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  1. Jeff G 78

    Ugliest Z ever?

    That's just wrong
  2. It's amazing how many parts were still good though. I am using the mustache bar, aftermarket swaybars and the front crossmember on my race car after I modified the pivot points. I'm sure there are many others as well that I can't think of at the moment. 😎
  3. LOL. I bought the car in 1992 for $500 as a beater/parts car and drove it for about six months before parking it in my dad's garage. Over the years, the garage roof rotted and leaked near where the car was parked so the garage was really damp all the time. He built a nice new pole barn in about 2001 and the car was dragged (due to the locked rear brakes) into the new garage at that time. I decided to retrieve the car in 2009 as a donor car for my race car build. We stripped the good parts and cut the car up for scrap metal a few weeks after these pics were taken. When we cut the car up, the RH side of the firewall was so rotten that we didn't even have to cut it. The car literally had no good metal from the windshield to behind the seat on the RH side. Here's how bad the rot actually was in the car. From the outside, it didn't look all that bad, but the underside looked like it had been on the Titanic.
  4. That was after at least an hour of heating, soaking, and hammering. In one of the pics you can see a pipe under the car. I was using a sledge hammer on the opposite side of the car to hit the pipe which was against the fins on the drum. Cutting the drum off was the only way I could get the car to move. There was no way I was going to be defeated!
  5. Depending on how bad they are, it might require drastic measures. I had one rusty old 280Z parts car that had been stored for about a decade and the drums were so seized on that I had to cut the drums in two. Even then, they were a bear to pry off. Hopefully it doesn't come to this! Good luck.
  6. Jeff G 78

    Camshaft option

    Don't do it! L-Jetronic EFI and bigger cams do not play nice. I tried to put a Web Racing #91 grind street cam in my L28 and it ran like crap. After some research, I learned that L-Jet relies on proper engine vacuum and the cam reduced the amount of vacuum created. The car idled poorly, had no power through most of the rev range and at best, had a bit more power up top. I pulled the cam and went back to stock. I then installed the same cam in a L28 with very similar compression, but fed via SU carbs and it runs great. I couldn't be happier with the performance.
  7. The tires you want will likely rub in the rear. The fronts might rub on the inside with that offset. A +6mm offset would be closer to what you want. My car has 225/50R16 max performance summer tires on 7 inch zero offset rims and they rubbed HARD in the rear. The fronts rub while backing and turning.
  8. Tire choice is just as critical as rim width and offset. Even tires in the same size can vary greatly in shape and true width. What is the purpose of your car? Cars and Coffee? Daily Driver? Weekend cruiser? Track car? This MUST be your first question. If you only want it to look good and be a fun car, go with a 205/55R16 high performance tire. If you must have maximum grip, you will need to end up with a squarer tire that is more likely to rub.
  9. Jeff G 78

    Am I missing anything?

    Great advice. I lost one on the highway when I hit a bump. 😩
  10. Jeff G 78

    Am I missing anything?

    I would suggest not running poly bushings on both sides of the body where the Tension/Compression Rod attaches. The common process is to run the poly bushings on the front side and use stock rubber bushings on the back side of the body mount. Poly/poly is too stiff and won't let the TC rod articulate properly. You didn't say if you have a full poly bushing set, but if not, be sure to install new poly steering rack mount bushings. While you are at it, your steering rack boots are likely old and dried out, so when you do the tie rods, install new rubber boots on the rack.
  11. Jeff G 78

    Best "performance" tire for a 70 240z

    Depends on the brand and model of tire. My Hankook RS-2 225/50R16 tires on zero offset rims rubbed on my car. The very high performance summer tires tend to have squarer profiles and can rub.
  12. Jeff G 78

    Merry Christmas!

    My dad bought my mom a vacuum in the mid-70's and she's still mad about it! I learned my lesson at an early age and never made that mistake. 😂 Merry Christmas everybody!
  13. Front reservoir is for rear brakes and rear is for front brakes. Are you getting fluid out of the rear bleeders? Did you bench bleed the MC? If not, do that first. Put a 6" long hose from the front bleed port on the side of the MC and with the cap off, put the other end into the reservoir under the fluid line. Crack the bleeder just enough to get flow and slowly pump the brake pedal. Close the bleeder and repeat for the rear port. Once done you can start bleeding the rear wheel cylinders starting with the driver's rear. If you are not getting fluid, you have a blockage somewhere. Either a hose has collapsed, you have gunk in a line, or there is something in the proportioning valve.
  14. Jeff G 78

    Datsun Dealership Signs!

    Your neon sign looks much bigger than the one I listed. Very cool Guy!

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