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  1. I got a notification from @gwri8 for this post. I'm in Cleveland but I don't have my car mobile right now. I have a lot of things off of it doing a bunch of installs. I have another rough stock '73 sitting covered up if you want to look at it and compare anything. There will be a few differences from '72 to '73. As suggested load the FSM and there's also great wiring diagrams that can be downloaded. I also bought a laminated full color wiring diagram a few years ago and I think it's 11x17. And it was priced decently. Just message me if you need and if I can help I'll try my best. Thanks for tagging me Greg. Good to hear from you. I'm still around slowly working on two car projects and moving soooo slow it's pathetic, lol.
  2. I got my Larry Hassler cam oiler bar installed this weekend. And notched the fins inside my big logo valve cover and the stock one also. Adjusted the valves.
  3. https://knoxville.craigslist.org/cto/d/1970-datsun-240z/6587869631.html I found this on CL because I'm near Knoxville. Just posting in case anyone is interested.
  4. Yes it will. There were 15 or 20 American cars that left before Spring. And we sold several of the Z's before that. There's still 21 more Z cars, 3 buildings full of parts to go. And 2 Corvette's. He kept 4 or 5 Z32's. And the land will be for sale once he gets everything gone.
  5. The first of the 31 remaining cars left out today headed for GA. At this time the new owner isn't planning on selling anything. My guess is he'll wait until he's gone through every bit of it and decide what he wants to keep and sell. I will post any information about them here if he lets me know anything later on. I wanted to post the photo's because it's pretty cool seeing so many on a trailer. Even though it's sad that they're leaving.
  6. I didn't stay today and meet the guy. His Father is local, I believe. But I think he lives out of town. I will get word to him to let me know if he wants to sell stuff and I can let everyone know on here for him. As of now he's supposed to get pick up everything in mid May. I'll pass on as much info as possible. I always want to try and help someone find parts or cars. I always appreciate people helping me with these types of things and want to do as much as I can to help keep Z's alive. Just contact me with any questions. I'll post any future updates on this link. Thanks again.
  7. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD A buyer today bought the remaining 31 cars and all of the parts. Thanks to everyone that checked on parts or cars. And thanks to those that bought any parts or cars.
  8. I have this on ebay if anyone is interested in purchasing this. Here's the link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/253547046954?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  9. For Sale: Brand new Whitehead Performance Fujitsubo exhaust stainless steel adapter pipe to connect Fujitsubo Legalis R exhaust system to stock 240Z manifold. I bought this from WHP it is brand new, unused still in box it was shipped in. I originally got it and the exhaust system from WHP without getting the header because it was so expensive. Since then I have bought the header and still have not installed the system so I no longer need this. I also have a new Nissan metal gasket ($15) that goes with it. This sells for $374.99 and I will take $300 plus shipping and insurance to your address. I will consider possible trades if its something I want or could use for my car. Contact me with any questions. Thanks. Here's a link to the adapter on the WHP site: https://whiteheadperformance.com/product/whp-whitehead-performance-s-s-adapter-downpipe-for-datsun-240z-stock-manifold-to-fujitsubo-exhaust-system/
  10. Selling has resumed for the Spring. This is what remains for sale. NO parts are being sold at this time. There are a few Z's not listed that I will add later on. There are also 2 Corvette's for sale. I am helping a friend sell these cars. The number listed is his for info on the Z cars only. A lot has been sold including most of the American cars. These are buyer pick up or arrange shipping. These are builder, project or parts cars. Some are nicer than others. They all have some rust. There are a few nicer ones left but most were sold in the first round. No parting out, whole cars only. It's best to view them in person and decide for yourself. Here's the craigslist ad: PLEASE LIMIT CALLS AND TEXTS TO EASTERN STANDARD TIME BETWEEN 10AM AND 10PM. THANK YOU.PLEASE READ ENTIRE AD FOR DETAILS.Located in Cleveland, TN(1974 260Z $3000 Has 1/74 build date, 4 barrel intake, Holley carb, ceramic coated header, motor, Repairable car, needs work or use as a donor. No seats, some rust, small bumper 260, Orange color. has title) (1983 280ZX parts car $1000 Has 11/82 build date, mostly complete, w/ motor, 5 speed. Silver color.)(1974 260Z $1500 Mostly complete, 4 barrel, 4 speed, w/ motor, has rust, builder or donor car for parts). (1979 280ZX parts car $1000 Has 5 speed, w/ motor, blue and silver color.) (1978 280Z automatic $3000 Automatic, complete car, has air dam, rear spoiler, side skirts, headlight covers, better condition, may have minor rust. This car is in building couldn't inspect it completely. This was running when parked years ago and has sat. Black color.) (1974 260Z 2+2 $2000 Comes with another 2+2 parts car.) (1990 Z32 $1500 has all parts, some removed, new set of headlight buckets, automatic, ran when parked, burgandy color. w/ title) We will not be able to ship anything. This is pickup or arrange for shipper to pick up for you ONLY. Also, these cars are not perfect and do have some rust, need repair, or rebuilt or used as donor cars to complete your projects. You can message here or call or textPLEASE LIMIT CALLS AND TEXTS TO EASTERN STANDARD TIME BETWEEN 10AM AND 10PM. THANK YOU. 423-457-two nine five eight NO TRADES NEEDED, SALE ONLY, Only Z cars, no other Datsun's.
  11. There are still cars and parts left. The owner has stopped selling for the time being. There are a couple of people interested in buying everything. So they have talked about that. If they are not all sold as a whole we will probably start back selling again in Spring. He asked me to stop running the ads for now. People call all hours of the night and a lot haven't even read the ads stating "No Shipping, Pick Up Only". So he said we'll see what these potential buyers decide on buying everything. And if not we'll possibly start again in Spring. We sold several cars including a few that weren't listed on the ads. But there is still a lot left. You can stay in touch with me if you are interested in anything. Thanks for checking.
  12. I got my Watanabe R's, lug nuts and valve stems. I got all of it from Circuit Dreamer. I won't be installing them yet but I'm stoked to have them. I'm holding off on buying tires until I get ready to put them on the car. Also installed a new fuel pump.
  13. The '78 280Z in gray primer for $3000 has been SOLD '72 240Z parts car, orange, $500 SOLD The GTO body kit is no longer for sale. All G noses have been SOLD There are still more cars, engines and parts for sale. Also there are 2 Corvettes ('80 and '81 model sold as a pair only). Located in Cleveland, TN PICK UP ONLY, NO SHIPPING.
  14. I got the cam cover finished up today. Sanded the nicks and rough sand marks out of the logo first. Some nicks were too deep to fix. Gives it character. Then got it painted with VHT wrinkle black and then cleaned off the logo and border. shined them back up and sealed the bare metal with Shark Hide. I'm happy with it and think it'll look great on my car. Would like to have another one.
  15. I ordered them through Circuit Dreamer. They are 15x8 0 offset and cost $1,960. It takes about 4 months for them to come from Japan. I expect them around October. I just ordered the Watanabe stainless lug nuts from Rev 9.
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