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    early 260 z , body stock,1983 L28 motor, 1983 auto tranny,1971 su carbs , jet hot header,e 46 intake manafold,1979 zx distributor 12/80 module, plus lots of ect stuff,exterior color deep jewel green,interior color butter scotch, mint condition

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  1. I think the one on the left is the interlock relay but the other 2 are unknow
  2. I am now looking to clean up the engine bay, and I have what looks like 3 relays mounted on the firewall. they are behind the glove box. the car is an early 1974 datsun 260z. I would like to get rid of them if they are not need. thanks
  3. looks good what are you going to control with the switch
  4. here is a pictured of the 2 gang rocker switch . captain obvious how did you make out with the same project?
  5. yes, I think they look great to. I also see you have to hole between the rear defogger and the seat belts light. I plan to install a small led pilot in that location to let me know the cooling fan is running. I am planning to wire it off of the manual bypass switch for the fan.
  6. I think cutting the hole should be no problem with patience. the switch does have over lapping sides for the clips to hold and I will probably beef up the oem plate from the underside with a plastic plate. maybe cut down on the clips [shorter]and glue the bottom plate on to the oem plate before cutting for switch size. it was all that I could find in that size for a 2 gang switch, the rest well full size or single mini switches. I thought about the round rocker switch but if this 2 gang is done right it might look the best for what is out there to buy.
  7. thanks for the help zed head, I hope I did it the right way!
  8. I chased for years with the same problem. I also did the Technototytunning tension rods and there front adjustable lower control arms . mine was more of speeds around 65mph was the worst. the only shake I get now is when the car sits to long [ like 1-2 months sitting ] then I will need to warm up the tires for 2-3 miles then it is perfect. the tires must get a flat spot after sitting for a while. as I found out any thing that shakes or has play will effect it. I spent several years chasing that problem, changing and replacing all those parts until 1 day I was under the car and saw that little bubble of under coating down under the drivers seat. it was a 6" x6" rust starting and weaken the floor board. since I change that whole floor board things are perfect now. but like you ever part I changed was for the better and I can not tell you how many alignments and balancing jobs I had done . do not give up you will find it and then you will say $^!# that was it .
  9. well, I have been looking around captain obvious and found a 2 gang rocker switches panel mounted. the web site is parts express and the product # is 069-226. they are rated 12v/125v at 10amp.so for 12v purpose I would have no problem with them controlling relays. I did measure the console in the car where the blank plate is. it looks close to removing the 2 raised portions that represent each switch. that would give it a cleaner look and the rockers are black with white symbols. I am going to order 2, 1 for a spare as they are on clearance and they are the only switches I can find molded together and mini size. let me know what you think .
  10. I really like to keep the stock lights and stuff. I was taking some measurements for the defogger switch in the large location as I have a spare center console in storage. it will clip in a little different as far as the support [snap in]. I was looking at round rocker switches this morning and thought installing 2 in the blank location. 1 for the fog lights and 1 for the electric fan override switch. that blank plastic filler cover has raised edges to look like the switch. I also was looking at a 2 gang rocker switches that are panel mounted. but so far I can not seem to find the size that is needed. I measured the opening in the spare console and it is 1-7/8" long buy 1-7/16" wide. I am going to find something I just need to spend the extra time on the internet. I will post what I have come up with also .
  11. I had the same problem like you, and I did change ever thing from rack, to struts, to bushings, tie rods, and even springs. it turn out my drivers side floor board was week with some rot starting and since I replace the floor pan the car is perfect now!!!
  12. thanks for the answer, it will be controlling a relay so there will be no load on the switch. I was also thinking the switch will fit the length and I will just have to cut the width on the blank plastic plate. it will be about as original as I can get.
  13. I guess I will have to do what s30 driver suggested and fab something up with a Dremel tool. thanks
  14. I found a 1974 260z rear defogger switch for sale but I am not sure and even the seller was not helpful if it will work for the fog lights. I do not know if it is just a switch or if it has maybe a built in resistor?
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