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  1. I had a brake line bolt that I couldn’t take off. I tried a heat gun and that didn’t work so I got my soldering tool and heated up the bolt with that and it worked.
  2. View Advert Switch Brake Indicator Valve Looking to purchase a switch brake indicator valve for my May 1972 240z. Thanks Advertiser lcord Date 08/16/2021 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 1972 Model 240z  

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    Looking to purchase a switch brake indicator valve for my May 1972 240z. Thanks


  4. Good that he has a nice home. I bet he gives lots of kisses.
  5. How much do you think it would cost to have it restored if you couldn't to it yourself? LC
  6. I tried the 1895 bulb for the license plate and it did't work. It was to small. I guess I'll try the 89 bulb for a 72' 240Z.
  7. Do you have to specifically have to register your car as an antique with the DMV to get that type of coverage or just a standard registration for your insurance company to pay that kind of money in case of an accident? I have mine covered for $30k, but I don't think it's registered as a classic or antique. Thanks
  8. Looks like he might have found someone and sold it. It's not listed anymore. Did anyone here purchase it? Thanks Larry
  9. Thanks for everyone's feedback. Larry
  10. Found this early Z on Ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-Z-Series-base-coupe-2-door-/141655790164?forcerrptr=true&hash=item20fb57d254&item=141655790164 I live close by so I contacted the owner via ebay so I could take a look in person. I didn't get a response. I wanted more interior pics of the floor boards. It looks like he must have pulled out the motor when it was painted since the engine bay isn't colored the same way as the exterior. Wanted to know if he worked on the engine when he pulled it out. The rear bumper looks bent down. What are your thoughts on this car? Thanks Larry
  11. Looks like it's back on eBay. Wonder what happened. Did the buyer back out, you think?
  12. Has anyone inspected the car on site? Thanks
  13. Good question! This brings up another question. Should the final coat of the dash be the same color of the other trim areas. For example if I paint the dash in Landau black should I paint all the interior in the same color? Thanks Larry
  14. Thanks so much for the detailed information. This is really helpful. I ordered the ball-shaped Dremel bit that you suggested and waiting for delivery. Thanks Larry
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