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Found 11 results

  1. Hello All, I got serious about buying a Z over the summer. I've been in love with them since I was about 8. I've been reading the forums for about six months and after test driving two found Layla three weeks ago. She's a two owner car, originally from VA but owned since 1976 from the guy I bought it from. He bought it from a Datsun dealership when it was three years old. He drove it around TX and TN in the 70s and 80s and into the 90s. 159,XXX original miles. He said the first owner installed a roll bar, chrome rims, and headers. I have all of his registrations and most documentation of stuff he's done to it. It has pretty much sat in storage for the past 10-15 years with him spending $2,000 a couple years ago (have receipts) trying to get it back on the road. He said this car has outlived any relationship he's ever had, and backed out of selling it to someone else once before. I'm not going to say I stole it, but he gave me one heck of a deal in my opinion including a military discount. Before I bought it I had it put on a lift and did a dry compression test on the engine. It is "virtually rust free," with the factory undercoating still on it. It was repainted 10 years ago in the factory silver color. There is a 3"x3" patch pop riveted onto the driver's side floor, and 2"x2" hole on the passengers side under the seat, likely from the A/C condensation. He told me he never looked under the car. Not necessarily believable, but I believe some people never do so. I also have the FSM and the Mechanic's manual, not sure what it's called, and the carb balance meter. There is also a 1.5" hole under the batter tray. The interior looks great in my opinion; it has a dashcap with one crack, seat covers, stock floor mats, brand new carpet otherwise. Headliner is original and looks great. The engine compression yielded 145-150 psi in all cylinders except one; 1st cylinder was 135. I would've liked higher numbers, but the engine has a good amount of miles so I'm happy at this point. When I test drove it, the car was a little sluggish, but the guy was just frustrated saying "it's not the car it used to be." He said his local mechanic refused to rebuilt the SUs. Since I've had it, I've done the following things: Things I've done thus far: - Castrol high mileage 10w-30 oil change with "engine restore," Lucas oil treatment, and sea foam. Normally I wouldn't put this many additives in, but the car has basically been sitting for 10 years. - Filled gas tank with 93 octane gasoline and fuel system cleaner to help burn off carbon deposits. (I think I'll go lower next tank) - Adjusted intake and exhaust valves to factory specifications. - Replaced rattling muffler with a Magnaflow Turbo XL model. - Replaced 2 year old champion spark plugs with Bosch platinum version. I wanted NGK plugs to go with my wires but they weren't in stock. Plugs were gapped at the higher end of the factory recommendation to accommodate for the higher octane fuel to 0.035". - Spent two hours cleaning the upper half of the carbs and balancing them to factory specs. I will rebuild them within two months. - Cleaned/degreaser valve cover. - Next steps are to put in new distributor points, condenser, and oil pressure sending unit. Flush transmission and rear end gear oil. Buy a timing light and dial in the timing. Replace/upgrade coil. I have been meaning to start this thread since I bought the car; I am behind so I'll be updating the progress I've already completed on a gradual basis. The pictures are after the things I did listed above. Thanks for reading.
  2. 1982 Datsun/Nissan 280ZX. 102,000 miles. A true "survivor" car. Original paint, original interior with no rips, tears or cracks. Original engine. Absolutely NO RUST. Close to $8,000 invested less than 4K miles ago. New power antenna, new steering rack, new brakes (calipers and rotors), new belts and hoses, new fuel injectors, new shocks and struts, new rubber bushings, new power window motor (passenger side), new wiper blades, new battery, new windshield washer motor. Any electrical problems all repaired. Compression excellent on all cylinders (approximately 170#). This car has been well cared for - always garaged. Willing to provide paperwork from mechanic to verify all work done. Asking $10,500 OBO
  3. Up for sale is an all original 1988 Nissan 300zx. It has only 78,000 miles on it. Everything works like it should. T-tops don't leak and winkers go up and down. Only thing is the hood has some minor hail damage that is barely noticeable. This was the king of sports cars in it's day. I'm the only the third owner. I also have the original window sticker and brand new this car cost $26,000. It has an all digital dash. 80s retro cool blast to drive. Any question feel free to contact me.
  4. Hi all, I'm new to the forum and I need to soak up some Zed knowledge. I purchased a 280z a few years ago and I'm starting the process of restoration now. It's slow going for me. Also, if I've posted this in the wrong section, please let me know. The car has 69k miles on it and it no modifications. It does have a little rust in a few places, and a cheap respray job over the original light metallic blue paint. Right now my goal is to get it back on the road for under 3k (this does not mean 'restored' condition), and drive it occasionally as a second car while I slowly restore it as I am going back to school. I'm tired of paying the storage fees. lol. Well, at the moment I'm working my way through the electrical system and engine. Engine has compression as follows: cylinders in order from firewall, 115, 120, 90, 120, 120, 45. I also just did plugs and wires, a new fuel pump, and a new fuel filter. I did get it to start briefly on starter fluid. I also confirmed it did turn the fuel pump on when the air flow meter was held open with a screw driver. I'm hoping the low compression might just be stuck valves, but we'll see. Anyone with some knowledge to lend on the process of reviving a Z, I would greatly appreciate the input.
  5. A lot of 280z cars have these chrome strips on the doors and underside of the doors, like the orange one below, are they original? I've never seen a brochure where cars had them. If they are not original, when were they introduced on the market? Or were they an option? The 260z 2+2 in the picture won an award for being original, while it also has the strips on the side.
  6. 1987 300zx Turbo for sale in El Cajon, CA http://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/cto/5757576137.html 1987 Nissan 300ZX Turbo "Z31"$7,400Classic "Z" in Very Good ConditionPerfect for Collector to restore with little work.Just under 116,000 miles (second owner since 1989, elderly female driver)No AccidentsOriginal Paint, original "Turbo" decals intact"BRA" for frontT-Tops with sun shades and original storage sleevesAll original except stereo head unit (have original stereo head unit that needs repair)Only Issues: chips on hood and front quarter panel need repainting to restore to original conditionslight split in leather of drivers seat 619 490 7328 text
  7. rdc1115

    1972 240Z

    An appreciating classic priced below Hagerty price guide, this 1972 Datsun 240Z is considered the best of the model years. With a 10/71 production date, the car has a vertical rear window defroster without the deck lid vents. It has been in the possession of the current owner for 5 years. This original matching numbers car (orange #918) has been meticulously maintained by its four previous owners and retains the period look of a classic Zcar and considered an excellent driver. Service records from the three previous owners dates back to the late 70’s. It was resprayed in 1986 in the original color. The 2.4 L engine is original to the car with 123,505 actual miles. A 5-speed gear box was added by a previous owner and documented in the records. the car drives and pulls through the gears as it should. The car does not drip any oil or fluids and everything is tight. The engine is clean, but has not been pulled by the current owner to be completely detailed. The paint has some small chips on the front edge of the hood, a blemish from the removal of body-side molding on the passenger-side door and small glue mark from side molding on the passenger-side quarter panel. The imperfections are noted in the photographs. The car is rust-free and accident free. The car has modest upgrades to improve comfort and drivability that were installed by the current and previous owners which include: updated air conditioning system, 3-row aluminum radiator, Mazda Miata seats, 4-piston calipers and electronic ignition. All of the original equipment (seats and radiator) have been retained for original value. All the rubber window gaskets are new. Chrome is excellent. It comes with the original owner’s warranty card, owners manual and tool kit. The original radio was replaced by a previous owner. The vehicle is currently garaged in Virginia Beach, VA, after arriving at a Miami, FL Datsun Dealership and spending 39 years in Florida. Since acquired in 2011 the current owner has added/replaced the following: Fuel system: SU carburetors rebuilt byTidewater Z Auto Service Fuel tank cleaned/coated by Tidewater Z Pertronix electronic ignition NGK plugs K&N air filter Valve adjustment/valve cover gasket by Tidewater Brakes: - Upgraded 4-piston front brake calipers (Toyota 4x4)/ceramic pads - New rear brake cylinders/shoes Other: Clutch slave cylinder Upgraded wiring harness- headlight/parking light Glove box All the rubber/ weather stripping has been replaced Purchased/not installed: BRE front spoiler Motorsport Front air dam 240z alternator upgrade adapter STAGG Struts and Vogtland lowering springs kit Extra weather strip kit NOS Rear bumper rubber trim (scratch on right rear-got it treat) Serious inquiries only - contact owner by e-mail for telephone number and additional photos ASKING PRICE $26,000.00
  8. My boss just bought this car and brought it into our body shop. So I have to do all the research on it. Love these cars we have now had two in the shop. Boss used to rebuild z and 510's 20 years ago. Any way is there any way for me to figure out if the motor in our car is original. I looked all over the motor but cannot seem to find amy numbers. Is there a tag on the motor that i am not seeing? Thanks for any help you can give me.
  9. Tophu530

    Lime Z

    I own a 1972 240z and the color is #112, which is the lime green. I've heard the lime green color is slightly rare. is this true. I am also thinking of painting the car in the future and I like both the original color and a bright yellow color. Is it worth keeping the original color if it's rarer?
  10. Does anyone know the original tire manufacturer, size and model for a 1975 Datsun 280Z sold in the US? Was the spare any different? Any help is appreciated!
  11. Hey fellow Z lovers, I was researching Scarabs online and found several postings from this site. I thought you might like to know there is another original factory Scarab out there. I am the second owner and have all the original paperwork. I have a few pictures posted on cardomain.com under the same user name. It is listed as a 1975 280Z (the original donor car). I am trying to find and contact as many Scarab owners as I can. If you are one, know one, or just love old 'Z's reply to my post. Thanks, Larry
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