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  1. So after reading the schematic, trying to make heads or tails, I finally figured out how to make the power antenna work like factory with an after market stereo installation. Hopefully the back of your (new) radio has an "antenna control" wire included. This antenna control wire should be butt spliced into the (factory) green wire that goes into the factory radio. On my 82 NA car it was on a 4pin plug that had only 3 pins used. Next, the (factory) antenna control 4pin plug with only 3 pins, "Blue"," Blue and Red", "Blue and White" that is connected the antenna button for short range or long range (skinny switch with an antenna symbol). The "Blue" and "Blue and Red" need to be spliced together and secured with your favorite method. I pulled the pins from the plug and soldered them together then wrapped tightly with electrical tape around the factory wire bundle. This will allow the radio on/off button to raise and lower the power antenna, or when you turn your car on/off with the radio on, the antenna will raise and lower as well. Enjoy.
  2. DC871F

    73 240Z coming out of coma

    Car is completely disassembled, assessing the rails. Obviously the rears and the floors need replacing, I'm hoping to save the seat attachment points, we'll see. Front rails need some love, not sure yet if replacement is needed. Front cross member is rusty but only on the rear portion, it appears clean on the inside other than a couple of areas. Ill be removing the battery tray to address the firewall where it attaches to the rear part of the fender wells on both sides of the car. Pretty gnarly. All the brake and fuel lines are off at this point now.
  3. DC871F

    Merry Christmas!

    We got jammed! Lone Star.....
  4. DC871F

    Merry Christmas!

    Ewwww. Is there a hemorrhoid wheel, or aftermarket attachment available?
  5. DC871F

    Merry Christmas!

    I wonder how they figured out 2700 RPMs were the right amount?
  6. DC871F

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas.
  7. DC871F

    Triple Weber long term storage

    I was just thinking of the same thing. Funny stuff.
  8. DC871F

    Triple Weber long term storage

    Guilty. I have had a mint 240Z hatch in the baster bedroom closet behind my wife's clothes for a few years now. Just couldnt put it out in the shop for it to get rusty. Maybe I'll move some of her clothes out and put the Webers in there as well............
  9. DC871F

    Triple Weber long term storage

    I had it in a bag and big plastic container, but after a while I started getting a bad feeling about how long it was actually going to be just sitting. I know its not an exciting subject, but I appreciate the input.
  10. Since I'm restoring the 240 and hope to be installing these Webers in a year or so, what is the best method for storing the carbs? I have the tops, was just inspecting them. Thanks guys.
  11. DC871F

    Rust Advice 78 280z

    We did, and you put a little fear in me so its all good now. I looked at the attach points and nothing moved.
  12. DC871F

    Rust Advice 78 280z

    I am a mechanic, but not a restorer, and I have decided to weld and fix all my rust issues on my 240 and fully restore it. I have the room to do it. I can see if you dont have the room to do it may make it more daunting, but where theres a will theres a way.
  13. DC871F

    Tired of taking advice

    Looks like a young Dusty Springfield.
  14. DC871F

    Badging a 240Z into a FairladyZ

    Maybe FairladyZ on the fenders and right below it in small font "tribute"? Anyone with the ability to use context clues should have zero questions for me. But I'm sure I would get the occasional, "They made LHD Fairladys?"

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