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  1. 50 years of Marriage!

    After nearly 50 years of marriage, a couple was lying in bed one evening, when the wife felt her husband, begin to massage her in ways he hadn't in quite some time. It almost tickled as his fingers started at her neck, and then began moving down past the small of her back. He then caressed her shoulders and neck, slowly worked his hand down, stopping just over her stomach. He then proceeded to place his hand on her left inner arm, working down her side, passing gently over her buttock and down her leg to her calf. Then, he proceeded up her thigh, stopping just at the uppermost portion of her leg. He continued in the same manner on her right side, then suddenly stopped, rolled over and became silent. As she had become quite aroused by this caressing, she asked in a loving voice, ‘Honey that was wonderful. Why did you stop?' To which he responded: 'I found the remote.'...
  2. It was my turn to take a drive to enjoy the leaves. I'm working on getting this road included on one of the drives for ZCON 2018.
  3. Here's us last Saturday at the site of the best bacon cheeseburger in Arkansas----1/2 lb. of goodness after a spirited run through the Ozarks. Wish you were here!! Left to Right-----Jim Smirlies, Kent Yount, Zup, Scott McElroy
  4. Rolling Shell with no VIN

    The Sheriff needs to hand in his badge and the 'Appraiser' needs to get another job. The two of them could get hitched and go to live in a banana republic somewhere. Venezuela might suit them. I think it's fair to say that in any country that takes classic cars seriously - and I think that includes the USA - it's the chassis number stamped or engraved into the bodyshell (by the Factory...) that counts. That's certainly the case for Nissan and the S30-series Z . Door jamb tags, dash tags and engine bay tags are all moveable feasts, and do not trump the firewall-engraved prefix and body serial number combo that was applied by the Factory when the car was being made. Without getting into the philosophical discussion of what actually constitutes 'a car', it is generally accepted that 'the car' in your case will be the thing that has the firewall-engraved chassis number. At this point, it looks to me as though you don't actually have full and correct ownership of that. I'd consider that a big problem...
  5. When I bought my 1973 240z in 1991, it had 72,000 miles. This weekend, after 26 yrs, I surpassed 172,000 miles in my Z (I wanted to pass the 100,000 mile mark in my Z, before I put it away for the winter). This got me wondering how many other Z owners have driven their Z car more than 100,000 miles? It also got me thinking about how my journey with my Z started (see pics below): The article that introduced me to the 240z: The Auto Trader ad that led me to my Z: A pic shortly after I bought my Z: A recent, and my favourite pic of my Z:
  6. Problem has been solved. First, I thank you all for your help. You group of guys are what keep me wrenching on a car that's 2 years younger than myself. Secondly, I'm an idiot. I'm not generally seen as an idiot, I hope, but here's what happened: When I had the radiator out and was flushing the inside with Muratic acid/water, I pushed large corks into the inlet and outlet so I could really shake/rattle, and roll that stuff through the tubes inside. (you already know where this is going) After that, I decided to paint it before sticking it back in. Apparently, I didn't see the cork in the bottom outlet since it had a fresh coat of paint on it. How's that for an oversight? No harm done, thankfully. Oh, and my Temp gauge settled under the 1/2 mark afterward.
  7. Last night we had our regular nwazcc meeting at Gusano's Pizza. Some of the S30's in attendance - one is a scarab. Greg (gwri8), standing beside Zup, is up here visiting family, & we invited him to attend our get together, a great guy & a fun night. Zup picked him up in his 240 and brought him to the meeting.
  8. Any advice on bleeding the clutch

    My buddy lent me his bleeding tool. This thing makes bleeding clutch and brakes a simple 1 person job with no need to touch the clutch or brake pedal. You do need a compressor to use this. https://www.nationaltoolwarehouse.com/Vacuum-Brake-Bleed-Kit-P30449.aspx?gclid=Cj0KCQiAgNrQBRC0ARIsAE-m-1w9GBS_eXX5JTgHEp0bStUHgJmPeusMvLWvUBowSdqJJ-zpbIXog3kaAmFVEALw_wcB
  9. Facebook vs Forums

    Good topic. From what I've experienced, Facebook is designed mainly for social activity. They are funded by selling your information and usage statistics to other companies and advertising. It's designed mainly for social activities and short-term (surface level) gain. Forums used to focus on social activity, but the big guys have given this to the masses. Since this shift has occurred, the forum sites have moved to long-term support, deeper relationships, and archival for the community. At one time I worried about the social media sites, but, now I am glad they have taken all the riff-raff and so we get to focus on more important issues. Facebook does have its place, of course. It just doesn't work for a car club, other than announcing events and keeping in touch. If you want a deep relationship and real help, join the forum. Mike
  10. Deja Vu: 1971 Restoration

    Thanks for the support everyone. it really is pretty fun putting it all together. Got a lot done yesterday and today. Got the door window frames cleaned, polished and installed. Replaced some of the connector housings, got the rest of the smog lines in. Got the headlight buckets on (will probably revisit those, gap is a bit wide. Thinking I may shim the inside lip.) Got the fuel door on. Also, here is a pic of the red coil cap
  11. HLS30 04575

    NO, that is a integral part of being able to afford to properly restore the car. I can tell you that it would have been more lucrative if I have parted out the car, but I believe that we have to save these cars!
  12. Series I cars

    Very nice list. Somewhat vague. Missing many things like brake rotors and front brake dust shields. Clear hatch glass without demister lines. I must have a Series 0, then.
  13. Another one bites the dust.

    That's easy. FIELD TRIP! I got to go to farmers field with a Z buddy and drag its rusty a$$ onto a trailer in the snowy Canada North winter, freezy many unmentionable parts, then have lunch at A&W. A treat I rarely get these days.... sigh.... That and the BOAT LOAD of valuable series 1 parts that it contains for the other S1 car I recently aquired. 'Tis only the body that's worthless... And even then there are several little tid bits that must be kept, like rear tail light trim lower clips, and a pedal box for Auto-manual conversions etc etc etc.... Even a neighbor that makes his living by hauling scrap metal benefits. Circle of life baby, circle of life...
  14. Old picture Cliff......there’s 2 Z’s under those blocks now.
  15. Another one bites the dust.

    Might not need a Saws-all for this one. Just pretend its a juicy crab leg...
  16. ive had enough

    We are sorry you have had an issue with our header, and would like to refund you the price of the header for your troubles. Please contact James@TheZStore either here in the forum or by phone (800-633-6331) or email (james@motorsportauto.com) so we can pull up your information and process the refund or store credit, whichever you choose. Since we’ve literally sold thousands of this model header, we would like to get as much information about how it arrived to you as possible, to give to the manufacturer. If you have any other pictures with the straight edge (the one online was difficult to see clearly), we would like to show that to them along with the other images. If you measured the gap that image was trying to represent in any spot, please note that as well. To add to the information we give them, please let James know the approximate pattern you used for both the initial torque and re-torque, as well as what torque specification you used. The manufacturer also cares about this and wants to review all the facts to see what happened. If our representative assumed that you installed it incorrectly, again we apologize for that. While we believe you that you did install and torque properly, unfortunately we have had cases where headers were not installed properly (like torquing from the outside in, or not re-torquing hot at 200 miles, or using worn out studs), and a similar leak resulted. To be clear on “checking it” when it arrives, that means for shipping damage and the like, which unfortunately does happen from time to time, and would have the potential of bending pipes and flanges. Some of the shipping damages we’ve seen over the years are hard to comprehend, wondering if they stacked refrigerators on top of the box or something! Thanks again for communicating. James will follow up with any other questions or concerns from anybody in this thread.
  17. HP question

    Yes, our monitoring indicates that you are.
  18. My direction for the weatherstripping was to simply replace it with something that could get me by for awhile as anything was better than the rock hard crumbling stuff that I pulled off. Used KIA Sportege seals are no more due to age and new ones after shipping from Korea run about $50/each. I started researching some universal options that was not too big as the pinch weld is right at 13mm tall. I found some universal bulb type weatherstripping on eBay from a seller that sold it by the foot. I wanted something that including the U-channel and I didn't want to glue it on so I ordered 35ft from the seller. At $1.50/ft + $3.00 S&H I was in it for $55.50. To my surprise when the box arrived it was from Amazon and had an entire 50ft roll in it. For anyone that is interested the seller is m.m-rubber and the item number is 141008758040. The rubber bulb is very soft and easily collapses. I won't know if its too big until I get the door back on but for now it looks miles better than before. Below are some pictures from the eBay auction that give a close up and tech specs of the weatherstripping. I really had to work the weatherstripping to make it turn at 90 degrees at the top. It seems tight but only time will tell if it will stay. While I had the door sill plate off I took some fine steel wool to remove the red over spray and give it some shine. I also located the missing screw later in the day. I had to work the sill back on as it kept getting caught on the weather stripping. Once the door is back on and closed everything should even back out along the bottom.
  19. Here’s three that I did that way.....
  20. 1973 240Z Resto Mod for sale

    Ok, I give up. A guy can only take so much. I've heard everything from "too many changes, what if something goes wrong" to "there is too much undercoating and sound deadening, so I can't tell what rust might be hiding" and everything in between. So, I'm keeping it. None of you get to experience its greatness. In fact I'm going to drive my overly complicated, too modified rust bucket like I've never driven it before on this last nice day of Fall. I may even get some winter tires and alternate between the 510 and the Z all damn winter. Because I can. Bitter? yeah, slightly. I'll get over it.
  21. Series I cars

    Can you link me to this 3/71 dated series one car? This is the one I was referring to: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1971-datsun-240z-17/ I said about 20500 because I don't recall the exact number. It's not like there's a few series one cars with VINs 21000 and up. They are ALL under a certain VIN. As for build dates, most VINs correlate with a certain build month, but every so often there is an outlier, I would assume due to some sort of issue or event at the factory. If I am not mistaken, VINs were applied to shells in order, and date stamps were done as they were completed (can someone confirm/expand on that?), so if one shell gets held up for some reason, it will end up with a later build date. I am stretching my memory here, but that is my understanding of VIN/build date mismatches based on what I've read over the last decade. And once again, I am referring to the US market cars. I am not sure which part of my post you're referring to with your last sentence. I am only talking about US market cars. I think you are trying to apply an overly specific definition to the term "series one." As previously stated, it is not meant to apply to an exact selection of parts and features. And to be honest, I'm not sure if it really needs to have an exact VIN or build date cut off to be of use, even though I still maintain that there IS a VIN cut off, and save for a few outliers (actually just one that I know of), a build date cut off. Also, due to the fact that these cars are old, and many have been lost, we probably won't ever know the exact VIN cut off. Based on the information on zhome.com, the last reported series one car has VIN 20438, and the first series two car has VIN 21001, with the change over month being January 1971.

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL... Wishing all my good friends a wonderful, safe, and great day! Blessings for everyone... much love... Jai
  23. Here's the latest update: All - ZCON 2018 host hotel will be at the Sonesta. In order to book your hotel, you may use the following link and Group Code. They promised to simplify the code after the new year, but this one works so you can get your hotel now. The event is October 16-20 in Atlanta, GA - the website is www.ZCON.org. Event registration will go live 1/1/18. Get booked now within the room block for $105/night with free parking and free wifi included. We've extended the group-block two days before and after the event for those coming in earlier or wanting to enjoy the area after the event. https://gc.synxis.com/rez.aspx… USE BOOKING CODE: 10166823ZC
  24. 72 OMS Pace Car F/S in NY

    I would argue that even if they could prove it, it's STILL just a 72 with a history of crappy paint jobs. So it paced a few races, well that's an interesting tidbit of it's past life but I wouldn't give them an extra dollar for that. I would however give them an extra dollar if they took a rag with some thinners on it and wiped off the burgundy over spray.
  25. Another one bites the dust.

    Yeah mine was okay too but after the fuel tank rehab I went all new when possible. Don't like going back, cars, girls, jobs.
  26. Facebook vs Forums

    Hey Guys, this is definitely not the first topic I thought I'd be commenting on here. But, for what it's worth, a very big reason behind my Datsun ownership was that I wanted to push myself to do things that are out of my comfort zone (like, you know...talk to people.) That being said and given my age bracket, Facebook should have been a natural fit, but it's not. Other than having a couple knowledgeable friends over to the house, this site can't be beat. Happy Holidays, very thankful you all are out there.
  27. Emblem Locations photos attached. Measurements were made from the panel edges when possible. Had trouble with bad lighting, etc. I think these will give you what you need though. All emblem mounting holes are 4mm diameter. These measurements were taken from my 12/70 series, I don't know if they changed over time or are the same for all 240Z's. I just found out that the hood emblem was not centered on the hood .
  28. Freezing temps this morning but I just need to drive her!! 12/70 2.6 block E88 heads Mallory DCOE40 3/2 Abarth Tokico 1-3/4 sways ext oil cooler
  29. HP question

    Funny about Porsche's. I bought my 1st 240Z back in July 1973 brand new. It was my daily driver which I drove until it rusted to death in 1991. I then found and bought a early 1971 240Z to replace the 73 since I still loved the car. The early 71 had a little rust and I didn't like the color so it went to the body shop to have the rust cut out, new metal welded in and then a repaint to 905 red. In 2000 I had a wild hair and bought a 1977 1st series 930. WOW! That car was so fast. The 1971 240Z had a mechanical issue in 2003 so it got parked. It then started to seem like every time I took the Porsche out to play it cost $1,000. Alternator failed, wiring issues, failed rear wheel bearing and then... head studs broke on 1 bank of 3 cylinders. Man, that rebuild was expensive! At least the car appreciated enough to cover the engine rebuild when I finally sold it in 2015. I've now got the 71 240Z running again and find that I really don't miss the Porsche. Still have some work to do on the Z, but it's now able to be driven and I still love the car!
  30. Low miles, original paint 280z

    Thanks, I had offers after the auction, higher than my reserve which was 18.5K, but I want to wait to sell it to the right type of person, and make a decent profit so I can do another one. I really didn't want it to go for 18.5K but BAT pushes for reduced reserves, and then you just hope they get blown past. I am VERY glad I held the reserve higher than what BAT wanted, and it didn't just skim the reserve. I can wait for the right new owner that will love this car. Two types of buyers for this car: An investor that would keep it for a few years, watch the value climb, and flip it (these are the guys that stop at 15K because they need ROI). The other type of buyer, which is my target, would be someone passionate that REALLY wants a truly clean Z, but wants one they could use for family fun, turn key, hassle free. This car is like owning a new car. It will go on and on, with no issues, keeping a basic maintenance schedule. I am too much of a driving enthusiast, and heavy tinkerer to keep this car long term, I won't be able to leave it stock. Besides, all my bays are full, and I want to find/fix/build/sell more Z cars in the future. Yes the ad asks for 25,280 but you know what it cost's to buy a solid 280Z, a clean dash, original radios, brand new full interior, and have a car painted these days? Try going out and finding new OEM body parts to fix one up, find clean OEM glass, the glass trim, body seals, not to mention the rubber that surrounds these bumpers, and the time it takes to put it all together. To all the naysayers, DO THE MATH.
  31. 240Z from France import US

    Merci Mark - lui et moi se connais. C'est un jeun avec beaucoup de courage et détermination pour réaliser sa rêve. ps merci pour 'la pub' :-) !
  32. Deja Vu: 1971 Restoration

    Just a few quick pics. Got the hood and some decals on.
  33. Thinking about installing an BMW M6 engine in my Z

    Yeah, right. Everything that could suck away my spare time happened since my last post, but she's done, on the road again! Took it for a spin today and everything feels good, I guess I'll have to observe some kind of a break in period. I got such a smoking deal on this new toy I couldn't pass it up, not sure what I'm going to do with it just yet, but I'm sure it will end up in a Z at some point. This is an S54 M engine 2001 - 2006, the last of the big straight sixes from bmw before they started slapping turbos on everything. 3.2L, cast iron block, aluminum head, DOHC, 24 valve, variable valve timing, 10.5:1 compression, 8000 rpm red line, without the cats 343hp without any tweaks. Best of all it is 3.5" shorter than the S38 engine and has a rear mounted sump so installation would be a breeze compared to the S38. It came with a 6 speed manual trans, engine wiring harness and ECU. Something to play with this winter
  34. I don't recall seeing this in a current post, so here is some important info for all. If you have a fire extinguisher in your home, garage, shop, car, or wherever, pay attention to this recall notice. https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/2017/kidde-recalls-fire-extinguishers-with-plastic-handles-due-to-failure-to-discharge-and
  35. Welcome to the grumpy old man club! You Hoser! You!!
  36. Nike is a huge company,

    Stupid Russians, apparently. The descriptive narrative is about a Nike shoe and the photo is an Adidas shoe. Seems to be a probe to test the site security. Prepare to be violated! Dennis
  37. Nike is a huge company,

    I feel so hacked right now it's not even funny.
  38. Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween!!!
  39. Picked up some brass rod..

    I didn't know he had died!!
  40. 1970 249Z Brake Booster

    Here's a link to the thread where we were discussing such matters. My photo links are dead because Photobucket SUCKS!!! but there are some other pics in there that still work: http://www.classiczcars.com/topic/56185-how-do-i-hate-rebuilt-components-brake-booster/
  41. My two swiss S30Z Fairlady Restoration build thread

    While i can't show you much, i've been busy lately completeing a lot of stuff i've started but never really finnished. 1) Thanks to the input of some readers i was finally able to remove the last cylinder from the brake caliper. The solution was easy. install the allready-removed cylinder again and fix it with a c-clamp. add some air-pressure again to the brake-fluid channels and it would pop out easily (It doesnt look like the cylinder is aligned properly but i fixed that) Since sunday my Rattler / Vibrator / Tumbler / Spirator / Whatever you call it, has been working in full force to remove all the rust / Paint / Dirt and grease from all the parts i will send for re-plating. It's maybe not the fastest solution but it comes out quite handy and you don't have to do anything except of waiting Guess it will take another week or so until all the parts are ready andsome of them even might need a bit of manual cleaning, but the first bunch of parts are allready looking shiny and have a super-smooth surface Then i got some new (used) turn signal switches from my mate Patrick (Thanks for that!) to complete that job too. That's it for now hope for more updates again soon
  42. Need help identify missing part

    BTDT. Grew back. Thankfully. Actually, the last time I hit a tree was the first time I ever rode a four-runner. I'd been riding cycles for years, but had never been on a four wheeler before. I was going five miles an hour just to get the feel of the thing. Came time to make a turn and I was leaning just as hard as I could, but the damn thing just wouldn't turn! No matter how far I leaned!! Ran into a row of ornamental trees in slow motion. Only things that got hurt that day were my pride and reputation. And yes, I've figured it out now... I just have to turn off the cycle reflexes and turn on the four wheel reflexes.
  43. Added 10 hp. Before After 12/71 2.6 block E88 heads triple weber 3/2 Mallory Abarth Tokico 1-3/4 sways ext oil cooler
  44. The NWAZCC meeting last night was great dis-cussin and fun. Good friends, very nice cars----plans for tomorrow's 3.5+ hour drive through the Ozark National Forest to Oark and the oldest Café in Arkansas. (since 1890) https://www.arkansas.com/attractions/detail/historic-oark-general-store-cafe/90772 Preparations for ZCON18 were murmered---such a good night we had! Thanks Gregg for coming home! Zup
  45. Interstate Battery Mounting Bracket Modification

    My name is Cliff and I'm an Interstate user. I've hit rock bottom and am using bungee cords daily. I have the courage to change the things I can and with your wisdom I now know the difference.
  46. Steering rack

    Yeah, Photobucket SUCKS!! I reloaded the pics at the (current) end of the thread. Take a look at page 4. http://www.classiczcars.com/topic/48621-steering-rack-disassembly-and-refurb/?page=4&tab=comments#comment-531913
  47. Jai's Status

    Hahaha... At least if you were driving that Lincoln you would have been surrounded with a lot of steel. Cycles on the other hand leave you bare to the road. Maybe that's why your Dad went from drinking to full blown alcoholic. Think?
  48. 1978 280z back fire

    It's a shallow set It'll have a smile. Or if the blower is teethy and has a cough, a frown.
  49. Cool Exhaust Sound Options please

    My car Msa 6-1 2 1/2" pipe to zstory jdm muffler. IMG_9275.MOV
  50. 240Z upper fender bolts

    Jerry, I am digging for my source information, but here is my understanding of thinner-headed fender bolts. Early cars that had the FRP (fiber reinforced plastic), or fiberglass, headlight housings used, at the discretion of the assembly worker, thinner headed bolts, along with lock and flat washers to secure these housings to the inner fender. The reasoning for using these was because the FRP housings had a thicker profile than stamped metal housings which could reduce the hood clearance to the FRP headlight housing bolts and possibly damage the hood. Two bolts on each headlight housing would be required. The other six, three per fender, fender bolts had standard size heads. Some of the flat washers for these six bolts also could have used flat washers with one side trimmed flat. This was to avoid damage to the flared contour of the fender inner lip. Hope this helps. Dan
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