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  1. 240z70


    Thanks Zedhead. I checked the link but no cigar. It was worth a try. As far as the meter, it is the volt gauge that I am looking for. Looking to do a new combo gauge with volt gauge and temp and replace the clock. the temp will be for intake air temp.
  2. 240z70


    wal280z, the car is a 11/69 build date, so I guess 1970 would be the year. But from what i understand, the the majority of the components are the same thru 78 except for the plate that attaches to to car. All I need is the springs. If you have them and wanna part, let me know how much (shipping included ) and how to pay via a PM. I can do paypal to an email or something else. Thanks.
  3. 240z70


    Cant find the door hinge springs. Anyone know where I can find them or if a similar part for another vehicle other than 240, 260 or 280z will work?
  4. 240z70


    Dude, sounds like you might have wanted to reverse the events, restored the car for over 25 years and married for 15 years...You would have had the best of both worlds...Just kidding, but now keep things in perspective....: love the wife and restore the car...If needed, remind her how much she loved the car....LOL. Good luck with an excellent project for both of you...Lots of memories to remember and create as the restoration progresses...Good luck.
  5. 240z70


    Wow...Beautiful, just natural and elegant. Very good tactfull taste. Huh, the car is not bad either....LOL... Hey, you should take some more pictures with some beautiful natural backgrounds. That type of picture definetely could be in a magazine. Use the same "Friend" in continuing your good taste with additional photos. If the background was different, just sceenic, this would make a great large poster. Also, had a question, your wheels look line Panasport, is that correct? If so i would appreciate it if you could give me an accurate size of the center caps. I am looking to buy blank aftermarket chrome center caps but I dont know the exact size. Thank you and keep up the good work....P.S. All kidding aside, your Z-Car does looks great....
  6. 240z70

    Metal hood emblem for 240Z wanted

    If you are still looking, here is one: https://maseraticompound.com/search?page=5&q=240z
  7. 240z70


    Looking for these parts: Throttle lever and Knob 240z door springs -(springs only) Functional Volt Gauge Let me know if you have it and if so how much to buy it - shipping included- to San Jose California USA If you need parts, also let me know.. I have some misc. available.
  8. 240z70

    Fuel Sender/Gauge

    Here you go: Merlin Motor Sports England https://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/ As far as the fuel neck vent...Yep its there, but when I finally get a new tank rebuilt, since this one is a bit thin and old and I dont know how long the repair will last, the tank will wind up with 3 vents, one front 2 sides, which will connect to fuel pancake on side wall. The pancake is triangular and has 5 lines, 3 for the tank, one to the fuel neck, and one venting to the exterior with a anti tip valve and a flame arrestor valve on the end. This its covered in case of upside down spill and flame/sparks near the vent tip. On this build, i will use the fuel neck connection, and the vent and cap off the other 3 nipples since i am not drilling anything else on this repaired tank... New tank will look more like this and i will be able to use same sender, while increasing tank height from 9.5 to 10 inches...Final Fuel Tank Design for new tank.pdf Thanks for all your help. Here are some pics you may like to see.
  9. 240z70

    Fuel Sender/Gauge

    England. No one in the US sells it. They air mailed it and I picked it up from FED EX yesterday. Pretty quick shipment considering where it came from. Hopefully I will be able to install it this weekend. Gotta make the main hole and the 5 SAE bolt holes for it on the aluminum tank. Gonna use a holesaw to make the hole. I also still have to find the wire under the car that leads from the sender to the gauge. I have not seen it yet. Hopefully no one removed it... If you guys know where it is supposed to be, and or have pictures, please post. Color code would also be helpfull if there are more than one wire in the bunch... Not sure if it is mixed in with the light harness for the back lights or if it comes in under card independently....???? Other news: part of my gas tank dillema was to: 1-repair or replace the custom aluminum gas tank due to leak---DONE-repaired 2- find a sender 90-10----done, and purchased/delivered. ---- DONE 3-Change fuel filling location from inside hatch to hidden behind license plate, custom make gas cap ---DONE Pictures with wife holding it partially open, and full open, are attached, spring is strong so she had to hold it. Not the best quality but it was night time. Some cosmetic work to be done still and on the original holder holes, i will put rubber stops so the plate doesn't smash into the car when if you let go suddenly.... removed the plate number in paint and put on fictional number..didnt come out too good but better than just the white out plate.....LOL 4-Install sender, Tank, fuel connections from filler to tank and to vent tank, test tank w/fuel and gas gauge ---- To be done
  10. 240z70

    Fuel Sender/Gauge

    Just an update: I was able to find a TUBE type fuel level sender: Length: 9 - 1/16 inch Attachment: SAE 5-hole pattern. OHMS: 90-10 Condition: New unit. Type: Tube This should fit the tank just fine since it is 9.5 inches deep, and it is 90-10 ohms just like the original lever type that came with the car, so the OEM gauge should not have any issue with it. When it reaches 90 ohms, I should have roughly over a gallon left as reserve, so based on ~20mpg, this should give me about 15 to 20 miles to find a gas station before it is completely empty as long as I dont stomp on it...Perfect... This is great news for anyone who has an aftermarket fuel tank. By it being a tube type, I am not restricted by the available room for proper lever operation , and also have the opportunity to utilize cell foam in the main chamber to minimize sloshing between the existing baffles due to the protection that the outer tube offers by not letting anything hit or lodge against the interior level indicator components and preventing their operation. Thanks for all your help, it gave me different ideas and i even thought of trying to locate a 10-90 and mounting it on the bottom of the tank, but, thats too risky due to potential leaks...and I was actually contemplating using your example of 0-90 and just reading the gauge backwards or trying to find a gauge that would work with it and look somewhat like the original gauge.. Even a 73-10 was beginning to look like a potential option. But now if everything works as planned, I dont have to do that. This weekend planning on making the fill mod to fill it from behind the license plate and wiggling out any connection issues (vents, hoses, neck attachments, splash neck cup, etc...). If it all works as planned I should have the fuel issue engineered and finalized within a couple of weeks.
  11. 240z70

    Fuel Sender/Gauge

    Unfortunately no. The exaust system was revamped previously and goes from the headers into a 2.5 inch pipe, then splits into 2 ea 2" pipes and each goes to the side of the car. the tank is aluminum and from the top looks like a rectangle with the front corners cut off in order to accomodate the side exausts. The top of the tank is flat because the tire well was removed so it fits straight up against the rear deck. For me to go back to the original tank i would have to change all the exausts pipes and provide some type of support for the tank -both new attachment points and a top supGo to this postport sin the tank would no longer be pined up against the spare tire well which does not exist anymore. Sender is to go inside the little hole you see in front of the fill neck.
  12. 240z70

    Fuel Sender/Gauge

    My tank leaks. Not sure if i will be able to get it fixed or if i have to have one built. History: current tank is aluminum rectangle type custom with no sending unit. whether i fix or build i want sending unit. but from what i have heard the 1970 240z sending is 90-10 ohms. Problems: 1-Tank does not have sender so hence no sender retainer to attach the retaining ring for use with the original sender. 2-cant find a retainer to weld to the tank so that the original sender can be used. 3-Might not have enough room for fuel sender arm and may have to use vertical; tube or uncovered. 4-all aftermarket ones are 0-90 or 70-10 or some other ohms but none are 90-10 and readily available Questions: 1-Does the gauge for the 240z fuel level need a 90-10? 2-Can i use a 0-90 and what would that do since it is reversed the ranges are different? If anyone has answers I sure would appreciate including possible alternatives or where to obtain a 90-10. I need to find out asap to either repair or order custom tank. THanks.....
  13. The best seems to be: 225/55/R15. Same height , circumference, revs/mile. -0.5" side wall height 1.18" greater in section width If the rubbing occurs, the difference seems to be very slight that I should be able to roll the wheel well to accomdate the minor difference and/or adjust the car heigh with the Tokiko shocks/coilovers. Suggestions? This seems to be the most extreme look while fitting the space to its normal maximum with some minor changes if needed?
  14. What is the biggest tire you can put on a 240Z with Panasports 15/7 -0-offset WITHOUT RUBBING? Original OEM were 195/70 Currently I have 195/50/15 ZR and i want to go taller and wider....but dont want to rub.... Thinking of a 215/65x7, would love to go with 225/60/7 Changing rims is not an option. I like these.
  15. 240z70

    240z Roll bar, R230 and R180 Welded

    Check post and pictures above for updated info. UPDATE. I have removed pictures and some of the comments/pricing because there have been changes: New items added, items sold, new pictures added, pricing changes. So the latest is this: THe items are currently listed in craigslist under: Copy this and search inside craigslist SF/Bay Area: Datsun 240Z 260Z 280Z 280ZX Used Parts for Sale Lowest prices in town. If the listing is expired, wait a couple of days and it will be back up again updated.

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