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  1. Guess I got some more problems to look at, as it shuts down in the closed. Thank you!
  2. I’ve been driving with the choke open, since it dies when I close it.. 240260280, and everyone, I can’t thank you enough.
  3. So I poured some fuel into the bowls to prime the pump per 240260280's suggestion and it turns over now! However, the exhaust keeps making a firing/popping sound when I drive and the car jerks a lot. The car doesn't seem to want to go over 20mph either, it tops out and jerks .... I have only tested it around my neighborhood.
  4. A0133423-7BE3-4E15-8FAF-5ED37E22343A.MOV
  5. So I’ve sprayed fluid around 5 times, each time it started up and died. Seems like it made a popping sound at the exhaust and some black smoke came out... any ideas? 54690061263__900E04DC-66D2-48E8-A959-0BE3614655A6.MOV
  6. You as well, sir! Semper Fi.
  7. You as well, sir! Semper Fi.
  8. Thank you everyone! I took off the filter and tried to spray starting fluid inside the carbs. Started for a bit and made a popping sound, little smoke came out the carbs and stopped. Is this a fuel problem?
  9. I was on the east coast for around 5 months! I cleaned the battery cables pretty good, so that shouldn't be a problem I don't think. Fuel flow at the carbs and spark plugs.. I'm an idiot. Any quick 101?
  10. Hi guys! I have an issue I was wondering yall could help me out with. I recently bought a 1971 240z in pretty great condition. Everything ran well when I got it, and the owner showed me the paperwork of all the work he's done. From what I know and how it looks, it's pretty solid. I left for the military, and came back, and now it wouldnt start. It cranks over a bit like how a weak battery tries to start, so I went out and got a new battery. It cranks harder, but it still won't go. I am a straight up novice with this vehicle, so any help would be appreciated. From what I know you need air, spark, and fuel? A buddy of mine tried to start the car while I was away by pulling the choke all the way back, pumped the gas several times, and turned it over. I was wondering if this might be the cause? I'm on leave right now so if I can get it to turn over and drive it for a bit...that would make my day. Thanks
  11. I won’t be changing the interior at all, just some cosmetics. Appreciate the input guys!
  12. Drive it, and slowly work to restomod it! Something like this...
  13. Hello everyone. I saw this Z being sold locally, but the lowest the seller is willing is 16.5k. What do you guys think? Pics: Vids: