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    Early '74 260Z, getting ready to sell my early '71 240Z, just sold my '71 510 wagon, and just purchased a '71 1200 2-door sedan. I also have a '98 Ford Contour SVT as my daily driver.....soon to be my 1200 as the daily driver.

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  1. I have an early 71' 240Z, and the windshield(or windscreen, depending where you live) wipers will not work. I s this a common thing? What should I look for, Im not too good with wiring, im a drivetrain and suspension guy, i usually steer clear of wiring so I am not to knowledgable with it. I dont want to have to buy a new motor, unless I have to, so i just need to know what all could go wrong with the whole system. Thanks in advance.
  2. Bad260Z

    The Ghost Rider

    Im scarred for life!!!!!!
  3. Bad260Z

    cf hood

    Very nice!!
  4. Bad260Z

    Diamond Interior Beauty!

    This is your brain on drugs........
  5. Gary, buddy im here for you! I will be praying for your daughter, and I will have my church friends pray for her too. Jordan
  6. I have a 260Z that has been lowered about 1.5 to 2 in. I would like to have 17 in wheels put on my car but am not sure what, if anything else needs to be done to the car to make it not rub.
  7. Bad260Z

    RB30DE engine

    very nice, very clean, i like it. Im thinking of doing a RB26DETT in my 260Z, do you have any good advise on the swap? Can I get alot of power out of a RB25DET also?
  8. Very very nice, love the look! What kind of wheels are those?
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