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  1. Where can I get a crossmember/mount for a Borg Warner T5 transmission to fit a 240z 1970? The cross member i have currently is a mismatch of plates and bolts.....its Crap. and I want to put one in that fits the offset design without having a frankenstein creation.
  2. 240z70

    Quiet Muffler

    Nope. Even if you do, if you are a CA resident, the car HAS to be registered after 6 months. Only way to avoid that is to actually not be a resident in CA.
  3. Understood. No insult meant. But it is great to have someone who actually has sought after parts at a great price, and that person does deserve to reap a small benefit from providing those even if its only to pay for the original expenditure. I dont think that anyone could claim that unethical after all someone had purchase the whole caboodle but might only need 3 or 4 parts. Why not help the community and at the same time benefit a bit even if it is a small amount. But if you did not have that intention, I fully understand and was not implying it, only commenting that it would be an excellent way for the whole community to benefit.
  4. 240z70


    How long is the cable?
  5. 240z70


    Thanks for the pictures guys. That helps a lot. My first Z had one, the others did not and I didnt remember how it was connected nor what the parts looked like. The reason I would like to get one because it is handy when you want to set the rpms higher whithout having to choke the heck out of it, hold the pedal down or adjust the fast idle screw. It is extremely convenient and one does not really miss it unless you actually had one in the past, then you do. Its not necessary but it is great to have one.
  6. Well, if you buy a pack of 25, use what you need, then divide the total cost by 25 + a reasonable percentage profit, and sell them to the community. This way you got yours for free and no one is getting gouged...
  7. 240z70

    Quiet Muffler

    I tried to see if there was a listing or search function that allowed you to search mufflers by size and decibels. I know engines are differrent and so are the sounds they output, but it would make sense to have a baseline of mufflers that instead of a top number maybe they might be listed by how many decibels they reduce the sound. And then you could have them tested on several engines. Tier 1= under 3 liter, Tier2= 3 to 5 liter, and Tier 3= 5 to 8 liter engine ( say a 2.3 liter, a 350 engine, and 460 engine). You could have reduction in the tier 1 of 50 decibels, a tier 2 reduction of 25 decibels and a tier 3 reduction of maybe 15 decibels, then take an average and that would be the rating on the muffler, in this case a value of 30. or you could just show it like a wheel size, 50/25/15 and this would be the actual values instead of an average. I really thought if nothing else that at least the muffler manufacturers would have some type of decibel rating on their units...THEY DONT or at least i did not find any.. What i did find was "agressive sound", low drone removal, quiet, quieter, louder and whisper, stealth. Its true that it points you towards a direction, but it does not give you specifics. If i point East and tell you that you will find a pot of gold in this house but dont give you an address, all you know is that it is towards the east, but that is it. Quiet or quieter without a value or comparison, does not mean anything. Is it quieter than a Saturn V rocket or quieter than a mouse? There is a lot of territory there to gauge. Anyway, I dont want to take chances and spend the money on the wrong one. I want to know before I buy it if it is going to meet the guidelines and not kill the engine with smothering.
  8. 240z70

    Quiet Muffler

    Yeah, Sacramento needs money!!!
  9. 240z70


    Does anyone have any pictures of how the cable attaches to the pedal?
  10. 240z70


    Thanks for the info
  11. 240z70

    Quiet Muffler

    I am looking for small mufflers that I can possibly use. The new CA rules are no more than 95 decibels 3/4 of Power and read at 20 inches from the exaust. Contrary to what some people say about it not affecting classic/vintage or presmog cars <1975) this is not the case. The new law changes the penalty from a fix it ticket to a mandatory fine, and a mandatory visit to the state ref and a visit to the judge. The visit to the state ref puts your entire car under the microscope and even though it does not need to be smogged, it must have all factory polution equipment that came with the motor beign used. The visit to the judge will settle the case and the fine is 1000 dollars plus all repairs already expended. It also shifts the compliance issue from the state ref to the time you got the citation. You cant get the citation fix the problem, and go to the state and pass then go to court. You must prove that at the time you were stopped that you were compliant. The state inspection is just to prove you fixed the problem, all the required equipment is there and you are ready to go see the judge once they test your car and give you the compliance paperwork.. As stated above, some people think and wrote about it not pertaining to classic/vintage or pre-smog. Not true. The law reads as such (meaning of) : .....all vehicles subject to registration in CA are subject to.....no more than 95 decibels at 3/4 of power......when measure at 20 inches from the exaust...... etc.... no exemptions except for motorcycles, vehicles over 6000 lbs and off road vehicles not allowed to drive on the street. So, I dont want the hassle, dont care about losing a few hp if need be, howeve I do want a car that is compliant and will not give me legal headaches. So can anyone suggest a good SMALL quiet muffler that will keep the car under 95 db at 4500 rpm? My current set up is 6 into 2 into 1x2.5 inch, then splits into two 2 inch, each of which goes to a side slot underneath the side bumper behind the wheel wells. I am very limited in room since the gas tank is custom made and occupies the entire room underneath not leaving the original space on the left side open to accomodate a muffler. Any ideas????? Either 2 smaller mufflers for sides or one flat on the main, or perhaps some insert silencers??????
  12. 240z70


    No, not the linkage under the hood but the lever on the console that controls the RPM...Like a suicide lever since it acts like a cruise control but without any way to lower the rpm unless you move the lever or shut off the engine.....very hand but not for cruise control.....LOL.....it came on very early z but mine is missing it.
  13. Sorry. it was a typo. the choices I pondered were 1/8 with a stainless shield 1/16" underneath or just go thicker with a 3/16 aluminum and no shield. Decided to go with the 3/16 Alum. If i had gone with the stainless shield it would have cost a decent amount in order to form the sump etc.. so i decided to go thicker on the tank and share the extra strength all around in its thicker construction. If a rock does hit the bottom, then perhaps the difference in thickness with help and if it has to be re-welded to repair any issues, there is more material thickness to play with... Also its overall rigidity is greatly increased... I have the original 1/16 alum tank and its crap in rigidity. http://www.boydwelding.com/
  14. UPDATE The fuel fill was installed behind the license plate. Works great. A new Custom Aluminum Tank was manufactured by a company in the East Coast. It was mostly according to the drawing except that I changed the fittings to slip on hose instead of AN threaded. I also went with 3/16 inch thick aluminum and 3 baffles, two from front to back and one from side to side. The vents (3) and the return (1) were 3/8" and the draw was 1/2". The tank and sender were installed, however I still need to install the vent tank(Pancake). The sender is not yet wired in. Need to identify which wire is for the sender.. A new Aluminum 4-core radiatior was also procured and installed with silicon hoses, after the system was flushed. A mixture of 50/50 and 100 was utilized to bring the coolant closer to a 70/30 which is the optiomal for increasing the boiling point. A bottle of WaterWetter was also utilized in the system. All works good. Still a lot to do but buying parts when able to locate them and slowly changing/updating them.
  15. Not sure if this is a dead thread, but here goes. I like the 5/16 rod idea, and I was thinking that perhaps if it had a 1/8 hole punche thru 4/5ths of it, tapped and with a zerc fitting on the end, then you could do a 1/8 " inch hole 1/2 way thru the pin and now to grease it, would be really easy. If that does not work then perhaps drill and tap the center section of the hinge and put a zerc fitting there.... Question: Has anyone been successful in locating a source for the roller PIN or a SPRING that is a direct replacement sizewise?
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