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  1. DC871F

    280ZX rear struts

    Installed the new KYB shocks with the older springs, and its now sits normal. So the springs that came with the car have a different rate, but they look identical. Micrometer at my other shop, so once again, I'll check that at a later date. Only explanation I can come up with, is that a long time ago this car had been wrecked in the rear, evidence of a new rear panel and a lot of body work in the rear of the car, which was done flawlesly. I can only speculate that they installed new strut asseblies and they were not factory. Attached is the comparison before the swap.
  2. DC871F

    280ZX rear struts

    Yes, Ill swap them over when I get a chance. The Starsky an Hutch look on a ZX isnt becoming.
  3. DC871F

    280ZX rear struts

    Here's the ones I just put on, factory strut, dropped the rear of the car 2+ inches, rides normal. Dimensions are the same as the KYB sitting side by side.
  4. DC871F

    280ZX rear struts

    I had an old set lying around, put them on just to see if the car would lower. Dont have the spring compressor handy. You think those are higher rate? It seemed they were the same as the old ones. I'll recheck. Thanks.
  5. DC871F

    280ZX rear struts

    All even, nothing out of place. Nothing to see. Just sits too high, and ride is very harsh.
  6. DC871F

    280ZX rear struts

    I did all the work, everything is correct. It doesn't make sense that just changing out the shock makes the car sit higher in the rear. Looks like Starsky and Hutch Torino. So I installed an old set of worn out struts I had, and it sits back normal. Something ain't right.
  7. DC871F

    280ZX rear struts

    82' NA. KYB KG9113 Gas-A-Just
  8. So I ordered new shock struts, all 4. They are KYB Gas A Just. Long story short, the rear end sits about 2 inches too high, the ride is very harsh. So I contacted KYB and ask them to research the part number with them telling me I had the correct part. I went back and forth with them saying that something is not right, but there was nothing else they could offer me to help solve the problem. I drover the car around for a few months thinking they may settle, but nothing changed. Has anyone had a similar issue?
  9. Did a search, not much out there for the t-top cars. Anybody know who may have some? I have the t top seals from ZCardepot, but cant find the entire lower door seal. Thanks.
  10. DC871F

    73 240Z coming out of coma

    Wow, that pretty cool. I have had about 4-5 Oval window bugs, I have a few odds and ends around if you need help. Make sure you visit "The Samba" website for any parts you may need, there's a lot of helpful people there. It seems old Z's and VW's go hand and hand, not sure why.
  11. DC871F

    73 240Z coming out of coma

    It's a 56, next restoration after 240. It's all original, 100% complete, just needs some love.
  12. I have had this 240 for about 12 years waiting to be restored. Before I got it, it had been sitting for about 20 years. I believe the car has only 22K miles on it through various indications around the car. I have had several 240's through the years and it seems this one is a true low mileage car. I am doing a complete restoration back to original specs. the car "had" automatic transmission, factory air, Hitachi flat tops. I am converting to manual gearbox with 83 ZX 5 speed, R200 diff, rebuilt 2.4 engine, and been looking at the Vintage Air A/C an not reinstalling the factory A/C. I just starting the process, I hope to be done within the year, but you know how things like this go. Going back to original white with the red interior. Original dash is mint. Sorry the files are so large, dont have the skills to make them smaller on the screen.
  13. DC871F

    Resister tweak for fuel injection

    So something is not right with my connections. Thanks for checking.
  14. DC871F

    Resister tweak for fuel injection

    No, I havent heard that before. Kill it with fuel idling? I see no difference when I adjust it idling. Ill check the connections.

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