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  1. My Stompers all came with foam and rubber. I think I ran rubber on most of them.
  2. C'mon Cliff, everybody knows that you don't put rubber tires on front and foam tires on the back of a Stomper! 🤣 I had the same '81 Toyota Pickup Stomper, but mine was red.
  3. Thick one looks like the crank pulley washer.
  4. I haven't gotten to look for it yet. I might have time tomorrow. I can't remember where I stored it. I saw it after the move to AZ, I just haven't seen it lately. I'm sure it's somewhere that made sense at the time. 🙂
  5. I thought it was May Olives until he explained it. Mayo Lives makes way more sense. 😀
  6. I always add a ground or two just to be sure.
  7. If my ZX cam is good, it's yours. The spray bar went away with the introduction of the N47, yet there are a few with that combination. I might even have a set of block off plates. It's been so long, I can't remember for sure. Yes, the GT350R engine sounds incredible at it's 8250 RPM redline. In that video, I purposely didn't upshift in several places around the track where a higher gear would be faster, but it was more fun to scream it. That day was close to 100F and we ran the cars all day like that. Grattan Raceway is a fun track. I prefer others around the country, but every track is unique and is special in its own way.
  8. Do you have a N47 head with a spray bar? If so, that's a pretty rare, but not unheard of. I have a very early N47 in my car with a factory spray bar. I've thrown away a bunch of stock cams. I might even have a spare from a ZX motor that's internally oiled. I can look around and see what it is. If you want it, I can give it to a co-worker who lives in South Tempe. Here is video of me driving a GT350R with "only" 526HP on a race track with a journalist in the passenger seat.
  9. Sounds exactly like my journey 15 or so years ago. I was right where @ckurtz2 is at and I too swapped the original cam back in just to be sure the rest of the EFI was operating correctly. It immediately ran great and I never looked back. The cam went into my other Z which I sold last fall. If I wanted to get more performance now, I'd ditch the L Jet and go with something better. SU's are getting dumb expensive, so I'd likely go triple Webers or stand alone EFI. The reality is that I'm pretty immune to power, so I'll likely live with the low power I have. I've spent the last 27+ years working on performance cars and no matter what power they make, you get used to it after a while. The last one I worked on was the GT500 at 760HP. No amount of power I put in the Datsun will make it feel fast after the Shelby, so I won't bother.
  10. Sounds a lot like when I tried the performance cam in mine 15 years ago. I was getting around 11 and it ran like crap. Like I mentioned a few posts back, I'd clean contacts in the connectors and then check resistance on each wire to see if the harness has an issue. You never know if it got pinched at some point and has broken strands that are barely flowing current. You can clean plugs, but for a few bucks each, I wouldn't try. I've hit them with a torch to burn off oil and gas and then wire brush them clean. I used to do that all the time on my old 2-stroke dirt bike plugs when they would foul.
  11. I just checked and it says I joined in 2000. I remember being there closer to '98???
  12. Did this one start before or after zcar.com? I was on that one very early on, but then left eventually after it turned to crap. I haven't been back there in a decade or so.
  13. 17 years for me. How many here used to be on Carl's IZCC server? I think I joined that about 24 years ago. It was quite a different experience. We'd get the daily traffic and then reply via email and responses would post in the next day's edition (sort of...) There was no way to get immediate help on a topic.
  14. I shipped my Z when I moved from Michigan to Arizona last year. It was a corporate move, so they paid to ship two vehicles in an open hauler, but I had to do the Z on my own. I got a quote from the same transport company figuring that I might get a break since they were already taking two. The quote came back around $1800 for an open carrier. I then requested a quote through U Ship and got a dozen or so transport company responses. Most were around $1100, but because of my situation, none were going to work. Enclosed transport was around $1600. The best any could do was a one week pickup window and an even bigger delivery window. I was leaving on a specific date from MI, so I would have to back up the pickup at least a week before my departure. I also had rented a 30 yard dumpster to clear out anything I couldn't take to AZ and that happened to be blocking the driveway until a few days before my move. I was forced to go with the same transport company that my other cars were using. They gave me a specific date and a few hour window for pickup with about a week window for delivery. When my cars arrived (open carrier), they were filthy, but mostly intact. The side mirror broke off along the route, but to be fair, it was weak and just broke from being shaken, not from being struck. If you request a quote from U Ship, I highly recommend using a throw away email address. You will get dozens of emails immediately and they will keep coming for a few weeks. We ship cars every single day at work via Reliable Carriers and I can say that paying more does not mean better care or reduced chance of damage. It all comes down to the individual driver, the position on the truck, and luck. If your car goes on the back of the truck, it could get unloaded and reloaded several times along the way. Each time they move it brings damage risk. If it's on the bottom deck, it could get dripped on from the car above, and so on.
  15. The cam in question sat on my shelf from 2006 until 2013 when I put it in my SU carbed L28 race car. I loved the cam in that engine. It pulled strong up to 7,000 RPM. It was a night and day difference between how it ran with the EFI and the SU's. I still have the EFI car with a stock cam and it runs just fine. It just didn't like the duration of the cam and the low vacuum that came with it. Speaking of which, what is your vacuum reading at idle? Your last post tells me that there is a problem with the connector and/or wiring between the dropping resistor and injectors. You went from #1 not firing to #5 not firing. If I recall correctly, there are two resistors. One for 1-3 and the other for 4-6. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong. It has been a decade or two since I did any work on a EFI Z. The fact that you went from 1 to 5 is a bit odd since they are on different resistors (if I remembered right). Use DeOxit on both sides of the dropping resistor connection and then take resistance measurements from one end to the other for each wire going between the dropping resistors and the injectors.
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