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  1. Thanks for the information. Appreciate it.
  2. Thanks. I’ll check with the rebuilder.
  3. I got it from this website https://www.carpartsmanual.com/
  4. # part# model from to qty 1 ASSY-MASTER VAC 6INC 47210-E4600 7105 1 47210-E4601 7106 7108 1 47210-E8700 7109 7206 1 ASSY-MASTER VAC 7 1/ 47210-N3001 1 47210-N4300 7508 1
  5. Thanks so much for everyone’s information. I’ll send it off to Power Brake Exchange. I was looking on the carpartsmanual.com website on the master vac for the 240z and it showed that the early 1972 240z had a 6 inch size master vac.
  6. I went to the Harmon classic brake site as well as to the Power brake exchange website and there’s no mention of having a 6” kit. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Do you have a part number and manufacturers name?
  8. Hello I have an early 1972 240z (5/72). It states that those stock brake boosters were 6” in diameter. I did a search for a 6” kit and didn’t find anyone that had them. Are they available out there or are they custom built on request and that’s the reason they don’t show up on the website. Thanks
  9. Thanks so much. I’ll do that.
  10. Thanks for your responses. I appreciate it. I’ll go ahead and get my booster replaced.
  11. Doesn’t feel like I get any assist. If I start to break while I’m still in gear, I really have to push hard on the brake to slow down and take it out of gear or the car wants to surge forward.
  12. I had a leak in the brake line on the rear reservoir on the master cylinder to the brake indicator assembly. A new master cylinder was installed months ago. Once I installed a new brake line with new fittings the leak was fixed. I refilled the reservoir and started the car up and pumped the brake to make sure nothing was leaking. At this point I didn’t bleed the brakes yet. Everything looked good and then all of a sudden I started to hear a hissing noise and a surge in the RPM’s. So now every time I push on the brake pedal, l get that surge of RPM’s. Seems odd that my brake booster would all of a sudden go bad. At this point I installed new vacuum hoses and a new check valve. I made sure the check valve was facing the right direction. I was hoping that would fix the problem. It didn’t. I did a vacuum check on the booster and it held. No leak. Do you think I need a new brake booster? Would bleeding the brakes fix everything or are these issues not related? My car is a 72 240z. Thanks
  13. I had a brake line bolt that I couldn’t take off. I tried a heat gun and that didn’t work so I got my soldering tool and heated up the bolt with that and it worked.

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    Looking to purchase a switch brake indicator valve for my May 1972 240z. Thanks


  15. View Advert Switch Brake Indicator Valve Looking to purchase a switch brake indicator valve for my May 1972 240z. Thanks Advertiser lcord Date 08/16/2021 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 1972 Model 240z  
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