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280Z pedal box in a 240Z


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In a search for better brake booster options, I'm considering swapping a 260/280Z pedal box into my '72 240Z. Obviously the brake booster and clutch master bolt holes will have to be redrilled, but I'm not sure on the other mounting points. 


Do the two holes near the steering column line up with the top set of the 4 holes in 240Z box? If not, does the sizing of the assemblies work out such that I could just drill four new holes in the correct spot for the dash attachment? Are there any other mismatches that would make this more work than its worth? 

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I’ll put the two side by side and post a picture and you can decide. 

My guess is there is enough dimensional difference that it would not be worth the effort. What exactly is your problem with the  current setup?

There is a booster rebuilder somewhere in the US that can make your present booster new again.  Search for “Brake Booster rebuild datsun”

MSA and probably Zcardepot sell alternative boosters. 

Even going with a more aggressive pad compound (hawk or porterfield has some options for stock brakes) 


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Here are pics of them side by side. 280 box is obviously wider (larger booster), yes two holes under the dash at the front vs 4. 280 box is also deeper from fire wall to dash mount.  The two tabs that stick out the side look about the same. 









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Wow, thank you for the thorough pictures! Someone local to me has one for sale, so I might grab it and see how much work it will take to adapt. Worst case scenario I can always sell it. 

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The pedal box is from a 75. No changes on this piece in the 280 year range that I’m aware of. Maybe check the parts fiche to be sure, but can’t think of anything 77-78 specific that would affect it.

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52 minutes ago, Captain Obvious said:

The 260/280 steering column is different than the previous years, but I don't know if they moved the mounting points as part of the changes.

I have not tried one in the other either, just looking at the pic's it looks like the mount holes are further back as the 260/280 box is notably different. 

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Yes, they do differ. These aren't the stock columns, but Silvermine matches the stock mount points, so it works for comparison. 


I plan on going power steering anyway, so if the wheel mount is the only difference, I could just pick up a 280Z column instead. I think I might be able to just make the 4 matching holes in the 280z pedal box, though.


I've never actually removed my dash or steering column from the car. The two pictures below are of the two dash frames. First is a 280Z, and the second is a RHD 240Z. They both only seem to have two holes in the steering column area, presumably for the top set of mount holes in the case of the 240Z, since its bracket is lower. 


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