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  1. Here is a picture of mine. The gap is smaller than it looks. The mount has about 20 race hours on it.
  2. I'm really on the fence whether to go this route or to do the Futofab powdercoated ones and then re-powdercoat them in a dark gray. The idea would be to do a BRE spoiler, the taillight panel, bumpers and maybe the door handles in a color that matches my Panasport spokes. The SS bumpers look really good though... Luckily, I'm not ready for them yet, so I have time to decide.
  3. I have a 1/8" air gap in mine and while it's a race car with lots of noises, gear whine isn't one of them.
  4. Sure does. The end result was much better than it could have been. A lot of filing, sanding, and polishing turned that mess into a usable snout. Somehow I even got it round. 🙂
  5. Did you pry the grease seal out first? If not, the bearing will not come out. My seals were very difficult to get out. If you did already extract the seals, make sure your drift is on the race and not the stop which is part of the hub.
  6. Can you recap? I assume you cut the stakes off the nuts, removed the nuts and then used a slide hammer to get the stub axle out? With the stub axle out, the bearings should come out fairly easily with a brass drift and hammer. Is this what you have done so far? When I did mine, the inner and outer bearings stayed in the knuckles and the stub axles came out with no bearings. I've done others where the outer bearings will stay on the stub axle when it's removed.
  7. I've seen oil pumps look like that. If I see any denting, I pitch it and buy new. Every dent will result in lost flow/pressure. It should be pristine.
  8. What brand of windshield and hatch seals did you buy?
  9. Throttle open simply allows air into the cylinders. I haven't lifted the pistons either, but it's possible doing so could change the results. As long as you are consistent, it shouldn't matter. With compression testing, it's more about cylinder to cylinder variation than actual numbers. Most gauges will vary a bit. I can't see where opening the choke would make any difference as all it does is lower the needle to enrichen the fuel mixture. That shouldn't matter at all.
  10. Yeah, the 996 has good A/C. The Z won't be driven much in the summer until I put the A/C back in it.
  11. My cars made it to Phoenix. The FJ and 996 were unscathed, but something must have been kicked up and the driver's side mirror was broken off and the stainless steel trim that caps the door is dented from the mirror hitting it. Luckily, the mirror was already crap and there was no damage to the door itself. The cars were completely filthy and likely salty from a winter storm he drove through in New Mexico.
  12. Rod and I have been phone, FB and internet friends for years, but we've never met in person. We have always wanted to race together and it just never worked out. When I said I was selling the car, he offered to take it, prep it and store it so we can race it. We haven't worked out the details yet, but it might just work.
  13. He is near Atlanta Motorsports Park. Rod Earwood
  14. Well, my '78 was loaded today and is headed for Phoenix. I got the race car done and ready to sell, so I finally took a few pics of my cars together for the first time. As for the fate of the race car, I *might* have a plan that allows me to keep it. A fellow Z racer in Atlanta might be willing to take the car back to his place and race prep it. When I want to race, I'll fly in and race it with him. That way, I don't lose the car, but I don't have to take it with me where I have no space for it.
  15. Does Steve know you have a '72? The '72 SU's have a different float height in the front vs rear carb, The stanchion is higher in one than the other, so both will have a fuel height of 22mm from the top, but a different height from the bottom.
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