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  1. hiyabrad

    NOS 240z dash

    And I have one with no crack 🙂
  2. hiyabrad

    240zrubberparts project car

    Very nice. What exhaust are you going to run?
  3. hiyabrad

    Lucky day for VIN 147 (HLS30-00147)

    Love hearing anything that has to do with a '69 car.
  4. hiyabrad

    NOS 240z dash

    There are no pics in the auction.
  5. hiyabrad

    Fairlady 432 at Auction

    Did that same car sell for $170,500 2 years ago?
  6. hiyabrad

    Fairlady 432 at Auction

    Car sold for $80,000USD
  7. hiyabrad

    Fairlady 432 at Auction

    Watching live right now. Will be on the block in a few minutes https://www.goodingco.com/auction/scottsdale-2019/
  8. hiyabrad

    Fairlady 432 at Auction

    Same car goes on the block tomorrow https://www.goodingco.com/vehicle/1970-nissan-fairlady-z-432/
  9. hiyabrad

    Reproduction headlight covers

    And how do we buy them?
  10. Hi, I am not the expert on this but I believe they were used through 6/70. Let me know if they can be turned. Thank you!
  11. hiyabrad

    Seat restoration

    Perfect. Please also post a heads up in this thread when they are ready! Thanks.
  12. hiyabrad

    Seat restoration

    Just a beautiful restoration! Since you are a manufacturer maybe you can make the plastic protector sets for sale? I’d love to see a thread on your seat restoration. I will be doing the same shortly. Thanks.
  13. hiyabrad

    Seat restoration

    Keith, You can count me in for three sets for three pairs of seats. Thanks. Brad
  14. hiyabrad

    Rusty Fairlady for $28k?

    Vin is: S3002241
  15. Hi, Looking for these items. Please PM if you have them. Thanks! WATER PUMP RADIATOR CAP ALTERNATOR FRONT BRAKE ROTORS

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