled the choke on a little it was idling better so I richen both carbs a 1/4 turn down and rebalanced the carbs and it is a lot better . must have been a little lean for the L28 motor. also the temps are a lot cooler here now but still have the humidity .I so she runs a lot better now with the rpms idling in gear at 675 and pretty steady with barely any shacking of the motor. I put 20 miles on the car today and pulled the plugs to see what is going on . here are the pictures you asked for mark the plugs from left to right are 6,5,4,3,2,1 thanks
  9. yes I have the stock air intake and filter ,has a jet hot header with a heat shield installed. siteunseen do you feel any king of rumble at a traffic light?
  10. the plugs are on the white side with very little tan color on the tip of the white element. stock cam , as I think now it does idle a little better when cold , very really use the choke to start it . I can not tell you about the metering needles never pulled them out . bought the set of rebuilt carbs back in 1997 from motorsport auto and never played with them except to set up and adjust them . I adjusted the valves about 2000 miles ago and the bp6es I put in about 500-700 miles ago and gap them at 45 thousand for the high output ignition [ msd 6al]. this problem has all ways been there but never really chased it as most of the little time I take it out is on really nice cool days and it idles great . I drove it today with the temps up in the low 80s here with the humidity also up in the 70s and that is when it acts up. so when I drove it today I would stop at a traffic light I could feel the motor shaking a little, not going to stall at all but not smooth either. the last time I sink the carbs were back in the spring when the temps were in the 60s and low humidity it ran great and idle very smooth. so I started thing today about the temp changes if this would affect the carb function .
  11. I have a question for the carb guys, when I adjust / sink my carbs it idles smooth. then on another day when it is humid out and the temps change it idles rough. I can not seem to find the sweet spot with weather, I think it is weather related ? off line no stumble, mid range and top end pulls great it is just at idle? my idle rpm is 730 rpms in gear and it does not matter in gear or out or gear it does not idle smooth. plugs are perfect color , my timing is 15btdc with vacuum plugged. any thoughts would help just like to have a smoother idle. thanks
  12. hello again, just looking for some help on my vent switch. the switch does not want to go to the off position but cycles through the bilevel, floor, and vent. it does go to the defrost position but is hard to push there. but it does go so just looking some help on what parts to order for the fix kind regards
  13. I just did the upgrade several days ago with the kia blower motor very nice works much better. I used a drill with a grinding stone and ground down about 1/8" all the way around the opening. I removed the glove box also before grinding . I also changed all the vent hoses / heater hoses at the same time . took about 1 -1/2 hours . great upgrade thanks
  14. if anybody is interested I replaced my Michelin tires mxv4 size 205/60r15 with the new Continental tire true contact tour size 195/65r15 yesterday. it transformed my ride from a ruff stiff ride to a smooth glass like ride . well worth the change and no more feeling like I am in a go cart. the new continental tire is like 5 lbs a tire less in weight .
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