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  1. Discount Tire Direct has good deals on Rewinds and twice a year, they also do a $100/set mail in rebate. I bought two sets of 15x7 for my race car for $360/set delivered after rebate. It looks like 16x7's are currently $520 shipped with a $50 instant savings plus a 5% mail in rebate, so somewhere around $450/set shipped. I hear you on the Panasports. I think I paid $1200 for my set of 16x7's close to 15 years ago before Rewinds were available.
  2. With the price of Z's skyrocketing, I think we will see more and more of this. I guess there is one benefit to stupid Z values.
  3. Simply incredible car and great photography Brandon. Now do the rest of them and a family shot with a cool background.
  4. It's Don Bunt's car. He might have been a member here at some point in the past. I know the name, though I don't know him.
  5. One just popped today on FB. $5000 for a rolling chassis EP car.
  6. The only good thing (I guess) is that for some reason, track cars aren't bringing any money. I've seen many older-built ITS Z's sell for very little money. The same condition Z without a cage tends to bring far more money even though the race Z is likely more solid, better running and better cared for than the typical project car. That's why turning a decent project car into a race car is a losing proposition. If I ever need another race Z, the best option by far is to buy one that was built as a race car years ago and has been collecting dust.
  7. Or ditch it for a RT Mount and fix the less than optimal design.
  8. I am saddened that my beloved hobby has gotten this way. When I fell in love with the S30 40 years ago, a huge part of the allure was that they were affordable. I could buy rusty S30's as parts cars and make a pretty nice car for very little money. 11 years ago, I bought a 260Z out of a barn and made a race car out of it. I paid $450 for the car and it was really solid overall. The floors and rails were in very good shape and it just had some rust in the battery tray area and at the bottom of the rear quarters from mouse droppings that had accumulated over the many years it was stored. Within just a few years, I could no longer afford replace that car should it be wrecked on track. A similar condition body today would be nearly 10 times what I paid for my 260. Every time I go on the track I risk writing off my car. If and when that happens, it won't get replaced and I will likely never race another Z. I for one don't like that prices have gone through the roof. I'm happy for those of you that have beautiful Z cars that are increasing in value by the day. Guy's collection, for example, is rightfully worth a ton of money. It's the low end car value increase that I dislike.
  9. Can't have too much light in a shop.
  10. There is always a gap in roof sheeting due to the H clips used between each sheet to distribute the loads when 2' on center trusses are used. I'm sure the sun was simply shining directly on the circled area. You can actually see the dark spots where the clips are located. I used to frame houses 30 years ago ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. I just IM'd a friend in Spokane and he said that the seller is being inundated by interested buyers from all over the country. It sounds like a bidding war for the lot. ๐Ÿ˜ž
  12. Agreed. I clicked on the 400Z post and while I sat waiting and waiting for it to load, I saw this topic listed. ๐Ÿ™‚
  13. Mirror looks like it's out of adjustment. ๐Ÿ™‚