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  1. Thank you but I have already found what I needed!! Appreciate it.
  2. Not as much as it could have with the matching block.
  3. Does anyone have thoughts on this?
  4. I just quoted 1700 for someone but for you because I love your car I’ll do it for 1500.
  5. My NOS dash would look great in your car.
  6. Could you give us more detail on how you cleaned up the electrical harness? Did you rewrap, rewire, etc., etc. Also, can you tell us where you bought the parts (connectors, tape, wire, etc.?). Thank you.
  7. Excellent work! I knew my answer was too easy and not good enough. But what was the clue in the pic?
  8. You cut the rubber boot half way and slid it over the wire harness?
  9. Looking for what you see in the pic. Needs to be in good condition, no accidents and not rusted through.
  10. Looking to buy a 70-71 240Z roller or back half of car. Rear end must be in original condition (repaint(s) okay) with no accidents, no bondo, all original factory panels in place.
  11. Curious to know what the original factory finish was on the exhaust manifold and the heat shield between the exhaust manifold and carbs. Thanks.
  12. Doesn't MSA just resell the Tabco and/or JDM? Or they make their own part? Any comments on which one is the most accurate reproduction?
  13. While searching the web I came across someone selling these reproduction panels that were handmade and took 3-4 weeks to get once ordered. I cannot find that person/company again. Does anyone know who makes this panel besides Tabco and JDM Parts?
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