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  1. Unfortunately, they are out after some sort of crash. I haven't seen any details yet, but they are okay and say that the car is repairable.
  2. Jeff G 78

    JDM Legends on Velocity starting in April

    I love seeing the Z love on TV, but personally, I liked the old days of cheap Z cars. Everybody who owns a ratty Z now thinks they are sitting on a gold mine. The days of building an affordable Z are unfortunately over. I think that the skyrocketing Porsche 911 market is creating the huge demand for Z cars. Those who can't spend $50k for a 911 are willing to pay $20k for a decent Z car.
  3. Jeff G 78

    1976 280Z Restoration Project

    Do you have a guess for how much weight was added with all of your various sound deadening material? It looks great and would be awesome on a street Z!
  4. Jeff G 78

    Velocity channel-new show

    I saw the TV ad a few weeks ago. At first glance, it doesn't appear that they are the usual hacks that ruin cool cars. I'll DVR it.
  5. Jeff G 78

    Cleaned pistons and other parts

    I tried to clean pistons and no matter what I used, they wouldn't come clean, so I gave them to my machine shop and they came back looking great. Same with the front cover.
  6. Jeff G 78

    1976 280Z Restoration Project

    Been there, done that. I just used a bolt and nut rather than buying another 40 year old plastic plug.
  7. Jeff G 78

    Oil in Strut Tubes?

    Might be 10.9, but it looks like a Chinese hardware store bolt to me.
  8. Jeff G 78

    Oil in Strut Tubes?

    Yeah, I immediately thought 50 was way too high, but I don't have the FSM handy, so I didn't comment on that. I knew someone would correct him if it was indeed wrong.
  9. Jeff G 78

    Oil in Strut Tubes?

    Is that broken bolt OE? It doesn't look like a Nissan bolt from the pic.
  10. Nope, the brakes and struts are different too. The ZX parts are actually similar to 510 parts.
  11. Jeff G 78

    Oil in Strut Tubes?

    Add enough oil that the cavity is mostly full - it doesn't take much! You can leave an inch or so of air at the top, but I have never had a problem with the oil expanding and puking out. I have Illuminas in my 280 and they didn't have a washer, but it all depends on the amount of room you have. When you insert the cartridge and screw on the gland nut, it should tighten down on the cartridge before it runs out of threads on the housing. The washer was likely added because the gland nut didn't clamp the cartridge, but rather just tightened onto the housing or ran out of threads. Make sure the cartridge cannot move up and down prior to it bottoming out and then finish tightening it.
  12. Jeff G 78

    Oil in Strut Tubes?

    It's for cooling. Dampers get very hot and the oil conducts the heat out to the tubes much better than air. The oil will not leak out, so don't worry about that.
  13. Jeff G 78

    Starter Brushes

    Hey Zed, no, I did not strip the head. It simply won't budge. Now that I look at the pic you posted, I'm not positive I even need to remove it. I *think* I was trying to remove the unmarked screw just above the "Field Coil" designation on the left side of the diagram. I will look at the starter again later today and just take it all apart. I do have the FSM, but I hadn't looked at it yet. I figured the brush would be smoked and I would then proceed with a rebuild. It looks like RockAuto has the brushes and bushings, so it the armature looks okay, I might get it working for a few bucks.
  14. Jeff G 78

    Starter Brushes

    Is there a trick to getting the phillips head screws out of the starter body that retain the brushes? I have two gear reduction starters that no longer work properly, so I was going to at least take a look at the brushes, but I cannot get the screws out. I tried an impact screwdriver with no luck.

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