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Found 17 results

  1. Hello and thank you taking a look at my issue. I've just finished turbocharging my NA 1978 and have been running into many issues. Firstly, the car will crank for days but never starts, I've narrowed it down now to spark. I have disconnected the transistor ignition unit as it has an e12-80 module and distributor from a 1980 zx, with a new cap, rotor, and aftermarket ignition coil. Verified rotor is spinning. On the ignition module I have C going to Negative post on coil and B going to Positive. I have the Blue/Black wire & Blue wire connected to Negative on the coil, and B
  2. About 2 years ago I purchased my 280z for 300$. It was a rusted sad looking car that was stripped. I brought it home where I didn’t have a garage and just started stripping it. I got laid off that winter so I took it down to bare chassis. I took all of the suspension pieces and brought them to bare metal and painted them all. I put the car back come spring time then stripped the engine bay and interior following with a coat of paint. For a while I was gonna go with the 280zx turbo motor but then i changed. I ordered a 1JZ-GTE non VVTI and grabbed a trans from a Pontiac solstice. I taught mysel
  3. Parting out an original 280zxt couple auto Ttop. Engine runs but alternator is bad. the only thing on the car thats not being sold are the CV axles and R200, the rest is up for grabs. Or buy the whole donor parts car for $2000 with rearend and cv axle $1100 Engine is a running turbo motor with the F54 block and P90 solid head. Trying to sell the set up as a whole from computer, wiring, basically everything to get the car running. $100 auto transmission $350 Snowflake wheels with tyres with lots of meat left. $200 Tail lights $400 280zx Front and back stru
  4. UPDATE 10/8/2017: Decided to make this my "build thread". Summary: I recently bought a 1978 280z with an L28ET swapped into it. The owner did the swap in 2005 and left the car almost completely stock otherwise while driving it 1k-2k miles per year. It is a perfect base car for a fun project! My goal is to make it drive/handle like a modern car and eliminate any weird noises. I don't know much about the Z's or older cars in general, but I have done a lot of suspension work with my Nissan Xterra and several motorcycles. Once I freshen it up and get suspension and looks down, I'll likely sta
  5. 1987 300zx Turbo for sale in El Cajon, CA http://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/cto/5757576137.html 1987 Nissan 300ZX Turbo "Z31"$7,400Classic "Z" in Very Good ConditionPerfect for Collector to restore with little work.Just under 116,000 miles (second owner since 1989, elderly female driver)No AccidentsOriginal Paint, original "Turbo" decals intact"BRA" for frontT-Tops with sun shades and original storage sleevesAll original except stereo head unit (have original stereo head unit that needs repair)Only Issues: chips on hood and front quarter panel need repainting to restore to original
  6. Hey everyone, I was thinking about going turbo with my Z but after sitting down and factoring in prices and what other things I want to do I've decided not to. I have a type 1 HKS Surge Tank which I recently painted wrinkle black. I masked off all the surfaces on the inner sides of the tank, back plate, and the piping and connecting area within and it's in fantastic shape. Could use another few coats to make it more wrinkled if desired, but I prefered a more subtle texturing with it. I put in a couple weeks worth of refinishing this and bringing it back to it's former glory and it's ready to g
  7. Hi, I'm putting my 1976 280 back together after (shamefully) letting her sit for 5 years unpreped. It wasnt my intention to go for so long however, life got in the way as it sometimes does. I was wondering if anyone could please help me on the huge anxiety I am having on just getting my spark plugs. I have a turbo on the car plus she is stroked and has a bore of .90 over. I believe because of the turbo alone shouldn't it be 1° cooler? I don't know if the other mods would play in that as well. I think stock was like BP6ES? But I don't know if that would be safe to use. Any help I'd appreciate i
  8. Hello all I'm a first time poster here. Picked up my 1976 280z auto last week and began picking up turbo parts. I plan on running a holset hx35. Now I've gathered: P90 head, which is missing a rocker arm. This will get machined and ported/polished. Megasquirt 1 extra. Not sure what sensors I need to pick up that my l28 doesn't already have on it. Also picked up an intercooler and piping. Now I know I need a tps off of a 240sx but have yet to find one. Is there any other options? To complete the list I believe all I'll need is: BOV, wastegate, turbo manifold, supra injectors (what year?), and I
  9. These came off a head with less than 100 miles. I don't know what they are worth hence have put them up on eBay. For those with worn adjusters on a factory turbo, there's always the option to convert to solid adjustors, but for someone who would prefer to keep the hydraulic self adjusters, here's a unique opportunity. These have been NLA for some time now. http://www.ebay.com/itm/131272513446?item=131272513446 Daniel PS. It has been a while since I've spent time on this site so my apologies if this self-promotion of my eBay auction is inappropriate or in the wrong place.
  10. Dear guys I am looking for a set of 280zx Turbo center caps that comes on the swastika wheels. if any of you has a set and want to sell it, or can guide on where to find it, please let me know. i have been looking everywhere but it seems like they are no longer exist. thank you
  11. First off, hello there, my name is Brad. I am new here... and yes this is another SHOULD I BUY THIS post so any advice would be greatly appreciated. I've been searching my local area and nearby states for a Z car (specifically pre 1979... no ZX). I am planning on doing a budget build and not a restoration. I will be going for the classic JDM look (fender mirrors, flairs etc.). I am a performance car enthusiast and currently daily drive a 2011 Subaru STi, however performance is not my end goal. I already have a great performance car so I want something that looks different for cruising and taki
  12. I just bought a used turbo off of craigslist for about $150 and was curious if this was a good price for this part. I purchased it for a project 82 280zx with a not working turbo and was curious if this was a good deal?
  13. I bought a turbo L28 for a swap in one of my 240Z's. Hopefully everything will arrive by the 23rd. Super anxious to see how it drives when its done, but not anxious to swap 2 engines. The one i'm pulling out i'm putting in my other 240 as its getting tired. I'll post up some pics when the pallet arrives
  14. Hello everyone I am needing a 1982 280zx turbo AFM, wire loom and ecu. I have a 1975 280z that has an '82 turbo transplant. Problem is that the air to fuel ratio gets lean at higher rpm's. Which is why my pistons are melting and broken:tapemouth. So I figure this may be the best solution, unless someone here has a better idea with what I have to work with. Note, I have not look hard into mega squirt yet. but lets start here first. Thanks. Big Al.
  15. Hey I have a 240z and I'm putting a L28 280z engine in it on saturday. Though I like that I have finally got an engine that will make my car run. I would someday like to put a 280zx turbo engine in it. Does anyone know what the 0-60 times and 1/4 times are for a 240z with a 280zx turbo in it? I have read that a 280zx turbo could do 0-60 in 7.0 sec, but i assume that with an engine from that in a car that weighs around 500lbs less would go faster.
  16. I always wanted a 240Z, wound up with a 280Z, fell in love with the 300ZX Twin Turbo in 1990 when I read Motor Trend's article. I even won a $20 bet that the new Z would smoke the Ford Mustang, which was a big deal back then as I was just a kid. But anyway, I posted a video on youtube hybridizing two old Nissan ads for the Z32 over some Filter music. My old title for the vid was talking about Barbie and Ken and I think I attracted some pre-teen girls who didn't think very fondly of my participation in the youtube community. Anyway I thought some of you fellow Z-heads would appreciate it mo
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