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  1. Yours must have broken at a different spot than normal. They generally break on the arm where it meets the base. I've swapped them many times and the offside arm serves no purpose, so with it broken off, once the handles are swapped, they function perfectly. Yours must have broken lower on the casting where it actually mounts to the door. I've never seen one break there. Weird.
  2. If there is any chance of limiting the spam, dump it. I and I assume most others have the website remember the login, so it shouldn't hurt the majority of users. FB sites are getting worse by the day. The spammers are out of control there. You are doing a great job of limiting the infiltrations here.
  3. The NOS part could be scanned, so wouldn't even need to measure. Same goes for the washers I'd imagine. Make a mold and encase the cleaned original washers with rubber to make the nubs. Note that I know very little about home 3D printing, but from what I have seen, it should work.
  4. I wonder how hard it would be to make a 3D printed mold and then match the durometer for pouring replacement bushings?
  5. The late 260Z and all 280Z's have the resonator/catalytic converter hump in the tunnel. I had to cut my late 260Z tunnel hump out on my race car in order to lower the race seat.
  6. There is no such thing as the best tool. If I need to pound a nail in, a micrometer does me no good, yet for precision measuring, the hammer is just as useless. Whenever I work on anything house or vehicle related, I tend to need every tool I own. If I don't own the perfect tool for a job, I either make one, or I improvise and use what I have in the toolbox already. If I have the time or think I'll ever need to do the same job again, I'll usually make a tool or jig.
  7. The more scrub radius there is, the more effort it will take to steer the car. You are correct in your statement that positive offset wheels will reduce the scrub and therefore, the steering efforts. I've never really thought that the Z steers hard with its manual steering and zero offset 225 max performance summer tires.
  8. Go to Youtube and search "University Motors SU Carb" It's a fantastic series of videos on British SU's. 95% of the information is exactly the same as our Datsun SU's.
  9. I love making tools and jigs. My latest was a modification to the spindle pin puller I made. Since I already had the puller, I made another sleeve and turned it into a rear outer bushing puller. It made removing the OE bushings almost easy.
  10. I never understood the '75-only pinion pattern either. They did a few odd things over the years.
  11. I'm confused by what you are saying. Yes, Nissan used HLS30 for the US 240Z and 280Z, but they used RLS30 for the 260Z.
  12. Either the calculations were way off or the materials/manufacturing didn't match the engineer's design. Either way, this should never happen. I can't imagine that there wasn't a huge factor of safety built in to the design as well.
  13. No, it is a 2 seater. I thought maybe the late 74 2+2 got the R200, but it doesn't show up in the FSM until '75. Of course, we all know that there were mid-year changes throughout the S30 run. I would think that something as significant as a differential would have shown up in the FSM since the dealers would have to service them.
  14. My late '74 coupe manual had a R180 and my manual '75 coupe had a R200. My understanding was always that the R200 was introduced with the '75 manual. I just looked at the '74 FSM and it only shows a 3.36 R180 for the auto and a 3.54 R180 for the manual. The '75 FSM only lists a R200 3.54 ratio. Has anybody looked at the microfiche to see if a R200 is listed for the 2+2 260Z?
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