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  1. Datsun Spirit owner Eiji Hosomi paid me a nice compliment yesterday at the ZCON judged car show. I was grabbing some much needed shade and rest after the first round of judging (my inaugural participation) and Eiji came up and asked if he could ask some questions about my restoration. He's had a lot of problems with the aftermarket door seals and wanted to know how I handled it. I told him about Kia Sportage seals - either new or from salvage, and you should have seen his eyes when he operated the doors and found them closing so smoothly. We also looked at my innovation on the hatch outer seal and he was surprised at how easily my hatch closes with the PRP repro inner seal because he's also had problems there. We covered several other areas of the car and had a great conversation. He's a big fan of 14" wheels with tall aspect ratio tires and factory springs to provide a comfortable ride. Really a neat guy and one I'd like to spend more time with. (Yes, I ended the sentence with a preposition.)
  2. Brian passed away last night in his home in Auckland surrounded by his family. He was a good friend and mentor to some here. He was very knowledgeable about 240 Zeds and was very willing to share that knowledge and to help anyone who asked. We met on this site and when we traveled to New Zealand in 2011 he and his wife, Sheryl, welcomed us with open arms. I'll never forget the luncheon given to us by the New Zealand Z Car Club organized by Brian or the personal tour around Auckland. He was a gentle true spirit and I will miss him very much. He is finally pain-free. He had fought prostate cancer, heart problems and injuries from a construction accident which damaged his shoulders (in true Brian-like fashion he put power steering in his Zed so he could still drive it). Rest in Peace old friend. See you on the other side. Mike
  4. It's my new project! Steve thank you for your original sharing of this ebay find. I originally went to see it due to it's proximity to me thinking parts car at best due to the perception of rust having taken over. I found that the rust you see is the rust you get with the exception of just above the frame rails in the front wheel wells. The floors are solid the fuel tank looks solid. I attribute this to sitting inside the heated garage. Original wheel covers, within the first 5000, all original parts intact. I am stoked for the restoration of this series one car. This is an original owner 50,000 car with a story to tell. Would this be considered a "Barn Find"?
  5. 2nd Place 280z Daily Driver | First Place Stock 240z |2nd Place 240z Daily Driver JFA Luck rubbing off on the table!
  6. Took the stripes off. Looks better now. Before After
  7. A little pseudo time lapse... Whew!
  8. I was at @Careless's shop today giving him a hand with the windshield and vinyl trim, thought some of you guys might like to see the progress.
  9. Got my '77 out from a year long selfish hibernation. I love my 240 but I'm gonna have to cheat on the old car and get back in the 280. Rebuilt it then bought my first 240 and put the 280 on "the shelf" but after driving it an hour or so today it's back in play. I love those cars, different feel but a good comfortable one. Better brakes too. I have some ZX flat tops I'm thinking I'll put in under the N42 head. Should wake it up a little plus I'll definately get the 225mm flywheel lightened or maybe find an aluminum one. I think, my opinion!, that's the best bang for the buck. Having been raised up on quick revving motorcycles the aluminum I put in the 2.4 is like a motorcycle with a bit more protection. I'm looking forward to my new project! And of course I'll be posting plenty as I go.
  10. Hi Kats, I got some time to work on a proof of concept for the retaining collar. Since this is just proof of concept, I took several shortcuts. For example, I did not drill and thread the center and I made the taper collar out of aluminum instead of steel because it is easier to work with. I also made the angle 45 degrees instead of 60 degrees because that is how my lathe was set-up and I didn't want to change it. None of those affect the viability of a test of the retaining feature. So here is my test rig: I included a slight undercut on the shoulder and a small counterbore on the taper to provide material to forge into place to retain the collar. I'm not sure it was really necessary, but I'm just making this up as I go: I tested the viability first with the portion through the ring longer than necessary so I could see the change in material from the forging operation. Here is the first forging on the press, using a hardened bearing race as the forging tool: It worked quite well to retain the tapered ring. Here's the displaced material. Under magnification, you can see a small amount of flared out material at the corner of the shoulder: And here's the part after the second forge test. I cut off the original forged area and did it again with the shoulder cut off closer to the ring. It's not perfect as the surfaces don't line up exactly, but I believe someone who really knows what they are doing could adjust a couple dimensions and hit it spot on. Maybe even I could hit it after one or two more test parts:
  11. Finally got my son to give me a hand installing the 3.1......it'll be running soon!
  12. Hi all, I am posting this for a fellow member @stanleyp. He sent me a reply today when our club sent him a happy birthday message. It looks like he cannot drive the car anymore and would like to sell it to a club member. Here's some info about the car. It looks like a very well kept, low mileage, S30 in yellow (my favorite color). You can call Stanley at 315-633-2421. I should have more pics from him soon. His listed price is $19,500 OBO. One owner: Original motor with triple Weber's and K&N air filters, High performance Mallory High-Fire distributor, Coil and ignition module, New tires on original Mag rims, New high performance shocks and custom exhaust system, New fuel delivery and return system with high volume "pusher" pump. Engine compression over 180 psig in all six cylinders. Automatic transmission complete overhaul and rebuild, i.e., manually shift thru three gears or let the automatic do it for you. A great classic high power show car. Appraised by NY state appraiser at $25,000. Standard Oil Changes, Garage Kept, Accident Free, Clean, Non-Smoker. Year: 1971 Manufacturer: Datsun Model / Trim: 240Z Condition: Good Location: Kirkville, NY 13082 Mileage: 89,000 miles (143,231 kms) Doors: 2 Engine: 6 Cylinder Transmission: Automatic Exterior: Yellow Interior: Black
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  14. Photobucket has gone downhill lately. I was recently browsing pictures on their site and there were WAAAYY to many ads. It was frustrating so I just closed the website. Guys, picture hosting on our club is FREE for members. You have your own albums and I back up this site every night. Take a look at our photos area, you'll be very pleased with the way it works. My favorite is the way you can drag and drop multiple pictures into a gallery without compressing, or resizing, the images. I can host images at no cost because we own the server and do not pay overages for storage or bandwidth. Most other sites have gone to a pay system because they are hosting their servers on the cloud. Cloud servers are convenient, but, cost too much money in the long run. I also do this for a living, which is why I know how to make it work.
  15. My headliner "tricks" list 1. Clean the roof metal ceiling very thoroughly. Leave no fuzz from the old insulation. 2. put a bit of masking tape in the center of the headerliner so you can line it up with the mirror and room lamp to get the same width on both sides 3. The MSA headliner is a bit wide, but you CAN tuck it in to the edge all the way around the entire ceiling. Do this so it is completely tucked all the way around. Lots of rubbing with pressure to the outside. 4. Oh yes, my best trick. Make a piece of 1/8 plywood or 18-20ish gauge sheet metal, 33" x4". Once the headliner is up and tucked smooth and centered, stuff this slab up there and get it wedged up tucked in just like the headliner, front and back so it bowes upward and holds the headliner in place tight to the ceiling in the middle. Take a look at it and think "I could attach stuff to that bar! It looks cool!" 5. Bring down half of the headliner at a time. Apply glue to both sides. No wait! Apply masking tape to the perimeter of the ceiling at least 2", or even 3-4. the glue. IE, no glue around the edges! You will never get the edges tucked back in if there is glue near the edge! The MSA headliner is stiff enough so there is no need for glue on the edges. 6. After correct tack time, start pushing the headliner to the ceiling from the center outward. Once all the glue area is contacted, then tuck in the edges. 7. Repeat for the other side, remove the wood/metal spline. 8. Begin all this by going to a pro upholstry shop and ask for some "Helmiprene 4510" for your glue. It's brush applied and killer strong once set, but can be released when green with some heat. I use it everywhere on the Z and 510. Go Pro Joe!
  16. Okay, got the sleeve on, thought I'd post a few pics. Put thin coat of silicone on inside of sleeve, and pressed it on. I suppose a mallet would have worked too if careful. Ready to go.
  17. I saw me! Great video. So this is what a bird sees right before he poops on my hood.
  18. This is a special time for me. This month is the 40th birthday for my 280z. What a perfect time to celebrate that event, spend time with the greatest of friends, and take home a 2nd place award. Here are some of the pictures from a great week .... The Tuesday wash 100 degrees The Oasis show & judging Mr M liked my interior Thursday's road trip to Murphys Steak House (Wow) & relaxing back at the Hilton bar Flat Tops at Circuit of the America's Track (A record Zup will hold forever) Track staging ... (103 degrees) Group Photo Shoot Peoples Choice show Awards Dinner & big surprise for me Jim loading Mike W's spare & heading home from Mike's driveway Back home for 2nd Awards dinner
  19. Kats, The original throttle shaft bearing design was doomed to wear from day one. And for that matter, all carburetors have a similar problem; the metal of the shaft and the carburetor body is 'soft' metal which will wear excessively with the constant use. I believe that they were designed that way to prevent binding. Throttle shafts machined from a harder alloy with a similar alloy bushing will work just as well as the bearing arrangement that ZTherapy provides. I have even seen throttle shafts plated to compensate for wear. In both cases, either design, I would recommend occasionally oiling the bushing / bearing with some penetrating oil. Your re-builds look fantastic. It is great to see such a delicious set of early carburetors. Engine jewelry!
  20. "So honey , I bought another Z today" instant response ," you've got to be fu@£NIH kidding me " anyone else have this conversation-lol Anyway, didn't see this one coming but it's landed in my lap. # 4858 , 5/70 build date. Still not even to my house yet and I've spent a total of 15 minutes looking at it. Too many unknowns to answer anything specific , but it's definetly fixable . Actually in pretty decent shape- respective of its age. Update this when I get it home .
  21. And since motion is such an important part of the concept, here's a video of the prototype rig:
  22. excellent day today, cherry popped! the pig got a bath and 8 miles on the odometer. the suspension is very nice and tight, throttle response is good, but the brake prop valve needs a little tuning. going to do a few more miles tomorrow, get some fuel and then sunday plug in the tracking software for the a/f ratio meter. kind of hard to watch the meter and drive at the same time
  23. The description on those LED lights says they last 25 times longer than incandescents. Since my original factory installed incandescent bulbs have worked nicely for 46 years I'd be good for another 1,000+ years if I switched over. Might be worth the effort. Dennis
  24. Yeah, that's just not cool. Funny, but not cool!
  25. pickups fly out because the tape was removed. new post that will be something like "im not getting spark on some cylinders, why?"
  26. Incorrect. The 280Z does NOT have relays in the headlight circuit. All of the current for the headlights go through the contacts in the headlight switch. This means the contacts can foul, just like they do in the 240Z switches. Therefore, the 280Z would benefit from a conversion to relays. The catch is that the connectors changed between the 240Z and the 260Z. While Dave Irwin @Zs-ondabrain was able to source the 240Z connectors, he could not find a vendor that had the 260Z/280Z connectors. That is why there is not a plug and play solution for the 260Z/280Z. Dave has made custom relay harnesses for owners of those cars who have supplied their own connectors. Keep in mind that a voltage drop will severely curtail light output of the headlights. (https://www.danielsternlighting.com/tech/relays/relays.html) About 16 years ago I did a relay conversion to my 240Z. The voltage at the headlights (with the car off) went from 9 to 12 volts. That means the headlights were about twice as bright as before.
  27. Hey - Im new here, just in the process of restoring my 1971 Datsun 240Z, though to share it with you all. Anyone else from Toronto Canada here?
  28. And here are the pics. It looks great!
  29. whenever i need to take apart something that has small parts in it, i do it in a large, clear plastic bag that you can see through. keeps parts from flying away to that never see them again place
  30. *update* Installed the Wildwood brake kit
  31. I replaced the fuel rail with braided lines, placing them closer to the carburetors and away from all of the heat of the engine. So far, I have not been able to replicate the heat soak problem I was having before. Maybe I finally slayed the dragon.
  32. "Late to this thread but better late then never.... " Wow. I disagree. I think never would have been better than late. Your first post ever on this forum - "Nyeah Nyeah Nyeah! Pbbbbbbthhhh! My part sold for exactly what wanted, so for all you people who said anything I didn't like about my auction... you are smart a$$ with little minds or have personally problems." It might just be me, but I would rather see someone come to the forum and try to participate in some way other than simply trying to profit from it's members. Add something constructive to the community before you start trying to make money off them. I mean... I get it. I understand you're trying to sell parts for the highest price you can get. Who doesn't?? Just add something constructive to the community instead of coming here to wave your fantastic awesome success in the air and rub members noses in it, and call people names simply because they have opinions you disagree with? Never would have been better than late. @Mike
  33. Took it down to Matt's shop about 10 days ago, he got the engine performing like it never did with the old Motronic ECU when it was in the M6, scared the crap out of myself on the way home, fastest car I have ever driven! Gets a little floaty at high speed so I may have to try a splitter and/or a rear spoiler, I should probably try a bit more toe in as well. The car has been up at Jody's all week getting the wet sanding/buffing done, I will be at Zfest rain or shine, see you there.
  34. I though you were posting a picture from my thread for a minute! and on ticket me yellow! Nice progress, and I'm inclined to like your choice in colors
  35. Long night.... Clear went on beautiful. Hoping for next to no orange peel. Two quarts disappeared fast though... Didn't clear the interior. That's getting Dyna matted.
  36. Here are a couple more pictures of it... Some of them have the old rims on still, but I'm running 16 RS Watanabes now to fit the break kit. The car really evolved, I think I went a bit wild with parts when I first got it, then landed on a more refined place with it - ie. no carbon fibre hood on it anymore.
  37. Well it's been a little over a year and I am trying to get moving again. I have 15 months until Zcon Atlanta... This is the way the car currently sits I ordered $200 in bushings from Courtesy yesterday. I need to start working on getting the wheels back under it. Finding all the hardware is an issue. I need to try to figure out which bolts go where. I don't know that I have them all plated either
  38. My Fujitsubo exhaust got here yesterday. Still waiting on a few more items and then will get started on the install.
  39. Couldn't help it, I was bored during the commercials.....
  40. C'mon Euro, you gave in! Now we're just a service, like Google.
  41. Did some engine & engine bay detailing, I'm thinking it's not looking bad for 146,000 miles and engine never been out of the car.
  42. May I explain--- 75 to 80 mph heavy traffic in a 4 lane construction zone with no shoulders!! Dude in a SUV waving frantically at me from the right to get my attention--- Fought my way through the ignoramuses around me to escape at the last exit for the next 15 miles. Stopped the car and got out to inspect---flat tire passenger rear. WTF!!!! Disaster if it hadn't happened the way it did. Tire was running almost on the rim. Crippled up to a Wendy's with a convenience store next by. Asked if they had air--- although I wasn't sure that I could even move the car any further. Asked if they knew of a roadside service that I could call-- Sure--gave me the card--I called ---explained my predicament--He says "What size tires??" I say 14"?????!!!!! He says "Hell I don't know where to get them in Temple, TX.--- maybe a Walmart." Asks me where I am. "At the Wendy's/ convenience store in Temple." He says--"I'm around back working on a 18 wheeler!" Fantastic! He pulls around and breaks the tire down and removes the tip of a broken utility knife blade that has sliced my tire in the thickest part of the tread. Does the entire job "old school style" with a bead breaker spud bar, tire spoons, and an inner patch applied after flaming the inner tire area of the slice to insure a good bond. Great hard working guy that asked for $40--I gave him $50 and thanked my lucky stars the cut wasn't in the sidewall. The shot above was the next day when Scarab owner Mike Reynolds lent me his floor jack so that @Captain Obvious and his pal Gary could take me and the tire to a shop to re-balance the tire before the COTA Parade laps. Deepest appreciation and thanks to all you guys for the help!!! Zup p.s. @Mike W would not let me leave to go back home without a spare and gave me the original 14" steel rim with a brand new tire mounted on it from his 260Z before I left. Thanks again to you Mike! You all are the best there is!!
  43. Steve, Time is getting close. Unfortunately I am having the end of month money woes again. I was doing ok, until I adopted a 6 pound waif. The PO assured me that Lissa at 10 months old, had all of her puppy shots. I went by her vet to pick up the records. Short story, they only gave her one "7 in 1" shot on 1/3/17, instead of the needed series, leaving her open to illnesses. That night Lissa seemed to have a fever so I ran her to my vet in the A.M. After tests and meds issued, Lissa thankfully was not sick, to the tune of $142. There went my savings, I now have $40 in the bank. Not sure if that will get gas enough to allow me to drive to you and back home. I'll try to borrow some $. BUT, this very sweet little girl Lissa is now protected from illnesses. She is a real doll, great with all things needed, like potty training. She is just what I needed to give me sunshine once again in my life, I'm smiling a lot now. Here is a photo of her. I'll get back to you about the trip over to your house. Let me know what day will work out for you. Hopefully there will be no rain, I do not drive Redbird out in the rain. Thank you, Jai
  44. Middle names are only worth 1/2 point.
  45. Congrats guys you definitely deserve it I was driving my Z home through the second flooding of the earth could have swore an arc passed me in the left lane. good news is the old gal made it home and my wipers found speed In Those old gears they have never had before I think the Z gods were loooking out for old Zedy
  46. Modded my SM's today. Measured a new set of N27's and compared to C.O.'s numbers on this thread. One of his numbers looked like an outlier so I used mine. Also one of mine looked like an outlier so I used his. There's a better way using statistics and curve matching software, but I wanted to get it done today. Only planned to modify the first two stations anyway, to equal the N-27's so they might work better with the Hitachi nozzles. Pulled an SM and put it in my drill, used the edge of a piece of used 320 grit with a credit card as a backer. Checked it at station 1 with caliper set at 0.0950, and station 2 at 0.0940, (not that I trust the numbers in ten thousandths place) took about 5 or 10 minutes each to get from 0.0990 to 0.0950. Used some 1000 grit for a few seconds to shine them up. Unintentionally took station 3 down a little too on both needles. Only 1/4 inch from 1 to 3. It runs, will test and tune tomorrow.
  47. thank you!! i am down to (not necessarily in this order) it has been a long almost 2 years bumpers front strut brace insurance (monday) tags (monday or tuesday) test drive (after tags) .
  48. BBQ

    Whether its new cars, tools, smokers, ...etc., we need pictures or it didn't happen. I've been known to smoke brisket and chicken - haven't had any of my food rejected (yet).
  49. The word is out. ZCON 2018 will be in Atlanta! Some of what we are planning: 1. It will be in October, so we don't have to worry about melting. 2. Track day at Road Atlanta 3. Autocross and possibly karting at Lanier Raceplex (right across the street from Road Atlanta) 4. Mountain cruises - Enjoy the wonderful curves in the North Georgia Mountains.
  50. Funny you should mention peaches....just got back from Augusta this afternoon......peach daiquiris tonight!