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  1. Can you tell us about the pics you posted please
  2. Agreed, they need to be correct. Please put me in line for a 69 and a 70.
  3. Roo, What are the chances you might make a few sets for sale? Thanks
  4. I'd really like to get a high quality photo or scan of the printing on the coil as I am looking to reproduce the coil with correct printing. The coil wraps I have seen do not use the correct font, symbols, etc.
  5. This is terrific. Thank you for doing this. Do you have the original coil for the car?
  6. A picture or two would be helpful 🙂
  7. Keith, Count me in for one set!
  8. Dan. If Mike is not a buyer for the rebuild kit I’d like to buy it if it’s for a Nikki.
  9. Can you tell us what the serial number is and what the date of manufacture? Do you have pics?
  10. Is there a story about how you found the car? Was it the original owner? Let’s see more pics please. Interior, carpets, mats, glass, etc. Would love to see pics of mfg plate and vin/engine ID plate. Thanks.
  11. Here you go. Yes, I bid on it. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1970-datsun-240z-51/ One interesting note, it has the original coil on the car. Or a replacement but it’s an original early coil.
  12. Looking fantastic! You must be proud.
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