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  1. So I read the injectors should pray and that they get their power from the distributor so could I have s bad distributor system?
  2. Hey, I apologize for my lack of response. I was unaware of the second page feature and thought you guys gave up on me for my basic understanding of this issue I'm having. Anyway, I believe I might've skipped the step of having the engine centered at number 1 but is that just having the correct firing order? Also, are the injectors supposed to spray when cranking it? Could it be a fuel pump relay, a fuse?
  3. So i replaced the fuel pump check valve and fuel pressure was still going down so I replaced the whole pump and fuel pressure was going down just a tiny bit at a time. Probably like 3 seconds to drop 1psi. The CSV checked out to be okay after all and only fires when engine is cold. Injectors aren't leaking. The pressure regulator seems to be working too because when I start it without the hose on it, fuel doesn't come out. So could anything else cause it to flood? For tomrrow, I will do the shot gun method and clean all the corrosion, make sure all the grounds and connections are good, see battery connections, and all the electrical stuff. Thanks Dave WM, I wish I was as knowledgeable as you so I could fix this problem asap
  4. Very detailed information, thank! So right now I checked fuel pressure and at prime it's at 40psi and starting is 38psi but when I release the key the psi slowly go back down and doesn't stay like Dave said it should. No fuel is spraying, all seven injections didn't drip, so up next is the fuel pump check valve that could be bad. Where is it located, I'm going to replace this part and see if it maintains the 36psi and not just drop
  5. The engine ran for 5 seconds the very first crank by simply adding starter fluid (engine was completely dry) so once this happened I did some things to the fuel, spark, and compression to all be good but it seems like every time I crank it afterwords, it floods and spark plugs get wet and the possibly faulty or misinformed CSV is just pouring gas making its way through the timing chain, crankcase, and oil pan. I have not checked the fuel pressure since I am already getting too much fuel and didn't think it'd be a problem but if it can help determine the problem I can definitely do it. Where is the fuse from the battery to the EFI?
  6. I've cleaned the fuel tank, added a new fuel filter, cleaned rail, and injectors. Then I put 5 gallons of regular gasoline. Then every time I crank it, spark plugs get wet with fuel. With the test I did, none of the injectors sprayed just the csv. Other forums say it should've only sprayed for 2-12 seconds, could my thermotime switch be bad?
  7. okay so, I disconnected the starter and when I started it, none of the injectors sprayed but the csv ( cold start injector) did and it sprayed for over 15 seconds and it would've easily kept going. Is it supposed to do that or is that what's my problem? Could be the temp sensor misguiding the csv
  8. So I primed the engine and I can hear the presssure regulator working and no leaks on all seven. My outside temperature is 73 degrees and when I cranked it the only one that sprayed was the cold start valve ( cold start injector). I'm going to do it without he starter, I didn't read that till now
  9. Ive heard of people talking about the cold start injector but never gave it any thought, I'll locate the injector and see if it sprays, it shouldn't pray like you said because where I am it's 78 degrees, then I'll have a look at the connections to see if it's correct.
  10. I have the fuel rail removed right now with everything else connected and I'm going to switch the key just so it starts priming, got the idea from Dave WM. I'll observe if gas is leaking out, should I expect very little or none at all? If it's an obvious leak I'll tap it in hopes that it stops.
  11. So I did everything with still no luck. I did check the oil and I noticed it's wayyy over the high level and it smells like gas. I took a quart of oil out and it's more of a liquid substance now with a smell of gas. I think my problem is a leaking fuel Injector. What do you guys think? If so, is it the injector or harness?
  12. If it will help to determine the problem, i am also missing two fuses on the interior panel of the car, it is # 7 and #8 and haven't determined what they are for. I still have to clean any corroded wires, sensor plugs, check for air leaks with the EFI, check the coolant sensor, and check fuel pressure. I'll post up my results after doing all this
  13. What do you mean by the FSM? I have not checked the FSM on the l28e to check for fuel pressure but I thought it was getting enough fluid since it wasn't starting on starter fluid That is a really good idea, I'll do that! Injectors work for sure because when I cleaned them, I grounded them to a 12v battery and power and attached them to a pressurized hose with injector cleaner and they made the clicking noise and sprayed straight i have not sprayed them with the wiring harness though so I could give it a try injector insulation as like the bushing that go around it and on the head when you put Injectors in thank you!
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