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    I own a 1977 Datsun 280z coupe. It is factory #307 blue with an off-white interior. 88k original miles and I am in the process of restoring it. Picked it up in July of 2020 and the last tags are from 1992. Sat in Redlands, California under a shed. Family sold it after the original owner had passed. Surprisingly, the body and frame have little to know rust (I'm sure I will find some hidden demons). A 280z has been my dream car since I was little, and with prices surging I was lucky to snag a good one for cheap!

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  1. Best thread I found was this. What you recommend makes absolute sense to me. Thanks! Do I just measure the PP heights, or do I set the PPs on top of their corresponding flywheels and then measure? Reason I ask is because I am using a Fidanza flywheel and it may be different from the chunky original. @Captain Obvious Roger. I will get back to you in the future with the demons that I come across. I am sure I will need assistance doing away with them🙃
  2. @siteunseen Seeing Rod Stewart, this song, and your comment was just perfect.🤣
  3. @Captain Obvious I know 100% then that I have the throttle body vacuum messed up, not sure how I have it setup until I get home this weekend. I will let you know then. Plans are to get the new rear main seal, freeze plug, lightweight flywheel, clutch, and trans into the car this weekend. Switched to the 81zx 5speed for that nice overdrive. Still probably a month out till the motor is safe to run and begin diagnosing again. I need to figure out which driveshaft I need, whether the 81zx, or the one that came with the car (seem to be about 1/2 to 3/4 inch different in length) rebuild it an
  4. @Zed Head Just the information I was looking for regarding the PCV. Great idea! BAT definitely may come in handy
  5. @Captain Obvious Great catch! Could of just save me my car in the future:) Now the connection pointing towards the rear is the one for the BCDD correct? In my sixth photo. Actually looking at it I don't think it is. Anyways, I can't remember why I did it, I think I saw a diagram somewhere online. But I believe I have that running to the smallest line on the carbon canister. No idea if that is right. I had tons of photos on my phone when I disassembled the motor, but broke the phone before I got it back together, and didn't have the photos on the cloud. Was a catastrophe for me pullin
  6. I agree, and I will do some more detective work in the upcoming weeks to give everyone some real numbers. Here is something I noticed. Does it matter the way the PCV system is set up? I noticed through a lot of photos people doing it different ways. For example, I have mine hooked up before the throttle vane, while some images show people capping it there and setting it up like this. Essentially, the reverse of how mine is capped. I would give everyone numbers now, but the trans is out. The freeze plug behind the block had rusted through and was leaking. Took the liberty to change to a 5s
  7. I had a machine shop resurface the head, and do a valve job, and install springs. I installed the cam and rockers and such. I was super carful when installing. Made sure the engine and head were both at TDC before installing. Of course there is always room for error. I think the next step is to do a compression test for me to check that. I am at college, and go home during the weekends to work on the car, so I can get you official TDC verifications this weekend. Trans is out to fix a leaky freeze plug, so I will give the compression check at a later date. Thanks for the help so far!
  8. I believe different 280zs had different PCV setups. Not sure if mine is right, but I do have it like it was when I got the unmolested car. Like everyone says though, who knows if what the original owner had was right. Regarding the EFI ground. If you mean the two connectors that ground on the intake, I believe it is grounded. You can see it on the first image below the air regulator.
  9. Ok, I am totally up for suggestions, I tried to just "copy" what the engine looked like before I played with it. Here's a photo before I went and started toying and refinishing things.
  10. ey guys! I have a 1977 280z which used to have the California specific emissions tech. I recently "refreshed" the engine after I got it. I completely redid the fuel tank and fuel system from the tank back going as far as to replace all the hoses for the vapor tank as well. I am just going to list off new things. rebuilt fuel injectos new fuel pressure regulator new fuel damper fuel lines fuel pump rebuilt fuel rail rebuilt head and new headgasket all new seals around the engine spark plugs rotor distributor cap
  11. Exaclty, a big confusing onion, that makes your eyes water the further you peel away at it.😁 These are all great things, I'm definitely going to check into. I am going to make a dedicated post about this problem, and maybe you could help me out there!
  12. Hey thanks! I have a vacuum line over it, but it seems kind of loose. May be something to check out.
  13. I pulled apart the intake and everything on it and cleaned out the inside and out. So I am pretty pretty sure that shouldn't be the issue. The fuel pump works, because if I leave the ignition on and move the AFM vane I can hear it turn on and run, as well as it shoots out the injectors. Learned it was shooting out the injectors (rebuilt) because after playing with the AFM with the ignition on I went to start it up and had a backfire as loud a 12 gauge go out the back..... Shame on me lol. Won't make that mistake twice. When you say change the idle speed do you mean the idle screw
  14. The vane itself moves freely. There's some pressure, but that is from the cog that holds the spring tension inside. It doesn't bind up at all when moving it. The things I modified was that I removed all of the AC components, EGR delete, and BPT delete. As well as a cold air intake. I have the same PCV hose that the car came with on it. Looked a little crusty, but wasn't cracked, replaced the PCV valve under the intake as well for good measure. It's the weirdest thing. The car starts up fine. As the car heats up you can watch the AFM begin to bobble. The bobbling then gets w
  15. This made my night haha. You got your priorities straight... respect👍 Yah, I will have to check the BCDD again. I rebuilt the little thing when I did the engine. So many little places to mess up it's hellfire when something is amiss in these systems.
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