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  1. I got my Larry Hassler cam oiler bar installed this weekend. And notched the fins inside my big logo valve cover and the stock one also. Adjusted the valves.
  2. I got my Watanabe R's, lug nuts and valve stems. I got all of it from Circuit Dreamer. I won't be installing them yet but I'm stoked to have them. I'm holding off on buying tires until I get ready to put them on the car. Also installed a new fuel pump.
  3. I got the cam cover finished up today. Sanded the nicks and rough sand marks out of the logo first. Some nicks were too deep to fix. Gives it character. Then got it painted with VHT wrinkle black and then cleaned off the logo and border. shined them back up and sealed the bare metal with Shark Hide. I'm happy with it and think it'll look great on my car. Would like to have another one.
  4. thumpgun


  5. I ordered them through Circuit Dreamer. They are 15x8 0 offset and cost $1,960. It takes about 4 months for them to come from Japan. I expect them around October. I just ordered the Watanabe stainless lug nuts from Rev 9.
  6. Thank you. I made a list a couple of years ago and started getting things a little at a time. I sold two other cars I had to put all of it into the Z. That's all gone after this phase so it'll slow down now, lol. I'm getting old so I want the car to be finished so I can enjoy it. I hope I can have it at least able to make it to Z Nationals in October. I really like the Japanese / Euro cover (big and small logo) they look awesome. I'd like to have another one for another project. I'm grateful to have found his one. I'm going to do it in wrinkle black finish.
  7. I finally got a Japanese L6 cover. I wanted to go ahead and post a photo. It has a few nicks but that's no big deal. The car isn't perfect anyway. I'll post another after it gets finished and painted.
  8. My T3 coil overs arrived today. I got the MSA sway bar kit a few weeks ago. The wheels will still take 2 or 3 months to arrive. My buddy and I are going to start the installation of these parts when this oppressive humidity and heat start to ease up. A lot of work to do in the upcoming weeks.
  9. My Fujitsubo exhaust got here yesterday. Still waiting on a few more items and then will get started on the install.
  10. Parts are slowing starting to show up. My Cusco strut tower braces from Whitehead Performance got here yesterday. I'm still waiting on the exhaust system from them. The other parts will gradually be showing up. And the wheels probably not until October, at a guess. Checking out tires and making plans for them and a few other small items. I'll post more photo's as the parts arrive.
  11. Sorry for the slow reply. He is correct, It came from https://jdm-car-parts.com/ and they also sell them on ebay and they're $389. I made my decision and also just ordered Techno Toy coilovers, Fujitsubo Legalis stainless exhaust, Cusco strut tower braces and got my Watanabe R's ordered. I'll post photo's as I get the parts and get them installed.
  12. Just got a couple more items for my car. I really like them a lot. I'm trying to get an order made for my Watanabe wheels. And I'm most likely getting the Fujitsubo exhaust, sway bars, new bushings, shocks. I'm seriously considering the T3 or Ground Control coilovers. Not definite on this yet.
  13. Carbs are on. Have to shorten the accelerator torsion arm to fit the linkage. And get them tuned properly. A few things had to be modified to fit.
  14. I'm about to start on my new project of putting Weber triples on my car. I wanted Mikuni's but I figured parts and sources would be easier with Weber's. And they are somewhat less expensive. This is actually something I wanted to add later on down the line. I decided to go ahead and do it now. I got them from Carbs Unlimited. I also got the Weber filters that you can run over the velocity stacks.
  15. They had me send photos (the ones posted) and they agreed to refund my money. They sent me a return label and I ended up getting the flu and never sent it back. I wrote back and told them I'd just keep it since I let the label expire. They didn't offer a discount. I also gave them plenty of time on back ordered headlight covers which the website said were in stock. I did get that money refunded with no problem. I gave it several weeks but they still had no ETA on a new shipment. I did tell them they needed to change the description to state that it wasn't "finished" and would need work. And they should note when items were out of stock (headlight covers) I thought it would be gel coated and slick. I expected a lot more from such a good company. I'm really not sure if anyone makes a slick, finished one anymore. I decided I'd make the best of it since I kept it. Not sure if any others would be better quality or not.
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