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  1. Jeff G 78

    Wheel specs

    Here, play with this handy website. http://www.rimsntires.com/specspro.jsp
  2. Jeff G 78

    Performance Balancer with AC Pulley

    Dale Manufacturing is another repair option. They charge about $130. http://www.hbrepair.com/
  3. There was a very good reason the R180 failed. Bought the car after it had been in a barn for 20 years and in 12 weeks, turned it into a caged race car. We had about 100 items on the to-do list and the only item that never got crossed off was changing the diff fluid. My teammates couldn't get the plugs out of the diff. Once we ran out of time, a decision was made to not change the diff fluid. There was no signs of leakage via dirt or stains. 4 hours into the race, the diff broke. Upon teardown, we found no more than a few ounces of oil. I was shocked it made it 4 hours! I had to drive an hour to get a R200 diff and then engineer the mustache bar to fit and make the mods. It was a long repair, but it got back on the track and ran the final 4 hours to take the checkered flag. The mustache bar worked so well, that I left it in for another 14 hour race even though I had a R200 bar ready to swap in. I didn't press my luck any further and the fabbed mount is now wall art.
  4. I broke an R180 during a 24 hour endurance race. I converted it to an R200 and finished the race. I even fabricated the R180 mustache bar to make it fit. ☺️
  5. At first glance, it looks like a very bad investment. It's cleanish, but I'd expect better for that money.
  6. 1972 240Z:Jeff, I am looking for a connector for the headlight.  Any chance you may have one or the wiring with a headlight shell.  This is the connector that the headlight plugs in to.  I will be up your way on a business trip next week and could stop in and pick it up.

    connector & shell.jpg

  7. Jeff G 78

    Looking for ATI harmonic balancer users

    Thanks CM. I checked ARP’s site first and they list lots of damper bolts, but nothing specific in a M16x1.5. I will call them once I have the damper and see what they have. The washer seems to be just as important. I’m guessing they have a something that will work. I did verify that the Kameari bolt/washer is the right length for the BHJ damper that I am now going with. Jonathan, I thought about just using a rebuilt stock damper, but decided to try to make the engine more reliable this time around.
  8. Jeff G 78

    Looking for ATI harmonic balancer users

    I thought about not even tearing the bottom end apart, but I’d hate to get this far only to have micro cracks in the crank. 🤔
  9. Jeff G 78

    Looking for ATI harmonic balancer users

    I feel better about the situation. Today, I filed and polished the galling and metal transfer off the snout enough that the gears will go on and off properly. It actually looks fairly decent other than one depression left from the rocking damper. Now to have the machine shop magnaflux the crank and fit a new damper. Still looking for bolt recommendations.
  10. Jeff G 78

    Looking for ATI harmonic balancer users

    Not running super high RPM, but it does run 5000-7000 for hours at a time. Races range from 7 hours to 25 hours. Once a race starts, there is no time to check over the car. That’s why most failures are pretty ugly. Had this been a street car, I would have felt a vibration or a slight miss and looked into it. In an endurance race, if it’s turning laps, all is good. Once it stops turning laps, there is a mad scramble to diagnose and hopefully get back on track. An average race costs $3000 to $4000 for prep, entry fees, tow rig fuel, and consumables. Luckily that is split between 3-4 teammates but when something breaks and you go home early, most of the weekend costs are sunk and you are left with nothing but a parts bill and a lot of future garage time. I appreciate all the help.
  11. Jeff G 78

    Looking for ATI harmonic balancer users

    I thought the same thing about the red Loctite, but the experts say it comes apart without heat. It only takes a few drops to keep everything tight. I would have gone with blue had I not read that the red comes apart well.
  12. Jeff G 78

    Looking for ATI harmonic balancer users

    Same here Captain. I never gave it a second thought until I DNF'd a race, missed another race and caused hundreds to thousands in damage. After spending a lot of time on various sites including reading the links 240260280 posted, as well as rereading Frank Honsowetz's "How To Modify Your Nissan/Datsun OHC Engine" book, it sounds like the green and red Loctite applications have been in use for decades. Since the internet began, I've learned who in the Z community to trust and the common theme here is that they all agree on a quality damper, high strength bolt/washer in the right length and Loctite on the shaft and threads. I never had any idea that the bolts ever came loose, but apparently, it's super common. I guess I should have been aware and built my engine right in the first place.
  13. Jeff G 78

    Looking for ATI harmonic balancer users

    Great info, thanks 240260280. Where is everybody sourcing their bolts? I see lots of talk about bolts and lengths, but few specifics and very little on sourcing. The NISMO bolt is NLA and each brand of damper appears to need a different bolt length to maximize the thread engagement. Is the KA bolt the OE one, or something else? I appoligize for sounding dumb, but the more research I do, the more questions I have... As far as installation goes, green Loctite on the bore, red Loctite on the threads and then what torque on the bolt? "How To Modify..." book states to use the manufacturer's recommendation for non-stock bolts. I've been endurance racing with various L Series engines for years and this is my first crank bolt issue. I plan to learn and eliminate this failure method in the future.
  14. Jeff G 78

    Looking for ATI harmonic balancer users

    Cool, thanks. I always read your posts about Eiji and his great work, but never realized until now, that he is Datsun Spirit. Duh...
  15. Jeff G 78

    Looking for ATI harmonic balancer users

    ATI Dampers for Datsun/Nissan

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