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  1. I would make it 7 just in case.
  2. Same. I havent watched the news in almost 10 years, and now its getting to the point you cant even read it. You seem to do what I adopted about 2 years ago. Go out to the shop, put come CDs in, mow the grass, etc etc. Keep the faith and still go to the ballot box. America is going through a cultural revolution, albeit a weak one, this will pass, or collapse under its own weight.
  3. I never saw that request, my apologies. I for one cant stand the political rhetoric with this, but the previous post describing two locations and the stark contrast has everything to do with politics.
  4. Lets not disregard the political aspect of this pandemic. In Florida, the Governor dropped the mask mandate months ago and left it to the Mayors. Miami (Dem) kept lockdowns in place, certain percentages in bars, restaurants. Jacksonville (right of center sort of) did away with all restrictions soon after the Governor dropped his mandates. Ashville is utra Liberal. California, Maryland and the likes were all pushing some kind of restriction in lockstep with most Liberal centers. Not at all am I stoking a political discussion to be beaten like a dead horse, but there is definitely
  5. "Hung up on some clown from the 60s man"
  6. One things for sure, the pandemic has created enemies and allies. Vaccine or not to vaccine. So what is the mortality rate of covid? I know several people who were asymptomatic, so how many people had it but didnt know it and never got tested? So if millions upon millions are positive with covid and dont know it, the mortality rate is definitely not what being reported, it would have to be a whole bunch better, no? Deaths against cases, right? Well how many cases are there?
  7. Hopefully it was done back when that was a thing to do. Its like taking the V12 out of a Jag XJS and putting in a 350 Chevy.
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  10. One day we'll all look back on what this did to society and as an individual. I traveled extensively around the world during the 2009 swine flu (over a billion suspected cases), and no place, even China where the worst death rates were did people treat one another poorly. Some people wore masks, most didnt, yet no one scolded, belittled, brow beat anyone, ever. So from 2009 till now, we all have reduced ourselves to 8th graders, pitting one group against the other. Why? My mother taught me is you dont have anything nice to say, they stay quiet.
  11. Rest in peace Ned Beatty.
  12. No masks since a long time ago in Florida, its been pretty normal. No mask mandates, bars restaurants operating normally like nothing happened. Even went into a medical facility and wasnt required to put a mask on.
  13. Yeah, you definitely have the monkey on your back. I did this back about 20 years ago, but mixed in a few Beetles. But then a really nice 240z driver was $3000, and my 1.0 didnt have much tolerance for it, but 2.0 told me to go get the 1970. I think I'll keep her. I still keep and drive old VW's as well as the Zcars, but just Oval window mid 50s cars. The cool part is, after collecting parts for the last almost 30 years I can support restoring them without having to hunt down $100 gas caps and $900 deck lids. I knew there was a method to my madness (sickness).
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