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  1. I have an option of buying a series one in the 900's VIN. Its mostly there, but the body will need some finessing. All of the regular areas of bad rust seem to be clean, just some panel work, etc. Rails and floors are actually solid.
  2. What would a 1970 Z with a vin number under 1000 be worth, assuming its intact and mostly original?
  3. Mmmmm. I flew my wife in on Christmas day, had prime rib, baked potato and asparagus at the hotel.
  4. I travel the world for work, more days than I can think in hotel rooms, I'm thankful for this site to keep me in touch with the outside world I'm familiar with and all of the wonderful conversations and knowledge here. I know it may sound corny. But in the hotel looking out over the empty city out there on Christmas Eve, I'm pretty grateful. Oh, and Ebay.
  5. Just beautiful. I take it this will be a restoration to bone stock?
  6. I'll just pick the rarest color and interior combo and bill it as that, what could go wrong? Honestly though, if the car is restored, new paint, interior, are put into a certain category to begin with. Originality is out the window.
  7. I see what the issue is. I left out the word color in my post about "still calling it original". I would like to do it the original color so IT can be original as far as color. Of course I wouldnt say it was the original paint, thats silly.
  8. Can I tell myself it original, in the mirror? Lol.
  9. So to get the wheels in the air for maintenance on a 4 post, whats the trick? Why not a 2 post? They have short stands for vertically challenged spaces.
  10. We all talk about originality for cars, and you hit the nail on the head. One of the big reasons for trying to find out if it were indeed possible to find the original specs for the car, was to see if I can just paint it the way I want and still call it original. I'll know more when I go see the car. I would think there will be somewhere to see original paint. But it was 100% disassembled and each piece painted.
  11. Not at the car yet. A project I'm trying to acquire from someone.
  12. I agree. I'm planning to go look at a project that has been stripped pretty thoroughly, I was just hoping to see of there was something in records just in case. Thanks.
  13. So with old VW's, you can write Volkswagen and get a births certificate for your car. I havent seen where anything like this exists for Datsuns. So how do you find the original color of the car without the little sticker up front if its been striped to bare metal? Maybe I have been spoiled by VW.
  14. Did you get the arch panel from KF? O dont see where they offer that part anymore.
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