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  1. Those same ones fit my 7/73 240Z fine, for what it’s worth.
  2. I'm looking to replace the choke light label on my console. Does anyone reproduce it? I found this old thread, but solution seemed to be to peel it off and whiten the engraved pictogram that's supposedly underneath it. Thanks
  3. Whew! Good to hear! I was worried someone would buy them and say β€œMan, these things suck!” L O L
  4. Last night I tried popping my hood open, with no luck. I figured I'd have to get it up in the air today and try prying the latch as mentioned in many other threads. But, somehow it did open, luckily. So while removing and cleaning the hood latch, checking the cable, I decided to add an emergency cable, just in case the original fails. First I bought a $2 hook and wire leader from Walmart, 60 lb test, about 34" long, and removed hook and beads. . Drilled an 1/8" hole in the top of the swiveling cable end connector, on the firewall side so it won't bind up with real cable. Fed the small cable loop up through the hole, then big loop through small loop. Attached factory cable and reinstalled latch. Fed new cable to throttle linkage bracket, down the inside of bracket, around brake lines so it wouldn't wedge into something, over to speedometer hole, and inside. Used small binder clip to clamp end of cable to clutch/brake pedal frame. Looks like I'm missing the speedo hole grommet. Anyway, it works great. Hopefully I'll never have to use it, but it's there if the occasion arises.
  5. In my opinion, very good. Probably an 8 out of 10, given the size and my car setup. Obviously I would use something better for track or auto crossing, but for everyday use and sometimes aggressive corning, I think they're great. I went on a ~100 mile drive yesterday with the Z club in the foothills, highway 49 (which sometimes makes Car & Drivers favorite road list), and my favorite, 193 coming down into Placerville. Pleased with their performance when we had no traffic in front of us.
  6. I've been happy with the Yokahama Avid Accend GT's, 205/60-15 (24.7" diameter) tires on my Z.

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    Looking for 240Z yellow 16 tooth speedometer pinion gear in working condition. Thanks!


  8. View Advert 240Z Speedometer Gear - Yellow 16 Tooth Looking for 240Z yellow 16 tooth speedometer pinion gear in working condition. Thanks! Advertiser KenFirch Date 07/07/2022 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 1973 Model 240Z  
  9. Awesome videos with your kids! Gearheads in training. πŸ‘
  10. Finally got my horn circuit working, but the horns just go "Doink." I know they can be taken apart, cleaned, and adjusted. But, has anyone got an aftermarket set they think sounds cool for a Z ? Looking for plug and play. Thanks!
  11. I got the exhaust finished this morning. Went with 2.25" pipe to keep a little bit of the low end torque. Plus this car will likely never have side draft carbs, bigger cam, Robello, etc. Used the Magnaflow 10425 in the middle, with a V-band clamp behind it. I was going to use an oval turbo style at the rear, but the guy talked me into using a 6 inch round 14" long MagnaFlow 12615 instead. Said it would be a little quieter and wouldn't have to mount it at a weird angle. They didn't have much of a selection for old school tailpipes, but ended up with this stainless tip, which they found in their old stock. And no U-shaped clamp showing out the back. πŸ‘ It sounds awesome! Not a tinny sound, but deeper. Pretty loud at the high end, but pleasantly quiet at cruising speed while being able to enjoy the radio. Perfect for an old guy. And it does seem to pull harder going through the gears with the header, at least by the seat of my pants. I may have to upload a driving video. πŸ˜‰
  12. Yeah, coolant condition took me by surprise. I used that premix stuff, which I no longer use. I see a flush coming soon.
  13. I finally decided to install headers on my Z, the MSA 6-1's. I had their Performance Exhaust ordered too, but cancelled that after deciding I wanted a resonator, and didn't like the rear muffler u-bolt mount setup. So, going to drive it 10 miles up the freeway open exhaust to a good shop to get finished up. Here's a few pics. Here's what I'm starting with, which all has to come off: Here's the monstrosity to be removed. I've tried to keep this car pretty much stock, but removed the smog pump a few years ago which helped it run better. So now a header, since the exhaust pipes are getting a few pinholes. Figure if I'm doing the exhaust, may as well go the header route now. Here's the old Nichara system dated 1984. Mufflers still seem solid, just the pipes are getting bad. Anybody wants it come get it. πŸ™‚ Already had the MSA studs installed when I rebuilt it a few years ago. Dry fit to make sure it clears everything, thermostat housing, etc. Did have to remove that tray like thingy-ma-jig bolted to the oil pan bolts, not sure what its purpose is. I did use the Stage8 locking nuts, we'll see how they work. I may regret this if I need to re-torque nuts. The shield fits nicely. Love the thick flange on the header, and not having to mess with stepped washers for the 6 studs between exhaust and intake. Finished with header. Overall, pretty easy job. After adding new coolant, started it up. It's going to be a noisy drive to the shop tomorrow! I'll post pictures of the finished mufflers and pipes, tomorrow, hopefully.
  14. Seat covers are now in Classifieds. Foam is sold. Sold!
  15. View Advert 240Z Seat Covers Selling a set of 240Z seat covers I purchased from Interior-Innovations.com. After installing just drivers bottom cover, I decided I wanted a different material. So the one bottom has the slits where it was fitted to the frame (shown in 2 pics), but the other 3 pieces are like new, never installed. They sell for $300 + shipping from Interior-Innovations. I'll sell for $150 + $25 shipping within USA. Thanks! Advertiser KenFirch Date 05/09/2022 Price $150 Category Parts for Sale  
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