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    early 260 z , body stock,1983 L28 motor, 1983 auto tranny,1971 su carbs , jet hot header,e 46 intake manafold,1979 zx distributor 12/80 module, plus lots of ect stuff,exterior color deep jewel green,interior color butter scotch, mint condition

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  1. these green led bulbs are about the same brightness as when I did install the 4w incandescent ones 20 years ago. just green in color to match the lens in the gauge, and the dimmer works the same.
  2. hi Steve, yes those are the ones, and bright thanks
  3. well, I did finish the speedo and tach with the non -polarity type led bulbs and all is working. if anybody is going to do the upgrade with the leds for the gauges it seems that the non- polarity is a must. thanks for all the help
  4. yes, I did order 22.5mm long. there was not many to choices in the green color from what I can see, and a few were not dimmable. the Keiurot brand were the only one on amazon that were non polarized and dimmable besides the one I found on the superbright web site.
  5. I did find the brand Keiurot brand on amazon with different colors. I did order the green color they are non -polarity so they should work cheaper than superbright with the prime shipping. they have some good reviews so time will tell.
  6. thanks for the help, but I did start with the green color so I would not have to remove the lens. but I did just find on super bright web site the non- polarized green led replacements. I will look around a little more before I order. when I do install the new led bulb, I will let everybody know how I made out with the install. I really find it hard to believe Nissan would wire the speedo gauge in reverse, that just does not make any sense. thanks
  7. I did just check and the ba9s led bulbs that I am using are polarity sensitive. I will need to look into a non-sensitive green led bulb if there are any out there to be had. like steve said the last 2 are in the speedo and must be wired backwards. good call steve . thanks kully
  8. thanks for the help, but with only being able to work from under the dash because of the dash cover it might be almost impossible to change the sockets. I did use your suggestion steve on the auxito h4 headlight bulbs with great success and I did change all the rest to led bulbs with no problem, except I did leave the turn signals original.
  9. hi Steve, I did some research and read you reviews on the led bulb, and I did order the same ones that you used from amazon the green duabhoi brand. and I did not find them polarity sensitive.
  10. thanks zed head, I know there is no flasher. if there was one, they would most likely just stay on all the time and not blink. I did get down to 2 -3w bulbs left and changed 1 of the 2 to the led type and then the dash lights went out! so I installed the old bulb in the same socket and bingo they all came back on!
  11. the 260z sockets have its own ground wire. I changed the 3 smaller gauges with no problem to led bulbs. and no problem with them working and dimming. I managed to remove the tach sockets from under the dash and when I installed the first led, it was working but when I installed the second led bulb nothing. I did have only 1 bulb working in the speedo as the bottom bulb was not working. I did try to bypass the dimmer with a jumper and nothing. but I did manage to change the bad bulb in the speedo that was not working but I went back to the 4w bulb. I would have thought with the low power draw from the leds that bypassing the dimmer would have worked. thanks for the help so far.
  12. thanks I did get them out but when I changed to led they will not light because of the low power draw . any why to bypass the dimmer?
  13. I am trying to change the bulbs on the speedo meter and the tach meter and I have a dash cover, so I can't remove the guage. but I removed the center dash where the flip down light is and removed the heater flex hose. and now can reach the sockets but do they just pull out or twist out? thanks
  14. with my auto tranny in drive it does shift quick from 1st -2nd gear, it is when going from 2nd -3rd gear with light throttle its lazy. now with more throttle the lazy shift is gone. these trannys also shift from 1st -2nd gear quite fast like about 7-9 mph into 2nd gear. I would like it to stretch out a little further if this shift kit would do that. but now if I whale the car and want the rpms to reach 5500 I would need to shift manually. I have been having a problem with this tranny in the last 2 months that the rear tail shaft seal is leaking tranny oil. I did change the seal twice and resealed the drive shaft yoke which helped. but it still drips several drops of oil when I park the car in the garage overnight. the transmission store it my town thinks it could be the inner tail shaft seal or possible a clog vent. but if it is the inner seal the tranny will have to come out to remove the tail shaft and change the inner seal. that is why if the tranny has to be taken out, I might as well install the kit. but I also don't want to build too much pressure and have another leak also. I can't find out how much more pressure we are talking about. I would ask the shop owner, but they closed this week for a vacation.
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