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  1. Looks great. I love Racing Green! Congrats on what must have seemed like forever to get this far.
  2. Woohoo! Can't wait to see it in color.
  3. How about calling it the "1125 Plate" since that's what none of us can ever get right the first time. 🤣 Or... just call it the "Clock Plate"
  4. Those are the thickest fuel tank straps I've ever seen. Assuming they are aluminum, is there any concern over galvanic corrosion or are they completely isolated via rubber? I like the Silvermine sticker placement too.
  5. Sorry for the rant, but as an auto engineer who sees the inner workings of what it takes to bring a car to production, the chances of this happening are zero. The cost to develop a mostly new car are astonomical and Nissan simply doesn't have the sales volumes to justify it. We will be lucky to get a mildly reworked Z34 with a refreshed skin and a modified powertrain from an Infiniti product. Nissan sells less than 10,000 Z cars per year when the product is fresh and is selling around 3,000 per year near the end of the product cycle. There simply aren't enough sales to ever repay the R&D and the tooling. An all-new Z35 would cost upwards of a billion dollars. Even if they could sell 100,000 cars over the life of the product, that's $10,000 per car just to pay for the development costs. That doesn't include the manufacturing costs, raw materials, supplier parts, marketing, or profit. Even at $50,000 MSRP, they wouldn't be able to justify it. Now, reuse the chassis, most of the body, and rework an Infiniti engine and that figure might drop to 200 million dollars. Now, only $2,000 per car goes to pay for the R&D and they have a much better shot at success. There is a very good reason that even Toyota, the leader in cash on hand, didn't develop their own Supra or FRS. It simply doesn't pay off. Even when the Supra is 90% BMW, it will still go down as a poor financial decision for them and the next time around, they might shy away. The C8 Corvette is interesting because the R&D costs were huge, yet GM spent the cash to do it. Volume is their friend and they will sell 50,000+ C8's per year. GM is also likely to axe the Camaro again which freed up money to do the C8. There will always be old guys with cash that just have to have a Corvette as a 3rd car. There simply aren't enough young people with money to justify an all-new Z. I just hope Nissan does enough with the Z34 refresh that sales will be in the 10,000/year range again.
  6. I actually wrote a letter to Nissan about that horrid concept. Although, I never got a response, I feel that in some small way, I helped keep that POS off the roads.
  7. I'd take the cash and have Guy @Diseazd @five&dime build me a 240 like one of his gorgeous cars. I'd rather have a stroker with everything rebuilt than an all-original car.
  8. I just searched and found that Amazon has this console for $239.95 with free shipping. The online Nissan dealers all show out of stock and about $270 plus shipping. eBay is over $300. Amazing what is still available new.
  9. A great penetrating oil alternative is to make your own. Mix a 50-50 solution of ATF and acetone. It must be shaken before use as it will separate, but it does work very well. The downside is that you lose the aerosol can, so getting it into tight spaces is harder. You can put it into a chemical-safe spray bottle and set the nozzle to jet, but that isn't as good as a staw on an aerosol can.
  10. I'm not sure if the ZX has the flats as I have never owned or worked on a S130. The ZX nuts have been used on S30 stub axles for a few decades, so they must work just fine.
  11. The ZX nut is a prevailing torque nut which means it is slightly out of round at the small end. It's a very common design that the entire auto industry uses for critical fasteners.
  12. You are dying of 8 other things, but you are safe from Covid-19 at least.
  13. I just watched a press conference and Trump is trying to do whatever he can to keep small businesses afloat. With any luck, they can get something through congress quickly and get money in your hands right away. Good luck.
  14. I've seen several videos of damaged threads from not removing the peened section of the nut. BTW, the ZX nut part number is 43262-W1200