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  1. I run a TEP flywheel in my racecar. They took 10 lbs. off and it works great. They must have started lightening them again. For quite a while, they had to stop after the one guy who did their machin work died and apparently was the only one who knew the cut plans for all the various make and model flywheels they lightened.
  2. Of course! I promise I won't spoil the ending either.
  3. Hopefully it's good, but I just can't picture him as a convincing Carroll Shelby since he looks nothing like him. We are getting a private screening a few days before it comes out, so if it's crap, at least I won't waste any money.
  4. No worries. I figured you must have just read the question wrong as I knew you wouldn't steer him wrong. I just wanted to get the right info out there.
  5. No, but just call Livermore Performance Inc. They don't show a P/N for that application, but can supply anything you need. They are super easy to work with and a top notch company. I've bought Porterfield pads many times from them for my endurance racer Z and they are very helpful. http://www.livermoreperformance.com/
  6. Trust me, the wheel does not move out. The rotor bolts to the back side of the hub rather than the front of the hub, so the spacer has zero effect on the hub face. It simply positions the rotor. There are about a thousand google images online showing the upgrade. EDIT: Here is a link to one of the many conversion kits. Scroll through the pics where you can clearly see where the spacer goes. https://www.silverminemotors.com/datsun/datsun-280z/brake-upgrades/front-big-brake-kit-stage-4
  7. Wheel fitment is tricky. I have a set of 14" wheels that fit fine with the vented Toyota setup and yet other 14" or even 15" wheels do not fit. It all depends on the shape of the face/spokes of the wheel. I found that 15x7 ET zero Konig Rewinds will clear front vented Toyota calipers as well as Mustang GT500 rear calipers. Discount Tire Direct sells them at a very reasonable price and has sales a few times per year with a $100 rebate. I bought mine a few years ago for $360/set delivered after rebate.
  8. No, the drums are fine for most applications. Most rear disc upgrades provide no additional stopping performance over well functioning drums.
  9. No, this is not quite correct. The spacer does go outside the rotor, but it goes BEHIND the hub and only moves the shallower Toyota rotor inboard to align with the caliper. The spacers do nothing to the wheel/tire position.
  10. They sure are easy to spot, aren't they?
  11. I had to file/sand my crank snout after my stock damper's bolt came loose and messed up my crank. I then bought the BHJ and took the crank and new damper to my machine shop and told them to check the crank for straightness and cracks plus adjust the fit to the proper interference that BHJ recommends. The crank checked fine and the fit was right where BHJ spec'd it. When I installed it, I was a bit nervous about the key moving, but it stayed in place and the damper pulled right in using the bolt and only minimal torque. I'd guess it took less than 15 ft-lbs. of torque to draw it in.
  12. I had a lash pad pop out during a race. The engine was down on power and had an idle miss, but otherwise ran okay. Unless it gets wedged somewhere - then it will make a LOT of noise and cause damage. I simply popped the cover and put it back on in a matter of about a minute. It was likely due to a n over-rev.
  13. According to the chart, he could have one of three 1980 distributors. Total advance could be between 42° and 52°. Chances are good though, it's 47°. Distributor Type Static Timing (BTDC) Centrifugal Advance (Degrees) Vacuum Advance (Degrees) Total Advance (BTDC) Engine Speed for Total Advance (RPM) Full Throttle Advance at rated speed [No Vacuum](Degrees) Transmission type (Manual/ Auto) Model Year (280ZX) Country or special location/ designation D606-52 17 12 11 40 2000 29 M D609-56 10 18 15 43 2400 28 M D609-56A 10 18 15 43 2400 28 M/A D6F3-01 7 23 12 42 3200 30 M D6F3-02 8 23 12 43 3200 31 A D6F4-01 7 20 15 42 2720 27 M D6F4-02 7 20 11 38 2720 27 A D6F4-03 10 17 15 42 2500 27 M/A California D6K8-02 10 17 18 45 2500 27 M 1979 D6K8-03 10 17 10 37 2500 27 A 1979 D6K8-05 10 17 20 47 2500 27 M 1979 D6K8-06 10 17 15 42 2500 27 A 1979 D6K8-07 10 17 18 45 2500 27 M/A 1979 Canada D6K8-22 10 17 30 57 2500 27 M/A 1980 California D6K9-09 10 17 15 42 2500 27 A 1980 D6K9-14 10 17 20 47 2500 27 M 1980 D6K9-02 10 17 25 52 2500 27 M/A 1980 Canada D6K80-03 8 17 30 55 2800 25 M/A 1981 Non-Turbo D6K9-02 10 17 25 52 2500 27 M/A 1981 Canada Non-Turbo D6K81-01 8 17 30 55 2800 25 M/A 1982 Non-Turbo D6K82-01 8 17 30 55 2800 25 M/A 1983 Non-Turbo
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