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  1. On the bay.......Later knobs and looks fantastic! https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Datsun-240Z-Series-1-Twin-Choke-Hand-Throttle-Cable-Assembly-Mechanism-OEM/293531353110
  2. Found this on the bay. What do you all think? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-240Z-Heater-Control-Panel-Finisher-NOS-Genuine-OEM-Nissan-New-Sealed-Mint/293523345733
  3. Hi Kats. How much are they asking for the Dec 1969 PS30-00062 car? Thanks!
  4. Can you tell us about the two types of hoods? Pics? Thank you!
  5. Hi Kats. Are the blue seat covers reproductions? If so, how does the color match to the original set covers? Where did you buy them? Thanks!
  6. Wow, What a beautiful thing. Care to put your archive online?
  7. Thank you Patcon and THANK YOU Phillip!
  8. Would love to see pics of the optional lower lip.
  9. What kind of HP and Torque does your Rebello put out?
  10. LOL. They are for show only!
  11. I am looking to buy these original tires that came with the early 240Z. They could be on your spare! Bridgestone Super Speed Radial-20 Tires 175 SR14
  12. View Advert Bridgestone Super Speed 20 tires 175 SR14 Looking to buy Bridgestone Super Speed 20 Tires 175 SR14 Advertiser hiyabrad Date 10/25/2019 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 1970 Model 240Z  

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    Looking to buy Bridgestone Super Speed Radial-20 Tires 175 SR14