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  1. Z cars at the Concours

    Had a great weekend at the La Jolla Concours this weekend. Brought my 1970 240Z and the roadster. This is the first year that the La Jolla show has had a Japanese Class so I had to offer my full support. It was a fabulous show as always and had a great time. The party the night before was epic and way worth high entry fee (The party is an all you can eat and drink affair catered by La Jolla's finest restaurants). Anyway, I was interviewed by the local TV station, KUSI, I will try and find a video clip of that. I also was presented the "Honorary Judges Choice Award/Trophy" which is probably the best award I have ever received. The Honorary Judge has the entire field to choose from and he chose my Z, just barely, over a Ferarri that he liked. The emphasis on the award is preservation so that definitely helped. So, I will try and post some clips if they come available. The Award presentation was absolutely phenomenal. I felt like a rock star with all the people at the drive up presentation and photographers. They talked for about two minutes about the car and the award while the gallery and photographers snapped pics. Was way cool.
  2. Anniversary Day!

    Celebrating 47 years together today. It did not start out as a "forever car", it just worked out that way.
  3. Another 280 Seat Project Completed

    Worked on rebuilding the 78 280z seats for local club member Scott M. on and off this winter. Finalized them today. Phew.... glad they are done. The leather covers are from Interior Innovations, new foams were from Classic Datsun. Ran into an issue with the closure of the seat backs... The material was about 1 1/2" too short to make it close properly over the tangs in the bottom of the seat backs. Either the manufacturer screwed up the length, or the 78 seat back frames grew and got longer. Tried every trick in the book to overcome the issue, finally had an upholstery shop sew in a extension to the leather at the seam where the reinforcement is. Worked out perfect, the fit is now tight without it trying to tear the seat material apart. This is the 2nd set of leather covers I have done from interior innovations. The first set that I did for my car 2 years ago was tight, but nothing like this. If I were to order any more covers, I would have them extent the problem area with the 1 1/2" of extra length. Overall, the leather covers are of great quality. The ones I did for my 77 z car are just coming up to 2 years and I will do a 2 year update on them very soon....
  4. Z cars at the Concours

    Yes, there were some great cars there. Mike Malamut's Mazda Cosmo took first in the Japanese class. His Mazda Rebo and a Honda sport coupe were the 2nd and 3rd place winners. The Judges graded on restoration excellence. The 2000 GT was easily the priciest car in the Japanese class and garnered a lot of attention. I would venture to say that my Z got almost as much attention as the 2000 GT. The show was very busy which blows my mind since the cost to enter is way high at $70. I usually attend the free show outside and peek through the fence at the cars inside. The cars in the show were just insane; Bugatti's old and new, Rolls Royce's and ton of Mercedes, Duesenbergs, McLarens, a 1963 Lola GT that had like an 8 man pit crew prepping it before the show, a charger Super Bird. I could go on and on. Amazing cars and a lot of fun. Glad the 240Z was well received. Oh, one other cool thing happening here: the Petersen Museum in LA ( https://www.petersen.org/) is doing a year long exhibition starting in May contrasting Japanese and US car design styles. They asked if my roadster was available to present as part of the display, so I will be loaning that out to them for a year. Nice to see the Japanese cars getting some visibility. Also nice to get some free storage . I need space
  5. Cleaned pistons and other parts

    Cliff wanted to see pictures @siteunseen
  6. So, a little feedback from my experience with redoing all the hard lines in my '73 Z, except for the fuel vent line. I went with Classic Tube's stainless steel version of their pre bent lines rather than OEM steel. I had them send me an enlarged fuel return line (5/16th) rather than the stock size. I took a fine scotch Brite pad to them to shine them up and the end result to me looks awesome. They are just the look I was going for against the blue paint, which I had just repainted in the engine bay. For each connection, I tightened and loosened about 6 times each as recommended by Classic Tube, and each connection sealed nicely. Also, threads are 10mm, but the flare nut is a 7/16". I bought, just for the occasion, a nice Snap On flare nut wrench to do the job so I didn't round any corners during all the tightening and loosening. The connections worked well. They come with nice, solid flare nuts to work with. However! I found that the lines as shipped ONLY VAGUELY resembled my original lines and in no possible way would any of them (not even one of the shortest lines) just drop into the little retainers along their paths. All of them needed major manipulation in the form of unbending and rebending to get them to sit nicely in their respective grooves. It took several days of work and very sore hands to make them work out. And in some areas deep in the back of the chassis I barely got them to fit. If I didn't just happen to be an orthodontist where I bend wire for a living, they never would have worked and I would have been completely frustrated. Stainless steel is definitely harder, but not unbendable. My biggest complaint is that I halfway was expecting the lines to just drop right in. The other half of me was thinking that must be too good to be true. In my experience, a perfect fit as shipped was too good to be true. But I was able to make it work, and the end result, I think, is beautiful.
  7. Stroker 3.1

    This is what Eiji builds......why would you get anyone else to build your engine! 34E3D945-9CB2-4720-B911-2522AB5CC0CA.MOV
  8. The Art of the Z -- running down Godzilla, no less!
  9. JDM Legends on Velocity starting in April

    I love seeing the Z love on TV, but personally, I liked the old days of cheap Z cars. Everybody who owns a ratty Z now thinks they are sitting on a gold mine. The days of building an affordable Z are unfortunately over. I think that the skyrocketing Porsche 911 market is creating the huge demand for Z cars. Those who can't spend $50k for a 911 are willing to pay $20k for a decent Z car.
  10. 1973 240Z Resto Mod for sale

    Truck transport to my house is $23,000 US (Mark’s Midnite Transport Inc). So I guess I owe you $2000?? We have a deal? PS: I’ve used this company before and I highly recommend them! [emoji6]
  11. 1973 240Z Resto Mod for sale

    I'll drop my asking price by the cost of the truck transport. Now THAT's determination.
  12. My best 260Z yet!

    Lots of small projects on the horizon. Going to start digging around for some door seals to help the doors close a little better. Passenger seat belt receiver also needs some love. Things are coming along. (: 20180414_103325.mp4
  13. No longer looking. I brought this 1975 Z home yesterday.
  14. Stroker 3.1

    Picked up the new Stroker today....my good friend Eiji buttoning up new engine. He’s amazing! Now to put her in the green 72.
  15. Good sunroof manufacturers?

    IMHO...a sunroof on a 240Z is up there with a gaudy tattoo and a first wife. All regrettable decisions in hindsight. Should you have a desire to feel the wind in your hair while driving a Datsun, get one of these:
  16. Carburetors in all the wrong places.

    I just figured he wanted to keep it original, grey and wrinkly.
  17. (Post starts on page before) Despite feeling somewhat rubbish having been getting over a virus we were accepted to take part in the members parade on Saturday morning, which while it was very much a parade was good fun. I got to at least open the car up along the pit straight out of the chicane and we heard our car being talked out over the radio so will be on the look out for the days coverage when it gets released by Goodwood. We also managed to blag circuit parking on the Sunday given how shocking the car park fields were there was no way we wanted to go anywhere near them so the car got some more expose and a fair bit of attention as well. With the weekends awful weather it was also the first snow the car has seen with us which made for some good pictures! IMG_5355 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr IMG_5408 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr IMG_5410 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr IMG_5437 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr IMG_5422 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr IMG_5464 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr IMG_5465 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr All cleaned up briefly from the weekend before being put away IMG_5468 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr Its fair to say the cars handling has transformed beyond belief and can now attack corners with far more speed and confidence, the BC's are set at very soft settings to keep things compliant so overall we're very happy with the results. Also having the adjustability that comes with the T3 control arms has meant the car is really sharp and responsive in a way that it never was. The only issues now to combat are the 1cm of play in the steering, which is linked to a worn lower UJ in the steering column. Some squeaky polybushes from the rear control arms are driving me made though! With the weather being the way it has though we've still not had a proper opportunity to really take the car out and put it more through its paces to get dialed in and familiarise ourselves with the changes. We had hoped to add anti roll bars in at the same time however unfortunately couldn't tie them in with the planned works, given the delay I've been talked into now going with Suspension Techniques anti roll bar kit which mounts off of the rear diff. In hindsight this seemed more appropriate rather than drilling holes in the chassis with no rear mounts fitted being an earlier car. On that note a big shout out to Mike and Chris on here who are both helping me out big time with getting them across the atlantic without incurring the extortionate postage quote that I received! They'll get put on in the coming months with other planned work. Any thoughts on the ride height? I'm thinking the rear could come still down a tad? IMG_5294 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr As usual I've said enough so I'll stop here, I am already working on the next stage of the project so more details will follow shortly!
  18. Well, mine was shaved. Does that count?
  19. S30 aerodynamics

    Interesting clip. Too bad there's not another one available that illustrates the flow around the back of the car, where the other half of the Z's issues reside (front-end lift being the issue at the front). I spent almost 15 years of my engineering career with a Canadian company that was one of the four world leaders in wind tunnel design in the day (the others were Sverdrup in the USA, TLT in Europe, and Meidensha in Japan). For reference, my company (DSMA International -- now reborn as Aiolos Engineering) designed and built the Porsche wind tunnel in Weissach back in the late 1980's and later designed the Williams Grand Prix Engineering wind tunnel in the early 1990's. We also worked for Volvo, SAAB, Honda, Ford USA and Europe, GM, Chrysler, Hyundai, BL Cars, as well as for clients in the aerospace and fuel/lubricants sectors. Those were interesting days. The picture of the old Nissan wind tunnel shows a rather old-fashioned design (even for its time) with an open circuit layout (affects efficiency), a small test room cross-section (affects accuracy), and the absence of an in-floor measurement 'balance' (floor/ground effect ignored, yaw measurements complicated or ignored). In terms of absolute accuracy for Cd measurements, it probably couldn't do much better than +/- 3 to 4 %. By contrast, a modern tunnel delivers +/- 1% or less. Nissan replaced this tunnel with a much larger and more capable, closed-return circuit design sometime in the late 1970's or early 1980's (it was in place and operational when I visited circa 1988). Production car aero development was in its infancy at the time when the Z was being designed. The oil embargoes in the early 1970's were what really made the industry get serious (Americans will remember the 55-mph national speed limit as another component of the 'energy crisis' days, while Nissan captured the spirit of the times with its marketing slogan, 'Datsun Saves'). There was major industry investment made in the acquisition of modern, high-accuracy/capability wind tunnels throughout the 1980's, as well as for accommodating the cost of aero test/development hours into new-model development budgets. It's all become pretty formulaic now, but that's because of all the ground-breaking work that was done in those new wind tunnels throughout the 1990's. I remember that one of the important issues that designers were trying to sort out was how to optimally locate and size the extractor vents to enable effective cabin air flow-through. As all of us Z owners know, this was something that Nissan hadn't really got a handle on when the Z was being developed!
  20. DIY Home Built Vapor Blasting/ Honing Cabinet , wetblasting

    I got another set of rough 44s. Strangely they were fully functional though. They came out amazing. Now off to have them rebuilt. I assume it gets everywhere and will need to be thoroughly cleaned and sonic bathed.
  21. SUs and pumps

    Actually, it's #3. #1 was my son's - about a dozen years ago. He thought he could restore it at the same time he was relying on it for day-to-day transportation. You can guess how that worked. I bought it off him so he could make a down payment on a car with just one special thing: a warranty. My intent was to restore, but between running two businesses and writing a book it took me years to get to it. I had the local hot-rod fraternity's auto-body shop look at it and he said it would cost a minimum $20k, and maximum $40k. That wasn't going to work. That's when I went internet shopping and found #2, the "100% rust free" '73 north of Toronto - that's about 2,500 miles from me. It turned out to be a fraud; for instance the rockers were stuffed with steel wool and fiber-glassed over. Pictures looked good. It did, as I mentioned earlier, come with a pallet-load of parts, some of which I'm going to be offering for sale once the present car is up and running. So I stripped and scrapped that body. By now I had rebuilt my son's engine, and really wanted to get on with it so I decided to search the 'net daily for a "rust free" in a desert climate. I figured if I could find three at one time in the same area, I'd fly down -- no more long distance believing everything the seller said. I did find three in Phoenix and went to have a look. The first was another fraud. The guy told me if I sent him the money, he would save me the trouble of going down, because his son was driving a truck north and would meet me at the border. When I got to Phoenix, the guy never answered the phone. Second car was pretty decent but it did have some rust bubbles above the doors and quarter windows. Not sure how that happened. The third car was a '71 Series 2 at a repair garage and was being sold because the owner had died. It ran rough, and the interior was baked from four decades in the desert, but the body was sound. When I asked about rust the guy put it on the hoist, handed me a trouble light, and said "take as much time as you need." I looked, bought, and flew back home. A few weeks later I re-habed my old race car trailer, hauled it down there, picked up the 240, and came home. Driving alone I did 5,200 km (3,200 miles) in five days, four hours. As an aside, that road trip reminded me of how much more there is to see on the road as opposed to flying. If anyone wants to take the trip, hopefully in a Z car, I recommend turning east off Interstate 15 at Cedar City, Utah onto Hwy 14 (big signs "Not recommended for semi-trucks") and connecting with Hwy 89 south to Phoenix.It is a road meant for sports cars, it rises to 10,000 feet altitude, and is quite scenic. So that's the story of Z Car 28726, which I hope to have on the road later this spring.
  22. DIY Home Built Vapor Blasting/ Honing Cabinet , wetblasting

    I added this 120v solenoid for the air. So when i use my foot pedal it turns the air and the slurry pump on. Works so much better this way. I had great luck keep the slurry mixed by every 30 seconds or so pointing the jet to the bottom and mixing up the slurry mix. I could tell the slurry would be different for a bit.
  23. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    I have a fire extinguisher since 3 years ago.
  24. Imagine that!

    Here's what they should do.... Once the companies pushing for this believe they have this thing working, they should do a multi-year long road test. And the owners and employees of the companies involved should be required to be the test subjects. In other words, the people who own the companies, developed the technology, and wrote the code should be required to use these things as their only form of automotive transportation for five years to prove it works correctly. Prove how confident THEY are when they have to put their wife or husband and infant kid in the back seat, close the door, and wave goodbye as they head off two states over to go visit grandma?
  25. More living room furniture

    I did get some extra help in the garage during a break from terrorizing the neighborhood cats on the bicycle. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Classic Zcar Club mobile
  26. Imagine that!

    I keep hearing "they will be safer than humans" as one of the reasons for development, lets face it the reason for self driving (as well as driver assist like braking and lane warnings) is for one reason and one reason only. MORE SMART PHONE TIME. that's it the only reason. if safety was a factor, smart phones would be disabled anytime they are moving more that 3 mph. I don't understand the addiction they possess but clearly must be more than opiates base on the extreme limits people are willing to go to get more facebook time.
  27. 1970 in Portland #01850

    Ahhh... A gracious trip down memory lane...looks better than my lovely 27th. February 1970 build, probably. I certainly hope the car is worth $100,000 when it's complete!
  28. Every Z owners fantasy.....a working Clock

    Quartz mechanism Ouch! your really going the wrong direction when working on the quartz mechanism. The electronics with this clock is rock solid and good to about 50 pts per mil. I have never seen a bad Xtl or cap on these mechanisms. The problem is nearly always mechanical and usually missing teeth on the two nylon gears . There are other mechanical problems , but to lengthy for this post. Std 280 mechansm If your going to work on the ckt board you need to: 1- make sure the coils are good. If the flywheel slightly moves it doesn't mean the coil isn't shorted or it will work if you replace all the parts. There are 2 coils , each has a difference resistance, and there are 2 versions of the ckt bd! 2-You need to replace ALL 3 caps (with exact values)and the tran. As mentioned in "DAVE WM" video the coil wires are very small, about 38 gauge , and a bear to replace. You can do everything right and still cook the coil in the process. Difficulty for replacing these parts is VERY HIGH, Unless you have done a lot of micro soldering and have the right tools I wouldn't attempt to replace these parts. Just my 2C Zclocks
  29. 280 mile drive home in the rain....yes or no

    Do the wipers work? It's just rain. If it was snow, I would say reschedule. You wash the car with water, right? When I bought my yellow '71, I drove it home 18 hours from NC. Part of the trip it was raining so hard, I could barely see the tail lights of the truck in front of me. The rain was coming down so hard, it was bouncing off the pavement and coming in the fresh air vents, which I had to close. A little adversity just adds to the adventure!! So unless it was unusually severe weather, I say go for it. Marty
  30. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Don't give up on chanting Ed Zachary. Works for me on this thread. As for help from my wife, I'm sure she'd be willing to sell you some answers to the IQ and personality test questions. You're on your own with block design, however. In the meanwhile, if you don't think "Ed Zachary" is helping, try repeating "2016 Erection". Dennis
  31. Exhaust leak at gasket (I think)

    FYI... Thanks all After running it outside for a half hour, it stopped smoking so all the oils and anti seize must of burnt off. I was sure I screwed up something.
  32. Good sunroof manufacturers?

    April 1st, anyone???
  33. '75 280z - Head temp sensor question

    I think that EuroChas implied that, not me. Neb is making fantastic progress, he'll probably come up with his own plan pretty quickly. Lots of options, from building an engine in the "meantime" to swapping heads, to swapping engines. Many of us have the parts for those options in our garage or sheds. I ponder those options occasionally then take the car out for a drive and decide that it's fine like it is. It can sit for a while and start when it's supposed to, and it doesn't break down. And it's fun to drive when I drive it. That's the goal I set when I started. I had my crazy days back with the GTO and Pontiac 400. Can't fault anyone who takes a different path.
  34. 3 for sale in Southern OR $5500

    Not really sure how this thread went Star Trek, but I will play along....... Remember Vina......
  35. '75 280z - Head temp sensor question

    To think this all started with trying to figure out where my temp sensor hookup was, hah. Thanks to everyone for all the input, this has been hugely educational for me. No shims on the towers on the E88 head. Whats a good way to measure the head to see if it had been cut? Or would the lack of shims make that not a possibility Is that something that could be machined in there? Maybe farther down the road I'll have someone work on that head and swap it out. I think for now I'm going to roll with what I've got and focus energies/monies on getting this sucker on the road. Still have a looonnngg way to go
  36. Another unfinished project for sale in WA

    That's only one beer from each brewery, lightweight!!!
  37. [SOLD] 75 280Z For Sale

    I just like looking at nice cars for sale. And people get on this forum all the time asking if the car that they're looking at is worth the money. So, big picture wise, my questions will probably help you make a sale. You didn't say why one picture shows a rectangular side mirror and one shows circular. I have those circular mirrors on my car, bought from MSA. Just wondering. If I wasn't asking, it would just be a silver 1975 car with nice paint, nice wheels, and early bumpers, and a lot of unknowns, for a relatively high price. Good luck!
  38. Just the basics really but more content to follow soon.
  39. 1976 280Z Restoration Project

    I should have learned my lesson with the turbo exhaust whistle...
  40. '75 280z - trying to set timing

    Use your nose hairs.
  41. Who's been MIA?

    Indeed. He used to be a steady contributor back in the day. I think he sold his car and comes by only now and then since. I wonder if he is kicking himself for selling yet?
  42. Who's been MIA?

    Hey Marty! I've been good. Working a lot. Got tired of my stint in the oil fields...I'm too old to work that hard! Went back into construction. Helping to build high-rises... Also, spending a lot of time relaxing with a cold one... And still spending quality time with my daughter at the deer lease.... Or we're out on the boat. Medina Lake I also have a side gig from time to time with the HS Band that my daughter was in. I'm the official "Roadie Driver!" Yeah...that's me making all the noise! CDL driver
  43. Definitive 70 & 71 240z SU Fuel Level Thread

    I did 23mm from the underside of the lids. Balanced the two at about 400 rpms each I beleive. The rear is 2.5 and the front is 2.750. Runs great with no overflow and I've beat it pretty hard then popped the hood. No gas smell. I think I got 23 from zkars? He's who pointed out that matches the top of that rectangular boss on the side. I did put two rear short ear lids on mine. Rear lid on the front carb too.
  44. Or just buy my CAI and be done with it
  45. More living room furniture

    So she's stuck working on your engine while you went out for a bike ride? Thats not very nice!
  46. Purchased my First S30 Today!

    Remember those foam bricks you throw at a television? Funny, like the Pet Rock.
  47. Purchased my First S30 Today!

    I thought the brick was used for ROAD RAGE back in the 70's
  48. Imagine that!

    She made eye contact with the driver and he waved his hand for her to cross....NOT. It was hacked by a mad man in Austin and re-programmed to run people over.... MAYBE Companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, etc. can not make bug free software for the $^!# they have been selling for years so how do we expect them to make new bug free $^!# that they have no experience with....YES THAT IS WHY THIS HAPPENED.
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