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Found 45 results

  1. 240z70


    Looking for these parts: Throttle lever and Knob 240z door springs -(springs only) Functional Volt Gauge Let me know if you have it and if so how much to buy it - shipping included- to San Jose California USA If you need parts, also let me know.. I have some misc. available.
  2. Hello All, Mart here,I bought a Datsun 280zx slick roof 2+2.. in or around september 2013.. It's a funny story, Always looking for a Datsun z or zx one day Bart (Yes, from bartscooterservice also here on the forum) told me there was a 280zx for sale in a town near his. These days i'm not working anymore because of a accident at work and a later flattening a motorbike against a tree.... But after Bart told me there was a 280zx i wondered if it was still that one i remembered from the '90's when i was at that Nissan sub-dealer for his burglar alarm inspections, i was a service engineer at that time.. It was a blue car put away in 1993-94, in a storage in the back of the garage! In 2013 the owner stil recognized me and confirmed me that it was stil the same car! It has 119000 Km on the clock and was not driven since 1994, The engine was started every year and that saved it.. After i saw in how good condition it was, (compared to a lot of terribly rusty rustbuckets) i bought the car! I went to pick up the car in January 2014 and did all the mechanical work in 2014 and 2015. Now the car is stil at my Painter who did/does al the welding also for me. At first he told me the car wil be ready in may but now he says June... Don't matter to me, only thing i care for that it is done the right way! Now i'm prepairing al the parts to put back on the car.. (Made hundreds of pictures..) I got a question: A Datsun 240z has a rubber part around his tailgate hinge, i found no rubber near those of the 280zx? Is there no rubber cover seal ? When the hinge is taken out there is a big hole in the roof edge, when cleaning i can imagine that there can get a lot of water into the roof causing a lot of trouble? If there is no rubber for the hinge, i think a peace of inner tubing of a bike can close it, putting it in between.. Like to here your solution! Pic.1 before restoring Pic. Pic.2 ready for paint. NOTICE: the stil perfect "welds" under the rear lights.. in europe these are always rusted away, here...stil perfect.. also the bottom of the car NO welding needed! Awesome!! Pic.3 front ready for paint. PICTURE 4: the holes in roof for the hinges tailgate..
  3. Parting out an original 280zxt couple auto Ttop. Engine runs but alternator is bad. the only thing on the car thats not being sold are the CV axles and R200, the rest is up for grabs. Or buy the whole donor parts car for $2000 with rearend and cv axle $1100 Engine is a running turbo motor with the F54 block and P90 solid head. Trying to sell the set up as a whole from computer, wiring, basically everything to get the car running. $100 auto transmission $350 Snowflake wheels with tyres with lots of meat left. $200 Tail lights $400 280zx Front and back struts great for 510 guys to modify $150 gas tank $150 Gauges $250 All Glass $100 Ttop $200 Turbo hood $150 Headlight bucket with sprayer nozzle $150 Front bumper and lower valance Anything else I didn't post let me know and I can get you a price. I can part engine as along as I have people buying majority of the parts. I only have this car for a limited time before its gone. PM me for any questions but if my inbox is full email at messimotor@yahoo.com All parts are located in San Diego and can be shipped and buyer expense but picked up prefered. Cheers D
  4. 1982 Datsun/Nissan 280ZX. 102,000 miles. A true "survivor" car. Original paint, original interior with no rips, tears or cracks. Original engine. Absolutely NO RUST. Close to $8,000 invested less than 4K miles ago. New power antenna, new steering rack, new brakes (calipers and rotors), new belts and hoses, new fuel injectors, new shocks and struts, new rubber bushings, new power window motor (passenger side), new wiper blades, new battery, new windshield washer motor. Any electrical problems all repaired. Compression excellent on all cylinders (approximately 170#). This car has been well cared for - always garaged. Willing to provide paperwork from mechanic to verify all work done. Asking $10,500 OBO
  5. Hi Everyone I just joined, wanted to say Hi to everyone. Ken
  6. Version


    1981 280zx Factory Service Manual AND Turbo Supplement


  7. b1oodthirst

    Muffler Help

    So basically my problem is ; i bought a Bosal Exhaust from Advance auto parts that looks like this . I can't seem to snake the muffler through since it's in one piece, i'm wondering if i have to dismantle the rear suspension, which seems like a lot of work to do to install an exhaust system. Please, if you have any knowledge or help, let me know! p.s this is my first z car, and the first car i've done manual repairs on, so i'm in the dark about a lot of things.
  8. http://www.luckyoldcar.com/2016-fall-classic/ Lots 408 and 510 August 27th, and 28th in Tacoma WA Might go for low dollars considering the condition that they are in.
  9. 240260280z

    1979 280zx Factory Service Manual



    1979 280zx Factory Service Manual


  10. zcardepot.com

    Black Dragon Z Parts Inventory

    Zcardepot.com would like to give a thank you to Black Dragon for supplying parts to the Z industry for 25 + years. Black Dragon did a great job of supplying hard to find Z parts at reasonable prices to customers all over the world. Zcardepot plans to continue this practice as we have recently bought out the remaining inventory of Black Dragon Z car parts. We will be getting these parts listed on the website over the next few weeks and are certain we will be able to provide the same great customer service, prices and product that Black Dragon has done for so many years. http://www.blackdragonauto.com/ Sincerely Zcardepot
  11. andy280zxt

    83' 280zx brake lights not working

    So i just bought this 1983 280ZX turbo and my brake lights are not working. the bulbs are fine because they come on when i turn on my running lights, but when i press the brakes they do not light up as they should. Im a newb when it comes to working on cars, especially Z's. but i want to learn everything about this car in and out. hopefully somebody can help me out with this issue. Thank you, Andy
  12. Zeldamuffin

    1983 280zx (non-functional)

    I have a 280zx with a bad alternator, I can't afford to fix it and I'm looking to sell it to someone who wants a parts car or a fixer upper. I'm in the Sacramento area. I'll post pictures in a few days. Any body who's interested can hit me with their offer. I'm not super good with cars so if you know a good place to sell it that would be appreciated as well.
  13. What symptoms are you trying to remedy with the added resistor on fuel injection?
  14. does anyone know where can i get the weatherstrip for my zx?
  15. Eric280zx

    1981 280zx will not start

    Hello guys! I'm new to this forum and recently new to the datsun world I purchased a 1981 280zx datsun that has been sitting outside a barn for about 4-6 years and since it still had the engine I decided to see if I can get it running before I even consider swapping the same l28e or if I get lucky the l28et. The first things I did was: change the oil, replace the fuel filter flush tank and replace gasoline (regular) replaced battery with terminals flush and replace coolant, spark plug wires (all in correct firing order) change ngk spark plugs (gaped .42 and added oil in each cylinder for lubrication) I cranked it with no luck, I heard the oil pump running loudly but decided to use starter fluid. Once started fluid was sprayed and the engine was cranked and the engine started and was running on starter fluid so my next steps were: clean injectors clean fuel rail replace o rings and insulation I cranked it again without starter fluid and it only cranked but didnt start. So I did a compression test and numbers were 140, 145, 145, 140,145, 155 so compression is pretty good being that 180psi is like new. I removed the fuel return line and cranked the engine and gasoline came rushing out, I tested the spark and its a blue with white tint, engine sounds like it wants to start so timing is good (?), exhaust smells like gasoline and has pulses, and it still doesnt want to start. Each time i remove the spark plugs after attempting to start it, i can see a little wetness on the tip and it smells like gas. It started once with starter fluid but now it just doesnt want to even with it. What do you guys think can be the problem? thank you!
  16. superj243

    10th anniversary restore

    Hey guys. I know I haven't been on a awhile but its because I have been busy restoring my Z. I finally got all my body work and painting done but I've ran into a problem. I cant find any 10th anniversary wreath decals for my car. I was hoping some of you guys knew where i can find some, or if i can get a good picture of them with the dimensions. I think i could find someone that could make me some if i could just get a good picture and the dimensions. i will post pictures soon of the whole restore process. Thanks in advance.
  17. Hi, I have read through and followed the http://atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/distributor/index.html instructions numerous times for upgrading the distributor to a 280zx on a 240z and have not been able to get my tach to work at all. I have a 3 ohm coil, 280zx distributor and the car is an 11/70 240z (note that the majority of the instructions are for a 280z). I have spliced the blue/white and the green/white wires together from the harness. The thick black/white tach wire is to the postitive side of the coil and the black wire is to the negative. The black wire from the harness is to the distributor box and there is a new wire going from the positive end of the coil to the distributor box as well. Pictures attached so you can see what I did. What happens to the orange(yellow?) lead from the harness? Did I miss something or can someone weigh in on why my tach isn't working?
  18. 240260280z

    1982 280zx Factory Service Manual



    1982 280zx Factory Service Manual


  19. Hello everyone I am needing a 1982 280zx turbo AFM, wire loom and ecu. I have a 1975 280z that has an '82 turbo transplant. Problem is that the air to fuel ratio gets lean at higher rpm's. Which is why my pistons are melting and broken:tapemouth. So I figure this may be the best solution, unless someone here has a better idea with what I have to work with. Note, I have not look hard into mega squirt yet. but lets start here first. Thanks. Big Al.
  20. hi all, i replaced the stock 280zx distributor by ( Mallory ) p/n 4563901. after connecting wires the car wont start. i noticed there is a spark going to the plugs but no signal going to the injectors!!! any help , drwaing, appreciated. note, mallory wires ( red - green- brown) , the brown wire lookl ike the ground. do i need to put adapter in between the mallory and the coil?? i heared the GM adapter is ok !! is this true please help payusup@hotmail.com thx
  21. need4speed069

    280zx Body kit

    I have a 280zx body kit I no longer need, asking $300.00 This kit is fibreglass and has the following parts Front Air Dam/bumper Rear Bumper Rear Spoiler L/H & R/H side skirts Have 40+ pics I can email to you Pay Pal is Accepted Shipping is available Via GreyHound to terminal (will need full address for shipping quote) Contact Al @ need4speed069@yahoo.com Or 559-408-4189
  22. tpaint

    for sale 1980 10th anniv. 280zx

    Black/gold, 10th anniversary edition, arizona car, #2467 of 3000, 143,000 miles, $14,500. 508-314-0807. office@shelburnefarm.com
  23. jharris280zx

    new guy here

    My name's jonathon, i'm 20 years old, i enjoy learning as much as i can about everything, i absolutely love Z cars. i'm a caring southern boy but i live in the northwest US and people think i belong down in Louisiana, or in a corn field. I'm good at welding, shooting, driving, cooking, and debating. i like to talk about politics as well but since this is a Z car forum i'll stick to Z's for the most part. Almost forgot to mention my Z right now is a 1982 280zx NA 2+2.
  24. Darlene Howard

    1981 280zx

    For sale 1981 280ZX, 98k miles, original owner. Always kept in a garage. Runs good, manual transmission. 10K. Located in Portland Oregon.
  25. JZDriver

    1982 Nissan 280zx parting out

    Parting out 1982 Nissan 280ZX, it is a complete. Let me know what your interested in, the only things not for sale are rear diff, transmission and axle shafts. Shipping will be from Idaho, 83347 Items available include: -Engine/accessories -Wiring Harness -New Air Flow Meter -interior gauges -Fuel tank -Rims -Rear disc Brakes -Drive Shaft -Trim pieces -Glass Let me know what you want and I'll take a better picture of it and send you a price email me at dayleywwc@gmail.com Thanks
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